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Old 27-02-2011
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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Walkthrough

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The fate of both worlds for the PlayStation 3 is a spectacular collision between two worlds famous and extremely bright. The heroes and antagonists of the Marvel comic book into action along with some of the most famous characters from the Capcom video games. The idea of Marvel vs Capcom 3: The fate of two worlds stems from questions about which fans have puzzled for years. Who would win in a comparison of the terrible monster of technology MODOK and the evil alien Super-Skrull? Chun-Li from Street Fighter is really able to get the better of Mega Man Zero?

Now you can finally know all the answers in a succession of duels that will shine your PS3 with an incredible fusion of color and imagination. You can choose three fighters of both worlds from a pool of more than 30 characters and challenge anyone on a mission to stop a devastating force that threatens to destroy everything you encounter in its path. The huge selection of contestants is available from the despotic Doctor Doom from Marvel and the evil Albert Wesker from Resident Evil to legendary superheroes as Spider-Man and Hulk. Now join them also new characters in series like Marvel vs. Capcom Crimson Viper Street Fighter IV and the valiant knight Arthur of the classic platforming series Ghosts' n Goblins.

The accuracy of the details in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is awesome. Fans can delight in clean fighters and the excellent animation, in which fighting styles, moves characteristics, famous phrases and physical features are reproduced faithfully. For example, you will see Ryu Hadouken throw flaming balls of fire and Wolverine claim to be the best at what he does while performing adamantium claws. The witty dancer mercenary Deadpool will contact you personally after the meetings as he did in the past with the readers of comic books, while other characters will be called each by name during the battles or insult their rivals as a sign of defiance after the victory. Marvel fans will be happy to hear "Avengers together!" Putting together Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, and Resident Evil veterans will enjoy the old rivalry between Wesker and Chris Redfield.

Since the fighting will last as long as you have one of your characters available, the action teams will be frantically fast and brilliant. To learn to master the moves are many, from those teams and aerial combos to attack special individual that will fill the entire screen with their amazing power. Your two companions may enter the battle at any time to perform a quick attack, or you can rapidly decide to throw one of them into the fray so as to leave the other two times to recover out of the scene. However, you fight and whatever character you choose, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is all it takes to be an adventure comic epic with the superpower of fans likes never before.


First of all we must understand what our controls in order to begin to walk in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. We're talking about a game that consists of four attack buttons instead of six that is for example in Street Fighter. This allows easier when linking combos than other games, but it also has what. After all, we ended up using six buttons although four are attacking and the other two have to do with our teammates. The attacks are divided into weak, medium, strong and special. With our stick or pad can move around the screen in a single plane. Forward and backward, we can go to the ground and can jump by pressing up. With two strokes of front or rear direction we're going to do what is called a dash, a quick move that allows us to move forward faster in less time. This is also available in the air, something that used to follow rival combos if the body has been something far away or if we are away from their range. Double-clicking up so fast manage to do a super jump, a little longer than usual.

Each is unique, and can be bound easily if done less to more. Something that is known as chain combos. The blows that come loose are faster, do less damage but also may be punished except in case of deadlock. With the media the specific change: stronger, something more than a little slow and punishable. With the strong shock is completely the opposite: they are the slowest, strongest and where recovery was more our fault, so we can get a huge penalty. It is important to understand that initiated shock combos can secure more loose shot should confirm that the blow has come not with others.

The differential element control system of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is on the Special button. Have distinct features from the other three, as it serves to launch our enemy. After doing a combo, if you press send the opponent into the air and can keep the attack from above. Once there, if you will use again to end the combo sending the enemy to the ground in knockdown, so that cannot be lifted quickly. Therefore their main functions are to raise a rival if we are on the ground or upside down if we're attacking from above.

Grip : Another element we have available in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are the grips. In games like Street Fighter IV are made by pressing two buttons at once. Here is being close to our enemy and pressing the H (high) while pointing forward or backward. In the same way we hold on, there are the locks of these, known as tech. If you enter the command grab when we are going to make one, will block the rival animation. It has to be right in the first frames, animations, and the rival when he goes to grab. Is the way to escape them.

Snap Back : The strategy is key in a game like Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Believe it or not sometimes. Snap back is an interesting move and very important in order to prevent a computer to recover wounded in battle positions. For example, we find an opponent who is about to die. At that time you decide to switch between characters so that the big red bar that is will be recovering at the break and assist. We can help. If we take a quarter moon forward and P1 or P2 button, send the current enemy off the screen and force them to between that which was in the past. So avoid unnecessary recovery or we face enemies who interest us most to the profile of the fighter that we have at that time.

Defense : As in the Capcom fighting games, we will defend our pressing back or spreader stick shift. Thus block frontal attacks of our enemies. If we want to block low attacks, we must do it with diagonal back down to prevent mud and beat us. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 we are able to defend in the air, so if we jump and press back cover ourselves also, which is important to internalize. Be careful with Hyper or special attacks from rivals, because in spite of covering we can remove some of life (this is known as chips). Once we are blocking some attacks can also enter a command to initiate a lethal backlash using the assistance of a partner. If after blocking an attack press back button and P1 or P2, enter one of the assists to hit the enemy in question. It is a movement more risky than Advancing guard comes next, but the result is much greater because it can inflict damage on the enemy in this way. If we hit, we roll forward or backward if you just press the right direction when they hit the ground. One way to recover before the blow and avoid more pressure we can get easily.

Advancing Guard : Advancing Guard is a defensive element of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that allows us to sneak pressure our opponents by sending the character out of the reach of the enemy. His command is L + M (loose and a half at a time) and serves to block the enemy attack so that the two are separated by seen and unseen. Once block attacks, you can type the command repeatedly to enter, and which has no individuality. Serves also to send away to a rival that we are launching a Hyper we have stopped previously.

Hyper : Are attacks that consume energy bars, the most powerful of all? Using a simple command (control concrete movement and attack button) can make attacks of this type to spend a bar or spend up to three. The key element of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is bound endless combos that end with one of these devastating attacks, since they are the most powerful of each character. They are also the ones most recovery if you fail, so it is best to confirm that come before throwing wildly. Can be combined with other characters as discussed below. The most powerful are those of level 3, which also have more damage to properties of invincibility than normal.

Crossover combination

Pressing both P1 and P2 is activated combination crossover action. This move allows both fighters launched its Hyper, causing damage multiplies. You can link into combo, but the requirement to have at least three bars to fit the three fighters. If two bars have come two of them. It is a devastating attack that cannot be countered with another crossover combination. The first thing they do have priority. Ideal after confirming a simple combo, since their damage is significant.
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Old 27-02-2011
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Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Walkthrough

X Factor

X-factor is an interesting element that can turn the tide of battle. We are facing a kind of action that has many peculiarities, and well used, can enable end to finish off an enemy or reborn from our ashes. This ability is key to the struggle of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and then shelled what are its main features and how it should be used to not spend it badly. The main features of X-Factor is that for a limited time we gain more speed and more strength in your movements and attacks. Activated by pressing the four action buttons at the same time, during which time a bright red bar will be spending some of our usual life bar. During that time we won these properties without losing any of the skills we have, such as special attacks or hypers. Everything is available on the X-Factor.

Another key feature to understand this movement is that when we use it, we recovered the red bar that we have at that time. That can revive characters who are almost at the death after receiving a great combo. The bar goes up while there is time-activated factor X and while also not beat us our enemies. Ideal for characters with more stamina than questionable as is the case of Phoenix, to cite one example. To do that we need to add the fact that as least we are on the computer, give us more power. It is a skill that improves our situation as in combat. If we are worse, will be more powerful.
The X-factor also serves to remove all sorts of moves and combos to extend and would not be possible with the normal mechanics of each character. For example, start a combo with normal hits and chained to a special. At that time we activate the X-factor, and we canceled the special reset the combo again, removing a lot more life than previously would have done given that the sequence of attack and came to an end. There are more moves that can be canceled, such as Hyper. These can be stopped by activating the X-factor, can then enter another Hyper ceremony followed by the same character and multiplying the damage we do to our opponents. If not, you can stop the Hyper to start a new combo with the enemy knocked out in advance.

Also serves as a counter. If we are getting an inhuman pressure, to activate X-factor after blocking an attack we will stop their attack and we start a combo the enemy that was dominating the situation just before. Something that we can do in the hypers. Launch hyper, lock it and activate X-Factor, thereupon launched Hyper us and the enemy's attack goes to a better life for our hyper. Knowing how to combine all these elements is key to correctly use a limited ability to once per battle and has applications comeback but also to destroy the enemies faster.

Team Aerial Combo: You already had small hints about what our team can do with a basic level. The possibilities, as might be a team fighting game, go far beyond this, since one of the great features of the game is to know how to combine the three characters to arrive before the victory.

The Special Action button allows us to launch our enemy into the air. At this moment we can start making combos using all our attacks, but also relying on our colleagues if they see feasible. With the same special attack can do a vertical launch up or down, but after starting a combined air combo front or rear direction with special air combo begins. Send your opponent to the other side of the screen and we replaced one of our partners to continue the attack. If we return to do so, enter the umpire to follow the sequence. This combined attack can take half a loaf quickly and fill up two levels Hyper bar, so it has its advantages but also disadvantages.

Counter : Similarly it is the Team Aerial combo, is the counter. If our enemy while receiving shocks enter the same sequence of aerial combo team, we will send us right away, something similar to what we do if we want to avoid the grab-and it is important not to abuse this technique and toggle to normal air combos so we would not make a counter to exchange the role of the players.



Captain America: One of the emblems of Marvel is also one of the most easy to use within the game's character roster. No longer has great combos and special moves that not many can, but a change is quite potent in their actions and have data to press the middle distance and power-zonear fend off rivals, who have no missiles more powerful than he . A good character to start no-brainer too, but somewhat limited in choices for the most demanding.

Deadpool: Slaughter is one of the novelties of this edition, and gets to play with on credentials. The mercenary has one of the best zone-keep-distance rivals of all, as their guns allow you to cover almost all sides of the screen. Its fast, has good shock normal and a range of very interesting possibilities. Teleport is very useful both offensively and defensively. Very complete character that can embarrass both attacker and a more conservative style, hoping to rival.

Doctor Doom: Victor von Doom is a genius and ruler of Latveria. Often thwarted by the Fantastic Four, he uses his incredible mind and vast resources in repeated attempts at world domination. : Dr. Doom is one of the most interesting defensive levels. It has plenty of tools to try to counter the onslaught of rivals, and has the characteristic of being able to dash after cancels in many of his shots, something that allows you to stay out but fail in their attempts to hit

Doramamu: Complex character to master, because despite having options to counter the opponent, you need to guess at any time rival movements to be useful. Highly mobile thanks to air dash and the ability to teleport, has one of the fastest hypers game and another of the most powerful, impact or not the rival. Is somewhat slow to take the lead in combat.

Hulk: The Incredible Hulk is a powerful figure in his punches that punishes mistakes with tremendous strength of rivals. Do not have a combo system as prolific as other characters, but makes up for its forcefulness. Although often sold to stay slow, the fact is that properly using Assists becomes a very well to take into account within our team.

Iron Man: Iron Man is one of the most versatile is in Marvel's roster. The characteristics of this fighter let you play keeping his distance with a couple of moves that is ideal for marking territory, while its multiple air dashes allow you to put pressure on rival in a style of play much more offensive. Balanced, can be exploited as a way to play each.

Magneto: One more fearsome characters models Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has every reason to sow terror in this issue. As happened with Iron Man, can play more defensively because of their missiles or even attack and put pressure on opponents with ease. Hyper also has a Level 3 hits on the entire screen, making it impossible to escape it if it hits, and one of the best grips in the game, allowing warp later.

M.O.D.O.K: MODOK is one of the most curious and rare throughout the game. Its battle system is totally different from those of others, starting with the particularity that does not jump, but will float through the air. To this are added colorful attacks very difficult to classify, which serve to punish the enemies are in range to be. Precisely the difference from others is its wide appeal at the time of choosing a character in the computer.

Phoenix: Phoenix is one of the most dangerous games in every way. As an enemy and as a teammate. His short life, less than half the average, making it very fragile and likely to die in one combo. In return, you have tools of all kinds, with deadly mix-ups and combos that can destroy any opponent. If you have 5 bars of hyper and kill us, again as Dark Phoenix, the most powerful in the game, but the cost is high.

Sentinels: Invented by Dr. Bolivar Trask, Sentinels have one purpose to destroy or capture mutants. There have been many different types of Sentinels employed by different groups.

She-Hulk: She- Hulk is another of the new campus of Marvel for this release. This is a character who lives to pressure the opponent with any kind of range of motion, where the grips and such commands center stage win. His style is fast, with great mobility all over the stage and damage more interesting if we manage to penetrate the opponent?s defense.

Shuma-Gorath: Shuma-Gorath is an ancient and terrible being who wants to enslave humanity with his supernatural powers and ability to shapeshift.

Spider-man: One of the most important icons of the Marvel factory again presents in this edition, though perhaps not the most powerful character in the game. Spidey focuses its chances of winning in combat thanks to the mobility that is the scenario. Specials and the use of the web allow you beating around the bush and surprise in a few seconds to move from one end to another. Learn mislead and surprise the opponent is essential to this character.

Storm: Storm is one of the characters everywhere offensive tools that allow pressure on the opponent in different ways. In addition, it also has to zonear defensive moves with some success, although not his profile. However, his normal hits are not as good as other characters, so that failure in their combination can be easily punished by the opponent. Their standard of living also makes you have to be careful with it.

Super Skrull: Super Skrull is another colorful character with whom we can find in the game. It is a powerful fighter and quite fast, which also has a strong enough grip command. To this is added good air combos and assistance they can give much play to the other team members. It is one of the characters to be considered for the tools in general.

Taskmaster: Taskmaster has photographic reflexes, which allow him to copy any movement he has seen perfectly. He uses his abilities as a mercenary working for the highest bidder.

Thor: Thor is the classic character that is powerful both in its normal and its stages, but is extremely slow in their movements. That means it has its pros and cons. The character is able to load Hyper bar with movements, and if he can lock up your opponent with the pressure that can inflict, Assists by to fill the gap that has speed, can be a danger to the enemy.

Wolverine: The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the crossover of Marvel vs. Capcom Ryu is for the video game company and Wolverine comics for the factory. This is a very fast thanks to its movements can be made ahead of rival or escape in the second. That allows mixups-variety of tools for the same situation, which may surprise the opposite. Is ideal, too, to try to escape the zone defenses and railways of characters to play against.

X-23: The counterpart of Wolverine has his own style that departs from the classic Marvel character. It is one of the most rapid of the game, and its main potential lies when pressing the closest rival. Great combos both at ground and air and a good assist their qualifications. Rush-offensive character-total closer to rival that needs to display all your kindness, and in the distance lost in combat felt his presence.
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Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Walkthrough


Akuma: This warrior values strength over all else, going so far as to abandon his own humanity as a means to obtain more. It is thought that the Buddhist beads around his neck represent warriors who have fallen before him.

Amaterasu: The truth is that to understand the fit of the Sun Goddess in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 could cost at first, but there is no doubt. This is a very versatile full of offensive and defensive capabilities. Especially the former. He is a fighter who has one of the best Assists the game, a small hitbox complicating the enemies and a cast of blows well linked together can be lethal. Their main problem is that it is easy to carry, but once mastered
the possibilities are endless.

Arthur: Legendary Knight Ghost and Goblins is a perfect zoneador-projectiles to fend off rivals, thanks to the variety of elements that can shoot and used to cover all sides of the screen. Is its main virtue, as in the melee clearly lost and is too slow in their movements-no-dash approach to attempt to rival. Ideal combined with assisted attacks that could impact where and it cannot remove the ring key to know if the rival is too offensive.

Chris Redfield: The protagonist of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 5 is another character zonear ideal for enemies. Through its large cast of array available can cover many areas of the screen and let their rivals away. To this is added that makes a lot of damage by chipping-lose life while we're covering "of their weapons. To this is added some slowness of movement, but plenty of combos if you play melee combat. And hypers more than interesting to combine their attacks.

Chun-Li: One of the great figures of Street Fighter is also common in this type of crossovers. China is a feisty character with a clear vocation offensive. Your normal hits are fast, have good priority and good range. In addition, the special of the 100 kick is ideal for confirming hypers and ending after attempting to put pressure enemies. Does not work, yes, as a character to keep their distance, as the projectile is below those of other fighters.

Dante: Dante is one of the great additions to this release of Marvel vs. Capcom, but it is also one of the most powerful in the game. It has a huge amount of move's and specials for all situations, and a normal soft blow of the best in the game, ideal to start combos deadly to their opponents. Versatile, teleportation and tools to address all, is one of the most interesting of the game. Although this will need to know by heart all that entails, which is something.

Felicia: The character straight out of the Darkstalkers series is another of those fighters fast that they can mislead the contrary by its speed. Has a good set of commands that do hold considerable damage, but to know how to execute their movements and exploit the most need much grinding mechanics of its combos, since it is not easy to carry. Emphasizes the properties of any of its Hyper too.

Haggar: The big Haggar, Final Fight series, is the spiritual replacement Zangief for this edition of Marvel vs. Capcom. This is a character who meets the projected image: tremendously powerful with his punches but very slow. It has grips lethal combos simple life much damage the enemy and more remarkable assistance to support their colleagues when there is fighting.
Hsein-ko: In a Darkstalker attack on their village, Hsien-Ko?s mom gave her life to save her family. Now, Hsien-Ko and her sister fight to save their mother?s soul.

Jill: Jill was one of the members of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team. She was also one of the few people to escape Raccoon City before it was destroyed.
Morrigan: The word that defines Morrigan is fun. This is a fairly balanced character with which they can escape through their air dashes, which has prepared for offensive movements and others to surprise those who know zonear. Is a character without too blunt in any of its facets, is competitive in all of them. Accessible to eat with her and satisfactory experience when control.

Ryu: Does anyone not know Ryu? Is central to understanding the character to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It has tools of all types, is quite strong and simple combos can complicate the lives of more than one. It also has a Hyper interesting as the Shinku Hadoken, right in range and faster to run, and his assists are very useful for other colleagues of our team. A classic which is not bad start if you do not know who to choose.

Spencer: The star of Bionic Commando, unlike most characters in the squad, has few special moves to be learned. But they are tremendously varied. The hook serves to move around the screen, making unlikely combos for other wrestler?s by-and-grab their remarkable strength and stamina make it suitable for those who want to play with a simple but effective character.

Trish: Taken directly from the series Devil May Cry, Trish is another versatile character capable of preparing all kinds of tricks around the stage trying to avoid hurting her distance and also has tools to enter more defensive fighters. Offensive or defensive, depending on the situation and the way in which we want to play with her. Hyper also has an invulnerability that comes with when you run.

Tron Bonne: Tron Bonne is one of the most interesting and little exploited so far in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Has a life of leftovers, hits hard with all attacks, not moving too slowly and also has devastating combos. If we add a level 3 plus Hyper interesting, the result is a strange character in his play, but with tools for each situation.

Viewtiful Joe: The super hero of Capcom Viewtiful Joe was one of the most interesting of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and this edition has features that make it stand out at times. Its small hitbox can be a headache for the enemy, and warping with ease both on the ground and in the air. Its main weapon is the special that slows the opponent and can take this advantage to smash it to death. Learn to enter this command is able to control a Viewtiful Joe in action.

C. Viper: One of the new faces of Super Street Fighter IV also shows the order in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. As in its iteration of the saga of Ryu and company, this is a very technical with many tools to attack and not let your opponent breathe. Cancel special attacks from all sides ... is a complicated character to wear, but it is really amazing combos and the ability to confuse the foe with threats of attack, as happened in their previous appearances in other Capcom franchise.

Wesker: Wesker, direct from the Resident Evil series is one of the fastest and powerful game. Has a good set of combos, but more important is the use of their weapons for long distances and those who stay teleports right in front of the enemy, constantly surprising the opponent. Has the ability to punish all opponents mistakes are from the place they are, and that makes it one of the most powerful fighters in the game. At least in these early stages.

Zero: Zero is a character who also has a variety of movements. He has a buster as a projectile that allows zonear rivals and keeps them away, while his teleportation and short-range attacks allow you to be offensive if the moment requires it. One of their best weapons is in its assists, two are of direct attack, ideal for every case that we need.

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Re: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Walkthrough

  • After the field test (20 points) : Clear 160 missions in Mission Mode.
  • A New Avenger (40 points) : Clear 320 missions in Mission Mode.
  • Welcome to the Academy Avengers! (10 points) : Clear 80 missions in Mission Mode.
  • Leading the Charge (30 points) : Beyond the rank of hunting.
  • Combat Specialist (30 points) : In Ranked exceed the grade "first class" or fight against someone.
  • Comic Collector (50 points) : Unlock all items in the Gallery.
  • Back at Cha! (10 points) : 10 Meter Run Crossover successes.
  • Excelsior! (10 points) : Perform 10 Combo Air team.
  • Be Gone! (10 points) : Perform 10 Snap Backs.
  • Mega Buster (20 points) : Use 1000 Hyper Combo Gauge bars.
  • Ultimate Nullifier (10 points) : Perform 30 successful advance guard.
  • Playtime Is Over (10 points) : Exceed the rank amateur.
  • Herculean work (30 points) : Beat Arcade Mode on the hardest.
  • Saving My Quarters (20 points) : Complete Arcade mode without continuing.
  • Pending trade (50 points) : See all endings in Arcade mode.
  • Master of Fate (50 points) : Unlock all achievements.
  • I buy programs (10 points) : See an end in Arcade mode.
  • World Warrior (10 points) : Win 5000 Player Points (PP).
  • Brusin Bruce (20 points) : Land an amazing combo.
  • Charles in Charge (30 points) : Uncanny land a combo.
  • Average Joe (10 points) : Viewtiful land a combo.
  • Champion Edition Hero (30 points) : Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP).
  • Super Turbo Brawler (50 points) : Win 100 000 Player Points (PP).
  • Big Bang Theory (30 points) : Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finish.
  • (Arcade / Xbox Live only) : Brave New World (10 points)
  • Participate in any mode on Xbox LIVE. : Steel Battalion (20 points)
  • Block 100 times.
  • Fate of the Satsui no Hadou (20 points) : Determine who is the true master of the fist in a game Xbox LIVE.
  • This copy! (20 points) : Put an end to this game of the spider and the fly in a game Xbox LIVE.
  • Raccoon City Incident (20 points) : Settle the issues between the members of former glories in a game Xbox LIVE.
  • Passport to Beatdown countries (10 points) : Fight in all stages.
  • Need a healing factor (10 points) : Win a match without blocking.
  • School for Gifted (15 points) : Get a Game 5 win streak in Ranked.
  • A Hero Stands Alone (10 points) : Win a game without using your partners or switching.
  • Complete List (40 points) : Battle against all characters in a game Xbox LIVE.
  • Who will answer the call?
  • (10 points) : Participate in an 8 player lobby on Xbox LIVE.
  • Duty and Deus Ex Machina (20 points) : Make a match on Xbox LIVE between a national hero and a killing machine a reality.
  • One Step Ahead (30 points) : Land first 50 attacks in a match.
  • Avengers Assemble! (15 points) : Make a team consisting of the Big 3 and win a game.
  • Turn the Tables (10 points) : Land air against a team in a match.
  • Galactic Smasher (40 points) : Perform a combination of finishes Crossover 30.
  • Sow "Havok" (10 points) : Use X-Factor in a game.
  • Badd to the Bone (15 points) : Make a team of three people who changed their body, and win a game.
  • Which side are you on? (20 points) : Ending the civil war in a game Xbox LIVE.
  • Fate of Two Worlds (20 points) : Make a match on Xbox LIVE between famous characters for this game a reality.
  • Male Flyers (15 points) : Make a team of women who cannot fly, and winning a game
  • Darkstalkers (15 points) : Make a team of people who live in darkness, and win a game
  • Make a team of test subjects weapons X, and win a game

How to Create Powerful Attacks

To understand how we can make powerful attacks is necessary to recover the initial information on the priorities of the blow loose, medium and strong. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combos sequence is always low to high, thus preventing loops can be made lazy strokes recovering after confirming a medium or strong. It is always up. Beyond the classic LMHE to throw into the air, it is important to know the combinations for each character to make attacks that involve removing a lot more life than usual. And that can only be achieved studying each normal movement of the characters that interest us. One way to know what are the attacks that can bind is practicing in the mission mode, where we teach various deep sequences for each character.

In this way we learn to link many more consecutive hits. The key is to properly combine low blows with blows up. Thus, we can introduce two weak, two strong media and before closing the combination of different ways. The first step is this: to know what link of minors to blows over from the normal.

Next is to decide how to continue the sequence. You usually use the special to launch the opponent into the air, jump and air combo follow the turn. At this point, the mechanics are the same, with impacts that go from less to more force if we want to continue the combo without breaking. Here we introduce the aerial team combos, entering another character, putting a sequence of normal and doing another special for it to enter the third, or else make the combo that blew up and close with a special to the ground to complete the sequence. The other options are on the movements of each character, as would be the Hadoken Shoryuken Ryu or Akuma. After the normal sequence of these movements can enter, and once confirmed we will hit combo on the opponent. Many of them can be used in the air too if we have extended our attack before the launch. Finally, the basis of all offensive to give, is to get get the Hyper to let the rival almost settled.

The hyper can go after confirming any blow, whether loose or kick a hadoken. Here comes into play also know every attack your character, since for example Deadpool has a hyper tripping up and down, ideal to close a combination which we followed with an aerial combo. Again it is the best way to get this attack. We confirm that the rival is receiving and execute it. If we can introduce energy bars or a combination crossover DHC with different characters available.

The great combos that are being leverage over the network all we have been explaining the mechanics of the game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Assists to extend combos and finish with strong shocks, X-factor to cancel other moves like Hyper and a good combination of the strongest attacks for each character. With the base can be easily removed more than half of the bar of an enemy. Using everything in our power we have already seen combos that end with 100%. Assists depends on, ready to use X-factor and hyper and running perfectly normal and special combination.
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