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Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

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Old 30-09-2011
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Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

The first two Resistance have followed the adventures of Nathan Hale, a brave soldier, a virus alien. If the disease has also given superhuman regenerative abilities helping to repel the invaders, the hero of an entire nation ended up being totally consumed by this evil, to disappear like the others. In the third episode of the series, the player is a character diametrically opposite in the person of Joe. The father was rather quiet but desperate to protect his family, and it will gradually turn into a formidable killing machine through the chapters (twenty in all) for a campaign that will take him through the United States. The single player campaign of Resistance 3 differs from previous games by an atmosphere of survival much greater. The human race almost completely decimated, the hope of victory is slim and the few survivors find themselves in isolated camps, returned to the state of wild animals, or turned into fanatics blinded by religion.

If Joe's character remains relatively smooth throughout the adventure, he meets along the way so crazy, garbage, or desperate people, which makes the trip more interesting outside the phases of pure action. Levels also are full of little notes or tapes for use in giving the player more evidence concerning the organization of resistance, or the evolution of scientific research to counter the terrible virus Chimera. Do not spoil the cut scenes are pretty successful, helping to enhance the immersion of two shootings.

For who says survival also said rationing. In Resistance 3, it is common not to have balls for his favorite gun, which requires cunning and especially to use the entire arsenal of the best way possible. In the same vein, the fact of not having automatic regeneration as in the vast majority of FPS today is a blessing. Although refills of life are everywhere, it still requires playing differently and taking your time before rushing headlong into the pile. The use of weapons and their full potential takes on its meaning, but the difficulty is generally measured stack properly. The game is not very hard, but that still his little challenge.


Chapter 1: Home

Resistance 3 begins with a beautiful cinematic and you take control of Joseph or Joe for short. Move to the pretty blonde to pick up a newspaper. Then take the left tunnel and walk until you reach another corner of the house. You will find the map of Bogota on the bed right out of the tunnel. Right after you arrives at the shooting range. Take the cleaner and do a little training session. After that, find Susan in the briefing room. Dale will have to find the range. Before going to the place, just control it moves to a nearby table and picks up the Wild against military report. Continue to collect two more rooms on a bed Postal newspaper from Bogota. Walk to the next room to reach a kind of shooting gallery. Pick up the bulls eye and practice in the field of fire. After shooting several targets and doing different types of shots, tested with the Magnum HE.

Finally you are ready and went out. Come to Susan to discuss the plan you have to follow. Your goal is to meet with Nate at the bowling alley. Follow your partner crosses the cafeteria, down the tunnel, up the stairs and continues to observe a sequence. Go through the two tunnels with your teammate you finally attacked by chimeras. Get out all the stops and shoot the enemies on the right. A stalker comes next from the left. Head over to the left and throw him a grenade to disable his shield. Use the secondary weapon to target the cleaner automatically stalker. Shoot continuously until the reactivation of the shield. Repeat until run out of ammunition. Head over to the hut indicated to find ammunition on the roof. If necessary, pick up the kits also care.

Chapter 2: Wanted

After the video, you have to find Tommy Dean. Exit the tunnel and take the newspaper in the treatment room to the left. Go forward and turn left into the room with a projection blackboard. Take notes on the desktop. Climb the stairs and collect the magnum ammo in the room. Go up one story to a friend gives you a different type of grenade rather effective. In the next room, stock up on ammunition and stay on your location to shoot a few dreams that come to you. Get off the shed and take the ammunition on the bodies.

See a transport unit with chimeras. Use quickly shrapnel to kill a group of them and eliminate the rest of hybrids, covering you with the vehicles. Collect ammo and health of the area and open the garage door. Move to the barn in front of Joe and open the door holding Square. Inside, you will find Tommy. Go upstairs to find an audio diary on the bed. Go back down and head to the kitchen to find Tommy. Outside, to confront the Chimera in the wheat field. The Magnum secondary fire and you should be very useful.

Head over to the ledge after passing the ammunition and you restore your health. Once inside, meet with Tommy. Before continuing, collect ammo and health of the ground floor as in the above, plus an audio diary on the bed on the top floor, called bounding Bite. Return to defeat Tommy and more hybrids, either secretly or not, and once you do, advance to see another cut scene.

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Old 30-09-2011
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Re: Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Chapter 3: Lost

Follow Tommy and you'll be in the danger zone. You do not have choice but to run to avoid the attacks of Goliath. Go for it until you return to the previous house with the roof destroyed. Before going out to the battlefield, take the ammunition. Outside, kill the skulls of iron using grenades to stay safe from fire borer. Then pick up this new weapon and use it through the wall that separates you from Haven. The L1 button allows you to see through walls and kill the hybrid. Outside, walk towards the bridge to see chimeras. Kill them and avoid the explosion.

Continue and kill more enemies to attack you, in addition to firing several roots (egg-shaped objects that are in the sides of the area) and moves through the stream, while dodging enemy fire and break more roots. Enter the building and collect the Hedgehog. Your goal is to fight for the mill. Destroy all the roots and hybrids that are attacking you, looking for high positions to make it easier, while accompanying Tommy. Then through the door. Go under the bridge to continue your journey. Run without stopping to avoid the rockets. Climb the stairs of the house to be free. Take care of yourself and fill up. Outside, climb quickly to the left on the roof with the ladder. Your position, use the drill to kill as many enemies alone and without injury. Afterwards, go down pick up the ammunition on their bodies and to heal afterwards. Continue to face the next horde of enemies. Follow Tommy to the stairs and kill the next hybrid. Once calm has returned, open the door and bypass the enemies. Kill them all to be able to cross the bridge. Remember to heal and stock up on ammunition before leaving.

Your current mission is to save the residents of Haven in the covered bridge. After finishing with a small group of enemies, meet the head of the covered bridge, but before you shoot more herbs, before crossing it and watch another scene.

Chapter 4: Women and children first

Go for following your friend until he gives you a sniper rifle. Outside, run the mini turret to kill some chimeras. A first shuttle arrives, shooting at you and cowardly enemies. Shoot them to face a new batch. Think through the house where some people together to find what you need for your arsenal and your health. Continue until the arrival of the reapers. Put yourself in the shelter of a house to liquidate easily. After a period of combat, you have to fold up the main street. Go back just as more long-legged and other types of chimeras. Up the ladder is recommended central vision for a better shot, or approximate to ships carrying more chimeras and kill them as they fall.

Finally, you will Brawler. To win, you have to shoot the weak spots indicating that it may be (first shoulders, wrists and then second chest), if possible, with the Magnum. If you do not receive any impact (you can do tricks later on), you get the trophy Watcher zoo. After defeating him, flee Haven by the tunnel under the church and watch the scene. Turn around and head over to the church to join your friends.

Chapter 5: Wrighsburg

After the video, the action moves on a boat. Pick up the daily change strategy, in front of you (in front of the boat) and the daily ice blocks, which is in the back of it. On this occasion, various enemies will come storming the ship. Your mission is to advance along the river while you kill them all. Prevents rise to it, because it could complicate the passage and kill them from a distance. On the boat, you will find unlimited health and ammo (the latter in front of the boat). First, find the roots and bulging kraken then receive Rossmore. Try it with more roots. Cross the bridge and finally frozen mugged several Grim. Destroy them, if possible, before they board the ship. Kill them from a distance and, if short, with a shotgun.

Then you will be attacked by robots shock. It is best to use the secondary weapon Marksman on the floor. Then, crossing a bridge and see a Goliath, but no one will notice. The ship will stay stuck. Kill more automatic as it gets started and then have to escape the Goliath. You will see several houses. On the roof of a house on the left, you see Santa Claus and reindeer. Shoot them until they break for the Bells trophy. Finally, fighting all enemies that attack you during the rest of the way until the ship is destroyed and jumps another video sequence.

Chapter 6: City of the past

Walk into the station and follow the yellow symbol "R" written on the cars not to get lost. Having spent inside a car, you can find ammunition on the right inside of another. Go back to your main path and the car with the inscriptions "warning danger", go straight to get on the block. Enter the car to find a right audio diary. Continue forward by climbing the ladder to prevent jumpers. You also put your hands on a log Malikov. On the other side, lower the bridge to the doctor. Join him in the elevator. On the floor, go around to make ammunition and climb the ladder. At the top, pick up the musket, ammunition and a flight manual on the bed. Use the zipline to end the round.

Outside, fall into the hole in the ground. Pick up the newspaper on the shelf and open the gate flashing. In the dark, go for the atomizer. Use it when monsters wake up. Take the first stairs and battle the horde of creatures. Proceed to the second staircase to reach the top floor and head to the bridge. Turn around, kill monsters and go to the other side of the floor. Fall in the office to lower the command bridge. Take the ammo and the audio diary on the desk. Throw a grenade to blow the chimeras that await you on the other side.

Go back to the bridge and cross the floor. However, in contrast, is a newspaper. You could then if you want to avoid the monsters. Remember the next floor care kits as needed. Run to the stated objective to reach a tunnel. Down, open the door and move on. After seeing the two jumpers, turn left to get their hands on an audio diary. Continue to find a ladder. At the top, pull the sign down into another. On the floor, pick up the sniper rifle Chimeran. Position yourself near the window to find another audio diary. Shoot down the monsters outside on the roof.

Head down the next hole and pull the other panel to unlock the gateway. Take the ammunition in the kitchen and go down the hall. Kill all the jumpers who jump on you. In one room left on the floor, do not forget the letter to Santa. Push the plate down the hall and fall below.
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Re: Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Chapter 7: Contacts

After walking out the door the previous chapter, come down and begins this chapter. Will have left the factory, but your current mission is to ensure the VTOL and defend against attack chimera. Deadeye shooting with the leggy chimeras from a distance, goes down the zip line and the rest just to clean the area and meet with your new comrades. Then, see a craft and a devastating chimera. This huge enemy is covered, sometimes with a shield. When this happens, throw a grenade to check out. Then you avoid hits, covering you and shoot to defeat him and the other chimeras.

Enter the building and your mission is to defend against attack Blitzer Rush Pub. If you avoid that you enter the pub, you will receive the trophy Portero. To achieve this end with the hordes that assails you from both locations. It is best to use the sniper gun distance, spray the devastating Ara, plus grenades and Marksman, to its secondary function, among others. After overcoming the challenge remains to continue to sewers. Follow the path to get to the cache and, before leaving the sewers, go left to pick up the cross daily Tunguska.

Go up the stairs and the living room (office), will appear several chimeras and a brawler. Repeat the process last time, shot to the luminous parts (shoulders, wrists and chest. If you kill the Brawler in less than 2 minutes, you will receive the trophy Calm under pressure. After defeating all enemies, goes the way to go a ladder and see a cut scene.

Chapter 8: Plan

Free the drone in the truck and wait for it to emit its signal. Destroy it then. A shuttle arrives and crashes. A second and hybrids come attack you. No skin, they are protected by drones shields. Therefore, you must destroy the drones and then kill the chimeras. Reinforcements arrive with the skulls of irons. You can rest easy and shoot your opponents by being inside the building upstairs. When the fight promises to be bad for you, follow Charlie. Pick up the core at the bottom of the stairs and run without looking back. Follow the ally and listen carefully to his advice not to die stupidly. Back at the hideout, pick the folder on the vaccine Hale.

Chapter 9: Plan B

Charlie will tell you your goal. You have to avoid at all costs that Charlie dies, the kernel explodes. Charlie defends energy and the core fantasy of enemies will attack in the first place to stop, just chimeras with PLC and assault you (with the latest, best punch). Go forward and shoot the switch. Cross and be in the building. Go up the stairs to the right background, straying a little Charlie, to pick it up the stairs daily mass exodus. Return to Charlie and kill all the long-legged. Follow him on the ascent to eliminate most chimeras and finally, the target will change.

Your mission now is to flee in the gondola of the remains. Up on the conveyor and observes the scene. After the fall, you have to kill the widow to recover the energy core chimera. The best way is not to stop moving and shoot the weak spots illuminated from long range. Start by using Dead Eye, because during the fight, you pick up ammo for this weapon. Cross the first bridge to your left and collect the entire stay, whether the roof then using the zip as the basement, collecting more ammo and life. If you collect all Deadeye, you get the trophy hunting sniper. Finally, to eliminate the widowed, the best is, after crossing the first bridge and inside the building, stand in the corner, to avoid being hit by the acid. Shoot the orange weak spots (e.g. eyes) to kill the enemy. Skip a scene.

Chapter 10: Hunting

Squat down and cross the river to the right. Stay on this side to get behind a huge rock. By Joe can see the radius of a gun Chimeran. Zoom to shoot in the head of this monster who disguises. Cross left through the cabin in shambles. Move on to see another sniper on your left, kill him and look away to the right to kill another. Cross the river via the railway and then left again as the path up. Enter the next hut to recover life. Attention to the shuttle that you mark if you pass in a light beam or sniper spots you. If so, kill them and head over to another hiding place. Continue following the tracks to reach a tunnel. Here, get in front to pick up an audio diary, ammunition and a care kit.

Open the door with the valve to continue. Follow the tracks and take an immediate right. Face the chimeras and pick up the paper on the cooling towers. There is also a diary written near the exit of the first tunnel on the left where a light shines the following passage. Back outside, shoot the first hybrid with a rifle butt. The next will be alerted by two other allies who will join him. Kill them quickly to give you away. Indeed, two snipers are not far away. Shoot them.

Move on avoiding attacks from the shuttle and other chimeras. Go for it by winding paths until you break through to the right to fall into another tunnel. Shop around to find some refills weapons. A shuttle enemies which pose a pest. Stay inside and exterminate the drones with the magnum. Aim for the enemies outside and blow up the ammunition side of your weapon. For the pest, once cleaner and talk about it more. Go through the car apart to find care.

Head to the bridge and stop. Look left the ground in the grass to find the will of God. Your position, take the gun and kill a Chimeran by hybrids that await you on the other side. The shuttle explodes and you find the bridge. Joe then falls on the furnace, enemy rocket launchers. Aim and pull the shuttle several times to make nice fireworks. Repeat the chimeras and BUTEZ approaching. Climb on top of the bridge with the indicator 'furnace' to find more ammunition and life. Complete this thing of evil for the good doctor opens the door.

Chapter 11: Savior

After the video, around the house to go out to door. Your mission is to find Jonathan Rose. Climb the ladder for you to assault the first group of leeches. It is best to shoot from afar and other enemies approaching before detonating. Advance while eliminating many leeches and enter homes to pick up ammo and health. Ascend to the roof, either the ladder or other means. Then up the stairs and drop down through the next hole. Pick up health and ammo and climb the ladder. Pick of the table nearby the Satan day and out the door. In this second area, again see leeches. Enter the building and up the stairs of the church. Walk the roof while crouching defeats several prominent and, before leaving through the hole, picks up the newspaper pure chimera, which is on the right.

Escapes through the hole, collect ammo and out the door. Continue wiping more leeches and into the mine. In many protruding ends while collecting ammo and health. After opening several doors, you're outside and you have to save Jonathan Rose. Go up the stairs to receive the cryogenic weapon. Practice with the enemies who attack Jonathan and your mission is to help you kill the creature of the mines. Join her during the tour and see that the elevator does not work. While fixes it, defend it from leeches to repair the fuse. Repeat the process a second time and use the elevator to go to the coal pits and finish the chapter.

Chapter 12: Satan

Head to the door to find a highlighted subject bombs. Run it by the door locked from the mine and pull. Go through the tunnel and kill the two gruesome at the end. Open the door to find a bomb and blow up the boards that you block. Move into the next tunnel and out, go around the room to fill your pockets. Try to open the next passage. The vile creature appears and is not pretty at all. Pull out his eyes, or with the cleaner, or with the magnum and secondary fire. Once part, continue it, but the latter will find you. Run under the guidance of Jonathan. When you see the room with the stairs, look below to find a Journal in a passage of Malikov. Then move into the small tunnel and head over to the exit. The beast explodes the bridge.

Jonathan quickly runs behind the creature that is stuck in a passage too narrow. Lift another beam to continue. Further, the beast is blocking you.
Go through the tunnel, open the door and stock up on ammunition just before it starts. Pull into his eyes for the blind. Take a bomb in the trunk to the left and throw it in his mouth. Shoot to wound and drive away. Jonathan was injured by the attack of the creature. So keep yourself in the long tunnel. Below, find the audio diary in the cul-de-sac. Take the narrow tunnel on the left filled with water. Kill the macabre that confront you. The creature appears again and you hunt small tunnels. Take them then in the right direction until you reach a huge staircase. At the top, head over to the car. On the road, pull into the eyes of the beast to slow it down. At the end of the chase, get up and always pull in the only known weakness. Take a bomb in the trunk of the right, throw it in his mouth and fire! The beast, hurt and upset, out of the tentacles to snatch a grid on the right. Go ahead and wait until it comes to resume the fight. Repeat to eliminate once and for all.

Chapter 13: Defense of the train

After the sequence, will be mounted on the train. You will meet new enemies: the guards, and gather M5A2 Carbine. It is also a good chapter to get two trophies complementary
  • Hey, driver: To do this, shoot the drivers of SUVs without blowing up the vehicle. It's easy to get it before you reach the first tunnel.
  • Machacacarros: Operates 10 vehicles of the guards. It is preferable to leave after receiving the first trophy, but you can combine or alter the order.
First, before the tunnel will appear on the right side (left as you start) and after the tunnel will appear on the opposite side. In the car kit to find ammo and infinite health. The guards will attack you with cocktails and bursts of gunfire. Then stormed the train back and then have to unhook the caboose. Kill more guards and disengages the last car. Defeat more enemies motor and disengages the last car again. Now, you can only get better. Finally, you'll see a scene assaulted and, in addition to receiving the trophy Land, sea and air.
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Re: Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Chapter 14: Lions

Neither one nor two, pick up the M5A2 rifle on the ground and wait for a jeep approaches you for sending ad patres. Go to the bottom of the train to take ammunition from the furnace and launch a rocket at a beautiful car in the distance. Continue to end and vehicles enter a tunnel. Coming out, again with the furnace, blow the two jeeps. Other enemies will arrive from the left, your turn. Then the doctor tells you a wave on the right. Use the rocket launcher still effective in this kind of situation. Stop the vile trucks mounted on the train or shoot them as they rise.

When the doctor tells you, go pick up the caboose to sow some enemies. Others will jump from the cliffs, slaughter them on the train. For the rest, detach the next wagon holding ammunition. We'll have to do without. One or two minutes of calm before another attack. Kill the men who board, exploded off the jeeps and the last car. Subsequently, a herd of black widow leads the attack against your enemies. Get away and wait. A black widow and hits you are the drama. Watch the cut scene.. You are in an arena, hammer in hand. So far so good. Your kidnapper has however decided to let go of fantasies about you. Survive the macabre and leeches without losing too much life. Then, remove humans with a hammer in the face.

Chapter 15: Drone

You will be in Graterford prison. The man who saved in the sand, the mutator will give you and tell you to disable the first PLC. This opens the door. Salt and up the stairs to your left. Kill the guard and through the door, killing another. In the next area of cells, cross the footbridge and go through the hole on the left. Walk and one of the holes in the cell, find the paper Letter to Mom # 1. Follow the path and find a girl. Enter the aisle and off the beacon controller. Go down to the lower floor through the door and knocks another guard.

You'll meet the man who gave you the Mutator. Follow him until you have to enter the showers. Walk along the left side to collect daily soil Letter to Mom No. 2. Then, kill all the guards to retrieve the weapons. In the end, mark off the second controller. Defeat another and then the light will go. Open the door of the block B and see crowds of vigilantes and the third controller to the bottom.

Exterminate all the area and low. Cross the hallway and in the next area, climb the ladder on the left side, find the paper Letter to Mom # 3. Continue beating off more vigilant and the third beacon controller. Kill the enemy that comes out the door and cross it. To the left on a table you can pick up the newspaper Letter to Mom # 4. Go ahead and into the next area, eliminate snipers and robots. It is a good place for the trophy.

Race to the cafeteria with your partner, but before, when you meet him, look at the planks on your right. Break it and go to pick up the newspaper Letter to Mom n ? 5. Already in the cafeteria, if you use the Mutator in at least 6 guards to vomit at the same time, you get the trophy YUCK!. You can also get the trophy Born blood. Finally, when you go to deactivate the robot, will crowd of vigilantes. Hold the rams until you can escape and fall into the well.

Chapter 16: Prison

Again with the hammer, pick up the package carefully to the ground and unlock the door. Follow the only path available in the pipes. Then fight your way high up on the pipes. Follow the tunnels illuminated by the larvae Chimera. Faced with the gruesome, keep the hammer. So efficient and your ammo is precious. You will end up face to face with a ladder. On the floor, pick up the letter and cryotir dick (6). You will fall in an arena with many macabre. Free and open exit door blocked by the boards. On the other side, take the matter to the soil and pull steam to create a route.

Outside, get the furnace to the left and aim for the shuttle back. Take care then people trying to move ahead to the barn with the vehicle suspended. Take everything you find. Dig out all the free s to find the last letter of dick (7). Then head to the elevator by shooting your enemies and your enemies Chimeran humans. Go up the elevator. Coming out, Joe himself will disable the drone. Next, the small stage QTE to finish with your kidnapper.

Chapter 17: Commitment

After the scene, where you'll be in New York, go down to your right and find the audio diary is coming, next to the weapon Deadeye. Your mission is to find a way to destroy the tower of the wormhole. Go down to the snow and shoot the two energy bars to cross the electric gate. After crossing it, jump to a scene where you see several chimeras, including some hybrid Wildfire. Walk to the first house to your right and find the second gate the audio diary six bullets.

From there, it removes these new enemy snipers, hybrid automata, among others, before assaulting the base chimera. Then comes the counter-attack and defend yourself chimera. Prevents an enemy from a fence to get the trophy Good fences. After withstanding the onslaught, tower continues to the wormhole. Find out who is leaving a hole down, open the box and shoot the energy bar. Go through the door that opened and you're on the subway. If you walk through the right side, find the audio diary and ammunition Bad idea. Go through the tunnel while ignoring the Grims, leeches and other enemies of the environment and eventually open a car door to exit.

Outside, you'll see a widow. Just follow the guidelines of the final match: distance away and shot at the bright orange. If you focus solely on him and ignore the rest of enemies without firing to others any one time, you can receive the trophy in this together. After defeating him, moving towards the tower of the wormhole. Go up the panel that has broken down the widowed and through the door.

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Re: Resistance 3 PS3 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Chapter 18: Desert

Go down the steps by getting refills for your weapons. Take the document to the ground near the soldier. Outside, shoot the three chimeras frolicking. Move to the machine, open the door and exit through the cargo hold. Stay on your position and arm yourself with the stripper. Butezi chimeras suitable for your head explode. Go for it then to the house on the right to protect yourself from the attack of the shuttle and its allies. Scroll through the ruins to kill the chimera and hybrids have you armed with rocket launchers or sniper rifle. Once the target change is that there are more enemies. Climb onto the wing of the large carrier. Down through the hole and search the kitchen to find an audio diary. Continue through the corridor and go through the elevator shaft. Wait until it picks up completely to reveal your way. Open the door to exit.

Walk down the street without being seen by the drone. Enter the house on the left and move about in the hallways until you see the laser snipers. Take your hybrid and pull the hidden. Then enters the right area by unlocking the door. Kill the two guards and shoot the yellow stems to disable protection. Climb upstairs and eliminate the ambush that stands out reapers. Head over to the right door and kill the chimeras inside the bunker. Go upstairs to turn off the wall. Your enemies come out of the turn and you suddenly shoot rockets and sniper bullets. Then enter the complex and follow the only path available. After, open the electrical panel and disable it.

Outside its cold, very cold and you will not see five feet. Head to the helicopter left the lake and pick up the audio diary. To survive the attack from the start, position yourself under the bridge left and use the drill to liquidate the hybrid easy. Then go over the bridge and throw a grenade on the robot IEM. Four rockets exploded in the furnace will suffice. Go for it then to the bridge to kill off the new wave threatening. Move on ahead to have the right to three stalkers and chimeras in the thousands (well a little less anyway). Continue until you find the ground. Let's take the kinematics relay.

Chapter 19: Sabotage

After the video sequence, your goal is to meet with Charlie in the terraformed. Walk to the first room and kills several chimeras. Then through the door and you'll find Charlie. Break the energy bar and follow him to the next room. Kill hybrids, robots and other enemies and go through the next door. Climb the stairs and, after the talk, go with him and kills the various and multitudinous chimeras. After the battle, turn off the shield, but the blades will still be active .. Destroy the next energy bars to stop them.

Separate you from Charlie. Run to the right, before boarding the elevator, on the right side you will find the latest Technology gray day. Ride the elevator and goes through the ducts. When you leave, eliminating the automate, hybrid and devastating. Finally, open the panel and continues for pipeline access. Upon leaving, just with more hybrids and automata. Continue the journey to meet up again with Charlie. Join her as kill more opponents. Disable the two panels that control the shield wall and activate the mission: Use the elevator .Break the 6 energy bars and, across the door, you'll get stuck. You'll go up the elevator alone and have to go to the reactor room of the beam. After the ascent, through the door.

Chapter 20: The Promise

Run straight ahead to go down the long slope (not to mention the ammunition left and right top). Near the door, open the panel and disable the system. Follow the good advice of Charlie looking stems. The former are left with drones and hybrids. Clean out those ****ing fantasies once and for all! Face the hitter that arise in your back or close. Remember to blow the stalks on the right and then those of you hard core (each side). Then to flee the area indicated to allow Joe to regain control.

You take control in real trouble. Approach a hitter and you're hanging empty. Pull on the magnum hybrid bottom until a structure explodes. The slugger sent you in the air, but Joe makes up just in time. Do whatever it takes to bring down the next hitter.

Cheats and Hints :
  • Ribbons
  • Head Shot - Kill an enemy with a shot in the head
  • Preums - Get the highest score in a game.
  • Sauveur - Kill an opponent attacking a teammate.
  • Flunked - Kill a player about to get a Berserk.
  • Retribution - Kill a player who has just kill you.
  • KO - Kill 5 players melee in one lifetime.
  • Post-mortem - Kill a player while you yourself are dead.
  • Chat! - Get 5 kills in a row with the Bull?s-eye in a single life.
  • Double Kill - Kill 2 players in less than 4 seconds
  • Marked - Get 5 kills in a row with the Marksman in one lifetime.
  • Serial Kill - Kill 4 players in less than 12 seconds
  • Point Blank - Get 5 kills in a row with the Rossmore in one lifetime.
  • Massacre - Kill 5 players under 16 seconds.
  • The Eye of the Eagle - Get 5 kills in a row with the Deadeye in one lifetime.
  • Bloodbath - Kill 6 players in less than 20 seconds.
  • Nothing More - Get 5 kills in a row with me Wildfire in one lifetime.
  • Massacre - Kill seven players under 24.
  • Infected - Get 5 kills in a row with the Mutator in one lifetime.
  • Eradicate - Kill 8 players in under 28 seconds.
  • Calmed down - Kill 5 enemies in a row frozen.
  • Obliterate - Kill 9 players within 32 seconds.
  • Charged - Get 5 kills in a row with Atomizer in one lifetime.
  • Exterminate - Kill 10 enemies in under 36 seconds.
  • Vandal - Destroy an enemy object (turret, dispenser munitions, care, and deception).
  • Dream Breaker - Kill a player who has already killed at least five kills.
  • Healer - Heal 200 hit points in a single life ..
  • Bounty Hunter - Kill a player who has already done between 6 and 10 kills.
  • Supplier - Provide more than 200 cartridges for your teammates in a single life.
  • Dog Pack - Kill an enemy that has mutated, or has battle armor.
  • ComSat - Get 5 Radar assists / kills in one.
  • Manic - Get 10 kills without dying.
  • Shoot and forget - your turret made a kill.
  • Epidemic - Get 20 kills without dying
  • Sentinel - A teammate who killed you have noticed.
  • Perfect - Get 30 kills without dying.
  • Great Wall - Block 350 points of damage with your protective bubble.
  • Trigger happy? - You have made your first kill.
  • Borer Shield - Destroy an enemy Protection.
  • Defender - Kill an enemy close to one of your goals.
  • Infiltration - Capture 3 consecutive points in a game of Chain Reaction
  • Nemesis - Kill the same player three times in a row.
  • Turkey - Capture 3 flags in a row.
  • Accomplice - Make the most assists in a game.
  • Too Full - Inflict 500 damage to a Node
  • Spectrum - Get the best ration kill / death in a.
  • Blackout - Inflict 500 damage to the engine.
  • Strategist - Get the most kills in a row in a game.
  • If below, find the list of medals you can win in Resistance 3, September 7 on PS3.
  • Doc - Heal 1000 points.
  • Fireproof - Survive 500 of damage caused by fire
  • Quarter Master - 1000 Give ammo
  • Armory - Make a game with all weapons and all the improvements purchased
  • Just above us - (Get 50 assists using radar
  • Engineer - Make a game with three items improved over you
  • Security System - Get 25 kills with a turret
  • Patriot - Play 5 games of Capture the Flag.
  • Bubble Buster - 5000 Block of damage with your protective bubble
  • Generator - Play 5 matches in Breach.
  • Eyes Everywhere - Get 50 assists using a function to identify / report
  • Time Bomb - Complete 5 matches in Chain Reaction
  • Hologram - Kill 25 people targeted for your double.
  • World Tour - Play a part in 6 countries
  • Spy - Kill 5 people with improved Assassin equipped.
  • Xenophile - Get 200 kills with the Bull?s-eye, the Auger or Deadeye.
  • Decoy - Kill 5 people within 10 meters of your lure.
  • Xenophobic - Make 200 kills with the M5A2, the Magnum, the Rossmore, or Marksman.
  • Tazer - Kill 5 people stunned by your shield power.
  • Toxic - Kill 200 players with the Mutator or Cryogun.
  • Shoes Ninja - Kill 25 people when you used "Assassin".
  • Pyrotechnics - Make 200 kills with explosives or fire damage.
  • Predator - Kill 25 people you have seen with their heat vision
  • Survivor - Reach level 10
  • Demo man - Causes 1000 damage with explosive demolition.
  • A thick skin - 1000 Block of damage with the combination Hazmat.
  • Sniper - Get 500 kills with sniper in "Vital Signs" mode activated Remnant
  • Berserk - Get 5 Berserk using Level 3.
  • Bombardier - Get 500 kills with the Wildfire with Demolition activated in Remnant.
  • Under the Belt - Kill 50 players with the Gunslinger activated
  • From the depths of Hell - Kill 5 people with Leaper Corpse
  • Chemical Danger - Kill 500 enemies with the Mutator being equipped with the combination mode Hazmat Remnant.
  • Hunter - Kill 50 enemies you have hunted.
  • Aware - Activate your shield power inside your bubble proctectrice.
  • A Tactician Sublime - Use 50 times as a tactic Ability "Tactician" is enabled.
  • Ambush - Faitess 500 kills with your turret when your lure is active in the Remnant mode.
  • Rafale - Make 50 kills in shouldering your weapon, when "air-cooled gun" is enabled.
  • Agent - Get 500 kills having activated the Assassin and the Scrambler Scanner mode Remnant.
  • Jammer - Take 50 kills on enemies whose radar is scrambled.
  • Jackal - Collect 500 of life and ammunition on the bodies, with "vulture" on.
  • Weapons specialist made 500 kills with Gunslinger and "air-cooled gun" equipped Remnant mode.
  • Everything but a scratch - Stop 1000 damage when using armor. Immortal - Absorb 2000 damage with tag Care Armor equipped and activated mode Remnant.
  • It Works with Others - Get 50 tape support (Trainer, Supplier, comsat, Great Wall, Sentinel, using "Crew"
  • Marathon - Do not 42195 in the game
  • Arsonist - Ignite 50.
Cheat codes
  • To unlock these cheats, you must use points earned in the Campaign mode in the Extras menu. Here are the available effects and cost.
  • All weapons: 300 Points
  • The enemies explode (unlockable by playing Facebook): 10 points
  • The enemies use the secondary fire: 45 Points
  • The enemies use weapons improved: 45 Points
  • Health Regeneration: 120 Points
  • Health and ammunition will not appear on the HUD: 45 Points
  • Unlimited Ammo: 400 Points
  • Mirror mode (the elements are now left to right): 30 Point
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