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Thread: How to connect to internet on pc with Micromax mobile phone

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    How to connect to internet on pc with Micromax mobile phone

    You can use Micromax Q7 mobile phone as an source internet connection for your pc and laptop. I found a easy guide here which can show the entire process to enable the internet on your system. All you need is have a active internet connection on Micromax Q7 phone. It can either Docomo or Airtel whichever you use. But you must have an active GPRS connection here. Then you need Microsoft Q7 PC suite for that. That will be the dialer for your. The suite comes with a modem driver. It is an inf file. It comes packed in the setup of pc suite.

    It is important that the driver must be detected properly in your system so that the modem must function well. You can later on try some troubleshooting tips on that if you face issues on the modem installation. Do not forget to download the pc suite software for that. You can download the directly from the official website or you can use the CD which you get when you buy the phone.

    Internet Setup guide for Windows 7 & Vista

    First Step

    First get the Pc suite for Micromax Q7 and then run the setup for that.

    Second Step

    Connect the phone via usb connection. Once you connect the phone, you will get a popup of new hardware phone. This is the first option you get when you connect the phone to your system. On the phone you get three choices to select :
    • Mass Storage
    • Com Port
    • Web Cam

    Mass Storage : Under this option you get access to the MicroSD card of your phone. This act as a usb drive where you can directly copy paste your data, movies, songs, etc. you can see a green usb icon on the system tray. Click on it before disconnecting the phone. It will kill the connectivity or else it can damage the device.

    Com Port : Under this you can access the device modem. This is like an external port assigned to the phone where the system contact with the phone. The phone act as a modem here. It is like a pathway to connect to internet. Sometime open ports are blocked by firewall. So you can add the same under exception list if you want, incase it is blocked.

    Web Cam: Under this the phone camera can be used directly as a webcam. This is one of the best features I liked in Micromax phone. You just need any webcam software, or an instant messenger. Click on the option, get the appropriate driver and then start video chatting. Remember the quality is not so good but acceptable and it needs a proper driver for that. If you have an internet connection then Windows directly downloads driver associated to the camera.

    At this you just need to choose the appropriate option. For the gprs connectivity you have to choose Com Port. Let the device first installed properly.

    Third Step

    Once done right click on My Computer. Then click on Properties. In that on the left side you can se Device Manager. This is application shows you the current hardware installed on your system.You have to use this option when the phone device is not installed properly or if the modem is not detected. This is a manual method of modem setup.

    I had posted a screenshot of my system you can have a look on the same below. Right click on scan for hardware changes. A Add Hardware Wizards open up. Click on Next. This is a method of adding legacy hardware to your system.

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    Re: How to connect to internet on pc with Micromax mobile phone

    Fourth Step

    When you click on Next you get to a new page which offers you two options :

    1st – Search for and install the hardware automatically

    This option is for automatic installation of any new hardware. Windows scans your system and search for new hardware. Once found it then search for the most appropriate driver from CD/DVD or from internet. For now you do not need to use this option

    2nd – Install the hardware that I manually select from a list

    This is an advance option where you manually install any hardware. It is an advance option and recommended for experienced users only.
    Select the option and then click on Next.

    Fifth Step

    As you proceed further then you get a list of Types of Hardware that you have to install. As we are looking for a internet setup then we will go for Modems. Scroll down below Memory you can see Modems. Click on it and click on Next. See the picture below.

    Sixth Step

    Once selected the option then you proceed to the manual setup by clicking on Next. As you go next you get a new window. This window ask you to detect your modem automatically by Windows. Remember that you have to tick on Don’t detect my modem. Then click on Next.

    Seventh Step

    After that you can now see your device modem. It is mentioned as MTK GPRS Modem. MediaTEk is the Manufacturer. If this not found then you have to proceed all steps back again. The modem must be listed in the list. You can also see additional modems here if you have any similar hardware in your system. This is common in laptops. Click on Next.

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    Re: How to connect to internet on pc with Micromax mobile phone

    Eight Step

    Once done the next page is providing the COM Port. This is the communication pathway via which the system contacts your modem. It is the port where you connect the phone with the system through usb. This can be different based on systems. In this there are two options. First one is All ports and second is Selected Ports. Choose Selected Ports and assign a single one. Then click on Next.

    Ninth Step

    Once you are done with all manual setup of Modem from Device Manager reboot your system. Do not disconnect your phone. As you has already installed PC Suite. Run it. You can see a old type simple pc suite software with gray and blue interface. On the left side there are number of options. In that click on Settings. This is the third option. When you connect the phone and run the pc suite on the system tray you can see your phone showing up connected.

    This is an important part, which means the modem is installed and the device is identified by the system. Do not do anything till you can see the connected message. If still not message then try to re-install the pc suite and try a different usb port. Click on settings and then in window you can see 4 options :
    • General
    • Dailup
    • Create Connection
    • Sms Settings

    In General you can see Mobile Phone, Com Port. See that the Com Port must have the same port which you had selected while installing the modem. There must not be different Com port or else the internet will not work at all.

    Tenth Step

    Now for a valid setup you will have to go in Create Connection. This window will give you number of options which are needed to be configured manually. In the first box you can see the Model List you installed with the port number assigned to it.

    And in the second box you can see the list of operators. You can also click on New/Modify to create a new connection or to modify current settings. Choose the GPRS operator from that and click on Create.

    Step Eleven

    One you are done with connection setup then you have to go in the Dail up Section. Here you can see a option which denotes the GPRS Name. This can be the name of your operator that you are using in your phone and above that you can see one more option of Sim Select. You have to choose the Sim that you are using currently. There are multiple choices for Dual sim phones. To start the connection you have to click on Dial up. The pc suite will dial the connection and if all goes well then you will get a message saying Connected to Remote Server Successfully. AT the bottom in status message on the right side you can see Connected.

    Start browsing now. The speed depends on the plan you have right now and also the network coverage. The entire setup is common for the most of Micromax and other brand phone also.

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