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Old 05-07-2012
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How to use Google Slide Rocket for Online Presentation

Google Drive is one of most powerful tool yet ignored by many. Google Drive offers you a free 5GB online storage. The story does not end here. Along with storage you get access to your office files via Google Docs. Google provides rich features only for on one requirement and that is a Gmail Account. So if you had ignored Google Drive before just have a look on what you can do with it. I am here writing this guide on Slide Rocket. An easy to use but powerful online presentation tool. To use Google service you just need an internet connection. All your content lies inside Cloud storage. I had worked for hours by booting a system from Linux Mint 12 Live Disc and edited my documents. Google Drive takes the process of keeping your data. Independent to most format you can directly view them only. Then why to rely on software?s. Sky Rocket is an online presentation tool which provides you a basic interface to create your presentation. There is no need to add up bulky animation or effects. Create a simple presentation, shared with your friends via Google Drive and view them any browser you have. Any presentation created in Sky Rocket is saved inside Google Drive. Along with creating presentation you can also download the same in .ppt and .pdf format. So let?s begin with creating a short online presentation. There is a pro version of this product available which will cost you $24 per user per month. The process starts with your Gmail account. Go Gmail and login with your Gmail id and password. The next thing you need to do is click on Drive button at top .After click on that you can see your Google Drive which is almost similar to Gmail. On the left side there are two icons. One is Create and second is Upload. You can download Google Drive on your desktop. It is just a short application which creates a sync folder on your pc.. When you drag files inside that, it is automatically uploaded on web. So to begin with the same you have to first open Google Drive. Once done click on Create > More > Get More Apps. When click on that you will be redirected to Google Chrome Web Store. Inside that browser Windows click on Slide Rocket > Install.

Once it is installed you can see Slide Rocket in above list. Click on it. The first window will be small agreement box. Read that carefully and then accept all. Then Next Window that will appear is the Default Template Box.

Check the above screen. This template box is divided into 4 parts. First the center one which shows you the list of templates that you can choose to create a ready presentation and second one is aspect ratio. The aspect ratio helps you to manage the presentation size. Choose the most suitable one as per your choice and click on Ok. The third part is the name of presentation. By default Slide Rocket assign the same as My Presentation. And the last part is Create New Theme. When you click on this can generate your own theme for presentation by adding up images and colors. Let?s stick with the default one. For sample I am creating a dummy presentation by choosing Chalkboard Template. Click on the template and then click on OK.

The next screen will be the presentation Window that will help you to edit and make changes as per your need. I will one by one explain each and every part so that you can understand what all features it provides. Let?s begin with the menu bar. According to me the menu that I created provides all the required features to build up a simple online presentation.

Menu Bar of Slide Rocket

File ?
  • Save ? Save your current changes
  • Choose Theme ? Choose a different theme
  • Edit Theme ? Modify the existing theme. (You cannot make changes to default themes.)
  • Export ? Save the file in ppt or pdf file format. Rocket slide also support Portable format for Mac (RocketSlide only) and a portable Windows slideshow.
  • Print ? Printer your current presentation
  • Presentation Settings ? Modify setting like Slide Aspect Ration, Slide Time interval and soundtrack.
  • Browser Version History
  • Return to Library
Edit ?
  • Undo ? Remove changes made recently.
  • Redo ? Add changes done recently
  • Cut ? Cut an text, image or video inserted.
  • Copy - Copy an text, image or video inserted.
  • Paste - Paste an text, image or video inserted.
  • Delete - Delete an text, image or video inserted.
  • Duplicate ? Create a copy of slide
  • Select All - Select every element of a slide.
  • Copy Style ? Copy the slide style
  • Paste Style ? Paste the slide style
Slide ?
  • New Slide ? Create a new Slide.
  • Invert Slide From Library ? Add a slide from your custom library
  • Duplicate Slide ? Duplicate the current slide
  • Delete Slide ? Remove a Slide from presentation
  • Add Slide to Library ? Add the slide to your library so that you can use the same style again.
  • Skip Slide ? Skip the current slide.
  • Go > Next Slide, Previous Slide, First Slide and Home Slide ? Slide Navigation
  • Preview Builds
  • Bring to Front ? Move a Object ahead.
  • Bring Forward
  • Send to Back ? Send a Object behind another.
  • Send Backwards
  • Toggle Lock
  • Group ? Group a set of objects.
  • Ungroup - Ungroup a set of objects.
  • Align > Align Left, Align Center, Align Right, Align Tops, Align Middles, Align Bottoms, Distribute Horizontailly and Distribute Vertically. ? Alignment navigation buttons
  • Flip Horizontally - Turn your text, image, video or object horizontally
  • Flip Vertically - Turn your text, image, video or object vertically
  • Hyperlink ? Add a link to text, object in slide. Insert Next Slide, URL or any other video or audio file.
  • Hover Tip ? Add a text to hover tip. When a user moves mouse over link he can see a small window.
  • Automatically Check Spellings ? Check spellings of your content.
  • Spell Dictionary > 5 language support (English US and GB, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) ? Dictionary in 5 languages.
  • Video Playback Time ? Check the Video Playback time.
  • Publish - Publish your Presentation
  • Invite ? You can invite your friends to view your online presentation.
  • Meet ? By clicking on Meet you can get a public link that can be shared with anyone. The presentation is played inside a small media box.
  • View Analytic ? Detail Analytic on your presentation.
  • Play from Start ? Play your presentation from Start.
  • Play from Current Slide - Play your presentation from Current slide
  • Show Slide Elements - Check for slide elements
  • Show Slide Sorter ? Shows a summary of your all slides listed in single window.
  • Show Slide Tray ? Make the below preview line visible.
  • Show Property Sidebar ? Make the property side bar visible on the left side.
  • Show Notes ? Makes the note box visible below each side.
  • Show Slide Audio ? Make the Audio box visible below each slide.
  • Show Slide Comments ? Make the Comment Box visible on the left side to find all added comments.
  • Show Undo History ? Helps you to check your Undo History.
  • Help Contents - Help content for reference to use SlideRocket.
  • SlideRocket Forums ? Dedicated community for any issue related to SlideRocket.
  • Show Log ? Log file of your current process.
  • About SlideRocket ? SlideRocket and Flash Version.
The above are the detailed outlook on the number of options you have inside SlideRocket. Now Lets have a look on the Property Box. The Property Box on the left side helps you to create a interactive presentation. You can add a text, image, video, plugins, etc to make your presentation more interactive. It is very important to find all the elements of Property box. Check the image below. This is how the property box looks. When you click on on picture or audio or text a library window appears. In that you need to first upload some photos. There is a Import Media Button on the to side. You just need to click on that and upload your media files.

Elements of Property box:
  • Text : Add Text to your Slide
  • Picture : Add Picture to your Slide
  • Video: Add Video To your Slide.
  • Shape: Add a shape to your slide.
  • Chart : Add chart to your slide
  • Table : Add tablet to your slide
  • Plug-in: Add plug-in like Twitter feed to your slide.
  • Form / Poll: Adds forms and poll to your slide (Only available for Pro version.)
By this way you can create interactive presentation online. This is quiet better tool I found yet. Once you done with the presentation you can keep a copy on your Google Drive. You can also click on Share > Meet to get a public URL of that files. There is no need to have any video player or office suite to play the presentation. The presentations are saved in the Dashboard.

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Old 05-07-2012
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Re: How to use Google Slide Rocket for Online Presentation

That looks quite nice. I never though there are such features provided in Google Drive. I had tested that and created a short 12 slide presentation. In Share > Meet the link which was provided is really helpful. The entire slideshow looks like a flash video and works quite nicely. Very nice tool for instant presentation work. I searched for the pro version. It also provides offline access to those files.
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