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Old 18-06-2011
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Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Duke Nukem is a relic of bygone days when action was simple, no one knew who Michael Bay, and Jean Claude van Damme was for sophisticated entertainment. And forever is like a '80s action film: an outrageous story, half-naked women, shallow characters and a coated central character that could hardly be cool. Measured by today's standards can actually fall through Duke Nukem Forever almost only - especially in a technical sense.

Duke Nukem Forever is after 14 years of development, finally finished - and the adventure is around the blond alien Mauler true to its roots: all-out action, cool macho posturing, creative game ideas, and scantily clad women - everything that makes a real Duke mind is there. Surprisingly, although we would have bet that no one can come across anywhere near as cool as the original English spokesman for the Duke, John St. John, it gave us the German vote, which should recognize many as those of Bruce Willis, taught but one better . The localization, to a few rather funny than annoying gaffe is surprisingly well done. However, the surround mix of the German version is next to go: Some of the Teutonic macho drivel you can hardly hear the Duke, because it goes under the carpet of sound. Conveniently, the game is multilingual.

We are dealing here with not only a hero of the old school, and everything else pleasantly reminiscent of bygone day?s shooter. Part of this "antique" concept, for example, that you leave a room filled with enemies in the area can usually only if you kill all enemies, previously blocked a locked door or a similar way - just as in the beginnings of the genre. Also notice that you get here and there on a passage, for you need a "break" that you need only look in the adjoining areas. Also a popular, albeit almost forgotten element of the game again. Duke Nukem Forever itself can sometimes be a pretty tough nut to crack. Especially when you have some problems in one or the other puzzles, bosses, or vehicle-section, no problem. There you can also different tactics against bosses or solutions for all puzzles in Duke Nukem Forever to find out.
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Old 18-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 344
Re: Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Walkthrough for Duke Nukem Forever

Level 01: Duke lives!

Duke gives the relief to which she pees, as displayed on the screen. Then you can move freely and you leave the swimming facility and continue your way through several small tunnels and catacombs. Do you see the cycloid, runs up to him. Duke is once again, it turns to the left and follows the hallway there, pick up at the end of it the Devastator and a lift can drive onto the field. After completing your own game and say goodbye to your two partners, enter the bathroom and then do you admire in the same bathroom, go empty your bladder.


Stays in motion and is the one permanently cycloids with missiles from the Devastator, and you should always keep as much distance to the monster. From time to activate the giant rocket's boosters and floats so very quickly on the playing field. Running away from his path, collects on the sidelines when located on the ground flares for your Devastator and more rockets fired on the monster. New ammunition always lands back on the field and you've done enough damage, the cycloid goes down. Runs to him and finished him via Quick Time Event, at the end of her shoot with the eye a field goal. After the sequence with the two girls you go through Duke's apartment to the elevator.

Level 02: Damn! It's late:

Follow the corridor and walks to the stage curtain, which opens as soon as you approaching it. After the conversation you can click on the right side of the stage again sometime down and get into the Duke Museum. Look here closer to the throne. Enables the computer right from the throne, so the photo of the tourists is made. Then she turned on the computer and quickly runs to the throne, to sit down and you get into Duke-cave.

Level 03: The Duke-cave:

After the video sequence, you leave the room through the door behind the elevator. Raise the objects from the floor and throw it on the Alien, the stands with his back to you. Go through the door and completed two more aliens. Then you can right the air shaft to break and move you through the ventilation shafts until you are invited to the Duke-vision (night vision) to be more active. At the point where a tube is supported by a few barrels, these barrels to their skin, run quickly through the pipe to the rear end and then quickly to the other side to come through the seesaw effect upward. In the reactor room you kill the aliens, in which one slay her and grab his weapon and then collects the two energy cell and converts them back into the reactor.

Warning: when the light comes on, rush through the now open door opponents! Kill them and move on. At the point with the remote control, her little Duke truck must on the shelves on the wall of the room passing control to direct you from throwing in the disk, the energy body to the ground and drive through the pit on the floor to you. This then sets her also into the reactor. Battle your way to the gun before then.

Level 04: Battle of the mother ship:

Concentrating your fire on the big guns of the mother ship before you destroy the tanks and so this gun. Lie free once the blue / purple energy circuits, concentrating your fire her on it. In the meantime, you will attacked by enemy fighters, which should destroy it, or you fill up your Ego again. Do you have the energy bar of the mother ship (directly under your Ego) emptied, this level is done.

Level 05: The Lady Killer 1:

Follows the air shaft and uses the brakes of the elevator again and again to save you and the woman. Leave the elevator and it will shrink. Right now you can easily walk to the baggage car, push it to the Page, and go into the toy car. Now you need to secure the Duke with the car control through the level, where you use the whole ramp and posters as you can, thanks to booster including deep canyons skip. Should you fall again from the vehicle, so you can turn around and drive the vehicle, it should have fallen on the roof for example.

Level 06: The Lady Killer 2:

The tour will continue until you come to a gate through which suits her just walk away. Before you jump on the case on the roulette table and clear you from there on your way to other tables and stools in the planters. From there you get to the switch to open the gate and continue the journey. At the closed door, where your vehicle is destroyed, it pushes the trolley runs from right to left, then over the ramp and the sofas to the switch to open the gate. Between the two girls you stand on the blue-lit. Defends the attacking waves of enemies takes off at the gate and fight you piece by piece through the casino, where you have to repeatedly raise goals to get ahead.
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Old 18-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 344
Re: Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Level 07: The Lady Killer 3:

Use the control to the figure of the Duke's statue so as to raise, that it points to the EDF soldiers show up. Then activates the "Alien Attack" and climbs over the skyscraper models on the left arm of Dukes in order to run on the other arm up. The built-bomb you can destroy in which you shoot at them and fire the following can delete it by shooting the fire extinguisher. The last fire extinguisher is not visible because of a crate, but you recognize the sign on the left. Shoot the crate, until the fire is removed and its progresses. A short time later, she has to deal with a mini-boss. Kill the pigs first and then concentrate your fire on the flying monster, with her are constantly in motion and from time to time also from a room to the other side should run for cover. You go out of ammunition, so they will fill the crate again.

Level 08: Vegas in Ruins

Fight through the streets, using the stationary guns and fighting your way to you so Duke Dome or up to the pit, waiting in the car wrecks and several allied EDF soldiers on you. Before she goes down, necessarily raises the RPG. Then jumps down and locate the two supply crates, which will be equally important. Goes to the soldiers and done together the attacking troops, appears to the Battle Lord.

Battle Lord:

Remains constantly in motion and trying to hit your opponent with the RPG. Has targeted this goal, which is recognizable by its red frame, can lose no more rockets fired their goal. Going sideways in a circle around the central column, outmaneuver your opponent. Have you any more ammunition for the RPG sprinting to their nearest supply box, and click on it once again sprints at a safe distance to the opponent. Do you have this procedure repeated often enough, you can run through the Battle Lord a Quick Time Event finally done.

Level 09: The Duke Dome:

Follow the small canyon, jumping over the pallets through the electrified water and destroyed the fire extinguisher on the back of the corpse to get through the tunnel and up the ladder. Come closer to the site of the two men on the container and then climbs into the container at the stuff as soon as it is deep enough. Kill the enemies and once you're on the ground, could you destroy the lock on the gate and you move more freely again. In the area of the trailer and the gate at which the switch does not work, you can at the rear of the trailer and climb the gate to activate the generator in the car. Then you're fighting so long against the invading aliens, is knocked over by the car. Now you can open the gate.

Level 10: The Duke Dome Part 2:

Go to the crane and climbs up to run him over to the other side. Jump through the scaffolding down raises important to the RPG and goes up until you see the floating container. Shoot the barrels, passes through the container and on the other side up, in a room where you find the crane battery. Now upgraded quickly from the RPG and fighting against the enemy fighters. Ammunition can be found at the bottom of the box on the right side, just outside the fence. The glider is history, it goes through the fence to the hospital now destroyed, where it uses the battery and with the wrecking ball of you left the building until the bulb breaks off. Reduces sick far left as it goes on and walk him into the building.

Level 11: The Hive part 1:

Follows the slimy corridors, smash all the eggs as possible (these are counted as successes for the aliens) and smash the barriers. About the things that look like Venus fly traps, you can catapult you up can continue the story of your path. Later you will have one of the little beetle ball roll back to open a door.

Level 12: The Hive Part 2:

If you have arrived at an impasse in a ravine in front of you and facing one of the platforms and jump a pile of explosives, you have now a pipe-bomb-jump to the platform and then throw fire when they landed in the above passage. Then comes the next ball rolled beetles, you need to re-roll all the way back to the right door.

Level 12: king bitch

You can also throw a pipe bomb left again up through the tunnel on the jump platform and ignite when the bomb arrived in the area opposite, to break the doors and the Alien Queen to ask.

Alien Queen:

Remains with the rocket launcher, and has also installed pipe bombs. On the box it is infinite and infinitely many pipe bombs left in the crate in the corner lot of ammo. You have to shoot the RPG at the Queen, if they can drop their coverage. Additional pipe bombs you can jump across the platforms and fire at the right moment so that the Queen takes damage and can also drop the coverage. The attacking bugs you should kill, while otherwise it is always in motion and at the outermost left and right, runs back and forth. The Queen has pocketed enough damage, runs to her head and gives her the rest via QTE Do not wait too long, as they can become partially regenerated!

Level 14: Duke Nukem's Titty City :

You need a stripper for a condom, raise a vibrator and popcorn. The condom vending machines you can draw on the men's room and can make her the popcorn in the microwave, right in the office, if you follow the exit signs. Go into the room with the bar, climb onto the stage and goes through the curtain, where you can find the vibrator in one of the lockers. Then you go into the Champagne Room to finish this level.

Level 15: Crash Course :

Run in the level just above the Alien-vine, jump platforms and uses the gun done by the enemy space ships. Collects on the Devastator and always goes back behind cover in the vine, when you fight with the spacecraft. Uses the box to refresh your ammo and then the QTE done the flying alien soldiers.

Level 16: The Duke Burger I :

In the toilet, let it shrink to you and goes through the crack in the wall beside the door. Inside, you will great power turns off, destroying the boards and goes out to you to shrink again. Now you can over the sink through the hole in the wall, jump and climb in the intermediate wall of the pipe.
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Old 18-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 344
Re: Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Level 17: The Duke Burger II :

In the room with the shrinking portals you have to attract the enemy in which you hide behind the door overhung out, because not only it but your arms were shrunk, it can only align with the miniature Opponents. Then it goes into storage / pantry. Here you jump into the left corner of the boxes up and works for you just give up. Reached the top, you go in the direction of air shaft, jumps on the other side and goes into the right corner to climb up the pipe and disappearing through the air shaft. In the kitchen the way it follows on the shelves, through the dishwasher, the grill plates, etc. need at the point of the toaster with her this more active, jump on it and cause you to toss up the toast to get on the shelf. Situated at the end of the power and goes through the open door of the lady, here to jump over the boxes to the air shaft.

Level 18: The Duke Burger III :

Here you have to survive for so long now on the roof, picked up her will. From the middle of difficulty, you will eventually die more often, but have the advantage then to know where the enemy lands. Sets the number of mines is a contact mines. A range per landing normally connect directly and create new. The shrink gun (on the roof) helps you also very good. Once the pork instead of the other aliens come, you should get you the energy weapons that attack since the end of 2 large, flying monsters, which you can only really be so Lord. Remember this, where the other weapons (shotgun, Ripper) are to quickly at the end to an alternative armament ammunition can.

Level 19: The mighty foot part 1:

Kill all the enemies by cannon and then ride the monster truck in the tunnel to the next level.

Level 20: The mighty foot part 2:

Drive along the highway and uses the destroyed places as jumps, to per-nitro boost and wide chasms to leap. Does the truck out of gas, you must continue on foot and finds on the other side, at the right edge of the bridge a small building. Beat the gate and jumps up on the cable drums at the rear of the building onto the roof to get clean. Take that gasoline will destroy the panels, with which the door is locked and you take on the way back to the truck. Freshly refueled it goes further with this.

Level 21: Ghost Town:

Ride on the truck again and jump over various jumps up out of gas. Battle your way through the ghost town where you can find in every building on every corner and weapons and ammunition, and handle all opponents, including those in the barn at the end of the city. Finally, display one of the big, flying enemy that you are with his death the opportunity to enter the barn. Goes up and the winch used to exploit the range as a bridge to the other side. Skips over and then goes to the left where you can let up the ladder down. Now you can again move the pallet by a cable winch, but this time right after all. Now passes over the head just calm down on the other side, jump over the line and gets you the gasoline. Fill up the truck races, through the barn and jump to the other side, to the next level.

Level 22: Highway Battle 1 2

While you ride in Part 1 jumps, and fights until the fuel is all you need in the second Part of this level raise gasoline. Run to the tower, climb up and kill the nearby enemies. Then uses the rail gun, the gun at the enemy to do on the other side. This makes her at least four times before you leave the tower and left, past the wrecked car, your journey continues. On the other hand, the ship wreck, it uses the gun to do the hostile aliens. Grab the RPG and then immediately goes on the ship wreck for cover. Targets now hostile to the glider and put it in gradually under attack with your RPG.

Ammo you get from the nearby crate. If the glider history, running over the wreck and then left in the mine. Take all the barrels out of the car and pushes the car until it clicks into place. Jump in and releases the brake. Kill all the aliens on the other hand, grabs you and jumps on the fuel left the scaffolding up. Ends up with the next car ride in her truck, filling up and leave him on that level.

Level 23: On the dam:

Follow the road and jump to the conclusion by the enemy spaceship. Climb down the ladder from the water and you fight over the dam.

Battle Lord:
Set it using the RPG on fire while she runs from one side to another dam and filling in the box of ammunition. To fill your Ego quickly, you can do it the Battle Lord of the helpers, the smaller, flying aliens. Battle of the Lord has inserted enough damage, runs quickly to his face and kills him with the famous QTE.

Level 24: The Shrinking Machine Part 1:

In this level you get the last frost cannon, freezing their opponents with the first, and then you can smash. You get it with very, very many pigs, so that here the combined use of steroids beer and makes sense. The pigs are defeated, go to the locked door and waits for the enemy to come through. You can access the list before with pipe bombs and detonate them equip it as soon as the enemies come through.
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Old 18-06-2011
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Re: Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Level 25: The Shrinking Machine Part 2:

Here you can get it at the outset to deal with a puzzle: Follow the corridor and walks in front of the barrier to the left and look around for a valve. Turns it to melt by water vapor barrier and the alien turns the valve again to release the steam. Now you need the pipe on the left side, next to the touch barrier, so that it falls off. Now you have to right to left to ensure a continuous tube, in which her the valves and pipes running through the moves, however. Then uses the valve at the front to activate the steam. If you were shrunk, does the rats and triggers on the left side of the screw to move on. In the hot machine you have on the rotating gears and through the holes on the other side to reach the top. Here you shoot in the air ducts on the electrical fuses to be able to stop so the big fan and pass.


Have you called the elevator, she resists the Oktababies you and runs in the small anteroom with the corpse. Wait here until the Enforcer comes out of the elevator, activate the Holoduke and give it full throttle with the Ripper, and, if necessary, with the shotgun to take care of the Enforcer. Climbs over the railing in the elevator to the knob to the next level.

Level 26: Truck drivers Duke:

Destroy the crates and let you zoom in, turned on the switch in the next room the door and opens it with the remote. Run through the bolts when they are inactive and do the next opponent.


Uses the gun to bring him down from heaven, and drink beer in order to suffer less damage. He begins to throw in with boxes, you should leave the gun and escape, and then right again to go to the gun.

Level 27: Truck drivers Duke Part 2:

Ride on the truck by the opponent to the fence with the defective truck and jump over them to the other side. Turns power to the control room, accessible through the door, and you resisted the evil aliens.

Level 28: Generator Room:

When riding a train through the hall, you should rely on RPG and Devastator to take care of the enemies and collect the ammo box. Once the Octoroi come, using your RPG and if necessary the Holoduke. Does his little helpers to fill your Ego. During the first phase of the fight before the train is damaged, you can turn right into the small cabin, take cover. The king is done, seem to attract lightning, and the train. Fires continue to remain at the lifeless body of his majesty, standing up to the train.

Level 29: Underground Part 1:

At the point of the turbine with a total of three have to clean their push tool cart. The first is directly to the turbine, the second is at the corridor next to and above the third, just follow the hallway to the stairs to get there. When all three cars have been purely encountered, you can jump in and out on the other side of the ladder again.

Level 31: The Clarifier Part 1:

In the hall with the big crane, you have to put some drums on the loading device so that the crane is facing down and you can walk over it. A barrel is on the opposite page, top (use the elevator car to get high), the other on the left of the crane structure and one directly to the stairs. These are three barrels on the health, attack enemies you to the 4th Vorlassen barrel. Then you have to do two more enemies before you can run through the hospital to the next section.

Level 32: The Clarifier Part 2:

Have you struggled through the alien hordes, it arrives at your wounded partner. Take the bombs from him and walking beside him down the ladder and turn the bridge with the controller. Then let go immediately done, and the opponent continues to rotate the bridge so you can go through the electrified. Jump over the barrier and use the switch on the wall. Then you can jump into the water, use the valve to open the tunnel and swim through to the next level.

Level 33: The basin:

Floats further and further from an air source to the next and the valves used to divert the oxygen, so you can continue your path. Caution: for each oxygen divert some enemies will appear that you should do before their next swim. Your way to get two large screens on which you through the visible from a distance, flashing icon will persuaded to attach the bomb. On her second grid you snap the first RPG, and then placed the bomb, because it then has to deal with a giant alien worm.

Enemy Leech:

Left and right are ammunition boxes, so you can recharge your RPG and over again. Stays in motion and always swims from left to right to avoid the blows of the worm. If he retires, and absorbs the water, you should definitely check with your back to make him swim away and sideways to avoid being sucked in by him and hurt. He has inserted enough damage, quickly swims over to him and finished him via QTE.

Level 34: blowing up the dam:

While the dam falls apart, it paves your way through the rubble until you come to a long staircase. Here you are thrown from above barrels contrary, while the water rises from below. So now you have to climb the stairs as quickly as possible, ideally you say you left the railing and ignored the little corners on the right side, with their use because it'd be simply too slow. Once at the top opens, her soon as she can see the fire pig.

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Old 18-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 344
Re: Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Level 35: The Stand

Now you can get it with the cycloid emperor to do, have fought against her as early as the first level in the stadium. Stays in motion and wait until the alien ships sell pigs. Runs over to them once they settled down and at long distance with your pistol to pick up the RPG and shoot it the Emperor. Now, whenever you have no more rockets, sold more hogs. Repeats the process until the Emperor goes down. Runs over to him and performs the QTE. Now, in addition to the RPG-pigs and flying aliens and pigs are sold with shotguns.

Swaps the gun against the shotgun and ammunition is still collecting RPG heats and the Emperor, with its stout always on the move constantly to avoid his attack. In the last phase of the fight you'll get two supply crates and the Devastator. Lift him up and retain it in conjunction with the RPG.
Uses the Devastator against enemy infantry and air units, while their attacks with the RPG on the emperor. He goes to a final and third Times to the ground, runs to him, performs the QTE and then ran to the plane with the General to go on board. Congratulations, you have to wait 15 years successfully completed their Duke Nukem Forever!

Tips for Duke Nukem Forever
  • Ego-Guide: Ego feed up for more life energy.
  • The Duke has a combination of health bars and auto recovery system, if Duke is injured, it hurts his ego and his ego is at 0, the game is over. Were you taken some time and remains outside of the enemy fire, then refilled the Ego. You can Ego the course of the game away but the increase in which you interact with the environment and the Duke gives Sun a stronger ego. For each completed their bosses also get a bonus for your Ego.
  • Level 01: Duke lives! : After the sequence with the girls, you go straight through the door into the bathroom and the toilet, which you use your ego and increases by 1.
  • Level 02: Damn! It's late: Eat in the Employee Lounge, the popcorn from the microwave and the boxes on the shelf for ego second. Give the child the desired autograph for more ego.
  • Level 03: The Duke-cave: In the training room can boost your ego-intensive: picks up a dumbbell and curl for making a one ego. Duke consideration in the mirror (worship, right in front of the mirror) for Ego 1, strike the punching bag for an ego and too little punching bag for the first ego Check out some of basketball balls into the basket for Ego 1 and collects the weight plates (at the bank, a slice at the air shaft) and place them on the barbell, so make sure your bench press can and so an additional 3 points for your or the ego Duke gets by.
  • Level 06: The Lady Killer 2: You can use one of the slots and increase your ego by 1.
  • Level 09: The Duke Dome: In the section where you are in the trailer, you can use the copier and then 1 to get ego.
  • Level 11: The Hive: In the nasty slimy alien-building are some places human-looking breasts on the wall, where there are always three breasts. Goes up to her and "hitting" it, to get an Egoboost of 1.
  • Level 14: Duke Nukem's Titty City: Using the toilet, the hole in the wall with the drawing and you get 2 for Dukes' ego. Car wins at the poker office for 2 more plus points for the Ego our hero. Wins the game Alien Abduction for two egos.
  • Level 16: The Duke Burger I: In the toilet you can find the right cabin, one that enhances your ego at one point.
  • Level 20: The mighty foot part 2: In the building where you find the gasoline, you can use the PC upgrade and thanks to the beautiful picture your ego.
  • At the first end boss, there are two achievements: Who are you in the stadium and have to kill the boss, shoot down the first Zeppelin, and then there is the success of "Sunday Black Sunday." Kill the final boss and then when he is dead, his eyes on the ground. Hurry up and kicks it away, then you get the achievement "one-eyed freak".
  • Throughout the game you go into a talk show. Then, when you're in a place where a man yelling at the other man because he has goofed, you listen to the talk, use your fists until you can. KO then beat the actor and you have success, "No one stands to crybabies."
  • Who you are in the strip club and stands behind the bar, you see a door that can be opened with a code. Give the number combination "4768", and then it gets through.
Trophies for Duke Nukem Forever
  • Extermination: Kill 50 aliens.
  • Annihilation: Kill 100 aliens.
  • Nuclear devastation: Kill 250 aliens.
  • And bim! : Kill 30 aliens in a headshot.
  • It brings happiness Trample 12 aliens.
  • They did not steal: Perform 20 aliens.
  • Pitiful mining laser: Kill 10 aliens with laser mines.
  • Did you greetings from Lady Glagla! : Kill 15 aliens frozen.
  • Sproutch: Kill 15 aliens with the Monster Truck.
  • Did you greetings from Ryo! Kill the aliens 6 forklift.
  • Recycling: Kill 10 aliens with explosives in the environment.
  • Catch! : Kill 10 aliens by throwing objects.
  • The system of true champions: Kill 15 aliens in melee after taking steroids.
  • Yum! : Eat foods during the 10-player campaign.
  • Triple disaster: Kill 3 aliens at a time.
  • Two rounds of blank: Do you turn 10 once.
  • Excrement is disappointing! : Find a shit and fly it.
  • A good shower: Are you moved by 10 bombs ****.
  • Baron von Nukem: Defeat 20 fighters? aliens.
  • Head hats: Find the 3 headsets in the single player campaign.
  • Big night: Drink all the beers of the strip club.
  • Allergic: Kill all the catfish in the sub-marine.
  • Of-breasts: Draw something on the whiteboard in the single player campaign.
  • What day is it? : Look at all the pages of a calendar in the single player campaign.
  • You think I'm tacky? : Ask a laser mine on an alien alive.
  • In large vessels, big guns: Blow 5 hunters dropships enemies.
  • In my bubble bath: Drink a beer in the single player campaign.
  • Breakfast of champions: Take steroids in the single player campaign.
  • It has a hologram! : Use a Holoduke in the single player campaign.
  • Good example for the youth! : Swallow a beer on steroids, or vice versa solo.
  • Ach, the Hindenburg! : Shoot the blimp above the stadium.
  • Four red: Knock the actor in the TV show.
  • That balance: Win a game of strip club in alien abduction.
  • Never without my barrel: Unlock the secret compartment at the end of level "Forklift."
  • Slut Cyclops: Eliminate the Cycloid.
  • King of roulette: Eliminate Battlelord in Las Vegas.
  • Child's play: Complete the single player campaign mode Easy.
  • Are you still there? : Watch the credits to the end.
  • Answering Machine: Listen to all phone messages.
  • Air-Duke: Win a game of air hockey 7-0 to strip club.
  • Balls of Steel: Reach a score of 1,000,000 pinball in the single player campaign.
  • It will not be better: Find all of the improvements of Ego.
  • Gunslinger: Keep the gun gold throughout the single player campaign.
  • Not bad for a human: Eliminate the alien queen.
  • Dam total: Eliminate Battlelord the Hoover Dam.
  • Octocide: Eliminate Octoroi.
  • You got to have legs: Eliminate energy leech.
  • Here we go: Complete the single player campaign mode Medium.
  • It's going mess-up: Complete the single player campaign on hard difficulty.
  • I'm too strong: Complete the single player campaign mode Insane.
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