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Thread: Fables III GNOME Locations

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    Fables III GNOME Locations

    Here are the locations of Gnome. You can read below to get more references on the same.

    Shifting Sands

    1. Upon arrival at this place heard him speak, is in the first column on the left.
    2. When we go down the stairs the entire above, take the road to the right of all, we shadows appear after seguirmos clear them and then we will hear straight talk. Is hooked on the big rock on the left of this road, if we move slightly away from the road and look to a column on the right you will see a little hung back on the rock that comment.
    3. Now we have to go to the palace Sandfall to see that this is a road that is hanging strips of red cloth on top of the rocks. Just when we stand before the palace to the cave and see us turn to the right.
    4. The gnome will see them soon, we must turn to the palace of Sandfall, and by the way we find several areas of stairs, enemies and plenty of water. We just have to follow the path to the castle and find a wall before reaching the room where we grab a blue diamond.

    Aurora City

    1. The Gnome is located just above where we found the book of Konan Wiggledung, and the book is the city limits, if we go through the front door of the desert, we went down the slope of the village and turn left and the bottom of all we will listen. Both objects are on top of one of the figures that have Aurolinos to pray. Perhaps with this video you may know better what I mean.
    2. The second Gnome is in the port of Aurora, dirigims us to the boat, climb the two staircases in wood and look to the right just behind the top two boxes, then we will hear.

    The road Veiled

    1. Upon arrival to this area, turn the camera right up and we'll see.
    2.The following gnome as following the path that is full of statues, eventually we will find a lot of enemies, those who seem to birds with armor, after deleting reach an area with 3 statues on the left and 3 the front, then just below the first statue to the front is the other gnome.
    3.This gnome is very close to the above, follow the previous path and climb stairs with multiple columns, the gnome is in the last column on the right just above.
    4. Right where we find the puck above and without taking the stairs, on the right side of the screen door to find a way to The Enigma, within this there are several rooms, the first is a chest to open the following ports should light the fire of the torches with the magic, in a next door hear about the gnome, this is on the shelf of one of the doors of this room, which has no outlet.


    1. Entering the Silverpine Forest, the only way is to find a small town, this town has an entrance to the mines of Silverpine, and just oak is a gnome.
    2. The Silverpine iquierda Village is a small cemetery, this will see a tomb inside a small hut, from this situation looking at the grave we walk straight and turn down the slope immediately after passing the grave to right turn only see a wooden elevator, there is the second gnome Silverpine.


    1. The first prefecture is located near the tunnel that leads to Bowerstone industry, this tunnel is to the left, we'll see right away from the big giant tree in the center, just as close as we hear, is a little to the right, down in a hollow between the rocks and water.
    2. The following gnome is in the cemetery Mouningwood, we see that the cemetery is quite large, but there is a raised area just behind the statue in the center that has small ruins in an arc, we get into the Runi, We turn and see it hooked up in the bow.
    3. The third Morningwood gnome is on the Ghost Town, which you may gain access from Morningwood own cemetery, the entrance to the ghost town is on the left of the graveyard if we come down the road of the fort in which is the mortar. The entrance is at the bottom of an area filled with house-shaped tombs in the central (arcing) to open it opens the way to the Ghost City. Once inside we climbed the stairs and the only way is up to a big tree, a time before the turn right, we will see in front of a chest and then listen to the Gnome, this is among the graves 2 and 3. I put the video where the Gnome but unfortunately not the way to the Ghost City. Anyway missions by brothers Sam and Max are in the city.

    You might be aware that there is an DLC for the game Fable III Fortress traitor. There is similar thread made on the achievement the game which is provided here you can read and get more info.

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    Re: Fables III GNOME Locations

    Bowerstone Industry

    1. In the harbor, at the very beginning of the city, we see a large ship, where is located this if we go a bit we will see two bridges that connect the streets, we crossed the first and we move into the street on the right, I hear nothing but cross is in the alley you see as you cross the bridge. We went into the alley and we turn, we look a bit up and then we'll see.
    2. There is a mission that will lead us to Bowerstone to save a caged animal "Animal Liberation" when we release them and eliminate all enemies, look at the cages, in one of them is a gnome.
    3. Near Industries Bowerstone, if we chose to create it, there is a bridge, then the gnome hear Todd tell us, this is located under the arch of the bridge. For you created no school, coming from the ship at the beginning, we continue straight and 3 bridges, but 3 of the streets that connect right to the left, crossing the stream. The third bridge is the one with the gnome, do not you cross, always follow the left and you will see down the other side.
    4. Near the Bowerstone school, just outside the door we have a small embarkation, if we go down the stairs you see down there is a door to which we can enter, this brings us to another area of the sewers, continue straight this way, so until we see a room in front, if we look we see the gnome hung from the ceiling vent, so we just have to find the climb, go to the right and climb to the wax in front of the stairways.

    Sunset House

    1. Sunset house is beyond the cemetery Mourningwood; I put a video on how to get there. Once at Sunset House continue straight up the valley and see a small puddle, because there in a rock there is the gnome hooked.

    Mistpeak Valley

    1. Get to the cave Chillbreath, once inside we are just entering the first gnome entraremos this area, in front of the column between a stalactites.
    2. The following gnome is in the same cave, lies precisely in the bridge that is shattered into a frozen lake.
    3. The Demon of Mistpeak door, which asks the presence of two heroes, Elad find a lake on your right above it is the gnome.
    4. Travel directly to the Gnome Mistpeak we turn around and cross the lake by swimming to reach the entrance to the Monorail, without going into the cave we see a house and a road, take the path going straight up in between two columns at the bottom of all is the gnome next to a tree.
    5. On the way from the Valley of Mistpeak coming when we will find an indication that informs us we got to camp dwellers, just above this signal is a small way, with a few tables and a pit with a skeleton on the back wall to the next gnome listen, which is pasted on the wall.

    El Hoyo

    To reach the cave of the monorail have to do the same route a while ago, we travel directly to Mistpeak and then cross the lake to swim, but this time if we enter the cave that we are just reaching the shore.
    1. Cave In to hit the empty monorail, where this went down and behind him, we found it on fire is the other gnome.
    2. If we advance along the path of the monorail will come to some ruins with lots of columns, nothing else comes to these ruins as escuharemos speak, after eliminating the hobbes is in a circular area we turn to the side looking from the inside by which we entered and we will see over the bow hanging above the ruin.

    Camp dwellers

    1. The camp is a chest you need 8 keys to open, if you move in front of the chest facing forward and we will see next to the wooden fence. The chest is behind the two caravans that have a fire in the middle.
    Brithtwall Village
    1. The first gnomes were found in the home of Brian, the collector of gnomes, gnome is the only give us guidance.
    2. After crossing the first bridge of the people we see a big house to the left, surround and outdoor stairs behind her is the other gnome.
    3. The following gnome is behind the first house on right after passing under the bridge that leads to jobs. Is on a rock.

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    Re: Fables III GNOME Locations

    The Locket

    1. Part of the academy in Brihtwall, into an area called The Shrine, but I leave this area the two videos, because I think that is more than necessary. The mission "An ancient key" will also guide you to the Shrine.

    Mercenary Camp

    1. Upon entering the village continue straight, without turning to nothing. Then it escucharems speak, when that happens, look in the water tank on the left and we'll see over this.


    1. Traveled to Millfields, where we let the map go straight down the road after the lake drained, we should not stray from the path marked out by the miners down the road before entering the village, on the right side of the road we find a lot of logs stacked beside the rock is the gnome, then I listen.
    2. Follow the path above, and move forward to find a bridge that leads to the town and see two paths one up and one down, take the bottom and a 3-arc Runia find another gnome, as it always immediately hear speak.
    3. The gnome third area is in Reaver's mansion, we stand at the door of the house without going down the stairs and head to the right of the garden, and this is the corner stone railings.

    Septic Tanks

    1. After leaving the orphanage we went down the ladder to the right of the gate, and drove to the house of entrente, this home has a basement that leads directly to septic tanks. When we reach this, continue straight until you can jump into the water, once we jump too straight down the only road until we can take a course, when this happens, turn right and right again, to run into a lot Hobbes, discard it and go straight back to the bottom end of the road without turning at any moment but we'll see the gnome.

    Dankwater Cave

    1. Upon entering the cave if we go a bit we will see a large waterfall in the distance, if we go a little further, we will see to the right of the waterfall.
    2. Continue to move and the next section we attain few Hobbes, discard it and then we will hear, is in between the rocks with stalactites that there is at bottom right for the part that no output.

    Bowerstone Market

    1. Bowerstone market located in front of the statue coming from the long bridge, turn left and continue straight until you reach a shop that has stairs behind, we approached the stairs and not upload right away we will see in the wall in a corner between the wall and a hole.

    2. Now if we go up the stairs before we go gnome and the only way there, eventually we'll find a circular stone area, then you hear, go through the arch, and we turn up is the gnome.

    3. For this gnome quickest way is to go to our map, select Bowerstone Market and travel, thus appear almost next to the gnome, will see a small monument with 4 statues and a bow in the middle, or continue straight about steps and headed to the pound, which is the name of the house next to the bar, right where we are, estramos and went through the door is in front, next to the door in the wall of the house is the gnome.

    Bowerstone Castle

    1. In the kitchen of the castle high atop a barrel find the gnome.
    2. The following gnome is on the outside of the castle, the gardens, near where we were given the seal of the guild at the beginning of the game, is a source on the right.
    3. The last troll of this area is in the catacombs, you remember where we were given the seal of the guild, then when it opens just below the ground, move and attack us some holes, the gnome is on the right colmna , behind.

    Bowerstone Old Town

    1. Traveled directly from the map Bowerstone Old Town, we will meet before a statue of a knight on a pig, we turn to the left we see a street light with three lamps, just behind a little above will see the gnome the wall.
    2. From the statue again, in the same position, appearing before the statue traveling directly, follow this rather straight and then turn left between the ways home, then heard him speak, as soon as you hear stop, so find one of the windows of a house on the right.


    Driftwood is in Millfields, but before that we have completed the mission "Restore", once completed we went to Millfields and we look at the pink house that is on top of mine, once there and to better situate, set as if the house and left, you follow the way and after walking a bit you will see that you can climb a small slope in which there is a bridge and a security guard. You cross the point and you keep the only way there, then you will enter in Driftwood.

    1. The first Gnome in this area is on an island, if we move from the village come to the shore, the thing is to swim from island to island straight until you see an island with a ship wrecked on the left on this island is the first gnome. In the video that I leave the ship does not come out, but in my game if I say it because if you leave the boat is ok, is that island. Located on a rock.
    2. From the shore near the caravans and overlooking the sea, turn left and continue straight, climbed among the rocks, and at the end we will see in a small wooden house sitting.

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    Re: Fables III GNOME Locations

    Common Fixes for Gnome Problems

    Returning to Brian in Brightwall, you find standing next to HIM The Gargoyle still, to now all of history are missing gnomes. Quickly, Brian tells you That All Of The Gnomes Have EXCEPT Lionel left and he needs your help that in retrieving. Brian than Then Send You to His home to retrieve Lionel.

    Once there, a familiar taunting cans Be Heard coming from inside coming from Lionel. Shoot the gnome and return to Brian. Will the quest ends, No Reward is intended given at This Time As The player has to retrieve The Rest of the Gnomes.

    Find Gnome and 2 Silver Keys in The Ossuary.

    1. Open crypt near The Entrance To The area from mourningwood. 4th crypt from The Right Side.
    2. Climb stairs nearest Tomb of The Entrance and turn left from mourningwood @ the 1st landing (before the golden door). Leap off the ledge to land here was unreachable level Seemingly That Holds a silver key
    3. Evil gnome: When You Get In The ossuary, Climb to the level of the golden door Then Go All The Way To The right and jump off at The Crack in the Wall (You Should Land On The Other Side of the gap).
    4. There'll be a huge central tree and go northwest to an upper hill area with 5 crypts and a treasure chest. The Gnome Will is In the Wall Between The short 3rd & 4th crypts.

    Gnomes Main Quest

    Open crypt near The Entrance To The area from mourningwood. 4th crypt from The Right Side.

    1. Climb stairs nearest Tomb of The Entrance and turn left from mourningwood @ the 1st landing (before the golden door). Leap off the ledge to land here was unreachable level Seemingly That Holds a silver key
    2. Evil gnome: When You Get In The ossuary, Climb to the level of the golden door Then Go All The Way To The right and jump off at The Crack in the Wall (You Should Land On The Other Side of the gap).
    3. There'll Be a huge central tree and go northwest to an upper hill area with 4. Crypts and a treasure chest. The Gnome Will Be In The Wall Between The short 3rd & 4th crypts.

    I'm pretty much at The End of the game. yet when I "go to the places arenít they Should Be There. Does this mean i cannot get The Gnome anymore? Did you talk to the guy after you shot the first historical house in gnome? Their goal Stayed up till the quest dated? I had a problem With That too. and I Kept Leaving Before the quest updated. Just talked to the guy and listen to HIM and The Gnome argues for a bit. Then You Will get a quest update.

    Problem Animal Liberation

    Once you unlock The Entrance To The Pie Factory through the quest Animal Liberation, you'll find inside himself "a cage" under the entrance to The Factory. I checked my quest list and I have not the Animal Liberation Completed mission yet. so I selected it and we Turned the yellow trail for it to when I enter Bowerstone Industrial Vanishes and The Trail Where To go.

    If youíre talking about for The Gnome, it's inside the cage next to The Entrance Of The Pie Factory. Yes That Is The gnome I am talking about but I cannot find the pie factory. There a back alley With A locked gate That Is That You Can now unlock

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