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Old 09-08-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Using Outlook.com

Microsoft has launched a beta version of Outlook.com instead of the good old Hotmail, that is a facelift which is accompanied by welcome additions. Let's discover this new messaging tool.

1. Customize the Outlook theme

You know that you can already change the colors of the Hotmail interface. But to your notice, this option is also possible with Outlook.com. Simply go to Outlook.com website and enter your hotmail/windows live email id and password and after login, simply click on the toothed wheel at the top right of the interface. Here you will notice twelve colored squares displayed on your screen. Click on any one of them to change the color of the secondary messaging. In this menu you can also choose to place the message preview pane on the right or bottom.

2. Writing a message

Click the +New icon on top of the interface. A new window will appear to edit messages. It provides opportunities for enrichment of hypertext links by allowing the integration and a choice of over 700 smileys and other symbols. To access, simply click the smiley icon. Then navigate among the various categories listed in the left pane of the window.

After composing your message, a little spell check option can be also used. Click the Spelling button which is listed above. Words with errors will be highlighted in red.

3. Arrange your messages

Outlook has the outset of filters to easily identify some of your messages, those with indicators (in order of importance), those with office documents and those with photos. It is of course possible to add or change the behavior to be adopted by the messaging address for a particular message. Just click with the right mouse button on the Filters menu in the left column and select Manage Categories. On the page that appears, choose the desired option (Get a quick overview or Filter). Here you can add a new category by clicking the link at the bottom of the suitable window.

4. Open your documents received in the Web App

When a message containing a Word file comes in, for example, you have three options: the first will give you the option to download it in ZIP format by clicking on the link under the thumbnail of the document. The second is to download it as it is (without compression) or open it with your text editor by clicking on the thumbnail. The final offers you to open it in Office Web Access by clicking at the bottom of the sticker on View Online. A new page will appear and your document appears on the screen.
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Old 09-08-2012
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 344
Re: Using Outlook.com

5. Add contacts

When you will mouse hover on Outlook at the left side, you will see a down arrow button, simply click on it. After that a ribbon is displayed side by side with four tiles (Mail, People, Calendar, SkyDrive). Click the second named People. Here, several choices are available to enrich your address book on the Microsoft service. You can import contacts from among those who might be listed directly on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or simply put the email address to add a contact. For improting contacts from social networks, a validation process is to be allowed for Outlook to access it.

6. Add friends to Messenger

The Messenger integration in the new Outlook is only partially successful. Click Manage on Messenger and choose Invite. The page that appears is none other than the old version of the service, that is; Windows Live. Enter the email address field or the name of one of your contacts (if already present in your list of contacts as shown in the previous step) and click Next. Here you can also add friends from other services like Facebook, LinkedIn, AOL Mail, etc. and your invitation is sent, after that simply put the mouse pointer on the menu and choose Windows Live Home.

7. Chat with your friends on Messenger

Back in the Outlook interface, click the bubble icon at the top right of the window. The vertical strip of messages is displayed. Click in the Start a new conversation and a list of available contacts will start to appear in the window. Click on one of them to start a conversation.

8. Find the Hotmail interface

Well, if you did not like this new interface of Outlook.com then there is no need to worry since Microsoft has not imposed it (yet). Simply click on the toothed wheel at the top right and choose Back to Hotmail. You can choose to leave a comment to Microsoft about the reasons for your return to Hotmail, or click Ignore. The old interface of the messaging service is displayed back again.

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