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Old 12-06-2011
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L.A.Noire Walkthrough and Achievements

LA Noire tells a detective story that takes place in Los Angeles in the late 1940s, in the context of postwar mingling corruption, drugs and jazz. This game on Xbox 360 cross action, investigation and complex narrative, while presenting a series of gruesome murders to solve. LA Noire is set in the Los Angeles of 1947, a city of splendor, wealth and prosperity. But also in the crime and corruption are on the agenda. The player assumes the role of Cole Phelps, a police official in his career with the Los Angeles Police Department is going through to where the mistakes of his past during the Second World War to make amends. First, on patrol, he works his way through the traffic police to the high homicide and is finally put in a department of the fire investigation. On each of his stops him a partner at their side to help him to be educated and arrests. The game combines investigative work such as crime detection with fast action scenes like car chases and shootouts. In addition to the actual storyline, the player can pursue additional side orders.

From the cinematic cut-scenes on the famous dialogue up to countless authentic details LA Noire indeed looks like a damn good interactive crime. Are absolutely memorable: the characters. Whether central or supporting character Held: Everyone has their own reasons, its own strengths and weaknesses, their own personal story. If you ever wanted to be part of a Humphrey-Bogart classic, can find the best possible alternative.

The Virtual Los Angeles in the '40s of the 20th Century looks exactly the way you imagine it: vintage cars rattled through the streets, pedestrians have strange hair and the buildings are of sublime beauty. And although many corners of the game world are just pure staffage, developer Team Bondi manages to let this deceptively digital arena. What has surprised us: The game will supply the main story a lot of side quests! And then you can discover their hidden cars, collecting golden (and mean-placed) rolls of film to make LA landmark identify and educate street crime. The latter are secondary missions that you almost done in passing: sometimes a fool wants to topple from the roof of a house in the death, sometimes a raging gang war.


Case 1: Shattered

Location : Street scene
  • (Street end) - bloodstain on the door
  • Reflection of a revolver in the left-hung windows on door
  • (Roof) - revolver with mother of pearl handle, Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
  • Location: Weapon Shop
  • Purchaser of the weapon in the Smith & Wesson-order book
  • Location: Schroeder's Apartment
  • (Entrance) - Apartment Number of mail box
  • (Living room) - book in drawer

Case 2: Armed and dangerous

Location: Crime Scene shooter

When shooting with several suspects in a bank is rendered harmless Thanks to our combined police forces in the area of each shot.

Case 3: Open arrest warrants

The case dissolves like magic. Volatile is captured again and the case is settled. Happens in the course of the story by itself. When patrol requested person is sighted. Probation refugee flees and is arrested after attack on police officers.

Case 4: Buy at your own risk

Location: Crime Scene shoe store
  • Shell casings on the ground near the corpse
  • Revolver in trash in street
  • Body - Pay slip in left pocket
Survey - Clovis Galetta
  • Eyewitness account - Reply lied
  • Proof: proof of payment rates
  • Possible suspects - Reply doubtful
  • Details on shooting - Reply credible
  • [Info on Phone] - Address of jewelry, "Hartsfield's" : After the police arrived, the suspect fled Edward Kalou. After his capture, this taken for questioning at police station.
Location: Willshire's district / Survey - Edgar Kalou
Armed with Gage - Reply lied
Proof: Suspicious person identified
Possible religious motive - Reply doubtful
Edgar Kalou is arrested for murder of ordinary shoe store owner Gage.

Case 5: The Driver's Seat

Location: crime scene on the track

Trunk - proof of purchase of live pig. Blood spatters in the cockpit of the car and photo ID card in your wallet. Glasses of the brand "Stenzel". Bloody tube of "InstaHeat"

Survey - Nate Wilkey plus photo
  • Due to the property - Reply credible
  • Know about Adrian Black - Reply credible
  • Contents of the purse - Reply doubtful
  • Bloodstained tube - Reply credible
Location: home of the Blacks
  • On the Wall - Lack of water tube boiler
  • Dining room - matchbook
  • Kitchen - the name of a bar in matchbook
  • Class room - train ticket from cabinet. Glasses of the brand "Stenzel" in chest. Message on photo back to chest. Ground bedroom - picture on chest
  • Info on Phone - address of Cavanaugh's Bar
Survey - Margaret Black plus photo
  • Receipt - Reply credible
  • Alibi - Reply credible
  • Whereabouts - Reply credible
  • Glasses - Reply credible
  • Photo - Reply lied
  • Proof: secret message
  • Matchbook - Reply credible
Location: Cavanaugh's Bar
  • Survey - Frank Morgan plus photo
  • Compounds - Reply lied
  • Proof: Pig
  • Whereabouts - Reply doubtful
  • Receipt - Answer
Location: Morgan's Apartment

Entrance - apartment number on the mailbox. Encountered a suspect flees and admits fraud under seizure.

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Old 12-06-2011
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Portland, OR
Posts: 505
Re: L.A.Noire Walkthrough and Achievements

Case 6: a heavenly marriage

Location: Ray's Caf?
  • Life insurance in left pocket - ID card from purse in right pocket
  • Trail of blood on the ground
  • Blood spatters on the ground
  • Skid marks on the bottom of the car accident
  • Alley - blood-stained knife
  • Survey - Shannon Perry plus photo
  • Description- Reply credible
  • Dispute - Reply doubtful
Survey - Dudley Finch plus photo
  • Hit and run - Reply doubtful
  • Relationship - Reply credible
  • Dispute in a bar - Reply doubtful
  • Common - Reply doubtful
  • Info on Phone - keeper of the suspect vehicle
Location: Shelton's residence
Encountered suspect flees accident and admitted to taking.

Location: Pattinson's residence
  • Survey - Lorna plus Pattinson photo
  • Hit and run - Reply doubtful
  • Due to the dispute - Reply doubtful
  • Partnership - Reply lied
  • Evidence: Insurance Letter
  • Info on Phone - new information from the coroner
Location: Morgue

About the Medical Examiner - death of the victim's stab wounds. Murder weapon found knives guaranteed

Location: Pattinson's residence
Encountered suspects fled after shot at the suspects and fled. In subsequent hostage suspect is shot.

Case 7: The Fallen Idol

Location: Accident
  • On boot - ripped underwear
  • Letter in hand pocket
  • Vehicle cockpit - Blood spatter
  • Medical examiner - Shrunken Head to manipulate the gas pedal
Survey - June Ballard plus photo
  • Influence of drugs - Reply doubtful
  • Injured - Reply lied
  • Proof Underwear
  • Artificial shrunken head - Reply doubtful
  • Suspect - Reply doubtful
Location: Central Hospital
  • Attending physician - evidence of the influence of drugs and abuse
  • Ward - Clipboard with medical report
  • Survey - Jessica Hamilton plus photo
  • Accident report - Reply lied
  • Proof Underwear
  • Contact with parents - Reply lied
  • Evidence: Letter
  • Compounds - Reply doubtful
  • Evidence - Reply credible
Location: Apartment of Bishops
  • Bedroom - check on the ground
  • Book room - photo sideboard
  • Living room - photo chest
  • Floor - Saddle props
  • Survey - Gloria Bishop plus photo
  • Trespassing - Reply doubtful
  • Whereabouts - Reply credible
  • Check - Reply lied
  • Proof: check
  • Abuse - Reply doubtful
  • Info on Phone - address of the store, Silver Screen Props

Location: Silver Screen Props
  • One-sided wall mirror on the left. Narcotics in liquor shelf right.
  • Backyard - Pattern for shrunken heads on rear table . False wall next to dumpster
  • Secret room - Empty film canister on the left chest. Roll of film on the shelf right
  • Survey - Marlon Hopgood plus photo
  • Compounds - Reply lied
  • Proof: empty film canister
  • Whereabouts - Reply credible
  • Relations with Ballard - Reply lied
  • Proof: empty film canister
  • Blackmail - Reply lied
  • Proof: proof of extortion
Location: "Jungle Drums" Set "
Encountered suspects fled and confessed to taking action. Confessed to be followed by escape from assassins saved from murder and arrested for it.

Case 8: The lipstick killer

Location: Crime Scene reference
  • Table lighter from the "Bamba" Club. Red lipstick in handbag. Footprints
  • Body - Lack of jewelry on the left middle finger. Head wound
Location: Bamba Club
  • Survey - McColl plus photo
  • Suspect - Reply credible
  • Ring - Reply doubtful
  • Know about - Reply doubtful
  • Info on Phone - license plate of the suspicious vehicle reported.
Location: home of Henry
  • Dining room) - Women's shoe on the bottom left corner of the room in
  • Bedroom - empty ring box on chest
  • Kitchen - broken window
  • Neighbor - Details of the couple's dispute
Location: Henry's Apartment
  • Bedroom - Men's shoes in the suitcase on bed
  • Living room - form with message on the left sideboard
  • Survey - Jacob Henry plus photo
  • Movements - Reply lied
  • Proof : the husband's alibi
  • Last contact - Reply credible
  • Motive for murder - Reply lied
  • Proof : death threat note
  • Info on Phone - identity and address of the second suspect
  • Arranged Immediate return to the infirmary

Location: Police Station
  • Survey - Jacob Henry plus photo
  • Access - Reply lied
  • Proof - the husband's alibi
  • Lipstick label - Reply credible
  • Decline of marriage - Reply lied
  • Evidence : Marriage problems
  • Lack of jewelry - Reply credible
Location: Mendez's apartment
  • Bedroom - Men's shoes before bed . Lipstick in cardboard on the ground. Murder weapon in a cardboard on the ground. Stark suspects fled and were arrested after seizure.
Case 9: The golden butterfly
Location: Crime Scene reference "love level"
  • Body - Lack of jewelry on the right wrist. Lack of jewelry on the left ring finger. Shoe prints on the upper body. Rope marks on the neck.
  • Pins in handbag - Not stolen money in hand pocket
  • Back of tree - footprints leading to victims
Location: Residence of the Moller
  • Bedroom - empty ring box on chest. Empty watches box on chest. Work shoes under windows
  • Survey - Michelle Moller plus photo
  • Missing - Reply credible
  • Last contact - Reply doubtful
  • State of marriage - Reply doubtful
  • Survey - Hugo Moller plus photo
  • Shoe prints - Reply lied
  • Proof : work boots
  • Missing person report - Reply doubtful
  • Alibi - Reply lied
  • Proof: Alibi
  • Previous cases - Reply lied
  • Proof: Gold brooch
  • Neighbor - review of evidence disposal. Bloody shoes in incinerator. Info on Phone - searching for the coroner ordered.
Location: Morgue
  • Autopsy room - head of the corpse. Three samples on various cable tables left. Plaster casts of the footprints left on the table
  • Medical examiner - Details of funeral and rope
  • Info on Phone - vehicle on grounds of the Belmont High found. Arranged interview with the school janitor
  • Place: Parking lot of the Belmont High School. Suspect fled and is identified by taking as a known pedophile.
  • Eli Rooney - Butterfly Brooch
  • Orphaned car - bloody tool / Bloody rope / Bloody overalls
  • Info on Phone - Return to the police station and interrogated arranged
  • Survey - Hugo Moller plus photo
  • Access to bike - Reply lied
  • Evidence: bl. Wheel Wrench
  • Access to Fleichtseil - Reply doubtful
  • Elimination - Reply credible
  • Vehicle - Reply lied
  • Proof: Overalls
  • Survey - Eli plus Rooney Photo
  • Shoe prints - Reply doubtful
  • Job - Reply doubtful
  • Access to - Reply credible
  • Motif - Reply doubtful
  • Eli Rooney strongly suspects the murder of Ms. Moller accused.
Case 10: The Silk Stocking

Location: Crime Scene reference
  • Body - library card-half in the right hand. Lack of jewelry on the left ring finger. Bloody neck.
  • Writing on body : Silk Stockings. the beginning of the trail of blood evidence continues to follow her
  • Damenhut trace of blood : Women in garbage can trail of blood. House keys on tubes of blood trail. Form with Punktediagram trace of blood. Trail of blood on fire escape to the roof
  • Roof - Cover in pigeon. Make up box on the roof next to a trail of blood.
  • Blood trace of rain gutter to a higher roof
  • Higher roof - with line cord at duct exit. Bloody bucket and brush on the ground. Handbag with library card-half
Location: Antonia's residence
  • Bedroom - Letter to bed in case
  • Broken window
  • Picture in drawer of chest
  • Balcony - burglary tool
  • Survey - Barbara Lapenti plus photo
  • Possible suspects - Reply credible
  • Movements of the victim - Reply doubtful
  • Evidence of burglary - Reply lied
  • Proof: broken window
  • Decline of marriage - Reply lied
  • Evidence: Photo of a bracelet

Location: Bar El Dorado
  • Bartender - summons for Angel Maldonado
  • Survey - Diego Aguilar plus photo
  • Lack of jewelry - Reply doubtful
  • Movements of the victim - Reply credible
  • Location: Maldonado's apartment
  • Entrance - mailbox and apartment number
  • Kitchen - Bloody shirt on the right line. Matchbook on worktop next. slab on kitchen floor next to
  • Neighbor from 302 ? The husband's alibi
  • Info on Phone - Return to the police station arranged.
Location: Central area
  • Keller ? poem. Letter
  • Survey - Angel Maldonadoplus Photo
  • Last contact - Reply lied
  • Proof: The husband's alibi
  • Divorce process - Reply lied
  • Evidence : Divorce Documents
  • Jewelry from the corpse - Reply credible
  • Bloodstained shirt - Reply doubtful
  • Location: Fruit Market Just Picked
  • Survey - Clem Feeneyplus Photo
  • Striking necklace - Reply doubtful
  • Contact with victims - Reply doubtful
  • Jewelry from the corpse - Reply credible
  • Warehouse - in box drawer. Box in center of the room. Scalpel on desk. Feeney suspects fled and were arrested after seizure.
Case 11: White shoes and a murder

Location: Crime Scene reference
  • Corpse - collar shield of a laundry.
  • Footprints
  • Skid marks
  • Survey - Catherine Burton Plus Photo
  • Suspicious person -Reply credible
  • Info on Phone - Address to the laundry
  • Location of the homeless camps
Location: Laundry
  • Address of the victim in the laundry list
Location: home of the Taraldsens
  • Bedroom - matchbook on the left chest
  • Laundry - Handbag with lipstick and driver's license
  • Dirty shoes on the ground
  • Wet jacket on the door handle
  • Garden - similar to the murder rope at the bow of boat
  • Survey - Lars Taraldsenplus Photo
  • Possible suspects - Reply lied
  • Proof: Bugseil
  • Alibi for Lars - Reply doubtful
  • State of mind - Reply doubtful
  • Last contact with victims - Reply lied
  • Proof: Wet Jacket
  • Info on Phone - Review of Taraldsen's requested alibi
Location : Baron's Bar
  • Survey - Benny Cluffplus Photo
  • Last contact - Reply credible
  • Suspect - Reply doubtful
  • Yellow Taxi - Reply credible. Bates suspect flees and is captured and subsequently interviewed.
  • Survey - Richard Bates Plus Photo
  • Contact with victims - Reply doubtful
  • Report - Reply doubtful
  • Info on Phone - sailor suspect to testify in the area. Investigation inquiry ordered by taxi. After taxi driver provides tracking information on movements of the victim.
Location: Central area
  • Survey - James Jessopplus Photo
  • Contact with victims - Reply doubtful
  • Incident with Bates - Reply doubtful
  • Movements before - Reply doubtful
  • Taxi ride with victims - Reply doubtful
  • Info on Phone - Information on Lars Taraldsen's Alibi
Location: Busbanhhof
  • After driver provides information about movements of the victim.
Location: Homeless Camp
  • Ackerman's Shack - Blood Stained piece of rope on bedside table
  • Purse and ballroom-ticket box
Location: Central area
  • Survey - Stuart Ackermanplus Photo
  • Motive for murder - Reply doubtful
  • Contact with victims - Reply doubtful
  • Alibi for Stuart - Reply doubtful
  • Stuart Ackerman is accused of murder and imprisoned.
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Old 12-06-2011
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Re: L.A.Noire Walkthrough and Achievements

Achievements in L A Noire

Like a moth to the light 70GS : Complete all cases for investigation from the fire.

Police School 15GS : Complete all cases on patrol off.
Paved with good intentions 15GS : Complete all cases in the traffic department from.

Art of Murder 15GS :Complete all cases from homicide. No rest for the ungodly 15GS : Complete all cases in the vice squad from.

The Professional 15GS : Episode Candy Edwards, incognito, without use of cover or, except when (re-) recording the track. This success in case you get "A stitch-up", but it sure is important that you not use the RB button to hide you. Uses simple houses, cars or other items. Make sure that the mission is not aborted.

The shadow 15GS : Pursuing a suspect in a case without being discovered. This success in case you get "The Fallen Idol - The Fallen Idol." Does the person after the hospital stay of up to a cafe and, of course, remains unnoticed. Sit in a cafe right on the square on the left side, shown by the fact that a newspaper is on the table. Once you read the newspaper, one of the success you.

Public threat 30GS : Ammler $ 47,000 in fines during a single-story case. Even a cop can get fines. ... These are per case and are imposed when one drives around objects or pedestrians. Heated up a bit through the city during a fall and then accumulates, a total of $ 47,000 in fines.

Highest Rank 30GS : Max out the rank The highest attainable rank is 20 Solves it with all 21 cases in the story that should be enough to get at the end of this success. Ranking points do you get if their street solving crimes, for finding landmarks, reading newspapers for movie roles, and of course by the conclusion of a case in the trial.

Tour de 30 GS : Complete a story event with a 5-star rating from. There is no need for long explanation, because we go to the individual cases in the next success "Freebie and the Bean", which is not quite so simple, but also brings you 80 GS. The completion of this success, you get the achievement "crowning achievement" automatically. Of course you can also use just the lower description, to conclude "crowning achievement".

Freebie and the Bean 80 GS : Complete all Story cases with a 5-star rating from. Some suggestions on resolving this success: always pay attention to the fact that it accumulates during the penalty cases as little as possible (except of course for success, "Public Menace"). It's best to take your last partner, accidents are actually excluded. Remember that you can repeat any case! In the main menu you can see each of the cases for which one has already reached the 5 stars. Here is a list and complete resolution of the story events. Here is the complete solution with a list of all 21 cases of LA Noire

The City of Angels 80GS : Complete the game 100% from As with all Rockstar titles will "LA Noire to 100% to play. In order to do the following things must be achieved:
  • All papers must be read
  • All 21-story cases must be solved
  • All vehicles must be driven in the game
  • All 40 street crime to be solved (side missions)
  • All 50 landmarks to be discovered
  • All 50 rolls of film have to be found

In all 6 points can be found here on these pages each and the solutions. Many of these points are also automatically covered by a success.

For the record 15 points : Find and examine the LAPD as a detective or investigator a clue. A success that one can hardly miss. Once you are investigators of the LAPD, you get the points if you look at a note. Latest from "The driver's seat."

Confusion 15 GS :Find and solve a mystery investigation. This success is also the first from "The driver's seat" is possible. Go to the estate of Blacks in the garden behind the house, look at the pipes on the wall and adds them together again. That's it.

Interrogation art 30GS : Interpret all statements in any interrogation of a single-story case properly. But this success is the earliest from "The driver's seat" is possible. We need not explain much, because with our complete solution , which can be found, you can do nothing wrong.

Serendipity 30GS : Use intuition four points in a single survey and interpret each statement correct. You get these points if you in rank, from rank 6 you have at least 4 points. Uses them deliberately and also uses the complete solution, then nothing can go wrong.

The right instincts 15GS : Use as a detective of the LAPD investigator or a piece of evidence to debunk a lie. This success is also starting earlier than "The driver's seat." What makes the case that their success is relatively unimportant when it uses and so the lie is uncovered, the success enabled. A look at the complete solution also helps here.

Boy wonder 15GS : Solve a case as a detective of the LAPD or investigators find, using all information
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Old 12-06-2011
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Portland, OR
Posts: 505
Re: L.A.Noire Walkthrough and Achievements

  • All Vehicles in L.A.Noire
  • Buick Business Coupe - West Lake
  • Buick Coupe - Downtown, Central
  • Buick Eight Convertible - Wilshire
  • Buick Eight Coupe - Downtown, Central l
  • Buick 2DR Sedanette - Wilshire
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR - Downtown, Central
  • Chevrolet Styeline - Downtown, Central
  • Chrysler Town and Country - Downtown, Hollywood
  • Cord Hardtop - Hollywood
  • Buick Custom - Hollywood
  • Ford Convertible - Hollywood
  • Ford Custom - Central
  • Packard Custom - Wilshire, Arson first case in the parking lot of the factory InstaHeat
  • Desoto 2DR Custom - West Lake
  • Ford 2 DR - West Lake
  • Ford Business Coupe
  • Ford Tudor Convertible
  • Ford V8 Sedan - Downtown, Central
  • LaSalle V8 Sedan - West Lake
  • Lincoln Continental Coupe - Wilshire
  • Nash Super 600 - Downtown Central
  • Packard Clipper Eight - Down Town, Central
  • Six Clipper 23.Packard - Wilshire
  • Pontiac Torpedo Six - West Lake, Hollywood
  • Studebaker Commander - West Lake
Police Cars
  • Buick - Traffic cases
  • Cadillac Series 62 Convertible - Vice cases
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR - Arson cases (Jack Kelso's car)
  • Chevrolet Coroner's Van - Parked near many crime scenes
  • Ford Police Special - Patrol cases
  • Hudson Commodore - Arson cases
  • International Police Wagon - At road blocks, "Reefer Madness" Street Crime Case
  • Nash Super 600 - Homicide cases
  • Studebaker Commander - Parked near many crime scenes

Bonus Cars
  • Cadillac Town Car - 1936
  • Chrysler Woody - 1946
  • Cisitalia Coupe - 1939
  • Cord 810 soft top - 1936
  • Davis Deluxe - 1948
  • Delage D8 120-1937
  • Delage D8-120 S Poutout Aero-Co - 1937
  • Delahey 135MS Cabriolet - 1947
  • Walker Duisenberg Coupe - 1934
  • Phantom Corsair - 1938
  • Stout Scarab - 1936
  • Talbot GS26 - 1948
  • Tucker Torpedo - 1948
  • Voisin C7 - 1938
  • Ford Boy H – 1932

Sports Car
  • Cadillac V16 Convertible - Hollywood
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible - Hollywood
  • Mercury Custom - East Downtown
  • Ford Deluxe Convertible - West Lake
  • Lincoln Continental Convertible - Hollywood
  • Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster - Wilshire
  • Nash La Fayette Convertible - Hollywood
  • Oldsmobile S98 Convertible – Wilshire

Tips and Hints
  • Unlock costumes:
  • The ray of Chicago: An added bonus account to link our PSN or Xbox Live with the RockStar Social Club. Can access from the main menu of the game.
  • The Golden boy: We got to get traffic automatically.
  • Sunset Strip: We get it automatically when the rank 8.
  • The weight of justice: We get it automatically when the rank 3.
  • The stranger: We get it automatically when reaching the rank 13.
  • Getting the hat of John Marston (Dead Red Redemption) : One way of nostalgia us in the quest "The murder of the Silk Stocking." Once we found all the clues of the crime scene back to the car. Before we take a look into the alley behind us, where a trash can, we will find the high-hat Cowboy John Marston. Who has much in common with good old Cole Phelps.
  • Cars secrets: Cars secrets are not easily available. The map marks a question and since then we have to look for life. However, it will be easier if we want a garage door with a big logo. Right next door we have a yellow handle small to take us straight to the car hidden.
  • Finding the golden 50 cans of film: Then you leave a map with the location of the fifty golden cans of films that are scattered all over the map of Los Angeles. You will also find a series of videos which details where exactly. Finding them unlocks the trophy "This is Hollywood."
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