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Thread: How to play assassin's creed brotherhood in multiplayer mode on pc

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    How to play assassin's creed brotherhood in multiplayer mode on pc

    A Demo of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer was out on the PS3 and Xbox network. The game is nicely designed with lots of multiplayer mode support. I have some tips on the same which can guide you to play the game on multiplayer level. In the game you get a chance to play on the multiplayer mode. The new multiplayer mode is designed as you had never seen the same before. The game lets you to choose a very large number of characters and also with their unique fighting skills and weapons. You can simply choose the character which can match the skill of your opponent and compete around the world.

    Right now fans of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood can enjoy this multiplayer modes. The main feature of the same is a wide number of characters. Each of the characters has its own secret weapon and assassination skill. In that some of the examples are hidden guns, parachutes, double hidden blades and some kind of very advance flying machines. This are all the features of different characters that are provided in the multiplayer mode. Other than this it is not enough you have more than a number of maps that you can try on and compete.

    Multiplayer Mode :

    Wanted : The first is Wanted and the second is Alliance. Here is the detailed explanation in this two modes. In the Wanted mode you can creat a group of some eight players. Each and every player in the game has a prescribed target. Every player has to kill out one or more hunters to reach the target. Every player has to follow the same and finish up fast to end up the mission

    Alliance Modes : In the second mode Alliance, which is also called as Hunter mode there is a need of strategy. In this one is defined as a Assassin. This player has a choice to define the class of the other players. There is not more information released on the types of classes. In this mode the Assassin is given a target. The target keeps on flashing on the map. The maps also shows you the information on the different guards in the area. The game strategy here is that the Assassin has to find a way to reach to the Target without getting noticed. The guards will keep a very close watch for the Assassins so this becomes a bit tough job when you reach near. Try avoid contact with guards and reach the Target without getting noticed or else you will loose the game.

    Chest Capture : This is one of most newest mode announced for the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer mode. In this mode there are around 3 to 4 player at a time to play. In this mode each of the player is a part of Templars. They all will have to either protect or capture a chest as per defined in the game. The protectors in the game does not know anything about the chest. Any of the protector will only now if his in the area of the Chest. The compass will lead to the direction for the protectors.When they reach at an range of the Chest the compass get re-sync and it will force you to see the indication of Chest. In the game the Hunter is in disguise within the Templars group and players have to find who the same is. Now in this the hunters are aware about the Chest where are they. They will move in the circle stand and capture the same. There will more hunters then enter in the sam area.

    Manhunt : This is an another type of multiplayer mode in the game. In this there are two group of teams. The motive here is to hunt for each other. Each team will hunt for each other and the game is entirely based on hide and survive. As the first round is ended in the second round the roles are versed and the now the killer becomes the Target. They have to survive. Every round is of 5 minutes each.

    There are other some more modes that will be very interesting to play.

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Patch 1.01

    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood The Da Vinci Disappearance Video Walkthrough

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood DLC Review

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    Re: How to play assassin's creed brotherhood in multiplayer mode on pc

    Some Basic Tips for the Abilities you can use in Multiplayer Mode :

    Here are some tactics that you can try in the game to reach the Target and killing of the guards slowly. This are very helpful tips in the all version of the game you played. I had showed a little bits of highlights of them also.

    The first ability about which I want to tell is Throwing Knives : When your target sees you it tries to flee out fast. For that you can throw knives on them and make them slow. When the Target is hit he gets hurt and the movement of the same normally reduces. This also prevent hem from climbing building or jumping which is a very easy escape sometime. If you had a view on the Target just threw some knives to make him weak. This reduces your time to catch the Target. First lock the Target and when he starts running then use this technique. As the knives hit the Target he will fall down and be confused for sometime. Walk silently towards him and finish up the job.

    The second ability which is quiet helpful is Charge : In this the Target is killed automatically as then come in contact with the Assassin. It is beneficial to kill if your number of target is quiet higher than one. You just need to walk to them slowly and then charge fast towards them.

    The third ability is Disguise : In this you get a ability to walk between your Target Area. You just transform yourself as one of them. This is one of coolest ability I like. It is best recommended when you have to chase a sequence of target. You just need a ample of distance between you and your Target and then use this ability. Activating this suddenly you get disappeared from the eye.

    The fourth one is Smoke Bomb : As the same says that it is a Smoke Bomb which usually immobilizes the players for sometime. It is cloud of smoke which confuses them all and they became inactive for sometime. But this is only meant for quick escape. It is one of the most basic technique for defense. But in multiplayer matches this technique is one of smart skill for Assassin. If you have your Target in front then walk a little further and release the Smoke Bomb. Then walk and kill the Target.

    The fifth ability is Morph : This ability simply rocks. I found this as one of the best tools. In this as you walk near the opposite player and transform then into you. How this works ?. You just need to walk in between then the group of player. For example you enter a group of 5 player. Stand in between and then activate this. All the 5 players will transform into you. Now there are 5 Assassins for sometime. This is best for troubling the chasers and confusing them. Those players just becomes a clone of your personality.

    The sixth ability is Mute : I do not like this much, but still I am mentioning because sometime this helps. But it remains last only for 1.5 seconds. This was really a bad time. what one can do in that. What happens here is that when you activate this the other players get freezes. They will not be able to use any of their abilities and cannot perform any kill. In that time you can perform your strategy. But that does not last for a longer period of time.

    The seventh ability is Hidden Gun: This same is provided in the single-player campaign. One for the major issue of this here is that you need around 100 points to use this. In this you do not need to reach near the Target. Just get a proper point for the Target, aim and shoot in the Mid-Air. I found this one of the safer and better way to kill the Target and other guards.

    The eighth ability is Templar Vision: I like this ability. In this you get a vision of eagle where you can spot your Target on the ground. Then you can just fly towards it and pick him up from the crowd. You just need a tree for that with good height. The Target here is highlighted in a Blue color. And those who are guarding him are in Red. So you can easily differentiate between the same.

    The ninth ability is Sprint Boost: This ability gives you power to run much faster. This technique is better if your Target is inside a big crowd. You can walk towards your target and then kill the Target. Then you can run faster and escape to a safer place. You just disappear from the scene like speedrunner.

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    Re: How to play assassin's creed brotherhood in multiplayer mode on pc

    How to Survive in Hunter Mode :

    In this you will need to find the Target which are prescribed for you before. In this mode I will recommend you to run only if it is needed. Always before attacking you will need to reduce as much as distanced between the you and the Target and then only attack, so that you cannot get much obstacles while reaching the same. Suspicious Behavior can let you down very fast. Do not change your direction suddenly and run fast. Always look for the movements that can let you to see more controlled. Do not replicate any strange behavior. The guards are very cautious here.

    Never be in hurry to kill your target fast if your using Templar Vision. Like you noticed the Target below and then you jump towards him straight to grab him. Remembers that the pursuers gets alerted very fast and then will knock you out at once. So be at a better point.

    It is important to get an understanding about the surrounding you have. It is the first key of survival. So here you know which is the best part to run and also the best hiding places. So just do not enter the map and run to the target. Have a good knowledge of place where you are. This is the best idea for escaping. If you are taking a pause in the multiplayer mode then hide in a proper place.

    The more you kill the more you get Targets. You keep your head up in straight. Their can be around 4 pursuers always behind you. That creates suspicious movement. This means that you are always begin followed and they keep on searching you. Do not panik and if accidentally you killed a civilian then keep on moving. There can be ample of hunters in disguise.

    It is very important to have a good camera control over the game. This gives you a very broader look in the gameplay and you can also see others in the street. Keep on watching behind who's following you. There can be any character that can be a attacker. A quick check in surrounding can save your life simply. You can only counter attack if you can see the assassin coming towards you. So it is not a bad thought to give a look in surrounding after a proper interval of time.

    Always use the abilities that suits you the most. You can create your own profile in that. The more you play the more you understand about the abilities that let you to have an easy win. Like Spring Boost, Mute, etc. You must be aware thorough about the abilities. They play a vital role in gaining better result. The playing style defines the wining strategy of yours.

    Multiplayer Abilities
    • Morph
    • Speed Boost
    • Disguise
    • Decoy
    • Poison
    • Power Charge
    • Firecrackers

    • Papal Guards
    • Brutes
    • Seekers
    • Arquebusier
    • Militia Guards

    Multiplayer Weapons
    • Axe – used by the Executioner.
    • Fan – used by the Courtesan.
    • Syringe – used by the Doctor.
    • Dagger – used by the Priest, Harlequin and Officer.
    • Switchblade – used by the Hunter.
    • Claw – used by the Banker.
    • Razor – used by the Barber.
    • Hidden Gun (used as an ability)
    • Smoke Bomb (used as an ability)
    • Throwing Knives (used as an ability)

    Multiplayer Characters
    • Doctor
    • Courtesan
    • Executioner
    • Noble
    • Priest
    • Prowler
    • Barber
    • Engineer
    • Blacksmith
    • Captain
    • Smuggler
    • Footpad
    • Thief
    • Mercenary
    • Harlequin (limited edition/pre-order exclusive)
    • Officer (limited edition/pre-order exclusive)
    • Hellequin (Uplay reward)
    • Knight (DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance)
    • Marquis (DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance)
    • Pariah (DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance)
    • Dama Rossa (DLC exclusive - Da Vinci Disappearance)

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    Re: How to play assassin's creed brotherhood in multiplayer mode on pc

    In multiplayer mode you get ample of chances to enjoy the game in much better way. There are vast maps that you can try out. The multiplayer features a wide range of techniques and action that you can never imagine. I found the tips very helpful here to play the game. Really there are very large number of characters and their techniques that you can try out. I recently used Spring Boost and that was awesome. Till yet the game is bit a hard for me to play.

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