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Old 24-09-2011
Join Date: May 2008
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How to Install Snow Leopard on AMD

This guide is for those who own an AMD pc or laptop and want to run Snow Leopard on AMD processors. Apple has provided some retail disk of Snow Leopard to run Intel. But that does not mean that you cannot use it on AMD. You can. With appropriate bios update and list of files you are enough capable of running Snow Leopard on AMD. There are number of more guides which are interlinked in the end, which states installation of Mac operating system on non-Apple hardware. In many places it is also necessary that you must download and look for the most appropriate package. You can easily found the same on the web. There are many patched files which are needed to provide access to the graphic settings. Always I force to read the pre-setup requirements before going for the installation. Some Mac setup needs bios modification. So it is very important that you must perform that properly. Improper bios update, or wrong files can cause dead system. You can then restore that re-flashing the official bios. Safer way is going for a dual boot system. There are ample of bootloader which works both with mbr and guide partitioning system. For Mac Chameleons is the most trusted one.

It is also correct that some of your system hardware or app might not respond here. This guide can be helpful for both testing and for those who wants to switch to Mac operating system on their existing system. Snow Leopard is one of the latest operating system by Mac with major changes and upgrades. In the end you can try running Mac OS X 10.6.2 Combo Updates. I had not tested this, but it is recommended to give your system more stability. This is the post part when you are done with everything and you are just going to use Snow Leopard. You can get the download link in the requirement part.

Notes: The Mac setup usually works with most amd chipset default settings. But the same has been found that there can be error with raid setup. And if you are using nforce chipset then you must set the sata on ahci mode. I found this update on a guide which is really very helpful. Do not ignore any updates and file which are recommended to download. Because they are responsible for your system stability.

  • Keep some blank disk ready with you. This disk will be used to create bootable disc (efi boot disk)
  • Keep some usb stick ready with you to transform important kext file in the kernel.
  • Empty a space in your hard drive. This is not a kind of dual boot setup, so basically your all partition will be deleted. You will need to create Mac readable partition system here.
  • Mac OS X 10.6.2 Combo Updates.
  • MBR Patch for those who wants to install Snow Leopard on MBR drives. I had attached a file in the link below. The instructions are mentioned inside the readme file to apply this patch.
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Old 24-09-2011
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 432
Re: How to Install Snow Leopard on AMD

Setup Process

There are two way of running the setup. The first one is by doing a manual setup using DVD. You need an EFI boot this and Snow Leopard Retail DVD.

Second you can burn the dmg file (Which is Snow Leopard Image file) on a DVD from a working Mac operating system. You can also use 8GB flash drive for the same purpose. It is also possible to restore the dmg file on an usb drive, but remember that you need around 8GB drive space. Do not go for less space.

By using Mac OS X Install DVD you can restore the image file on an usb drive. You just need to here choose the appropriate source and designation to load the file for running setup.

First let?s go with the bootable disk. You can use EFi or Chameleon boot disk for this purpose. Boot from the disk and remove it. Now insert Snow Leopard Retail DVD. Press F5 to choose the option to boot from DVD. This is the one which I mentioned above to burn. The same process is also applicable for an usb drive. You just need to choose another option.

Once everything goes well you do not face any errors then you can go with the setup. Now the main process here is to choose the partition and the partition system. You can go with Journaled and also with mbr. But for mbr after restart you will need to apply the patches. For a straight and easy process I prefer to go with Journaled (GUID partition table.)

To deal with the partition process follows the last post of this guide : Mac OS X iDeneb Installation Guide for HP Mini

After setup Process

You had not done with the installation of Snow Leopard. Surely your system will reboot. But to get the Mac desktop you will need the boot cd which you used at start. This is because you have to prepare appropriate bootloader settings to let mac boot directly on restart.

Boot Snow Leopard and as you reach the Desktop it is recommended to run Mac OS X 10.6.5 Combo Update. This will give more stability to your system. It is necessary to run this updates to removes old bugs.

Once you are done with update thing the important task remained here is to create the HDD for running Mac setup. You will need to run the most recent and stable Boot loader for Snow Leopard. Download latest version of Chameleon.

It is also possible to configure the bootloader manually by performing some changes to the system. For this you can use AnVAL5.0.5 ACPI Loader. Download this and we can manual configure this bootloader to load Snow Leopard.

When you are on Snow Leopard Desktop run the terminal. In the terminal type disktutil list command.

When you press enter you can see a number of your partition listed. Choose the most appropriate partition to load Snow Leopard. The disk is name like disk0s,1 disk0s2, etc.

Once you had selected the disk you need then type sudo ?s
Now type cd /Users/Desktop/AnVAL5.x.x. Hit enter. This will load the bootloader files.
sudo fdisk ?f  boot0 ?u ?y/dev/rdisk0.
Here 0 is the disk number that you had seen before in the diskutil list command.
Once the disk command is properly initiated then type the below command :
sudo dd boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2.
Here 0 is the drive number on which you are install Mac operating system and the 2 is the partition number.

Now you will have to copy the files of AnVAL5 loader to the mac partition root. You can do that by using the terminal or by using an usb drive. Keep a copy of bootloader files in a pen drive. You can do that by dragging the files also.

One you are done with the same you will need to move two file pfix , amd_insn_patcher file to the to usr/bin. The file is hidden so you might need to change settings to see the hidden files.

One everything went file you can boot to Snow Leopard. I case of any error refer to other linked guides also. They are more details and appropriate file attached. If some of your hardware does not respond on the system, then you need to find appropriate kext file update for the same.
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