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Thread: Charge your Mobile Phones without electricity in an emergency

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    Charge your Mobile Phones without electricity in an emergency

    It happens many time when our phone battery drains to 0 and we had no option left to recharge it. At that time you might be waiting for some emergency call or urgent phone. This guide based on many options to charge your phone without electricity. I tried to find the best solution that can be used under a emergency condition. The first easy which I recommend when you are basically traveling, is carrying a Travel charger with you. There are many models that you can find in your nearby store. Other than this I had mentioned some models also below. Along with battery drain I had mentioned some points which can be effective to save battery power if you own a smartphone. Why loose more battery. The most common reason is updates. If you phone is equipped with application which is associated with internet, it works in background and eats up resources which in the end led to completely battery drain. So the first thing which I do is connect the phone to my laptop via usb.

    Some people also recommend carrying multiple batteries. But the problem appears at the time of charging. You will need to charge a battery then unplug it and then fix another and charger the phone back. Long hours of charging cause various problem with phone. Like a weaker power jack or heating up the internal parts which can reduce the battery life also. It gives a little help to make some calls and then in the end I go up for final charging. The article here is for everyone where you can carry much preventive measure to avoid battery loss and to charge the phone under extreme condition. Some methods need precautionary measure. So be careful if you carry any of them. The article here consist of products which are car charger kit, a travelling charger, solar charger or any ready to use item which can help you to charger your phone in absence of electricity. Such methods are very helpful.

    Method 1 - Car Charger Kit

    Car charger kit are the most easy to find out. They are widely available and are the cheapest alternative in comparison to Travelling charger. A full fledge car charger kit comes with various extension that support a number of device. It does not matter what phone you carry. The kit comes with number of connectors. So first thing before buying it find that you have an appropriate connector in similar to your phone. The most famous today is micro usb connector which is used in many Smartphone. Blackberry phones are bit different. So a special connector is needed. The same lies for Apple products. A regular car charger can cause from Rs. 310 to Rs. 2000 depend on the make you are buying and also for the product required. The cheapest one is Samsung Car Charger CAD300UBE (Black) which I saw on Flipkart for Rs.310.

    Griffin Technology: Griffin offers a number of kit for Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc. There are phone kits with charger support that can be used easily with any car. They offer car chargers for Tablets also. Check the below images. There are series of car chargers manufactured by Griffin for various devices. The image below is a Universal charger used for various Smartphone’s. The price is $19.99 which is worth to buy.

    Belkin MicroUSB Car Charger : This is another nice product for the same purpose. It is a universal charger with supports a series of devices. The product come with a year warranty and easy to carry in your bag. So the next time when you phone battery drain fast you can try this out to get enough power for some time. This type of charger also called as cigarette lighter charger which is found widely on eBay and Amazon.

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    Re: Charge your Mobile Phones without electricity in an emergency

    Method 2 - Travel Chargers

    Travel chargers are kind of portable devices that can be used whenever you do not have any source of electricity. They come in number of variety. Some are also equipped with battery support. Travel Chargers are not costly product. They are must to have in your bag when you are travelling. So here I had mentioned both products. One that comes with a portable battery support and one without that. What we are really irritated that when we are out we do not find the right socket to charge our devices. Some charger offers you a multiple connectors that can fix to almost any devices. While some helps you to charger a single type of device with current battery power. What is recommended that you must go for that which offers you more connectivity solution.

    Duracell PowerSource Mini : Duracell offers a Portable Battery Charger that can help you to charge Smartphone. It offers usb connector. So here if you have a phone that has usb connectivity you can go for this product. It is portable and easy to carry and provides you hours of chagrining power. For those phones which do not offer usb connectivity you can purchase a simple convertor cable. At a time it is possible to charge 2 Smartphone’s. The product cost is $68.75. It has a power button and micro usb support.

    ChargePod : ChargePod is very versatile charger which can be attached to any devices. You can charger a Blackberry, Apple Products, Samsung/Motorola/Android phones, etc with it. It comes @ $49.95 with series of connectors. As you can see in the image how this charger easily manages your device charging support. The only thing it lacks that it does has any portable battery support. You will have to find a power socket with it. Fix the adapter and connect your device. So it is good if you are out or staying in a Hotel. CharePod is recommended for those who carry a number of different devices with them. So they are sorted out and do not require to carry a separate charger for each and every device. Right now the manufacturer claims that it supports more than 3,000 devices. It is very light to carry and hassle free to connect.

    CallPod FuelTank : FuelTank is another most portable device that you can carry in your pocket. It comes with rechargeable lithium ion battery. You can charge your phone with this and increase the current power capacity. There is one more series in FuelTank which is called as FuelTank DUO. It supports hundreds of devices and very easy to use. As you can see the image it offers you a micro usb connectivity and number of adapter that can be used with current devices. It comes with pack of adapter depends on your purchase. A regular pack comes for $69.95.

    Targus Backup Battery : Targus is another manufacturer which offers you portable backup battery to charge your Smartphone. There is a separator product for iPhone also. Product named as APB25US ( Targus Backup Battery for Smartphone’s) allows you to carry a portable source of power wherever you go. It right now offers you only usb connectivity. This backup battery comes with 2000 mAH battery. So in case of power drain you can use this to gain some hours of phone battery. It is best recommended for single device usage. For long hours of travelling this can be helpful.

    AViiQ Portable Charging Station : AViiQ offers you one more solution where you can get a set of accessories inside a small diary bag. For price $79.99 you receive a bag which is equipped with different connectors and outlet port to charger your devices. You can charge mobile phones, apple products, mp3 players and laptops. This portable station does not provide you a portable battery, but a set of accessories with which you can charge multiple devices at a single time.

    Elecom portable battery charger : This is another portable charger with comes with 4 battery support. It is quiet easy to find AA batteries wherever you travel. The charger works on the AA battery source. They can be rechargeable with wall socket. You can connect Smartphone’s to it and charger your phone within seconds. Among all this is one of the most easy to use and carry. It comes in multiple colors. As you can see the images it shows you a very simple charger with 4 battery support. For battery backup this is one of the easier alternative you can carry.

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    Re: Charge your Mobile Phones without electricity in an emergency

    Method 3 : Solar Charger

    Solar charger is one of the costliest product and is not so popular in the market. There are number of brands which are specially designed for Smartphone’s. Green technology used offers you a unlimited source of power for which you do not require to pay. Solar charger allows you to have a free energy source whenever you are under sun. So a eco friendly device and easy to carry out. The only thing this solar charger lack is low charging time. It takes many hours or even a full day to get fully charged batteries. But as they come with dual interface where you can also charge the phone with regular wall socket.

    Samsonite’s Window Solar Charger : At a price of $49.99 it is not worth to buy this product. This charger has built in rechargeable lithium batteries. It supports a number of cell phones in the market and work nicely. Other than solar charging you can also charge the same using a usb interface. The time duration for charging with usb is much lower than solar charging. To get fully charge it takes around 13 hours which is very high time. You can simply stick that charger to a window.

    Pico Freeloader Solar Charger : PICO offers a another light weight chargers which can offer you a long battery life. The best part of this charger is that it chargers quest fast. It needs around 30 minutes to get charged up and provide power to your gadget. It can offer you 35hours battery life if fully charged to a Smartphone. There are certain connectors which come with the charger so that you can charge different types of devices on it. It is a very light weight product which is easy to carry and get charged up. Equipped with 75mA premium quality crystalline solar cells and 800mAh environmentally friendly Li-ion battery – typical battery life is 2 years.

    Solmate Flare : This is also a innovative product. Solmate Flare is not just a simple charger. It offers more than that. It comes with a charger support, a flashlight and a mini-lantern. The chargers charge the battery automatically when you put the same under sunlight. So here you do not need to look for any button to activate charging. Soulmate Flare is a nice product and well designed. It is portable to carry and works with number of devices. This charger can be used with many devices. Equipped with Li-ion Rechargeable, 3.7V, 1200mAh battery you can carry the same. The charge time under Sun is between 8 to 12 hours. While if it charges in 1.5 hours when connected to AC.

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