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Old 03-08-2012
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How to Choose the right Logo Maker Software

Logo Maker software on web helps you to create a customize way to design your way of presenting your business. To some extent your business logo plays a vital role in exposure. I had notice many companies design logo on the basis of thier actual business process. This is very important and shows your companies goodwill. If any one who owns a small company or private firm has to take the right descision while making a logo. It does not matter you work on slow or large scale. Today we have ample of option to choose a right logo. You can start with some third party service on web. They ask you about your company information and provide you design on that basis. Or simply you can buy a logo design from web which suits best to your work process and integrate the same on your website. But for those who had just started and want attractive way to promote their business has less alternative. So here we can switch to a Logo Designer type software that comes with many preset design. You can choose one of them, edit them and create the best logo. I am here will provide you a short guide on choosing the right logo and the list of softwares which can do this job best. You have to spend a small amount on buying the License software or else you can stick with the Trail. For those who wants to start a logo making service will have to buy the tool under all circumstances. A logo designer removes the usage of tons of tools that are involved in image editing.

Like to get the right finishing you need advance photo editing software like PhotoShop, which is a bit complicated to learn for novice. But the same is first choice for professionals. While on the other hand, you also need right set of images that you can use to create your own design or if you have something in your mind you need the write canvas draw that. A logo acts as your company identity. You cannot ignore that or create a poor design and face critism. Business grows as times goes on and the logo acts as your company identity which is printed on all official documents, intergated on official website, etc and to some extent added inside the company seal. So for that you have to understand the important of a logo. Most new guys who start a small website to promote their business buys a ready made template from web. This template comes with pre-designed images and logo. Once the business gets nice exposure on web, upgrade creates a issue. Because the users who are visiting you on the web identify the site through that design and images. The upgrade will change the entire interface and all stuff of site along with default logo that comes with the template. So you must not make such mistake at the time of making a logo.

Importance of a Logo

In simple word a Logo is companies symbol. It gives an idea to a person about your business process and its identity. To some extent people prefer to stick with a design which has something about their business. Like a photo or icon of car for those who are engaged in automobile business and a icon of phone for those who are in telecom industry. In that way you get an easy option to create identity in the mind of people. Somehow a logo also plays a vital role in many process. Also logos acts a different brand which makes your business or product stand seperate from othes in the market. We can take example of coldrinks and food beverages. There are tons of similar product but you can easily identify coke from them. As it is one of the famous cold drink brand in market. The same lies for clothes. To some extent it does not matter what business you run, but it matters to choose the right set of creativity. Logo Makers are today a essential part but still ignored. It looks like a tiny tool but yet affective. For developers who design web templates need something to make site more attractive. They can use the logo designer sperately to generate a unique look. There are many important points that you have to consider at the time of Logo Designing. Why I recommend you to go with a logo designer is, it offers you complete set of features that are needed inside single box. You do not need to go through a number of process in finding shapes, tools, and option to make a complete logo. Also you can design different type of logos in that and then choose the best one. I can list you some important points which are required to make the correct logo.
  • Shape
  • Design
  • Size
  • Color
  • Typography
The above five points are very important to go for a perfect logo. Lets discuss all of them one by one to put a detailed highlight. This can give you a more broader way to choos the right logo maker software.
  • Shape – Shape means the exact size or how the logo will be presented. Will be inside a circle, square or any othe shape. The shape also sometime become symbol if your business gets popular. The bext example I can give is of Apple logo. It gives a reflectionof fruit but yet a very simple and powerful logo which represent a giant technical company in the market.
  • Design – This part needs more creativity. A design consist of different elements which inshort represt your companies process. Like FedEX. If you check the logo you can see a next arrow between E and X. This is one of the smartest design I had saw yet. In a very simple way it explain the company process. It is not required to make a complex or complicated design by spending large amount on designers. Go with basic shape, choose which one will suite you the best and then start making your logo.
  • Size – The logo must be too large or too small. It must be enough to get visibility. A big logo might not make good impact on mind. And the same is applicable of a smaller logo. The size must be near to perfect. You can check the size of logo which are already on web and figure out the right size as per your need. This would make your job easier.
  • Color – Now this part can be easier. You have to match the color combination with your business. The best sample you can find this is among clothing and designing websites. You can choose single, dual or multiple colors. The same must be blended perfectly not making the logo too much vibrant or shadowy.
  • Typography – This is the last and another most important part. Typography consist of the fonts and font style you use in the logo. A perfectly made logo is visible and easy to read. This is the section which needs maximum creativity. To some extent the Logo Maker software can remove this issue. As there hundreds of pre-installed fonts provided in the Logo Maker. You can choose the right one among them and use it.

Now by reading the above stuff you can get a small idea what things you have to do while making a logo. Lets begin with some of the best Logo Maker software. I had made this list from various sources, tying to find the best for you. This software comes with preset design which you can choose and modify the same. So it saves your time in finding the right shape and merging them altogether. You can check the preview and figure out how it will actually look before final result. Logo Maker software can reduce the issue of finding right service for making logos. It is also another cost effective solutoin for you to ensure the right way of working. You do not need to find the right designer and pay to get designs. After making logo it is important that you must register it so that it is not hijacked by others. There are right authorities worldwide which gives you option to register that design specifically of your company.
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Old 03-08-2012
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 351
Re: How to Choose the right Logo Maker Software

Top Logo Maker Software :

Below I had list some of the best tools that you can easily locate on web. There are some online version also, but I do not think it is worth to discuss about them. The reason is traditional support. It is not complicated to handle the software that I am listing here. All tools mentioned worked properly on minimum system requirement. Lets begin with each of them one by one. First you must understand your need. That is the reason I had added the a short description on each of them below. This will let you to have a quick look on the exact feature this software owns. You can then choose only the one which you prefer to go for. Some tools listed below are advance and recommended for those who have a bit skills in images editing and good creativity. So there it is of no use to waste time in learning the software and then going for logo designing. Just choose which is the most comfortable according to you and get a good logo out of it.

There are around 4 different tools among which one is online. So if you need a quick service to create unique logo you can begin with the last option. Called as Logo Ease, it provides you free online logo designing support. There are number of preset designs that you can choose on. There are minimum editing options available on the same. You can skip this if you need a bit advance support on the design.

1. Page Plus X6 :

This softwares lies on the top of list due to simple interface. I have nothing much to say about this, but this software is much easier for beginners. You can use this and with quick easy steps you can design your favorite logo instantly. There are templates that you can use or simply start with your favorite design. The software can be used for commercial purpose also. The design which are created inside this is easy to handle and share. It works with many types of image format and though simple to configure. This software is not just a logo designer but a advance desktop publishing tool. You can use this to create a ebooks, newsletter, etc and lot more stuff. In short this software is mixture of your business publishing needs. It is a commercial tool which comes for ?81.69. The tool comes with some preconfigured brochure that you can utilize for logo making. Due to Drag and Drop support it becomes easier for anyone to design a quick broucher and add interactive logo. I will recommend this tool if you are engage in designing process. If you need to contact your consumers every-now and then and update them about your new product/services. The software is not complicated to handle. What actually matters is the templates. There you do not need to take a task of making something of your own which is a bit time consuming. You can use the inbuilt template to give a professional look on your digital documents.

With the help of standard tool you can simply add many affects to your design. You can configure 3D look or just set the right transparency. There
are some effects that will make your design more interactive like glowing effects. It comes integrated with a image tool which helps you to remove unnecessary elements from your design. You can cut a word or image and adjust them properly to make proper shape. Later on you can publish the document if you want on pdf format. The tool supports a wide variety of image format. In short this software offers all in one support for designing purpose.

2. LogoMaker:

As the name says the software is delicately designed for Logo only. The cost of this product is just $29.99 which is not at all bad. The software is designed for commercial and basic purpose both. It does not matter if you work for advertisement firm or own a small site, you can use this tool to create the best logo. When you buy the license copy you will find around 3300 logo templates. This is around a large database which reduces your choice of searching for elements. Other than this there are more than 10000 objects integrated in the software. So in short you do not need to visit any website or check others logo. You can choose maximum elements from here and make logo of your choice. There are number of tools and effects already provided which makes this software a better image editor. You can create a regular image logo or animated everything is provided here. There are thousands of fonts and elements to choose from. This is actually a logo designing tool which you can use for commercial purpose also.

There is small screenshot below. The screenshot can tell you how exactly it looks like. The central part is dedicated for logo designing work. You can add elements from the right side choosing from object box. Each section has different set of object which can be dragged to the main window. On the right side you can see options to control shape, color, effects and 3D effects. While the top refers to other dedicated options. LogoMaker 4.0 by Studio V-5 is among the best logo maker software I had seen. It does not provide you additional benefits but till you are sticked with Logo Designing I am sure you will not need anything.
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Old 03-08-2012
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 351
Re: How to Choose the right Logo Maker Software

3. LogoSmartz :

LogoSmartz is another full fledge tool which comes for $39.95. To test the same you can download a 30 tria. This will give you the exact idea how this software works. This software also comes with pre-designed templates that you can choose to make logos. As a additional choice you can choose from 5000 vector graphics. This is one of the rare elements you can notice in other logo making tools. With this vector graphics you get option in more better way to convey your logo message. There are thousands of tagline and slogans added to give your logo a better look. This software does not lack quality. It is well designed giving you a clear way of getting what you want. I had provided a short screen below. You can see the appearance of this software. All tools and elements are properly arranged around the sides to give a comfortable usage. You can play with colors, adjust size, or make changes as and when needed. The central area is the canvas which is much better compared to others. It allows you to proplery place number of elements between each other. There is no limitation of templates inside this tool.

Those are well design to fit the needs of many different type of industrail standard. With good quality of vector graphics, your job is much easier. The software gives you a better way to manage Typography. This is another thing that I mentioned at top five points which are needed for a better logo design. There are enhanced text style you can use. The software has right tools for image editing. You can use them and configure to great a better output. If you have any special requirement related to font, then the software provides you a import feature. Through this you can import more fonts and make them well for usage.

4. Logo Ease ? Online

Logo Ease is a quick way of building of smart logo. It does not provide you much feature, but it saves your time in searching for various elements. It is a online tool that works on any web browser. You need to create a free account in the same for getting extra benefits. When you access the site just click on Create Logo. A popup window will appear which will be the editor. You can then use that to make your logo. The screen looks somewhat similar to what I had provided below. You can choose the category first. This category helps you to select the object type for your logo niche. There are rare elements available for modification but useful. I had found this as good alternative for those who needs a quick logo. Mostly you find temporary designs here. To get a actual full fledge support you have to choose from one of the above tools. Whatever design provided on Logo Ease are static and you cannot make major changes to them. There are limited fonts and style. But still you can get sometime near to what you need. You can also use this service to find what exact kind of logo design you actually want.

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