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Old 07-02-2011
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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

The game begins like a murder case. Some have abilities to manipulate objects and how to get through phone lines to other places. But it was again. My name I do not know. I do not know who or what I was. The only thing I know is that there is a corpse, a girl is threatened by a man and I have spoken with a lamp on a junkyard. Oh, and I continue as I move to other items to skip.

This game has two types of vision: one for real: the living world (Return), the other in Ghost Mode. In the real world, you attend both events and can drag the screen. Ghost mode is the world of souls: it lets you see objects that can be activated and used to travel (nuclei) and the recently deceased person with whom he can converse in taking possession, however the screen is fixed. Since the movements of the soul to the core of the object can be achieved only when the Ghost Mode Tour (activation and object manipulation) can be done in real mode, this change of vision will be scored in the first chapter.

Complete the game to unlock a database in which you provide specific information based on the progression of the story of the 33 characters and 14 locations displayed in the game. When you complete the game, you have access to this database by clicking the icon at the top left of the screen or pressing the Start button on the game title screen. In fact, Ghost Trick is ultimately a point and click which means original in his method of travel. The hero is dependent objects that may possess, he will always find tricks to pass quickly from one place to another to follow the action, and act when the wicked are in the game. These passages in "real time" where you must quickly change a situation that we already know are particularly tasty, but the game is generally quickly tarnished by certain linearity certainly inherent to the genre. It is often impossible to solve a problem other than as provided by developers.

This is unfortunate because the feeling of freedom experienced when moving from one object to another quickly is ultimately limited by what has been planned to let you do or not, the goal becomes to guess not how to get out, but how Capcom wants you to get away. Achieving beautiful animations incredibly delicious slender gives a stamp to all, with characters minimalist but moving with grace and fluidity spellbinding. The writing and translation work of FV are also good enough to be highlighted here, and the original cast of characters and endearing brand of games made in Shu Takumi, finish complete the picture of this set of adventure not necessarily memorable, but at least very pleasant.
You can even go through the review of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
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Old 07-02-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 709
Re: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective


Chapter 1

You can expect first a tutorial to the various actions better know.
  • Afterwards we continue on top of the folding bed => EXPAND => turning down the lamp to Lynne's body at the time.
  • Over the lamp and the doll to the tire > WHEELS > on
  • Doll to the fridge > OPEN (mixer falls out) > CLOSE > About doll to the mixer > SWITCH ON > flag on the fan > SWITCH ON > immediately to the flag before the fan has rotated and can pull up.
  • Next to the bicycle handlebar > PING.
  • Go down to the pedals > JOIN > on the bicycle handlebar to the lever > ENABLE > on the bike over to the ladder > EXPAND > the lamp and the wrecking ball to the crane hook => OPEN so The wrecking ball is dropped.
  • Next to the bicycle handlebar > MOVE > Umbrella > Open.
  • Note to jump > READ > select the phone > new location.
Chapter 2

  • Drag the folder to explore.
  • Slide to the lamp and the projector to the ceiling: the start.
  • Slide to the table: on several occasions to act as the nucleus is at the bottom.
  • Drag the control panel to activate the phone and make it reappear.
  • Then drag the table to the phone. The killer Tengo 'ahead' is Lynne's apartment. Number (found).
  • Call to go to Lynne's apartment.
At Lynne?s Apt.
  • Slide to the closet door, then to the corpse of the dog.
  • The little dog Missile cares for its young mistress Kamila. (Up time).
  • Slide to the closet door, to the phone, then to the folding umbrella. Back.
  • Kamila wait to take the headphones: when extending the umbrella folding headphones flying so that it falls into the aquarium. (Destin amended).
  • Wait Kamila has pushed the cart near the cabinet.
  • Drag to the phone, then to the wheel of the cart to move it.
  • Drag the donuts, to the star tree and then to turn the toy hanging: make it go faster.
  • Slide the latch towards the top left to open. A trap door opens, an object falls.
  • Slide to turn the toy to make it run slower. Drag the star to play with.
  • Drag the toy turning toward the lamp, then to the back door under the TV: open.
  • Sliding down the lamppost, the toy to turn toward the star, then to the donuts for the shake. A donut drop and roll toward the door of the chain under the TV.
  • Drag the toy turning toward the lamp, then to the back door under the TV: open. The donut rolls under the couch. Kamila missile and take refuge there. Tengo between. (Destin avoided).
  • Tengo goes. The phone rings: Kamila gets loose and Lynne.
  • Sliding down the lamppost, the toy to turn toward the star, about the donuts, to wheel the cart and then to Missile.
  • Move the cart. Sliding down the phone to listen to Lynne visit Kamila at Buffet Chicken, a restaurant and ask him to make the music box.
  • Slide to the wheel of the cart and move it. Drag the donuts, then to the star to manipulate: Kamila find the music box.
Chapter 3

Apartment of the lady with the perfume :
  • Manipulate the star. The noise continues to annoy the neighbor but a phone rings at home.
  • Drag the donuts, then to the remote on the couch and use it. Slide to the wheel of the cart toward the star, to the door of the TV stand, to the lamppost, to the table hook, then to the bottle of wine in the apartment next door, the lady's perfume.
  • Drag the bird drinker over the bottle and then to latch the hatch open for a mouse falls.
  • Down towards the bird drinker and use it.
  • Back. Click on the bubble with thoughts of the lady with the perfume. She decides to check some words of his correspondent by telephone within the dictionary, but it is at the foot of the library.
  • Slip into the bottle, then to the small mill on the shelf.
  • When the lady came to the cabinet, turn the little mill. She must pick up the dictionary. While she consults, take possession of it. She then filed on his desk.
  • Slide to the lamp and turn the lever. Slide the screen to follow the conversation between the lady and her daughter.
  • When the lady returned to type, turn the handle of the lamp. She then makes typos and launches its leaves into the trash. Use this time to slide the lamp into the crumpled paper.
  • Slide the bottom of the bin to open it. Slide the paper ball flying, and then to the phone. Number (found).
  • Call to teleport to the dump 'MHR - 8513'.

Chapter 4
  • Slide into the base of the desk lamp to rotate. Drag the light bulb to turn toward the book for review, to the bag, to the engine, then to the body of Lynne. Exhausting dialogue. (Up time).
  • Let the police officer. It communicates with the Chicken Buffet. Drag the engine to the stool to the book, towards the lamp. Take the second option: to stay here. Number (found).
  • Second Test: Drag to the engine, to the stool to the book, towards the lamp. When the officer enters, rotate the lamp, then slide the bulb to turn it on: it illuminates the book. The police officer then called the police in the discharge. Sliding down the phone to get there. (Destin amended).
  • Going to the first level of the discharge by using all the cores permitting.
  • Slide into the projector on and off. When Cabanela passes close to the projector by bicycle, take possession thereof.
  • Slide the door of the police vehicle to open it. Slide into the projector to turn it on. (Destin amended).
  • Slide the door of the police vehicle to close it. Wait for the officer to come near the door and slide toward the police baton (nightstick).
  • Drag to turn the flashing light. Another agent occurs. Drag his nightstick. When the second agent is near the left headlight, take possession of it to turn it off. Slide to the club.
  • Let the agent back to the police vehicle, then drag to the lever, then to the projector above the killer and turn it on.
  • Slide to the baton of the policeman left. Waiting to be close to the barrier to rise.
  • Drag the umbrella to the pallet of boxes, then to the hook of the crane to lower it. (Destin avoided).
  • Drag boxes and then to the umbrella to open. Down to the phone.
  • Going to the office of keeper of the discharge ('MHR - 4568').
Chapter 5
  • Drag the stool and move it. Click on the bubble of thoughts of the detective.
  • Move the ladder. Let the police officer come to the table.
  • Slide to the lamp and rotate it, then to the bulb to light it. The police officer took the book from Lynne. The detective recovers the book number and book number one.
  • Sliding down the phone. The detective enters into communication with the prison. Number (found).
  • Go to prison '(KMR - 2675').
  • Wait until the guard Bailey displays a note on the table. Drag her to fly and land in the hands of the second guard.
  • Click on a bubble of thoughts. Lynne calls. Sliding down the phone. Number (found).
  • Teleport to new location ('MHR - 4481').
  • Drag the body of Lynne. (Up time).
  • Wait until the guard goes to pigeon in his lantern slide. Sliding down the phone when he passes. Wait until the phone rings and the pigeon keeper discharge comes into contact with the police. Choose to attend.
  • Slide into the kettle to close the spout. (Destiny amended).
  • Then drag to the motor to the ball. Wait until it lands on the table.
  • Drag the dummy cake on the table, then the hatch open.
  • Back on the ball, then drag the toolbox. Wait until the ball falls to the ground. Open the toolbox. (Destin avoided).
  • Lynne and drag him to ask any questions.
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Old 07-02-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 709
Re: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Chapter 6
  • Drag to move the winch, then back in the upper part (police station). Use the cores to reach the phone.
  • Teleport to the location noted men in uniform '(prison) (KMR - 2675).
  • Slide to the right notes for the release and then the bubble of thoughts of the goalkeeper.
  • Slide to the left note for free and then the bubble of thoughts of the goalkeeper.
  • Bailey caught a third memo, drag it and release it then click on the bubble of thoughts of the goalkeeper. This time he comes to the prisoner wanted by Sissel.
  • Drag the note to release it. Wait for the guard to slide right into their consideration the emergency lever and operate it.
  • Slip into the room on the right. Drag the button to the left of the door and press. Then immediately slide into the door. Then pass on the guitar.
  • Sissel reaches the cells.
  • Drag the phone right between the inner cells. Sliding down the emergency button on top and press down.
  • Back in the cell and slide guitarist on the memo with a red circle.
  • Wait for the alert: guitarist crumples paper and throws it into the toilet bowl. Sissel reaches another cell.
  • Drag the trash to the bowl and then the bell, then the board (the review). Return to the bell to ring.
  • Drag the spoon in the pocket of the prisoner. It flows into the glass.
  • Slide to the berth, to the phone, then to the toilet in the cell on the left. Sissel has found the prisoner whom he sought.
  • Drag the frame to open it. Slide to the newspaper clipping and examine it. Slide to the blackboard to see that nothing is written on it.
  • Back to the frame (mirror) and close.
  • The caretaker brings the dinner: the prisoner is Detective Jowder.
  • Back to the phone. Use it to get into the guards' room. Number (found).
  • Going to the police ('KCG' - 1105)
  • Slide to the antenna; unfold.
  • Drag the alarm, to the speaker, then to the screen; unwind.
  • Click on the bubble of conversation leader.
  • Slide to the remote to use it.
  • Drag the screen to wrap. Join the antenna and fold and take possession of the phone.
Chapter 7
  • Drag the tire to roll.
  • Drag the body of Lynne. Exhaust the questions. (Up time).
  • Slide to the bell on the table and ring three times in a row.
  • Slide to the pitcher made by the waitress. Wait until it is at the door, then slide on the carriage.
  • On the floor, slipping on the bag. Click on the bubble of conversation. (Destiny amended).
  • Wait until the bartender had placed the glass. Drag on him, then the bell to ring the. The waitress goes. Slide the bottle holder for pouring.
  • Wait until the bartender had put the glass on the table to reach the bag.
  • Wait for the blue type in the dark heart is transported near the table he held with Beauty. Click on the bubble of conversation.
  • Drag the luster and make it oscillate.
  • Sliding down the giant chicken (watch for the timing). Wait until the chicken is rotated to reach the body of the driver. (Up time).
  • Slide the flashing light, then the seat lever.
  • Wait until the driver has started the binoculars on the seat: then tilt the seat twice.
  • Slide the flashing light, turn it on. Then quickly slide over the binoculars.
  • Slide the phone. (The driver called Rindge, he is a detective and the waitress is called Memry).
  • Choosing to "go." (Destin amended).
  • Wait until there are two chickens on the turntable.
  • Slide the switch to the fans and turn left. Slide into the T-shirt and hung around.
  • Join the cap of the head. When he leans back, slide the right pedal.
  • When the waitress will give the fans running, press the pedal to rotate the table. Join the phone. (Destin avoided).
  • Going to restaurant ('MKG' - 6799).
  • Go to the left table using the nuclei. Slide to the bell and ring it three times. Slide to the pitcher made by the waitress.
  • Take ownership of Lynne talk to him.
Chapter 8
  • Use the phone. Call the extension numbers, then the special detention.
  • Slide the lever on the switchboard, the emergency lights on the chandelier, then click the feed hopper of the next room. Wait a drop ceiling formed to slide on it.
  • Wait until it fell into the bucket to slide the toolbox, open it.
  • Slide into the bucket on the sphere of grounding. Back, slip on the drop of water, then the chandelier (lamp). Down left to the electrical panel and use it.
  • Slide the lever to the next room. Click on the bubble of thoughts (two, one after the other).
  • Lower the lever when the key repairers use the electric chair. Slide to the key guardian rang.
  • Wait three drops of water falling from the ceiling. Use these to reach the top of the electric chair (insulation of the head) and flip.
  • Slide to the wheel of the cart to tip over.
  • Slide to the insulation of the head of the electric chair to the phone, to the vase, then to the corpse of Jowder. (Up time).
  • Sliding down the phone. Choose "Stay here." Wait for the second phone call. Choose "Go there."
  • Slide into the toilet, then to the memo in the toilet and led unfold. The toilets are uncorked guitarist, paper down to the cell of the curry lover. (Destin amended).
  • After discussion with Jowder, Sissel learned that an amateur guitarist and curry are in cahoots and communicate with papers marked. Slip into the bell to ring for. The curry lover gets up and retrieves his spoon. Drag it. Wait until it empties into the glass.
  • Slide to the berth, and the phone to the toilet, to the mirror-frame: open.
  • Drag the towel, bottle, and then the garbage. Talking with Jowder through his bubble of thinking.
  • Wait Jowder up his napkin over the bin to open it and
  • slide the towel now marked with a red circle. Talk to Jowder. This one will shake his towel over the toilet. Let the curry lover's back. Drag it down the spoon to dig his tunnel.
  • Drag the feed hopper, luster, emergency lighting, electrical panel and the lever part of the electric chair: the decline. (Destiny avoided). But there is more electricity for the next chapter. This has two consequences: the cell doors are open, but the moves are in the dark.

Chapter 9
Back to take possession of the spoon. Slip into the cell Jowder (berth, telephone, toilet, mirror frame: open). Slide to the berth, then speak to Jowder below. Exhausting conversation. Sissel Jowder and develop a strategy of evasion, an icon in the upper right of the screen allow the inmate to join Sissel.

11h 16 - Sliding down the bed of the right cell. Wait until the two guards have their backs turned (Drag the map). Call Jowder hiding under the seat. Drag on the bullet-proof vest keeps going up the stairs. When it passes near the guard hid in the ceiling, sliding the bullet-proof vest thereof, then to the mechanism to open the hatch and drop the guard. Close. Slide to the valve. Wait a guard approached to slip on his bulletproof vest. Allow it to reach the bearing to slide the bobbin, and then to the switchboard. The cache is safe under the stairs. Wait until the guard goes upstairs to call Jowder. (Automatic Backup).

11h 22 - Reinstate the bulletproof vest the custody of the above. Open the hatch mechanism when the guard is over. Slide to the right valve. Wait for the right time to call Jowder which rises in the false ceiling. Close the hatches. Reinstate the bulletproof vest top and the guard let him go to the far left of the next room. Slide to the berth, and the phone to the bathroom, the two memos, the guitar and the mechanism of the top hatch. Call Jowder. Slide to the battery; in play to attract the guard on the door. Then open the hatch mechanism. Slide to the electric guitar and call Jowder. Close the hatch. Slide to the couch and call Jowder.

11h 28 - Start on the right to reach the phone. Opting for the guards' room. Number (found). Use the phone again: choosing the outside, then for the final number to locate the threat of Jowder Cabanela. Take ownership of Jowder talk to him.

Chapter 10

Drag the corpse of the Minister. (Up time). Sliding down the phone. Opt for Stay here. Number (found). Drag to the flag. Wait for the water jug to wave the flag wavers. Slide to the pitcher. Enjoy what the Minister of drinks to pass the decanter to the fan. (Destin amended). Increase the intensity of the fan. Drag on the sheet of paper that flies, then to the bottle. Drag the hand of the sword without armor; the rise. Slide to the hanging basket (top) and then to the painting's support. Remove it.

Back on the arm without a sword and fall. Sliding down the curtain on the right and close. Back on the hand and raise it without a sword. Slide to support the globe and turn it. Drag the globe and turn it. Slide towards the support of the table and remove it. Back on the globe and rotate it. Back on the curtain and open it. Drag the hand of the armor for the sunrise. Slide to the hanging basket (lower part) and turn it. Slide to the hanging basket (upper part) and to oscillate.

Drag the hand holding the sword and give a shot. (Destiny avoided). Giving a blow for new approaches that Lynne. Click on the bubble of thoughts of the minister. When Lynne transported the globe at the foot of the office, take possession of the minister to speak, then do the same with Lynne. Sliding down the phone. Going to the place where the code is (YMT) - 2369.
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Old 07-02-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 709
Re: Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Chapter 11
  • Drag the candle to burn the strongest. Click on the bubble of thoughts.
  • Drag the star at the bottom right and swinging.
  • Drag the fan motor and increase the intensity: the ball was on the table falls.
  • Down on the decoration on the fan that is right and it goes back to the left.
  • Down to the door of the cupboard under the plug to open it. The ball is moved.
  • To be placed back on the ventilator as it turns to wait for the right slide to the first decoration.
  • Using the nuclei reach the right store (the place), then the chandelier. The incline.
  • Drag the body towards the headstock toward the ball towards the top constantly, then to the cone coils. Shoot.
  • Slide to the cake box, and then to the second cone coils. Shoot.
  • Back to the store and the back. Board on the left.
  • Back to the fan motor to increase the intensity again.
  • Down quickly enough to the candle burns it stronger. The coil which rotates to ignite and light the candle held by the doll. Iron in the right side of the room. Unroll the awning.
  • Drag the body towards the headstock, to the ball, then to the router and turn constantly. Slide right into the clock that fell into the bag and then open it. Take ownership of Kamila talk.
Chapter 12

The return here is done automatically. Click on the bubble with thoughts of Lynne. Take possession of the minister to speak, then do the same with Jowder. Exhaust the subject. Click on the bubble of thoughts Cabanela. Sliding down the phone. Getting to the apartment of the lady.

Chapter 13

Go to the lighter, light it. Use all the cores (bin, lamp, stick, and clock) to reach the latch on the ceiling hatch and open it. Drag the clock to make it sound. Slide to the valve on which the mouse has been designed and run. Slide into the latch of the door left open. Down to the lever to turn the chandelier. Wait for the novelist is just below the chandelier to turn the lever again. She is trapped. Turn once again for it to be suspended. Go to the chandelier and increase the intensity. Go to the pendulum clock and activate it. Sliding down the phone. The return to the office of Minister is automatic. Take possession of the minister to speak. After a call from Lynne to the park.

Chapter 14

Drag the directory to the delivery box, about the bonnet of the head toward the swing: to increase his speed to reach the basketball. Slide toward the center of the globe-mobile cage to rotate, slide the basketball and then to jigger the switch. Drag the ball baseball and complete the course to take possession of and Lynne talk to him. Drag the corpse of the boy with the prospectus. (Up time). Slide to the small shovel and then to the second soul to speak. These are missile. It is capable of connecting more distant nuclei and trade items with the same shape. It is now possible to switch from one to another.

8 25 PM :
  • Sissel - Sliding down the barrel, then to cover the bin and open it. Slide to jigger the switch. Use the ball to baseball pass to the other side.
  • Missile - Sliding down the jigger and then to the baseball.
  • Sissel - Wait for the boy prospectuses perches on the globe-mobile cage, and then returns to his right. Drifting into basketball, then to the center of the globe cage.
  • Missile - Exchanging the baseball with basketball.
  • Sissel - Rotate the globe cage. Slide into boot, then to the two leaflets, then to the love letter attached to the balloon. Shake. Slide to the prospectus and then to the umbrella to close. He descends from a branch. Open it.
  • Missile - Back to the boy prospectuses by landing on the jigger propels the basketball in the umbrella. Down to the tire to share it with the basketball. Back. Wait for the boulder came close to boy's head prospectuses for the exchange with the rugby ball. (Destin avoided).
  • Sissel - Take possession of the boy prospectuses for him to speak. Take ownership of Jowder and exhaust the dialogue.
Chapter 15

Sissel - Drag the corpse of Cabanela. (Up time). Slide into the kettle. When the kettle fell, sliding down the engine room ceiling of the basement. Drag the winch to move it. He falls. Drag the toolbox and open it. Slide to the router, then to the corpse of Professor (guardian). (Up time). Drag the instrument measuring teacher. The review. Slide to the top. Wait for the wicked Sissel rotates to slide on the door. When Sissel intends Missile, drag the screen to see the little dog in the sewer. (Destin amended). Slip into the measuring instrument.

Missile - Slip into the trap, use objects on the floor of the office to move right, then drag to the trash. Slide to the stack of newspapers and exchange the two heaps shaped staircase to allow rats to invest in the trash and bring down the lid. Slide to the dustbin lid and share with the tire. Wait until the lid stops rolling for exchange with the hatch. (Destin avoided). Missile earning himself the top piece.

Sissel - Drag the winch, then to the engine. Wait until the kettle has fallen to drag it, then to the lamp base. Wait until the wicked Sissel turns his back to rotate. Slip into the bulb, then to the headset: shake. (All these actions must be made when the wicked Sissel not watching). Wait until the villain is killed Sissel.
  • Missile - Sliding off the stool.
  • Sissel - Slide to the ladder and roll. Slide into the cap and make him fall. Return to the ladder and roll it back to its original position.
  • Missile - Exchanging the hat and the book at the top of the library. Wait until the villain kills Cabanela Sissel: the ball remains in suspension. Exchange the ball with his cap. (Destin avoided).
  • Sissel - Take ownership of Cabanela. Ask any questions. Do the same with the teacher.
Chapter 16

Number (found). Sissel joins the control center Yono, the submarine. Slide into the nucleus left in the emergency lighting is one of Missile; talk to him.
  • Missile - Exchanging the baseball with basketball.
  • Sissel - Slide to the emergency lighting on the right.
  • Missile - Exchanging the right baseball with basketball.
  • Sissel -Sliding down the phone. The call is Kamila. Choose the option 'Go there'.
4h 31 - Drag the monitor, then to the handle to turn. Drag the body of Lynne. (Up time). Wait until the false Kamila points his gun at Lynne. Drag the weapon to the handle to the monitor to the phone, to the fan (handle) above and turn. Sliding down the phone. Choose the option 'Go there'. (Destiny amended). Slide to the valve, to the basketball and then to the bin to open it. Immediately slip into the basketball to reach the emergency lighting. Wait until the door opens to the left and the cap going to take it as a means of locomotion. Slip into the red lever to the right to reduce it. Then drag the torpedo. In the torpedo, the gyroscope slide right to put weight in high position, do the same with the right. The tool tips and rat runs away.
  • Drag seal: activate to bring security. (Destiny avoided).
  • 4h 40 - Slide to the starter and turn it on. Use the machine to slide to the right and get the flashlight. In due course, turn it on.
  • 4h 45 - Drag the handle up on the railing and turn it. Slide into the glove box and fuse lever (switch) and the fall. The scale descends. Drag the flashlight to turn it on. After the submarine has capsized, Sissel using its powers discovers Missile.
  • Missile - Go on the right side of the submarine in distress. Exchanging three fans so the fan is on the bottom blue.
4h 50 ?
  • Sissel - Wait until the water level rises a little and Lynne looks with the flashlight to slide the starter. The activate.
  • Missile - Exchanging the small fan with a fan means.
  • Sissel - Activate the starter again. Lynne reached the top but cannot pass because of jet fumes.
  • Missile - Drag pipes in the upper part. Redeem top left with bottom left top right with bottom right, top right with top left.
  • Sissel - Turn the wheel on the right lines. Lynne can pass. Sliding down the hook at the top left (if necessary move Missile) and down then when Lynne is pegged reassembly. Slide to the airlock door and open it.
Chapter 17 -

Exhausting dialogue. Drifting into the bottle, floor, and table command: use it. Slide to the mechanical arm, and then to the phone. Going into the torpedo room. Go talk to Missile.

5h 30 -
  • Missile - Sissel Missile Move to can swap the two levers.
  • Sissel - Slide the lever to the left for the handle. Slip into the torpedo. Drag the corpse of Jowder. Exhausting dialogue. (Up time). Drag the corpse of Yomiel. (Up time).
Last chapter
  • Wait Lynne is taken hostage. Drag and increase the headphones sound. (Destiny amended).
  • Missile - Slide to the far left nozzle.
  • Sissel - Slide to the sweet potato, then to the basket to shake. Slide to the right and spray nozzle when the sweet potato arrives above. Immediately slip into the sweet potato. Slide to the central nozzle.
  • Missile - Slide to the sweet potato.
  • Sissel - Sprinkle with the central nozzle.
  • Missile - Exchanging sweet potato with the stone. Exchanging the stone with the street lamp on the right. Wait until the end of the scene.
  • Missile - Exchange the ball with the sweet potato on the ground.
  • Sissel - Slide to the left and spray nozzle.
  • Missile - Exchanging and stone lantern.
All in all, a wonderful game that is just bursting with riddles before and after photos in the not everything is as it had initially seemed. I had my joy can be in solving the game and with a bit of thinking to solve the seemingly most difficult puzzles. But, what if I solve puzzles? Well, I'll leave you. Put it this way, it has to do with the murder, with my character, the girl from the scrap yard, the lamp and many other things.
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