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Thread: Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

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    Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Forza Motrosport 4 is a spectacular racing video game. This game is released for Xbox 360. Forza Motorsport 4 is the 4th series of Forza Motorspor. This edition supports Kinect sensor along with the regular controllers for Xbox. Forza Motorsport is more featured with better controls, races and tracks. It is an extensive game for racing game lovers. The game is equipped with an option by which you can import the profiles of Forza Motorsport 3. So if you have any better records you can import that here. It is also possible to transfer same credit and cars. For instance you can have a look on various video game demo online. There is additional feature in this game called Autovista. This allows the Kinect players to explore the race area and car.

    This feature is not provided for all except for the Kinect users. Other than this with Xbox controller you can manage the gameplay. This game is more optimized for Kinect with many realistic features. Like the Kinect can track your movement to start the race and allows you audio commands. Other than you can create your car clubs and share the same.

    Forza Motorsport series is one of the most famous and widely played video games on pc and on gaming consoles. It is a complete pack that every racing video game lovers want. From free play to championship to online gameplay you can compete with the best. Forza Motorsport series can be counted in the list of most impressive video games on Xbox. The new series has more surprises for the gamers. Like any other video game you get options here to upgrade and customize your car more efficiently. You have a better performance car and get upgraded class wise. The cars are divided into classes and series also varies. As you win up or keep upgrading you get chances to drive more new cars. The one thing which I want to emphasis here is the damage car model. It is much better. The game engine gives very really effect of car damage. This is well configured with the car handling and performance. Everything is set properly as per your gameplay.

    Another feature which I told already before is the customization. More comprehensive list is available here. You have impressive customization option that let the gamers to simply modify the entire car as they want. With large number of cars and tracks you get option for long hours of play. The tracks are impressive which served majorly to the players who continuously play such type of game. I can say, this can be the most wanted racing game on Xbox. It is more realistic and well managed. I am not sure but they said that there are more than 300 cars available for this game. You can simply sell your car you want and buy also. This are done via game credits. Vinyl Creator is one which is liked by the players. You can see many customized cars here with awesome artwork. Artist to have options here design the car as they want. The Forza game community provides more options to the players to share their views. In simple words I can say Forza 4 is more realistic. It looks more life like gameplay. The cars are customizable and you can enjoy long races without any much disturbance. The game experience on Forza 4 Motorsport is awesome, doesn't matter which controller you are using. Some process is extremely complex here.

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    Re: Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Beginners Guide for Forza 4 Motorsports

    The game is kind of join and play. You can start with free play without going in much detail and have a look on the cars and tracks. I will recommend you to get familiar with the game controls. That is quiet necessary first to understand and do. There are some beginner’s tips here that I can recommend you to do. First ensure that you have enough space on your disk. The game has large files.

    Begin a race. This will be your first race which will tell you a lot more about the game. You will understand the tracks and actual control of the game. The first race is somewhat beneficial to get easy with the controls. Try to best to get win and does not matter even if you loose. You have to win the race to get first Achievement unlocked. You can play the same multiple time till you win.

    I had mentioned already above that it is possible to import Forza 3 profiles in this game. So if you have you can get your records on this game also with your game money. But there are certain kind of limitations. This is helpful and you do not need to begin the entire game back again.

    Create your Player Card if you are first time playing this. You can do that by going in Play Career and then in My Profile. This player card is a kind of your profile with some info. The card also consist of badges which will be unlocked as you keep on getting a achievement.

    You can get more support from Community. This is the place where you can create your own Car Club. You can use any name and achievement here. You need to go through start process by collecting some achievement to reach here. You can invite players to join your car club and start trading. In this Car club you can share your car with others. Go in your car collection and from menu choose share

    The game is equipped with a feature called Autovista. You can see that in Main Menu. Autovista allows you to explore your car and you can take your time to get a complete review of the car. This is nice option later on you can see the cars that you can play with.

    There are number of achievements in the game which get accomplished as you keep on racing. You can see that in Autovista. You can also find for what achievement and bonus you have to play.

    Tuning a car is a another important part. You can find that in Play Career > Upgrade > Tune Setup. This option allows you to tweak the cars as per your need. You can make changes to your car and save the same.

    Forza 4 Motorsport Car Control Guide :

    In Forza 4 Motorsport you will find multiple game mode. This is somehow similar to Easy, Medium and so on till Expert Mode. The more difficult you play, the higher you achieves. Remember that car tuning also plays a important role in the performance and gameplay. You can choose the difficulty level as you want. There is nothing much to do in that. As you keep gaining.

    More skills in that game you will learn how to properly control your car. Some stunts like drifting are quiet complex to handle but you can do that as per gaining experience. I had certain tips below which can be best assistance in the race.

    As you gain skill your controls will become easier. Xbox does not have much buttons. The game provides you certain earrings from which you can get unlocks bonus items. But they are rare if you does not develop more skills.
    Braking System : This is a bit tricky part. A right brake on correct speed gives you the most perfect drift. But that depends on your assumptions about the braking time and the car handling. When you are customizing your car look in details that you are not doing any major change to the breaking system. Don't perform any major changes or it can cause improper handling on curves.

    Car Steering and Control : This is somewhat part which we avoid mostly. Many of us just want a kick start and move ahead. This is the place where we make mistakes. Do not steer over the limit. Keep stability as you can get a way out and you have complete control on your car. Just keeping the steer button pressed will not take car on top of list. This is because by steering to high you cannot take the right turn. It creates more issue on turnings. So at some situation keep you’re steering in control. Another important part is keeping the car stable on a firm track. You cannot let it move wildly over the track. Keep it firm and moving so you do not waste your time in controlling it. Sometime due to over steering and improper control the car flips over the track loosing your race.

    Track Lines : Follow those track borders. The edges with spotted line. Keep a eye on them. They guide you some second before a turn and at that time you can get the right control. Stay at best speed on which you can control the car.

    Wear and Tear : In this you can customize the car after race. I will recommend you to get a control on the damages. Appearance damages really does not matter much, but damage of car tyers and other stuff do matter in races. You can avoid cosmetics settings to some races.

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    Re: Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Beginning with Free Play Mode :

    Start with Free Play Mode. This is like quick race. There are not much restrictions here. You will be in random race. Under free play mode you get certain options. You can choose the same to start. If you want you can start a Quick Race or take a Split Screen rating. Or else the last option is Hot Lap. The easiest is Quick Race. The mode is common and you are in a random car with random race. This also has special cars and tracks. It is possible to unlock many achievements here. This a perfect place to begin the race. Another mode which I had mentioned above Split Screen is for two players. You can compete with your friend via second Xbox Controller attached. Nice one to one gameplay. Hot Lap Mode is the place where you get more choices than Quick Race.

    In this you can pick up a car and track where you want to race with laps. This is mostly the training part of game where you practice on number of tracks and cars to get the best time. It works very simple. I recommend you to start with this and play some number of levels here. You can see more improvements as the levels keep on passing.

    Career Mode :

    The above mode was free play. When you have gained enough skills you can start with Career mode. This mode officers more unlocks and demands more skills. There is a entire season which you have to start playing. There is a calendar which defines the number of races you have to play. This also derives many evens in the game. You can see your progress as you keep on achieving your goals. There are many types of races here. This are not on your choice, but pre-determined gameplay. The game assign you races as per the calendar year. There are many types of races available. There are certain kind of achievements associated with every race and mode. You have to achieve them even if the races are won. The time you do not collect those achievement it will not be counted in the progress.

    Here you will get chance to play with various race formats and different car classes. It is new for a beginners but for an experienced this will be a challenged. Every car is classified to certain class. You can find the details in the game itself. Once you are finished or you win the race you get options for automatic upgrades. This are enabled by default where your cars and systems are upgraded, so that you can stand in the coming race. Begin with upgrading your cars first. You can start checking the class, the upgrades you want to do and other handling stuff. Spend some points to get new upgrades. Mostly a maximum work will be done by the Automatic upgrade stuff. This automatically optimizes your car for the race. You just need to understand what you can get benefit out of them.

    Car List Forza Motorsport 4 :
    • Alfa Romeo
    • Aston Martin
    • Audi
    • Bentley
    • BMW
    • Bugatti
    • Chevrolet
    • Citroen
    • Dodge
    • Ferrari
    • Ford
    • GMC
    • Gumpert
    • HUMMER
    • Honda
    • Hyundai’s
    • Jaguar
    • Joss
    • Kia
    • Koenigsegg
    • Lamborghini
    • Land Rover
    • Lexus
    • McLaren
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Mercury
    • MINI
    • Mitsubishi
    • Morgan
    • Mosler
    • Nissan
    • Peugeot
    • RUF
    • Saleen
    • SEAT
    • Spyker
    • Suzuki
    • Tesla
    • Toyota
    • TVR
    • Vauxhall
    • Volkswagen

    Forza Motorsport 4: Tracks

    1. Camino Viejo de Montserrat : Forza Motorsport 4’s new 16-player grids will take the wheel-to-wheel action on the mountain to a whole new level.
    2. Bernese Alps : The Alps course provides the awesome rush of velocity for any racer, but exceptional challenges for those working on honing their Forza skills
    3. Fujimi Kaido : For the ultimate Fujimi Kaido challenge, try drifting it with the new “Simulation Steering” setting turned on, for a more realistic but considerably more difficult experience.
    4. Hockenheimring : Rounding the final Elfkurve and Sudkurve turns through the immense grandstands, nearly every seat has a view of the final straight and the finish line.
    5. Iberian International Circuit : One of Iberian’s greatest traits is its flexibility—it provides exciting and rewarding racing action for nearly any type of car, testing the limits of everything from humble city cars to the fastest Le Mans prototypes, which can achieve speeds in excess of 170 mph on the course’s back straight.
    6. Indianapolis Motor Speedway : Indy has also been the scene of some of the greatest innovations in racing, from the Offenhauser twin-cams that dominated the 500 for decades, to the oddities like Clessie Cummins’ diesel-powered cars or the turbine cars such as the Lotus 56.
    7. Infineon Raceway : it’s a course that challenges even the most experienced drivers. But that’s one of the charms of a course that’s just as suitable for fine Sonoma wine and vintage Ferraris as it is for the thunderous action of stock car racing.
    8. Ladera Test Track : Ladera’s brightly colored tarmac contrasts nicely with the ancient rocks and vibrant trees for a wholly immersive racing experience.
    9. Maple Valley Raceway : The narrow course also has few places to pass, so racing strategy is paramount—pick your overtaking spot wisely. More than anything else, Maple Valley is one of the most fluid courses around, with a flow that results in a high average speed. That also makes the course, especially the short variant, perfect for drifting as well.
    10. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca : Set among the golden hills of California near the city of Monterrey, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca’s most famous feature is a steep downhill S-curve that drops five and a half stories in just 450 feet. The challenging sequence of turns pushes cars to the limit, and was also the site of what has become known among race fans as “the Pass.”
    11. Mugello Autodromo Internazionale : With the green, lush Tuscan hills north of Florence as the backdrop, Mugello is one of Italy’s most beautiful tracks. Mugello is characterized by an exceptionally long straight and many high-speed S-bends, such as the Casanova-Savelli downhill sequence and the quick Biondetti kinks near the final straight.
    12. Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit : With exciting elevation changes and a layout that requires finesse and bravery to master, Nürburgring GP is truly one of the great circuits of the world.
    13. Nurburgring Nordschleife : It is almost difficult to believe that the intensely demanding.
    14. Rally di Positano : Few settings are as beautiful a venue for heart-pounding racing excitement as Rally di Positano, a track inspired by the breathtaking scenery of the Amalfi Coast near the city of Positano, overlooking the blue Tyrrhenian Sea in southern Italy.
    15. Road America : One of the oldest and most distinguished of all the tracks in North America is Road America, a road course situated near Elkhart Lake in the scenic woodlands of Wisconsin.
    16. Road Atlanta : Georgia’s Road Atlanta course, owned by local automaker and racing team Panoz Motorsports, is most famous as home to the crowning race of the ALMS season.
    17. Sebring International Raceway : The combinations of long straights, tight technical corners, and wide passing spots make racing challenging and exciting, as does the rough surface.
    18. Silverstone Racing Circuit : Like many tracks in the British Isles, including old favorites and newer (but equally notable) additions like the TopGear Test Track at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Silverstone was once a Class A airfield used by the RAF.
    19. Suzuka Circuit : One of the best places to pass is the final chicane, but miss your braking point and you’ll find yourself in the service road.
    20. TopGear Test Track : it’s technical enough to provide challenges for any player.
    21. Tsukuba Circuit : Whether your preference is drifting, time attack or traditional racing, the key to Tsukuba is keeping up your momentum and hitting the apexes with finesse.
    22. Twin Ring Motegi : . The road course’s combination of long straights and tight hairpins make for great racing action with plenty of places to test your nerve at outbraking and overtaking opponents.

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    Re: Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Forza Motorsport 4 Achievement List
    • Amateur: Complete the first year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete first season
    • Auto Crosser: Complete 10 events Autocross Without hitting cones gate -------- 10 -------- Finish 10 autocross without touching a cone
    • Auto-explorers -------- 10 -------- Explore a car in the car fully Vista.
    • Awesome Drift: Earn a perfect score Drift -------- 20 -------- Perform a perfect drift
    • Born Competitor: Post Time In Every Rivals event mode -------- 30 -------- Make a time in every race mode Rivals
    • Bowler -------- 5 -------- Take a golden cone in a car-to bowling.
    • Bucket List: Finish first in Every Single race in the Event List in Career mode play (80) -------- 20 -------- Finish first in all races in career mode
    • Champion: Complete the ninth year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 9th Season
    • Club Member -------- 15 -------- Create a car club or join one.
    • Clubbed Up: Create or join a Car Club -------- 15 -------- Create or join a Car Club
    • Clubman drivers -------- 25 -------- Finish the second season of your career.
    • Clubman: Complete the second year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 2nd Season
    • Driver Level 1: Reach Level 1 Driver in Career mode -------- 20 -------- Reach Level 1 in Career Mode
    • Driver Level 10: Reach Level 10 in Career Driver mode -------- 20 -------- Reach level 10 in career mode
    • Driver Level 20: Reach Level 20 in Career Driver mode -------- 20 -------- Reach level 20 in career mode
    • Driver Level 30: Reach Level 30 in Career Driver mode -------- 20 -------- Reach level 30 in career mode
    • Driver Level 40: Reach Level 40 in Career Driver mode -------- 20 -------- Reach level 40 in career mode
    • Driver Level 50: Reach Level 50 in Career Driver mode -------- 20 -------- Reach level 50 in career mode
    • Elite: Complete the Eighth year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 8th Season
    • Entrepreneur: Sell a car tuning, paint job, vinyl group or from your storefront -------- 10 -------- Sell a car, paint or vinyl
    • Excellent drift -------- 20 -------- Get a "Perfect Drift" classification.
    • Exclusive taste -------- 50 -------- Do you have the five most expensive cars of the game except for DLC.
    • Exclusive Taste: Own The Five Most Expensive cars in the game (not Including DLC) -------- 50 -------- Buy the five most expensive cars of the game
    • Experienced drivers -------- 20 -------- Reach Driver Level 20 in Career mode.
    • Expert: Complete the fifth year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 5th Season
    • Factory Driver: Car Manufacturer to get any Affinity level 50 -------- 60 -------- Reach level 50 manufacturer
    • Famous drivers -------- 20 -------- Reach Driver Level 40 in Career mode.
    • Ferrari Collector: Own Every Ferrari included on Disc 1 -------- 40 -------- Ferrari have all the disc 1
    • Flat Out: Earn a perfect score Speed -------- 5 -------- Making a perfect speed
    • For Explorer: Fully explores Any Autovishe ta as in -------- 10 -------- Visiting a car in the mode Autovista
    • Forza Faithful: Import a file from Forza Motorsport 3 -------- 15 -------- Import data Forza 3
    • Forza World Tour: Finish a race On Every race track in Forza Motorsport 4 -------- 60 -------- Finish one race on each circuit of the game
    • Freehand -------- 5 -------- Use Kinect to drive any car in the outdoor game.
    • Full Throttle -------- 5 -------- Get a "Perfect Speed" rating.
    • Grease Monkey: Create a car tuning file for your car -------- 10 -------- Create an optimization of the car
    • Group list -------- 80 -------- They are first in each race of the event list in career mode.
    • Here to win -------- 20 -------- Reach Driver Level 10 in Career mode.
    • Here's My Card: Create a custom playercard with badges and titles -------- 10 -------- Create a badge
    • Inexpensive Car -------- 10 -------- Quit cee'd a lap on the Top Gear test track in a Kia.
    • Kingpin: Knock down a bowling pin in gold For Bowling -------- 5 -------- Dropping the keel or in the mode For Bowling
    • Legend: Complete the Tenth year of Season Play -------- 50 -------- Complete 10th Season
    • Legendary Battle: Beat Ferrari P4 330 while driving in a race Any Ford GT40 Mark II -------- 15 -------- Ferra beat a P4 330 with a Ford GT40 Mark II
    • Legendary duel -------- 15 -------- They beat a Ferrari 330 P4 in any race with a Ford GT40 Mark II
    • Locally -------- 20 -------- Take a picture of any car in any home space.
    • Look Ma, No Controller! : Use Any Kinect to drive car in Free Play -------- 5 -------- Kinect used to drive a car
    • Master -------- 25 -------- Finish the ninth season of your career.
    • Masters riders -------- 25 -------- Finish the seventh season of your career.
    • Masters: Complete the seventh year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 7th Season
    • My car is your car -------- 10 -------- Divide your fleet car with your auto club.
    • My Car is Your Car: Share a car in your garage, with your Car Club -------- 10 -------- Share a car in your Car Club
    • Nice overhauled -------- 15 -------- Get a "Perfect obsolete" classification.
    • Nice Pass: Earn a perfect score Pass (15) -------- 5 -------- Making a perfect pass
    • On Location: Take a photo of In Every Home for Any Space -------- 20 -------- To photograph a car
    • Outmoded -------- 10 -------- Reach 142 km / h in a DeLorean.
    • Outta Time: Reach 88 mph in a DeLorean -------- 10 -------- Reach 88 mph (142 km / h) with the DeLorean
    • Painter: Create a paint job for your group or vinyl because -------- 10 -------- Apply paint or vinyl on the car
    • Perfect Turn: Earn a perfect score Turn -------- 15 -------- Perform a perfect turn
    • Professional: Complete the sixth year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 6th Season
    • Qualified -------- 20 -------- Reach Level 1 in Career mode driver.
    • Rivals Shootout: Race and defeat opponent year in Rivals mode -------- 10 -------- Beat his opponent in the way Rivals
    • Screwdrivers -------- 10 -------- Create a file for tuning your car.
    • Seasoned professional -------- 20 -------- Reach Driver Level 30 in Career mode.
    • Semi Pro: Complete the fourth year of Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete 4th Season
    • Semi-professional -------- 25 -------- Finish the fourth season of your career.
    • Show Off: Upload a movie to -------- 10 -------- Upload a video on the official website
    • Slipstream drivers -------- 5 -------- Get a "Perfect wind shadow" rating.
    • Speed Demon: Reach 240 mph In Any car -------- 10 -------- Reach speeds of 240 mph (386 km / h) with any car
    • Sportsman drivers -------- 25 -------- Finish the third season of your career.
    • Sportsman: The Third Year of Complete Season Play -------- 25 -------- Complete third season
    • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Complete a lap around the TopGear Test Track while driving a KIA cee'd -------- 10 -------- Finish one lap with the KIA Cee'd TopGear
    • Unicorn Hunter: Be the winning bidder is Any "unicorn" because in the Auction House -------- 10 -------- Get a car auction Unicorn
    • Veteran racing -------- 20 -------- Reach Driver Level 50 in Career mode.
    • Works drivers -------- 60 -------- Reach level 50 any affinity for a car manufacturer.

    Driving Tips

    [/B]Models with four-wheel drive configuration embody the most effective in most conditions. Engine at the front or back, it will all four wheels simultaneously. As a result, these vehicles have the benefits of propulsion and traction, or almost. The downside of this configuration is simply the weight generated by all the mechanical and the power loss caused by all moving parts and transmission. Like traction, insertion of a difference here is also very important, especially with the possibility to adjust the Difference in Central, which divided power between the front and rear.

    With it, we can make the car both player, but safe. Often with a tare of 70% or 80% power on the rear axle, it may as well "throw" the car on corner entry while accelerating immediately to make it roll into the turn, keeping control of the direction with the front. With this type of car can accelerate before the apex while keeping the target path. Ideal on paths not very fast, these models are disabled on very fast tracks where top speed is preferred.

    Drifting Tips:

    For this discipline, we need a good drive, not too heavy-fed horses. The aim is obviously to drag the rear as much as possible during cornering, while maintaining control. To do this, we will adopt fairly extreme settings, with a difference "locked" to 100% in both directions, like a kart (except for very fast drifts, where we keep a slightly lower tare, the order of 75/80%), credit to the ground, set fairly rigid with a lot of camber, and finally, with down force in order to control the drift. The box will be set for it’s relatively short at any time for enough power to drag the rear under acceleration.

    We will also adopt a very different steering control circuit: we seek to destabilize the back by all means. Call / cons call shots handbrake or clutch are all techniques that can be used to drift from the car. Then everything will be a matter of dosage. Because even if the discipline has the look barbaric, it takes a lot of finesse and responsiveness. Once the auto "launched", it will be pointing in the opposite direction of the turn while keeping the right amount of gas to maintain the angle of the drift and the rate of passage. More gas will amplify the angle (but be careful not to go head-to-tail), and less gas will have the opposite effect: the car is back online, and beware the return of the bond that can shed car in the opposite direction (called the bounces). To start, we can learn this technique with a four-wheel drive set strongly, with at least 85% power on the rear. In this way, we can catch up with spin easily while having fun, even if the ultimate goal is to master all with a drive of course.

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