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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

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    Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Xenoblade plays heavily on the group and its cohesion from the combat system via sociogram and gems. In addition to auto-attack, each hero has a whole range of arts (technical) that are unlocked as you go. You can give them a maximum of eight. Once used, it must wait until the technique is charging. Each attack slowly fills the combo gauge. When it is full, you can trigger a devastating combo. Plus your characters love each other and more chance you have that combo and last a long time and do more damage. Moreover, given the power to Monado prescience. In a stylish black and white slow motion, you have an overview of the fatal attack is being prepared against one of the group. You then have ten seconds to alert a character and counter the attack. It is recommended to unbalance the monster and knock him out.

    Xenoblade incorporates a system for creating gems. These gems can be placed on your weapons or armor pieces and you give bonuses. Two characters are required to create. It goes without saying that its better they get along wonderfully, if you want to create powerful gem. Each crystal gem has a percentage of purity, in order to add crystals to increase the equivalent purity. When you reach 100%, a gem of an equivalent level is created, but when you reach 200%, you get a gem level. A 300%, you get two top-level gems.

    Xenoblade poured into the traditional RPG while building on the MMORPG. Unleash the monsters always a plethora of items you can choose to pick or not that is reminiscent of "bashing" and "loot." Some testers believe that the inventory of the game is too small but that is wrong. As a MMORPG, think to sell the items regularly. For each piece of armor, you have five pages of inventory and each one can hold thirty objects, while for materials and other gems, its ten pages! In this school year, they let you review your multiplication tables. On our part, it only happened once the inventory is full.

    As in the action-RPG, there is no separation between exploration and combat. If you see a hostile enemy it will attack you immediately. Your characters will automatically attack the enemy you have selected. Moreover, customization of your characters is quite extensive. Each change is visible piece of armor in the game and in cut scenes, which is always nice.

    Game Plot :

    Thousands of years ago two titans have emerged in the middle of a vast ocean. Bion and Mekons have fought to exhaustion. They are now the world for two peoples at war: Homz live on Bion and the Mekons on. The legendary sword Monado is the only way to destroy the Mekons and is for Homz, their only hope of resisting the attacks of their enemies. The story begins when the colony is attacked six, one year after the Battle of the Valley of the sword. Dunban, who mastered Monado, is too low and it Shulke who decides to take over. The attack is deadly. Once rejected, Shulke, equipped Monado, Reyn decides to go with his best friend to avenge the colony and destroy the Mekons 6. His journey is going to get him to return to the valley of the sword. And to do that, it will therefore have to climb to the top of Bion, which will not be easy.

    Rest assured, if the scenario may seem simple, it is only the introduction. It is actually far more complex and the history of Monado holds lots of surprises. Shulke will discover through his journey to revenge the real world and the forces that coexist. The scenario is a little time to set up but managed to keep us in suspense until the end.


    Prologue : An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the two titans were locked in a timeless battle. The sound of their clashing blades rang out, shaking the sea bed and sending ripples through the air. As the duel reached its climax, the titans poured their remaining strength into one last slash of their great swords. Both struck forth with immeasurable power. Once the dust had settled, only their corpses remained.

    Children of Bionis : Eons passed, and signs of life finally began appearing upon the corpse of the titan Bionis. People born of the Bionis will return to the Bionis. Now, the Bionis's enormous body, covered in lush plains as far as the eye can see, is home to a developed civilization, which gives thanks to the titan for providing them with such a natural bounty.

    The Mechon : Life on Bionis was not destined to flourish forever, however. One day, an enormous horde of mechanical life forms from the titan Mechonis launch a sudden and all-out attack on the inhabitants of Bionis. These overwhelmingly powerful entities, known only as the 'Mechon', overwhelm and devour the inhabitants. Before long, the entire surface of Bionis was overrun.

    The Monado : The Homs' only remaining hope is a legendary sword, said to be a gift from the titan itself. Its blade is imbued with a curious power that allows it to effortlessly slice through Mechon armor. Unfortunately, whosoever wields the sword must endure a great toll on their body, and only one has ever been able to wield it: Dunban, Hero of the Homs.


    Shulk : A handsome young man and a budding scientist. He and Reyn set out to destroy the Mechon that attacked their home colony.
    Fiora : A caring and energetic young woman. Fiora is a childhood friend of Shulk's, and feels certain affection towards him. She is Dunban's younger sister.

    Dunban :
    Hero of the Homs, who once felled countless Mechon with the Monado. Currently recuperating from injuries received in the battle fought one year ago.

    Reyn : A member of the Colony 9 Defense Force and Shulk's childhood friend. Optimistic and hard-working, though sometimes hot-headed and overly emotional.

    Sharla : A medic in the Colony 6 Defence Force. A no-nonsense woman with a real inner fortitude, she is an excellent sharpshooter.

    Melia : A young member of the High Entia race that have built a vast civilization on the head of Bionis. She specializes in using ether attacks.

    Riki : A member of the Nopon village tucked away in the forest on the Bionis’s back, he is also their Heropon! He acts and speaks just like a child, but therein lies a secret.

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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats


    Monado-Smash : The monado-smash is a very powerful skill. Here you should invest many skill points, because it allows you to knock on a high level and serious opponents.

    Quest Bag : It is typical for Xenoblade Chronicles that your bag is very full very quickly. Now the question arises, what items you can safely throw away and what you should keep better. Around this dilemma a little narrow, in an area you should first do all the quests before you go into a new and accepting new there. So that you handle the problem that you've actually thrown away quest items needed for the benefit of new things. The vast majority of quest items are always needed for this one quest. It is extremely rare that you need the same item even for a different task. So if you have excess quest items in your backpack, then you can delete a rule, so that you have more space for new and interesting things.

    Jewels forge :
    You should save before this method. Especially if you use rare materials. Forging is an art in itself. Even and especially in Xenoblade Chronicles. If you want here Jewels forge high level, and it will help the following method. First, you need to produce cylinders with a relatively high degree of purity. You can select here jewels and cylinders with different effects and a relatively low purity, until you have three effects in the oven. Once you have confirmed your selection, you choose from a launcher and Sharla Shulk as a technician and begin to forge. In this way the purity level is rising only slowly. However, it should repeat this until you've cylinder with a purity of just under 100%.

    Now you can choose two of these, which have the same effect and uses them as materials. So that the purity increases to almost 200%. Next you Reyn befall Dunban as throwers and act as a technician (or vice versa) and the desired effect, almost every state and the heat so that the next higher level. In this way you can later forge Level VI Jewels.

    : Shulk is indeed a pretty good fighter, but it cannot heal that great. If you fight with Sharla, you can use their healing abilities and better targeted, since the AI uses them hardly. That should help in some heavy fighting.

    Reyn : Reyn it should be the tank. Shulk must quickly fill his blue bar, so that the opponent is knocked down by a chain attack. In addition, its rich healing that you can cope without a healer should Sharla. The special attack of the toad she fends off with the Monadoschild. We also recommend that the blue bar beforehand with a lighter opponent to fill, so you can be taken the turtle at the beginning of a chain attack. After you have won the fight, you can easily report to the checkpoint and start the fight again. In this way you at least you can level up to level 37 quite easily.

    : Since you often at Xenoblade Chronicles gets the order to kill many monsters are too powerful, it happens that all of her quest enemies you killed, but still needs a few kills and now must wait until the required residual respawn. This waiting time you can handle, in which ye simply be teleported to the nearest checkpoint. This means that all enemies respawn in a zone, except the special enemies and you can immediately begin the massacre.

    Fast Money :
    The blue balls, which you can find it anywhere, can sell well. Of course, you should register it before, but with this method, you can quickly make a lot of money and can afford fancy armor and other things.
    Level Up : The first really good place for leveling is the "bone of Bionis". You should, however, this minute. Level 28 have, have good equipment and the monado chill at level 3 or have a better fourth Your journey to teleport point, which is just north of the camp. Now it runs a bit to the right. There you're not seeing a large turtle. With its demise very much EXP you get. In addition, they can really drop good equipment. The fight is worthwhile.

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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats


    Prologue :

    After the introduction about the history of the two titans, will start the prologue. In the prologue, the army attempted a human-like robot "Mechons" to put them to flight. You can only briefly in the role of "Dunban" slip on and off a few enemies during which you are the first elements of the control of the fight and taught.

    Chapter 1 –

    A). Mechon-junkyard

    After the prologue, you start at the same place, where has been the battle raged with the Mechons, but a year later. Now your slips, the role of the young "Shulks", which seeks in the ruins of the robot for parts for his equipment. During the search, you stumbled upon a hermit-cancer that has selected a piece of armor as a home. Your friend, "Reyn" comes to you and will help you in battle. Now begins a more comprehensive tutorial that you should study well, because the control needs a little practice at the beginning.

    If the beat cancer, you must have a worm attack, because it ensures that you cannot leave the green force field. Now it gets the job to a marker on the map to go. Simply use the arrow at the top of the screen, because this gives you direction and distance of a target. Should all move to attack her opponent, that you may have gathered some experience.

    B). Colony 9

    In the colony itself is your companion goodbye for now, because he needs to train her and apparently belongs to a weapons laboratory. You start at the colony 9: main gate. Is now over by the business district of ether and the jewel lantern uncle and cross the big bridge to the central square. Here we go north over another bridge to the troops in, here a sequence is triggered, which shows you as the commander of troops a few soldiers folds. Troops in their quarters must now turn left into the research laboratory. Follow the hallway until you eventually triggers a new sequence. In the sequence you meet Dickson back from the prologue and talk to him about the sword "monado", which is also present. Plus, there is Dunban and how he is one year after the attack.

    i). Food for Shulk : After the sequence you get the mission "food for Shulk", where there is a "missionary activity", which means you have to do it for the plot, because otherwise it gets no further. For the first mission you must go back to Central Square or fast travel, then it goes this time over the southern bridge. You'll land in a residential area and it must leave via the western bridge. Now you should stand in front of a grand staircase, she goes all the way up. Arrived on the lookout hill, a sequence is triggered and you learn more about the back story.

    ii). Back to the research laboratory : Together with Shulk you must now go back to the research laboratory, uses the best re-Fast Travel. In the research lab once a sequence is triggered. Reyn takes the monado your friend in the hand and turned it on, but he cannot control it. Shulk than the sword touches, it also activated, but he also has a vision. After the sequence you have to deal with a criminal patrol Reyn. Travel to the colony 9: main gate run and then west into the tephra plateau. Now simply follow the path until you reach the cave tephra, Fiora here waiting for you, and joins the journey.

    C) Tephra cave

    The enemies in the cave are partly to level 10, so you should also have approximately this level and be well equipped. It is relatively easy to orient themselves in the cave because it is not really big. Follow the corridor until you get the tephra Raup-nest if you want here you can attack the small and of course the giant caterpillar. Mag follows the path straight ahead and solves the sequence from the ruins of Mell. Next, it goes on the way up, if you're reached the top you have the right through the green glowing door. Now you are a few weak and a slightly stronger lizard get in the way they are defeated you can continue and left the cave through the tephra: leave the back door. Outside, you must now make a couple of steps so that a sequence is triggered. In the sequence you have to have two "ancient machinery" fight ', then the first chapter ended.

    Chapter 2 –

    You must now go back to the colony 9, since the quick-trip function is temporarily not available. You have arrived, Fiora will leave shortly after a sequence in order to find her brother Dunban. Shulk Reyn and remain with them and you have to upset one Mechon. Used Shulks ability "rotary hammer and then Reyns" ". Fiora now come back, but without her brother. You have decided that their best back to the laboratory is because there is the monado. On the way to the laboratory, some sequences are triggered and it quickly becomes clear that you cannot enter the lab, because the road was blocked.

    Your next destination is the mobile howitzer, which is located in a residential area. So run back across the bridge to Zentraplatz. In the central square surrounded her will by a few Mechons and cannot continue for the time being. Shulk with Reyn and you must now defeat the Mechons as before.

    A) Colony 9

    i). Mechon attack :
    After the fight seems a further sequence in the Dunban you come to help and act as a new team member. Together with the monado Mechons are actually no longer a problem, since they can directly attack Dunban and also holds an enchantment that allow Shulk Reyn and the same. Now is also the neighborhood blocks, you must go through the market district to the colony 9: main gate. Arriving at the gate Dunban will lose control over the monado what Shulk encouraged to take it again in the hands. Unlike the first time he now has full control over the sword. You must now go over the bridge and leave the colony is 9, then after you left, and pave a path to the living quarters. Once in the neighborhood you will about the "Mechon with a face" attack, that opponent is quite strong and cannot be hurt by the monado.

    Bring the opponent and throw him to falter then, so you can hurt him. If you have approximately half of his life removed, a sequence is triggered. After the sequence you have to fight again against the Mechon him again and remove approximately half of life, then the chapter is finished.

    Chapter 3 –

    A). Colony 6

    To get to the colony of 6, you must return to the cave and through the tephra glowing green door at the 2nd Port memory go. Once there, will now be on another green door, so you can use them. Your Space shuttle lands in the rescue. This space can reach her via a short path to the cavern of tephra, here goes down to the source of grief. From the source can reach her via another passage to the next floor of the cave, here is a slightly longer sequence is triggered.

    Next you go into a spider's nest, where a sequence is triggered again, is kidnapped in the course of Rayn spiders. You must now Vilia at sea, where her Rayn see again. Oriented you on the best ever at the arrow, because you should easily reach the goal with him. When the lake Vilia shown that you should climb up on a plant, so make your way to the other side of the lake and used the said plant in order to reach the top.

    At the top you have to go to the right until a sequence is triggered. After the sequence you have to fight together with Rayn and your new ability to spin the queen. It is important that your monado is always charged, so you can resist her, it uses the "shield" of Monados. After the fight you have to go to the spider's web, which blocked the way and with it . Dissolve Now it is only a few steps until you're back in the fresh air and the chapter ends with a sequence.

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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Chapter 4 –

    A). Leg of Bionis

    You'll land on the leg now and have to pass a plant to climb back to using. Next, there is a slightly longer path that leads you to the bone of the Bionis. On the horizon, identifies it’s all smoke and want a little more closely, so follow the arrow that is triggered by a sequence. Next, you need to find out the boy's vision, as usual, using the arrow. Arriving at the desired location, you'll find the boys and the two opponents who have followed him. You must now win the battle against them. After the boy is rescued, and the invaders are defeated, offers you the boy (juju) to come to his camp. He describes the way you, so you use the arrow and the map can get there. Arrived in the camp, a sequence is triggered. It is clear that the colony suffered the same fate as the six colonies had nine.

    Goes next to the cave and talk again with Sharla. She will explain to you in conversation, the past of their colony, because Juju runs off to go back on his own to conquer the colony, you have next after him in order to prevent Shulks vision. After a few steps in the right direction, you see how Juju his vehicle destroyed in the nearby Raguel Bridge. After the sequence you have to actually go ahead only because the bridge is already on the horizon. On the way to the bridge you will meet some enemies, therefore be well prepared and trained. If it comes closer to the bridge itself significantly increases the difficulty of the battles, so that you hit on some Mechons. Remember that your companions have to enchant her with the monado so that they can cause damage to the Mechons. After about 5-6 fights should get her the bridge and the abandoned car of Juju. A new vision will indicate your next destination. Together with Sharla you can interpret the vision of what shows you where you need to.

    Now passes over the bridge and follow the Maguel Street. While the transition will be taken through the narrow passage you are attacked again by some Mechons, pays particular attention to the scouts to alert the other when escaping enemies. Once you have crossed the passage, you come back in an open field. After a few steps in the right direction, a sequence is triggered and you are apparently in the middle of the vision scene. The fight with the "Mechon M71" begins. Takes first at the tentacles and then destroyed them before you even edited the Mechon. If your opponent has lost half its life, he will disappear into the next higher floor. Runs immediately afterwards and again take up the fight. After a successful fight again, a sequence is triggered and a "Mechon face with" appears. Apparently it is not the same, you've seen before in colony 9th Since this Mechon can also talk will begin after a short dialogue, the fight with this enemy.

    You should quickly realize that you have no chance and actually can afford little resistance. After a few seconds, then the chapter is finished, fanning the flies away with Mechon Juju. Your really only gets the information that you find him in colony 6.

    Chapter 5 –

    A). Colony 6

    Once you were able to observe how the Mechon with Juju disappears when you start already known refugee camps. Since her re-Maguel to like the road you may have to fast travel option "Raguel Bridge: North" take. On the road you will re-Maguel are some Mechons in the way that you should take it apart into individual groups. Pays back to the scouts, because he alerted the others escaping troops. In order to reach the colony 6, you just need to follow the dirt road until you come to a bridge that leads you to the Bask. On the night of the cave entrance is particularly easy to see because the lights burning all around.

    Once you were able to observe how the Mechon with Juju disappears when you start already known refugee camps. Since her re-Maguel to like the road you may have to fast travel option "Raguel Bridge: North" take. On the road you will re-Maguel are some Mechons in the way that you should take it apart into individual groups. Pays back to the scouts, because he alerted the others escaping troops. In order to reach the colony 6, you just need to follow the dirt road until you come to a bridge that leads you to the Bask. On the night of the cave entrance is particularly easy to see because the lights burning all around.

    B). Aethermine

    You'll land in the drainage tunnel, which connects to a few meters on the sewage control room, where a sequence is triggered. In the wastewater control room you can still operate the way trade. Then you must go through the cave complex for the marker to move the map. The other way you get to the ether cores, and a secret source, but contains an opponent at level 29th. Have you reached the mark is used as a trigger sequence. Otharon from the colony is fighting against a few Mechons him and her need to stand aside in order to prevent worse. After the fight goes on the sequence and you get the information, where he met the prisoner, determines what your next goal. A vision is also returning, but see for yourself.

    You'll land in the mining base and need from here into the small tunnel. The end of the tunnel is blocked, however, a wall on the left side is destroyed, so there you will find the connection. You would have to be in the stores now, here again, a sequence is triggered and then you land in the Central Terminal. Get out of here in the right way and take the right back there. After a few steps, you end up in the test bore hole 4, where you should now choose the left path. Now go down the path that leads up and run along the rails to the entrance of the mine supervision. In the mine supervision right is a staircase leading to a switch that opens one-port for you. Next, it goes back to Testbohrgrube 4 because it goes from here through the gate you just opened to the central pit.

    C). Central pit

    In the central pit you must first use the elevator, the place you left. Below you first have to defeat arrived a few Mechons, then you need to go over the bridge-like paws and enter the huge machine. Now you need to run anti-clockwise and at the other end pass through a second bridge to lift 2nd The road you have to defeat enemies and avoid being repeatedly the rotor, that he may not be transported into the abyss. After the elevator ride you have to get back on the machine and counter-clockwise to the other side. This time you will receive no rotors, but the opponents are more challenging and more numerous.

    Once on the other side you have to enter a downwardly and upwardly moving platform (pressure balance piston). Ride with her all the way up and then used the second platform and ride this all the way down. Now it goes again over a bridge and from the machine. You must now go to the right while the opponents off course. Eventually you should arrive at three elevators that brings you back down a level. Once on the next floor you have to jump on one of the blades, crossing with the help of the gorge. It is important that it keeps coming back at the right time, i.e. before the blade reaches the barricade. On the next platform, then see a relatively strong Mechon, after the second rise, it is even then two of his variety. After the second battle you can then have a cave and a path to reach another stairway lift. This elevator will take you now to the mark, triggering a sequence. During the sequence will appear again "Bronze Face" and "XORd" and takes the fight with you.

    Since XORd still against your monado "immune" is, you have upset him. XORd however, belongs to the very strong competitors and is therefore very resistant to the overturning. The solution is an attack chain, then fights against smaller opponents, thereby making sure that your attack chain is charged and ready. Vote now and bring him to XORd only to falter in order to knock him then. Now's your chance! Makes as much damage as possible and the procedure repeated, if needed.

    If XORd has lost about half its life, once a sequence is triggered. After the sequence you have to back the elevator up and then another time a rotor blade to use as transportation. Then it can go on the elevator finally transport back to fresh air or not, because XORd will attack you again. This time he is no longer immune to your monado, so you can defeat him without the attack chain. After the fight again, a sequence is triggered and you must defeat a few Mechons before you can enjoy the end of chapter.

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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Chapter 6 –

    A). Swamp of Satorl

    You're beginning again in this chapter in colony 6 on "transportation". As discussed in the sequence at the beginning of the chapter, you must now turn to the bottom of Satorl. The path is relatively short, since you actually from your starting point must run only straight ahead. Eventually you end up with "Nebelweg", which now triggers a load sequence and brings you into the swamp. Once in the swamp your first point of the trip, "Kelsh wetland" is. After a few meters, you also have the first target marker and replaces the usual way from a small sequence.

    Objective indicators to guide you now and after another trip to three points. You must be the first to the "camp of Nopon AG", where you can find a dealer. Then go to the "Obelisk of Light" and ultimately to the "Stone sisters". In the Stone sisters Otharon, Juju and Dickson will again go back to the colonies, so that from now on their travels again without visitors. A Nopon wait here and give you two plot missions, beginning with "gifts of the ancient ceremony."

    B). Gave the ceremony

    To get to the head of Bionis have to carry her special rite. You need these four light bricks, which are distributed throughout the marsh. Start with the white stone of light. To find it, you have from your current point of going to the west and look in the water after a small river that flows into the shell cavity. If you have found the cave, there you have to run to the shore and run over a small bridge to the stone. You can now follow the river and jump down the waterfall because it is not far away. A spiral-shaped rock is your goal, thanks to the selection you should find it quickly. Notice the Tortoise and the remaining opponents on a level 8. Now makes a quick trip to the best Obelisk of Light.

    The next two luminous stones are more south, begins at the south-east. You have to just south of the obelisk to go to their lands in the realm of the lizard. From here it then goes to a tree, guarded by some opponents including the opponents' Brutal Cornelius "that could possibly make some problems, takes care that her alone fight him. If you still have trouble even, should you try to control Sharla, as you so you have control over the healing of the group. After Cornelius is defeated, you can collect the light blue stone. You can also avoid the opponents and collect the stone directly, but then remains of the rare loot. Travels back to the Obelisk of Light and follow the small river to the west from here until it arrives at the Obelisk of silence. Now go south into the darkness and mud collects on the small island of the mats light stone. The water in the dark moor has been poisoned, will not stand too long in it. If you have all four stones, the mission will be completed and you can back to the Stone sisters.

    C). The ancient ceremony

    This mission will act directly on "gifts of the ceremony" as the labeled active. When you have gathered the stones, is "Prepare everything for the ritual" already marked with a tick. Prepare yourselves now before schonmal for a fight. Next, you must now perform the rite of passage, this is an emblem of maturity, and inserts the characters. It appears Satorl-guard. This is a similar bird adversary that can increase during the fight including his level and is therefore not to be underestimated. If the guards appear defeated, a staircase from the ground and you can get to the elevator. Since the elevator is broken you must find a way to climb it, go to the elevator at the edge of the building to the left until you discover a niche in the wall. In the said niche is now a plant that is suitable for climbing are great.

    Once at the top, you have the right part of the semicircle to leave the plant. We continue now by running over her left up the ramp. You should re-discover a plant on the wall, which again brings you one level up. On the next floor, you only need a small piece to the left and then climb up another plant. This time, though you have the right, but it is also just a short walk to the plant. The next floors have to leave her even for a short distance to the right and climb the plants to use as usual. Eventually you reach the "summit of the Sisters," where the goal marker has its headquarters and thus again a sequence is triggered. Examines the sequence in the interior of Bionis.

    D). Inside of the Bionis

    Now begins the biology-hour. You are now coming inside the giant creature Bionis. Your journey starts at the point lower trachea. Now follow the path through the third Lungs until you stand in front of a large pool with a yellow liquid. You have to swim next to the other end of the pool and wait for the fountain, as they moved back up to you. At the top you have to make only a few steps until you arrive at the upper trachea. It triggered a slightly longer sequence, produced the shows you, among other things, such as a face-Mechon is. After the sequence, the chapter is finished.

    Chapter 7 –

    A). Forest Makna

    Once you exit the interior of Bionis again, you find yourself at the Makna-forest in the forest of Makna and are thus arrived at the back of Bionis. If you've reached the first target marker, a sequence is started, which introduces you into the action in this chapter. Next, you have to cross the suspension bridge 1. Before the bridge you can still see the Agni-statue of a dealer Nopon AG. On the other side of the bridge you end up now with the travel item "beacon", from here you must now run north through the woods to reach the target mark. When marking shall ye find the young woman from the opening sequence of this chapter. You have to heal them now and it takes a pure water crystals. Shulk explained ready to get rid of these crystals and moves alone, so for now you're only traveling with him.

    B). The mysterious girl

    In this story mission is the task addressed the water-ether to obtain crystals. Travels next to the Agni-statue, because it goes from here, on a path to a climbing plant that will bring you down now. Below are arrived to collect it then just a few steps to stop the banks and the water-ether core, but you will not have the presence to itself, but the red ball next to it. Once you have gathered in the ether, a sequence is triggered.

    One previously known only from a vision appears and indicates "Alvis" too hot. As the attack suddenly and read some Telethia Shulks apparently thought intervenes Alvin and unlocks a new icon for the monado what Shulk can use after a short motivation by Alvin too. You must now fight together with Alvin Telethia three. With the new ability "quencher" you can now neutralize the aura of those opponents and make them vulnerable. After the fight Reyn will find you, however, Alvis again "disappeared". Sharla it is now possible to cure the girl. "Melia" now joins your party and promises to help you in return for the trip to the head of Bionis.

    Your next goal now is the Nopon village. You start at Nopon-arm and have to get out of it towards the east until it ends at the gate node tree. Go over the bridge above and follow the arrow to the border village entrance.

    C). Border Village

    In the border village you will at a sequence of the leader of the Nopon "Dunga" welcomed, he also agrees to help you. You start at the age saints and need you now go up floor by floor. Once at the top on a balcony the next sequence will be triggered in the Melia finally tells the story of Telethia and that they absolutely must stop this monster. Since Dunga has overheard the conversation, he wants you give to its best fighters, "Riki" as support. To get its act mission "Help for the Heldenpon" and will first need to obtain equipment for Riki.

    There is an arms dealer on the ground floor and an arms dealer in the first Floor. You must pay for the equipment and not get paid when they respond to the dealer. Together with Melia and her Riki you must make now to find the Telethia. Because they are very likely to regenerate ether crystals should begin their search for these. Go straight over the bridge entrance and enter the forest again Makna.

    i). Search for Telethia :
    This task should normally be possible from level 32, you upgraded from schonmal for the fight and makes your group together so that you definitely healing (Sharla), and the monado (Shulk) it did. From the border village entrance from the search begins. Run over the right bridge, which connects to the village entrance. At the next junction on the other end you have to choose the right side again. Arriving at the covered area, it is then just a little bit until you arrive at the windmill hut, from here you can get back on solid ground. Now it goes a bit further east to the luminous moss pillars over. When we reach the first marker is triggered as usual, a sequence, then the battle begins with Telethia. You have to create it now Telethia deduct half of their lives. It is important that their aura with the monado deleted or suppressed, otherwise a match is impossible, which further discouraged by all group members and thus making weaker. After the first fight again, a sequence is triggered in the Telethia to fully heal again. You must now again take up arms in hand and finally defeat the monster.

    Ii). Journey to the Sea erythema :
    After the battle, Dunga is his promise to keep you and grant access to the sea erythema. Speak with Melia when you are ready, since it reflects the top of the tree is the house you should choose the best Oberpon as fast travel point. The journey begins when her prophecy to the top of the room and walk passes through the outer, the tree goes up to the lake. Here is a glitter-appointment is available to you through the "Glitter" brings to the sea, which ends the chapter.

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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Chapter 8 –

    A). Erythema-Sea

    Once at sea, a small erythema-briefing will be conducted. First you need in the imperial capital and obtain approval for access to the prison island (black tower Shulks vision). You start at the coast of Latael and need to run this van brings you to, you have to run now for the next van and go to the next reef, and then the last one, which eventually brings you before Alcamoth.

    B). Alcamoth

    You are now first in the role of Malia and must consult the Emperor. To find the emperor you have to just go straight to the palace. In the palace you will find at the end of the hall of the ascent, in a van is that you now bring to the floor with the audience chamber. Have you reached the target marker is a sequence is triggered and the Emperor you in on these, that are due to the Shulk Monados first interrogated by the divine seer needs. After the sequence you are in the role of Shulk and find yourself with the group under arrest. Initiate talks with all party members to a sequence. In the sequence now enters the room, the divine seers, it is space that is, in his dealing with Alvin, whom you have previously met in the forest of Makna. Alvin and lifting you acquainted to the arrest, but before you can enter the city, the Imperial Guard entered a room and ask for help in finding a lost troop.

    C). Rescue of the worker

    To find the workers you need to enter the reef 4. Goes initially to the reef 2 and this time take the other truck, pointing towards the west. Your now reaches out to the reef 3 and from here you can from the transporter to take reef 4th You'll find the marker is not the worker but someone else who sends you and want you to use the van behind the lighthouse and enter the aether crystal Syrath-site. You must now Riff 4 Riff 5 Riff 5 and travel to the reef 6th The van will bring you to the reef 6 to crystal-ether site.

    At the site you'll see, the worker, as he is threatened by some monsters. Now done by and by the monsters. Do not underestimate them because they can put your movement skills and temporarily knocked out. Sharla best used to make you immune to such effects. After the battle you just have to appeal to the workers to end the mission.

    D). Alcamoth

    There follows a brief sequence on the whereabouts of Melia. Back at the group you have to travel back to Alcamoth. In the white-winged palace, where she was before her in detention must speak with the palace servants. After a short break to see how Shulk and Reyn occurred outside a ceremony. During the ceremony, you will suddenly attacked by masked attackers. Since these enemies are immune to the monado, Shulk you can first send in the reserve. Especially dangerous is the attack chain, which also dominate the opponent. Since Shulk had a vision during the ceremony, you must open up to you to rescue them. First makes a quick trip to Zentraltor. When the platform of the gate then you should use the stairs and use the transporter, which shows the east.

    E). Tomb of Hochentia

    After a sequence you are again in the role of Melia and starts the access to the tomb. After a few steps you get into the sealed chamber containing a control device, the need to activate it. Melia is being examined by the grave and admitted. Next, the group also reached the Siegel space. Reyn also touches on the recording equipment, but the result looks different from Melia. After the sequence on the whereabouts of the group continues with Melia. Run straight ahead until you encounter an enemy in the mental space. Melia has a special combat system, it can activate these elements and unleash. Whether its special display is filled or not. If the fight were successful, you must answer in the examination room are two more enemies. Remember that one should always be in my sleep.

    In the ceremony room Melia is ultimately to succeed the throne, but meets Shulk a vision, and seeing the assassin. The group landed in the pond if it is of grave robbers take the way north or south, no matter, since the field is symmetrical. You will end up after a long hallway into a room where you will be attacked by an opponent. Then you end up in another cross-shaped corridor, from here you have to run to the east and walk down or jump into the water. Once at the bottom it goes back to symmetrical areas. The goal is to get into the middle, which is not quite as simple as waiting around every corner defense systems. Best to use "curl" around an opponent to fight for time to come and thus faster and more secure progress. In the middle you can now get through two doors into the valley of the emperor. Turn to the right and climb the wall to use.

    On the middle platform is now a "Rufus Oga" be your next opponent, with him it is the tomb guards, and he is definitely one of the stronger varieties. Continue after the fight is really east. You must use a climbing wall again to reach the other side. You reach back into a hallway with several opponents. If the corridor crosses, you come to examine storm: bridge, which in turn leads you into an octagonal room, which you must pass through on climbing walls. At each level in this room is a weaker Oga and some of the defense systems. At the top you will find again a control device with which you can open the ceiling above you. You'll land in the examination room and are thus not far from Melia After a few meters you will meet the Melia.

    In addition, a Telethia comes to the more difficult the fight. You should best be described as Reyn go into battle and take home as a companion Melia and Riki. Accesses to the first Telethia because they target one way or coercive power to you. After the fight you are back in Alcamoth. Back in Alcamoth you must again go to the emperor and have a conversation with him. Shulk is only granted to the inlet. Then another sequence is shown on the enemy, which ends the chapter.

    Chapter 9

    A). The road to the prison island

    At the beginning of this chapter, you see how the Emperor Alvis shows a similar vision as those who had the Shulk. In the present will have to visit the idea Melia in her estate. Go to the Imperial Palace, and used the Northern transporter. At the top you can then walk to the Imperial Villa. While the sequence is one Mechon reported attack and you must now support the emperor at the prison island. Your next destination is the Alcamoth: main gate, which takes you back to the sea erythema. Melia you now explains that It leads not to the island easily. It must be broken first two seals, so that the appropriate transporter is activated. The story mission "The gates of the sisters' deals with these two seals.

    B). The gates of the Sisters

    For this mission you must first reach the Central Seal Island. The quickest way is if you make a trip to the lighthouse and then Syrath take on the reef to reef transporter 4 to the western 7th On the other side of the reef you can now reach seven to seal said central island. Now use the transporter on the northern island, to reach the reef 10th On the reef you can now reach 10 with the eastern island-transporters .

    On the island you must then fight their opponents and by the end of a run up the tower. On the tower are also enemies that you must defeat before breaking the seal. Did you destroy the seal appear two Oga. Travels back to the central seal island and used this time to southern transporter. You'll land at 8 and reef can get from here to the eastern island-transporters. You have to go back to the tower and breaking the seal. The enemies on the bridge you can skip by her under the bridge and runs to the other side goes up. After both seals are broken or opened, this mission is completed.

    This is the second story mission that you've got to travel to the prison island. First, you must return to the central seal island, then goes on a prison island of the resulting paths for opening and pressed them. Although you have activated the van now, but you will have previously attacked by a monster of unknown identity. It is defeated, you can finally leave the island.

    C). Prison Island

    Your journey starts at the point Hochentia transporter. Now go through the steps and paths to the finish mark, this should not continue to be problematic, since the path is linear and only now and then attacking an opponent. Watch for the Nebulas and tries not to draw in a fight. Have you reached the marker, a sequence is triggered and a large gate is open from Melia. Now go into the interior of the island and introduce yourself in the black, blue flame. You will be teleported to the top and have to re-routes via stairs and reach the goal, which again is a black, blue flame. After the second time you teleport Were, you have to make only a few steps to reach the situation Shulks visions. Now enjoying the sequences. In between comes a struggle, but this should not be a problem.

    The game does not ends here. There are more and more levels. Xenoblade Chronicle is not small game. I hope that I will get more updates after this regarding further gameplay.


    Technically, Xenoblade is clearly the pick. The textures are often drooling, animations archaic, even ridiculous (the jump), the faces of the characters quite simple. In the era of HD, the game seems ugly in many areas. However, the impeccable art direction allows us to bypass the graphics in SD. Yes, the game is beautiful. Not by its technical aesthetics but controlled. It takes full view. The sets of sight Dante us into a world where one begins to dream of climbing to the projection that we see in the distance. And miracle Xenoblade allows us to do just that. This is one of the strengths of the title. Also the cut scenes are generally well made and engaging. They give a clear desire to continue to learn more.

    The sense of freedom that the exploration of the world is exceptional. The many secret areas scattered around will give you the opportunity to explore every corner of Bion. Fortunately, developers have built a system that avoids having to teleport back across the entire plains just to sell the stuff found on monsters. Best of all, load times are rare. We walk to the cities of the plains through the dungeons and all without loading black screen. On this point Xenoblade has a leg up on other games like that.

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