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Thread: Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

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    Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

    Cornerstone in the history of video game, Resident Evil 4 did not escape through the mill at ports of Capcom . Already declined four other media from the original Gamecube version, this episode has laid the foundations of the third person shooter is now back in an HD version not unlike the PC version, the technical problems and less. Still pleasing to the eye despite the textures that were Cracra SD illusion, the game suffers a little from the passage of competitors like Dead Space because of the camera elastic or absence of shorthand for weapons and healing items. It also regrets the inability to manually change the button configuration - only two types: original and how RE 5 - or adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks, a little faster in View mode. We would have liked to see some unpublished or not on the development of the game, but it will settle the game raw mode and bonus Mercenaries (scripts, costumes, weapons) present for the PS2.

    The immense qualities as happily have not aged six years and is still impressed by the variety of situations, the showmanship, the gameplay and level design foolproof, fighting boss intense the twenty hours of uninterrupted action available. Clearly necessary if one has never touched Resident Evil 4 in his life, this port high definition is still too lazy to deserve the attention of players who have already returned the game in every sense, unless a incurable hunter success or not to have older versions and hardware to run them.

    Game Plot :
    December 1998, 3 months after the destruction of Raccoon City: Claire Redfield narrowly escapes the clutches of the fallen city. But she is far from safety. Continuing her mission to find her older brother, S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield, Claire is captured by Umbrella Corporation and taken away to a top secret prison installation on Rockfort Island. Managing to escape, she soon realizes that the entire island has succumbed to a viral outbreak, filled with flesh-eating zombies and experimental Bio-Organic Weapons (BOWs). But little does she know that these will soon be the least of her worries; a mansion filled with Umbrella's dark secrets – and even greater threats – lay in wait.
    • Classic Resident Evil survival-horror
    • Survive using only your wits and limited ammo as you face a hostile environment and discover the truth behind one of Umbrella’s founding families
    • Play as fan favorite characters Claire and Chris Redfield
    • Full campaign story, unlockables, and additional score attack "Battle Game"
    • Full Achievement and Trophy support

    Resident Evil 4 How to kill Bosses:

    Del Lago aka Lake Monster: In the start level your boat get in trap of a giant fish. It is not difficult to kill him but you just have to be careful that you dodging the tree trunks. A few litters harpoon into his mouth and Del Ago is dead, but quickly at the end you have to start cutting a rope of Leon's leg, lest the animal moves into the depths of the lake. Press A continuously to swim and reach the boat back. Move the board and Press R to raise the harpoon and give some hit on the back.
    El Gigante: The parts come a few times. Just shoot with the TMP in the face until he bends down and you can cut the parasite on his back. Three times the power (or so) and El Gigante you leave a chunk of money. Use flash grenade to stun him for sometime. You have to shoot continuously with hand gun. When it fall down giving you GOLD BARS.

    The Mayor: Shoot so long for him to fall down his legs. Dannacher you think you is best in the first Stick, as he climbs along the Rohrenn. He has no particular target point, so just shoot him somewhere. You have to keep shooting so that he is separated from the villagers. Use dodge button to control your actions. You can blowup the barrels to harm him more.
    Garrador: Do go near to him in any case around! Garrador is blind, and when you run, he hears you and goes off to you. Sneaks around him and irritated him with shots to the bell (if there are any). The parasite on his back, his hit points, so to see that you shoot it!

    The "right hand" of Salazar: The cattle are annoying You have two choices: either she freezes him with one of these bottles and take a rocket launcher to kill him (but not really worth it financially). Or do you run around as long and freezes him with the bottle until the door opens and you come to the elevator. To shoot him is not worth it, because that's just a waste of ammo!

    Salazar: Run to the right so you can only reach a tentacle, and you can avoid it with the reaction tests. If you shoot on the right arm, then he pulls himself for a while. As long as you shoot on the main eye, and eventually will open in this part of the Salazar and you can shoot at him. Broken Butterfly is completely tuned up with it quickly died .. the rocket launcher is also good, but really need this shot count!

    "IT": IT's the disgusting part mutants. Examines the green switch in the container and shoots at them. Dannacher you can press a red button. The second you have to also find even more, then you have 30 seconds time to leave the container otherwise you are dead There are three containers, but not too heavy. You have to watch out that you will not get caught too often. In the end, you shoot with your best weapon on him, at best, the Broken Butterfly.
    Krauser: Searches for the first two pieces of the puzzle. Krauser appears and then when. Take your knife and ran towards him, he's pretty fast so watch out and dodges his attacks. The third part is self-Krauser and you have 2:30 minutes time to defeat him and use the parts. Shoot him in the legs and then edit it with a knife ... deviates from his attacks if he caught you're dead and you have to do everything again!

    Lord Saddler: For the boss, he is pretty easy. Shoot the eyes on his legs and then climb on him and stab with a knife in his main eye. In addition, you can leave her with the metal carrier crane crash to him - that's per crane, but only once. Eventually Ada throws you a special rocket launcher, he is on the second platform. A deliberately shot at Saddler, and he's dead now but you must within three minutes to leave the island with the JetSki. If you have to ride but only once against a rock you all do it again!

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats


    Chapter 1 :

    Once you're in control of Leon, the trail follows the north. Now enter the house there and talk to the residents of these outs himself as an enemy and wants you to the leather. Uses the gun and shoots him. Examined the hut after ammunition and healing herbs from. On the second floor you will find plenty of ammunition, jumps out the window, because the first enemies are on the way to you. Now follow the road further north, pays attention to the bear traps, a kick to it and you lose a lot of vitality. On the way to the village you should release the dog from the bear trap, he will thank you later. Once you've entered the gate, you should take hold of the legs and run, preferably as soon as possible by quickly pressing the buttons indicated it is quite possible.

    Have you survived that, then you've finally arrived in the village. The villagers watched with binoculars and walk around outside, looking for a small two-storey cottage, where you'll find the shotgun. Now she must fend off a small wave of villagers and survive for a short time. Remains the best in the house and put all the furniture that is not nailed down before the windows and doors. After a short time the bell rings and the residents retire. Then the village is completely empty, leave the village lawn the best chance for items. Then go through the double doors in the north, it will bring back to a farm.

    This you can head north to leave immediately. A long path that leads you deep into the valley, lies before you, well here is Sprint announced, the villagers throw a huge rock rolling after you. Presses as fast as possible given the keys to survival. Now you find yourself in a swamp again, eliminating all enemies there, but watch out for the booby traps and enemies with dynamite. To defuse the traps shoots from a great distance to the bomb. Now enter the house and now follows the beating, the cabinet pushes on the page and enter the secret room. A cutscene will start. Going into the cutscene you are attacked by an ax-wielding enemy, while pressing the specified key in order to survive. Are you liberated and alive, you can leave the house, there is really the next cutscene starts. The dealer presents itself, you can buy it at all, except ammunition. Whether new weapons, upgrades, medicinal sprays everything he has. Money can be found in the slain enemies, so to eyes.

    Goes to the scene by the big gray door and repels the waves of enemies. In the north there is a large locked door, for this you need two coats, welchee her in the houses to the west and the east is. Combining these in the menu and open the gate. There follows the path and fight your way from room to room in front, but pays attention to the bear traps. Climb up the ladder at the end to finally get back to the earth's surface. There follows the path until you come to the house of the mayor. In the middle of the house is already waiting for the first puzzle of the game, you must set the character of the village. Rotates along the middle arrow until a noise is heard and would have solved the puzzle and open the room.

    Once in the room already starts another cutscene, where you will be presented to the mayor of the village, who goes off with his overwhelming forces upon you. After her escape so could you just yet, give yourself the insignia key still in the closet and grab the first room then exit the house as quickly as possible. Follows the path you take, but beware of the enemies with the chainsaw. One hit and you are dead Are you escape all enemies, you find yourself back in the village. Battle your way from there to the church, which you can open it with the insignia of conclusions. There follows the tunnel until you reach the cemetery. Stay tuned right and follow the path to the bridge, the church you can still not open.

    Follow the bridge and open the door. Here again throws a crazy villagers a rock at you, here is race the day. Follows then continue the path until you come to a lake. There increases in the small motor boat and already shows the first boss. Del Lago, a giant sea monster has an appetite for you. The monster is defeated only with a harpoon. Press the right shoulder button and you have the harpoon in hand. Del Lago grabs your boat and dragged it behind him, it differs from the wooden posts and waits until you're free again. Best opportunity to put the boss a couple of specific meetings. After a few hits, it's over and you are the winner. Now ride a motorboat to the north, even to complete this chapter.

    Chapter 2

    Once you have the consciousness that comes through the door and follow the path. A certain time must have elapsed since it is now night, unfortunately, this has a major impact on the enemy, who now shows his true colors. Las Plagas, small parasites emerge from the heads of enemies. These are particularly resistant, 1-2 targeted shotgun shooting range but would loose. The use of the stun grenades reinforced very well. Then goes on and jump over the gate on the other riverbank. Continues its path along the river and the waterfall is once again on the other side of the river by jumping over the gate. Shoot the crates off the hook there, to get to the other side. On the other side of the river the lever to open the passage to the waterfall. Now enter the new area now and follow the cave area, until you get to a double door with a circular insignia. Take this out of the socket, passes through the now open door. It will bring back in a cave. Jumps into the boat and ride it to the edge. Once at the top of the next boss is waiting for you. El Gigante, as the name suggests, a giant who is only vulnerable on his Plagas parasite.

    Do you have at the beginning of the game release the dog from the bear trap, he stands to the side you now, this distracts the monster, and you can take him under fire. Shoot out on top on the head, after a few hits El Gigante falls to the ground. Now sprint to him and jumps on his back, prick it as often as possible on its parasites, until he again rouses. Repeat the game until the bosses finally gives up the spoon. This is defeated, you go left through the wall towards the church. Once you are there, you can open the church with the round Isignie. Climb down the ladder and turn left you with the chandelier swings to the other side of the church. There you will find some smaller switches, which are a mystery. It expresses the following color combinations: 2 x red, 3 green and 1 x blue, let's combine this and a door opens, walk into the secret passage and you meet the kidnapped daughter of U.S. president.

    Now you are no longer alone on the road, Ashley Graham, the daughter of the president is, you now to one side. Unfortunately, the watch is not armed, so good, so it is not their lives or breathes again abducted. It will bring back in the outbuildings of the church. Leave the building through the door and beware of the many opponents beware. Directly in front of you is a car with explosives. Shoots as fast as possible on it and he drives car to the village residents and clearing the way you make. Follows the established route into the village. Once there, go along the right path this time, but it fits on the bear traps, because Ashley runs into you. Ashley opens the door to you and it can go. Crossing the suspension bridge there discovered to her a lonely house. Then this starts the next cutscene. Now you find yourself with Luis in the house and left to fend off an army of villagers. Blocked in the house all the inputs and outputs with furniture to stop the enemy for a short time. After a certain time no longer hold the furniture up and you have to drag you back to the second floor. Keep yourself up the enemy at bay until finally the villagers.

    In the right gate you come across another El Gigante, in the left Ettlich villagers waiting with chainsaws and other weapons on you. The decision rests with yourselves at the end of each gate you find yourself again before the end of the village. But unfortunately, the door is closed, it needs to open her one eye. The eye of the mayor. This is in the warehouse under the cable car. Increases in the cable car and ride down. Pays attention to the enemies that are located on the other lane. Shoot it off with the sniper rifle. Once at the bottom of the trail follows up the warehouse. There is already waiting for the next boss of you. Mayor Mendez inhibitors. Opens the warehouse and immediately pressed the key combination on the bottom of the screen will appear. Mendez is now the fight and shows its true face. He mutates into a big bully. The best strategy to defeat him is to fire, explosion and blend throw grenades at him at a safe altitude. After a short time, the mayor loses his legs, making it even more nimble and maneuverable.

    Now uses the shotgun to him finally to give the rest. After about seven salvos bored Mendez no longer among the living. Then examined his body, you will find the sought-eye. Now ride the cable car back to the door and opens it. There follows the rising path, where you will be attacked by several villagers. Have you done two, they feed on large gun. A truck full of explosives driving toward you. Shoots the driver in order to eliminate all fine. Now follow the path to the castle to complete this chapter.

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

    Chapter 3

    Now it will bring in a new territory again, this time is a big Castle of the scene. Battle your way up the stairs until you are attacked by two catapults. These are operated by two monks, while you entrenched in the small tower house and the two monks from a safe distance eliminated. Also shots of the explosion barrels lead to success. Imagine now that Plato set up and operated the crank around a cannon.

    Use this to open the big gate. Now go through the next door. Take there the platinum sword from the wall bracket and replaced it with the gold sword that you get a higher floor. This opens a secret door behind which waits for a cutscene of you. Now open the next door, a new breed of enemy is waiting there for you. Monks with wooden signs and impact weapons you want there to the laundry. Uses the shotgun to destroy the wooden sign, the rest is as usual. Then follows the premises to the north, until you get into a room with a chest. Now go back to the place where the cutscene was just launched and there opens the door. Now it will bring in the main hall of the castle again, where this starts another cutscene. In this raises the front of the castle owner, Ramon Salazar.

    Your task now is to follow Salazar, but the road is blocked by a wall, which shines with a decoration, but missing 3 parts. These have to bring her now. Now go through the right door to enter the next area. There follows the path until you hit on two fire-breathing statues. These must be turned off. The switch is located in the torture chamber. The key can be found next to the painting of the statues. The torture chamber can be found in the south. Once there, it is dangerous, because there again waiting for a new kind of enemy. The key can be found next to the painting of the statues. The torture chamber can be found in the south, is it dangerous arrived there, because there again waiting a new kind of enemy. A strong man is the only mutant on the back, his parasite, is vulnerable. This can kill you in one hit, so great care is announced.

    After defeating him, you can press the switch to turn off the fire-breathing statue. Now moves to the next section and eliminated before there all attacking enemies. Fight through the halls in front to a small room, where you have to put you on the marked point, Ashley on the other point. Thus, in the hall, a crank is booted, you can enable with the bridge to the higher lying areas. Dives back into the hall and pay attention to Ashley, who now serves up the crank. Give her with the sniper rifle cover. Now enter the next room now to complete the chapter. After Ashley was abducted, you are again alone on the road and makes you to look after her. Goes straight through the door next to the corridor, where Ashley is gone. There jumps down the sewer, there shall comply with all movements, because the enemies are located there, invisible. By water movements but these can make good. Battle your way up from the water basin in front of a prison cell 3 and studied there in the crank.

    Pressing this so the water flows in the next pool of water. There it goes to the next area. Now you're in a situation room, where you have to cross a small section that is crossed by the vibrating blades. Memo to you the exact rhythm and crossing the obstacles. Now leave the area via the ladder. Now it will bring back in a big hall. Below are waiting already a lot of monks finally back on your grenades, then down, up to send them to hell. Swing now with the chandelier to the other side of the hall. Then pushes the button, so that a door opens. Go through there and follow the steps. Now you fought before, to a room by a short cutscene starts. A red monk wears a key around his neck. Your goal is to get to that key. Follow the monk and his colleagues switched off until the monk ascends big gun. He barricaded himself behind a still-MG. Take cover and missed him a couple of hits with a sniper rifle. Take the key on you and on it goes to the hill and through the door to the next area. There in the gallery waiting for you again a mystery. You must arrange four images so that a total of six executed persons are represented.

    Battle your way here through space, but also take you to the monks with the rocket launchers in the night. The enemies are defeated, continue heading south. Destroys the vase to reveal a switch. This opens up a bridge behind it is located next to other opponents also a chest with a goat ornament, which she immediately mitnehmt. Have you done that, the door opens next to the switch. Now it will bring back in the garden of the castle. A maze is ready to give her the need to find two halves of the moon to reach the next area. The right half of the moon can be found on the stairs by the fountain, the northeast over the bridge, left at the second fountain. Then it's back to double door at the entrance of the maze, where you combine the half moon, and thus ends the chapter. Once you're in control of Leon again, leave the bedroom through the door into the dining room to the north. Run down the hall there and turn south, then again wait a mystery to you. Look at some time and pressed the bell on the counter, at the eastern corridor.

    Here is a small shooting range with an image as a target. The goal is to make the wine bottle, which opens the door to the next room. Once you enter the new area, bars fall from the ceiling and one close to you thus. To make matters worse your opponents use it immediately and attack you. Take the shotgun, shooting at the door and moves away. Edit your enemies from afar. These are defeated, then goes into the next room. Battle your way through hordes of enemies here, but you keep left, because there you will find a valuable rocket launcher, you should take her some. Happens, the door to the north, even to complete this chapter.

    After the cutscene, run to the north slope, there is Ashley chained. Take your sniper rifle and shoot at the chains. Is it free, then you have to protect them from the attacking enemies. A red monk who wears a key on your person showed up. Shoot him to secure the Ashley path into the next area. Ashley has reached the area, you are allowed this time slip into their skin. Since Ashley has no kind of weapon, the best tactic is to go to the enemies out of the way or throw the oil lamps, which are everywhere, on the monks. Flüchet through the next two spaces by her pressing the left crank. Take there the stone tablet from the fireplace to you, and pressed the button immediately to its left. This opens a gate, passes through this and follow the path past the armor, until you arrive in a gloomy corridor. There, a mystery waiting for you. A small slide box waiting to be completed. Try using a logical puzzle that is no problem. If the image is created but the stone tablet from before adding it and a door opens. Take there the snake ornament looking at going inside and then back again, but before you take the armor brought to life at night. Now take the path through the newly opened door, in the Leon already waiting for you.

    Chapter 4

    Now Ashley is back can go at your side and the search for a way out. Now go through the door at the end of the long hallway. Ride on the other side of the room and passed the door. In this room is the last ornament, but this is guarded by monks on fire-breathing dragon stone. They are chained to a hook on the wall. Have to shoot the hook of each dragon, a clear path to the required items to. Have you collected it goes back together with Ashley to the great hall, and inserts the items into the wall. Now follows the newly formed path. There goes along, and differs from the attacking armor. This time you can do it, the shotgun and the use of some stun grenades work wonders. In the next room, shoot at the red lights on the ceiling to escape death. Follow the hallway to stop at the end of the opponent to come at you with a combine. Shoot at the driver in order to save the life of Ashley.

    Now returns back into the main corridor and continue to follow the other path. Follow the corridor until you come into a large hall full of flying enemies. Once again, Ashley is kidnapped. To lower the bridge, you have to anchor in the wall to shoot, then you can reach the next room. Upon returning to the surface, you will from some monks attacked with catapults. The only way is to flee into the interior of the tower.

    Here you have to bring back the gears in motion, they are blocked in three places with wooden peg, shooting at them. There goes through the large gate there and defend yourself against two opponents blind. If this is done it continues into the next room, where already waiting for a cutscene of you. Next underground must climb up the ladder you. Run down the hallway and another boss appears. "It" is practically invulnerable, conventional weapons are absolutely useless. But you can avoid it, the West has an elevator. This must first be activated, then turn on the generator and still waiting for the elevator. Do you want but make the bosses cold, shooting at the Toxic bottles, which are located almost anywhere on the premises in order to freeze him for a short time. The best time to use your weapons, the shotgun or Magnum are very useful. Repeated this little game as often as possible to "it" to finally send to hell.

    Follow until you reach the mine, the main mine. There have to get her on the other side of the mine, but the road is buried. The only way is to blow away rubble. In mine Wagon is a packet of dynamite. Presses the button next to the rubble pile, but if a power failure. Therefore, you must turn on the generator again, which is located in the south of the tunnel. Once you have taken him off, you are attacked villagers with chainsaws. Eliminated and this ignites the dynamite at the site of the blockage. Follow the path to encounter the next boss opponents. This time you have to ask you two El Gigante and the even more without help. But in the middle of the room is a locked Lavastelle. Climb up the ladder and you rappel down to the switch.

    Pushes this, when a monster is at this point, so this falls into the hole and only a monster to defeat. Unfortunately, now is the switch is defective and you just have to kill as usual with brute force. This ends the chapter is finally done. Shoot the group of villagers and enter the house through the window then. Operated the crank and then climbs into the existing manhole. Run down the hall there and take the key into the little hut. Uses this immediately at the gate and thus leave the area. In the next room to lower the ceiling and tries to impale you. Shoot at the red fields in order to escape death.

    In the next room you have a mine wagon ride to the end of the tunnel, operates the switch left of the wagon and off we go. Watch for the opponent, jump while riding in the wagon. Suppressed at the end of the journey specified key combination to safely get to the hill. Go through the door and take the victims to stone you. Then leave the area via the ladder. Once at the top, her stone is the victim in the door to open it. Finally, the elevator ride away. You are now come in a wide corridor in which a huge statue of the lock owner is Salazar. Unfortunately, the way you blocked them, you must now get behind it and press the buttons on his head. Press to jump from plane to plane to the switches. These are pressed, the path follows the water, but run for your lives, because the statue has now come to life. Pressing the key combination and running.

    Outside, keep running until the statue falls in the gorge. After another cutscene, you find yourself back in a tower. Battle your way to the top before, but before you take the rolling barrels of explosives in eight. Already reached the top of the castle owners Salazar is waiting for the showdown. This mutated into a giant monster that is only vulnerable on his eye. Shoot his arms and eyes open, hiding behind Salazar. Shoots with everything you have on him. A rocket launcher is very useful. Repeat the game until Salazar finally the temporal blessing. Thus ends the chapter again and it will bring on an island.

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    Re: Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

    Chapter 5

    Once on the island follow the path until you come to an intersection with a bridge. Take the right path and jump to the other side, armed soldiers already there waiting for you, soldiers, mutated naturally. This is done, until the leader with a Gun Gaitling around the corner. Tucked behind the house and you missed him targeted head shots. If he does, will turn the laser on the door and then climbs to the two paragraphs. Sets the mirror so that they reflect the laser to the gate, thus opens up the field. Follow the path, however, goes before the boulder falls on you, take cover. Battle your way from now up to the warehouses, there are the first laboratory space. To open it, you have to re-solve a little puzzle. You must arrange the arrow as to form an arrow vertically. In the room behind it is the required cooling-room key card. Once you want to leave the room, you will from a new creature of hell attacked. The regenerators, as the name implies, have the ability to regenerate itself.

    With approximately 10 shotgun shots but they are history. Sprints to the refrigerator and used the key card on the machine to load the code for the waste area. Look then in the refrigerator still around and grab the infrared scope. With this you can now find out the weak point of the regenerators and thus have only a few precise shots for the route. As you take on now to the garbage area, using the reprogrammed key card to open the area. Fight through the hordes of monsters and keep you always north. Ashley finally finds her there again, but she is imprisoned. Unfortunately, you have the key. Follow the corridor until you come to another lab. There, waiting for a regenerator with the sought key card to you. Kill him and blow to Ashley. Flees with her through the garbage chute, to complete the chapter.

    Have to come down her to flee together with Ashley, two regenerators. Regularly enters the grid, so the opponent does not get through. Pushes down the hall to the side of the box and enter the door then. Fight through the hordes of enemies until you come to a room with a wrecking ball. Let this serve Ashley and defends them in the operation against the enemies. Follow the corridor and ward off the regenerators. Arriving at the end of the aisle expressed, together with Ashley and simultaneously open the switch to the gate. There we found a truck waiting for you, gets in,. Ashley controls and you have the task to defend the truck from predators. After a short time you come to a dead end. Gets out and confirmed the above switch, so the journey continues. Once at the top, the journey continues, defend yourself against the many opponents and attacking trucks. After another cutscene, you find yourself back in the canteen of the research center.

    Follow the hallway and walks up the stairs until you meet your next opponent Krauser. This starts a cutscene in which you must repeatedly press the appropriate key combination. If this is over, jump off the platform and enter the next door. In the room before you, is a security system with numerous laser barriers. You have to fight you there through, the rhythm and impresses you passed the barriers. Pressing the key combination also pretty fast, to escape the laser barriers. Now you have arrived in the throne room, this leave again by the elevator. Follow the underground passage to the bridge, there is already waiting for another final boss of you. "It" in a new form. The incinerator must take her to the other side. "It" can not be defeated there, so take your feet in the hand and walk. Actuates the switch and runs from area to area.

    Once at the top turns "it" the final battle. Show him all your firepower to "It" to defeat. Climb the ladder and then fight your way before the ruins area. Krauser is waiting for you here already, the penultimate boss in the game. Your goal is to open the door with three insignia to Ashley. Krauser is to kill only at the third insignia, so save your ammo and bypasses it. The insignia can be found in the north, south and west. Krauser is now in the West to defeat last. The best tactic to defeat him is: Shoot him with the shotgun at his feet. If he falls to the ground, using the time and shoots him down with the Magnum. Repeated this and Krauser are finally off the spoon. If he does, you have 3 minutes to escape from the area. Put the three regalia in the eastern region and also one of this chapter would be terminated. The penultimate chapter begins at Saddlers property, but it is guarded by hundreds of soldiers. Alone is almost impossible to get through. But thank God you is at this level support to the side. The U.S. government sends you a heavily armed helicopter, which your colleague Mike controls. Hold on to you in this chapter best back and let Mike do all the work. This saves ammunition and drugs.

    But the happiness does not dwell long and you are set back to you alone. Once in the estate must look after her Ashley. Follow the hallway after the cutscene and fight your way through the halls. Arrived in the outdoor area you have to oppose you against several opponents, one of which carries a key card with them. Activated the two switches with the key card and then walks through the double doors. After the cutscene you are reunited with Ashley. Battle your way from the red marker in front of the card to the next area. Thus ends the chapter and Saddler turns to fight.

    Chapter 6

    Go up the stairs and stand in the fight against bad guys Saddler. After he is mutated into a tyrant, you have to keep him at bay as long as until Ada tosses you a special rocket launcher. Use your weapons and shoot at Saddler eye, because it collapses and you gain plenty of time to hurt him. Ada has finally thrown to you the rocket launcher is the boss as well as history, it grabs you and shoots at him. Have you met him, victory is certain. After the cutscene you have to escape only from the island. With the jet-key that you received from Ada, you must now seek the jet ski. This is located in the north of the tower. Grab increases Ashley, into the jet ski and avoids the obstacles.

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