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Old 15-06-2012
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How to upgrade to iOS 6 Beta on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

iOS 6 is latest upcoming version of Apple mobile operating system. Right-now there is only a Beta version released for Developer for testing purpose. So you might be wondering how you will you get that for your phone if you do not have Apple's UDID. There is a solution for that. Certain group of people has posted a small guide on web that helps you to get iOS on your existing device. With the help of that guide you can install iOS 6 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once thing you need to understand that the beta version of iOS 6 is too buggy. You might not love to use it and I do not provide you any kind of downgrade tips here. The only that I tell you is connect the phone to iTunes and run restore. iOS 6 is equipped with many new features which are yet to discover. A short detail of that you can locate on Apple iOS 6 Preview. The Preview provides you a short description of features that iOS might have. Other thing it is important to tell you that after upgrading that there are maximum chances your device might behave weird. But to some extent it works nicely on a new device. So those who are having iPhone 4S can be happier after this upgrade. The files which are required for this upgrade are not officially provided by Apple. So the first that I want to add here, is you have to do this on your own risk. You can set anyone responsible if you screw your device. Also I am not able to locate the exact files for download. But I had added reference which will help you to find easily on web. Those are hosted on many file sharing website and torrents. You just have to search by the name of file I had listed below. That would be easier for you. Because some of the file size is around 1GB. It is very important that you must download all the files properly or else the upgrade will be a disaster.

The files which I had listed are compatible with iPhone 4 / 4S and new iPad. There are chances that this file might work properly on 3G or even on iPhone 2. But I will not recommend that. You can take that risk on your own. Someone has shared the files on web for those who want iOS 6. As this are not the official files so are less reliable. First thing to get a iOS 6 Beta download you need UDID. The process is bit complicated. First you need to resgister yourself as Apple Developer which will provide you a UDID via which you can get those recent updates on your phone. I had notice on number of different upgrade guides, that they clearly menaion is update is buggy. I tried to find the best possible guide which can help you run the update more easily. I had also tested this on my old device but unfortunately that failed. Risking a new phone that my friend own, I upgraded to iOS 6 and then restored it back. I had used it for some while and found that this OS needs lot of fixes before final release. It is just announced and in coming time this will be more better.

List of Files for iOS 6 Beta Upgrade :

iPod 4G - iPod4,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 3GS - iPhone2,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw

iPhone 4 :
  • GSM - iPhone3,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • CDMA - iPhone3,3_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4S - iPhone4,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
iPad 2 :
  • Wifi- iPad2,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • GSM - iPad2,2_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • CDMA - iPad2,3_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • Wi-Fi (R2) - iPad2,4_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
iPad 3 :
  • Wifi - iPad3,1_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • GSM - iPad3,3_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
  • CDMA - iPad3,2_6.0_10A5316k_Restore.ipsw
Minimum Requirement to run iOS 6 Beta Upgrade :

You need a compatible phone. I had listed iPhone 4, 4S, 3G, iPod Touch 4G and New iPad for this. I hope you use the most latest one. No Jailbreak version will work here. Restore your iOS version to 5.1.1. This is necessary because I had not found any other version on which the upgrade worked properly and iTunes 10.6.3. All files that I had listed above should be on your system. I had listed and divided the file based on devices. Do read the name of file and try to locate it on web. There is a single ipsw file which will be used for upgrade. I am not sure about the file size. But when I downloaded that for my phone it showed around 800mb and another one for iPad was around 1GB. I do not know why this is so big. To install iOS 6 you will have to use iTunes only. If you had jailbreak your phone or unlocked it, then this upgrade is not recommended for your phone. Do not simply attempt for the upgrade.

Steps to upgrade iOS 6 Beta

Before giving you exact steps here are some warnings. Do not try this on Jailbreak phones. Do not try on older models. Do not run files which are mentioned above on different models. If you love your phone ignore the below steps.
  • When you download the files, copy them somewhere on your system. So you do not need UDID here run the upgrade.
  • Connect your device to your PC. Take a backup of your phone data first. Then start restoring your phone to iOS 5.1. It is necessary that the version of your iOS should appear as 5.1 or 5.1.1 in summary. Once this is done without error we can move ahead.
  • Once you are done run iTunes. The version that I had mentioned above. It is recommended that you must use the most recent verison of iTunes for that. Upgrade your iTunes if it is a older version or else the upgrade will not work.
  • When you done with that, connect the phone. In iTunes go to Summary and below that you can see a Update button. Click on that. It will ask you for the update files.
  • Browse to the suitable iOS 6 Beta download as mentioned in the download list above. Click on Open. Wait for sometime. Here iOS 6 upgrade will overwrite your phone os and in summary you can find the exact version. I hope you do not get any kind of error between update process.
Things that will not work after iOS 6 Upgrade :

It is not possible that after runnig iOS 6 upgrade each and everything will work properly in the phone. No there are certain stuff which will not work proplery and it would be better if I can list that here. As this is a beta version so there are chances that many thing will not work. Like Siri. If you have mobile below iPhone 4 then Siri will not work. Also I had notice due to some issue Photo Sharing is too affected. Yet there is no option how to fix it, but the more older version model you have the more issue you will face. iOS 6 works well on iPhone 4S. It is said that iOS is filled with new features and support. But this only depends on time what you can expect.
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Old 15-06-2012
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Re: How to upgrade to iOS 6 Beta on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

To help you guys I added a small list of link which comes with those download file. This forum does not allow me to post link so I added them all in a notepad file and attached it here. Download this notepad file and copy paste the link in your browser. If you face missing link error, then try the other alternative. I am not sure till what time this unofficial update will be available. Because as per a article I found that this beta version will expire in second week of July and at that time Apple might release some other version.
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