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Thread: Dead Space 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

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    Dead Space 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Here is a step by step guide to smooth play this game. In addition, we made a list of weapons, accessories and basic tips to not miss any detail.
    Not much time for explanations, as you found. All you can run down the hall, dodging necromorphic your way, and turn to the left when you can. After the initial "shock", where you have to press A or X repeatedly, you can take the first breath.

    Chapter 1

    Go through the door and follow the signs leading you to the "safe zone" first and "Observation Room", after climbing the stairs later. There you will see on a monitor, Nolan Stross, and you will come to know him. Advance to the end of the room and proceed through the door on the left, the one that is not closed.

    The talk with the doctor is not going as expected, but at least you are more or less free. Take the medicine cabinet and use it as the tutorial asks you, and take the torch of the cabinet also. Get into the elevator and go down to the lower floor. Use the flash light to see into dark. In one corner you will find the first sound recording. Follow the only possible way, where there are several wheelchairs, and if you save the game for the first time in the panel with the icon of a camera. Okay? Follow. Cross the next room and right, get on the vent is marked with a hologram of a spanner. Disables floating panel next to the guy to get the kinetic form, necessary to solve small puzzles like this: grab the tapered tubes of the couch and throw against the glass to break. Do the same with the two necromorphic coming towards you. Enter the elevator, take the medicine cabinet and up.

    In the next room you will find three more Necromorphic, terminate them. The stamp that teaches you to do now is important. ALL the bodies of enemies drop items and money if you step (or they're still shooting after death). Progresses to the operating room where, finally, get the plasma cutter. Interact with your computer, and then shoot the two bugs that will come to you. Remember: it is much more effective to target limbs. You can kill him also that is tied to the couch to get. There is more room on the right, in the closet and on the table. Now, go through the door. In the next room there is nothing, so it advances to the terminal to save. In the room with several passages, first go to the bottom, right: there is ammunition, a small kit and money in the closet. Kill the four or five necromorphic to open the safety locks. Enter through either door and make sure you take the node energy in the circular sitting room, between two chairs. Move to the next terminal to save the game.

    Continues to the "Hall of admission", where you will play your first machine hack. The mark is a hologram with the gears and it will serve to achieve the stabilization module. Use it against the enemy that appears, it is slightly stronger than the previous. In addition, you can reload the module power in panels of two walls. You can take the text log that is in the ground. Deactivate the security gate and is out there. Is it closes before that can happen? For this serves to stabilize: use it against the door while open and this time it will close very slowly so the crossings without problems.

    Then you will come across a new type of necromorphic quite bastard, named Puker, vomiting which hurts and I slowed down. The strategy is the same: dismantling them both. At the end of the room are two closets and a power node. Proceed to the elevator. Along with these self-balloon can be popped, "find another text record on the counter, another power node. Follow the hallway only to discover unlocked the wonderful world of decompression: shoot the red triangle on the door to lock and follow the left. Beware that the bastard is not dead soil. Once it is, grab the power node from the wall and save the game if you like. At the store, for heaven's sake, buy the engineering outfit to remember old times, be somewhat protected and unlock an achievement or trophy. If you do not have enough money so badly you had to do, take the thousand bucks worth of the table with cups of coffee. Upon leaving a vacuum, do not stay long with the same views as you run out of air. Yes, look at the light that shines more and use the kinetic force to attract: a power node.

    Walk with open Eye now because it comes the first enemy of great. When you enter is a panel to recharge the stabilization energy, so use all you want and move in there to fill time. Make the game against the columns bug makes you gain time, but he does not hurt. Watch your step, move quick and crush whenever possible and cut off the arms firing in the yellow zone. Concentrate first on one-to ten shots rip it off, so that they have to drag. Now go slower, but beware of the tentacle that comes out of the mouth, because it has a considerable extent. When you've split the other arm, reach to grab the gold semiconductor and vindictive the scare also wanted to give you cutting off the tentacle. When you've broken all the shit and caught their content, follows the only possible way. Eventually come to some sort of engine room where, at the end of a hallway, is an icon with a magnet. Throughout the game, that means you can grab the object with kinetic module: in this case, is the top of a ventilation duct through which you get to crawl to finish the chapter.

    Chapter 2

    Take the sound recording and see if you need something from the store: the linear and the gun barrel javelin are the two new flagship products. Gold sells semiconductor and if you want, move a chest or a bit of ammunition to the safe to make space in inventory. In the same room you will find the first bank to improve your team. Invest power nodes as you like, but try to spend one to increase the hit points of your costume and save one for opening a door shortly. You're ready to go. Take the conveyor belt kit and rock the monster gets up there. Turns the back door with the power node I told you to book. Inside is the diagram to add, precisely, the node energy as a product to buy in the shops. That is vital. Pilla also the ruby semiconductor and returns to the shop front room to get you 10,000 credits.

    In the next room, kill the enemy first to find the front and then look to the right, after the rubble: Clear the field by always flying bug as soon as you can, because if it is not infecting bodies become necromorphic. Turn you again to find a power node on the floor. Take the elevator. When Stross tell you, the end of your call, watch out, let her case because it is one of those Leapers with sharp tail. They are extremely fast, so using stabilization with them is a good idea. After the next door, also kills the enemy that falls from the roof and continues to the right. In the laundry, be prepared when the lights go out, because few of the roof fall: one normal, one of those who spit, another sharp tail and three of the most typical, more or less in that order . Scroll down until you reach another lift very similar to last you used. Save game if you want and go to the back door. A Necromorphic will try to come through the wall to your left when you're about to open.

    After watching the ship crashes, kills two necromorphic, take the kit on the couch to the right and wait until others come Exploders, those with a sort of stump explosive-remember that you can cut it and throw it at other enemies, by which you came. On the other side of the conveyor belt, of course, there is a gold semiconductor can attract up to you. Continue on the door that just opened. In the monorail station, kill the Infector first if you want to put all standing bodies of the swath. When you're done with all, look at the path that has been on fire and load attracts stabilization diagram shines down there. Hop on the train and advance through the cars until a terminal to put pirates in transporting up and do a few necromorphic appear. Continues use your new ability to propel freely for the first time. Avoid the two doors off the wagon in front-first left-and repeatedly press A or X to grab when you get there. Kill the Exploder and his two companions and continues until the train endurance.

    Be hanging upside down is no impediment. Clear the field to any creature that comes near you. On the floor are enough irons that can be used as the launch kinetic harpoon to save ammunition. When they are all, including the Brute top-shoot in the yellow of their shoulders, take air and get ready for chapter 3.

    Chapter 3

    After the car fire in a corner, is the diagram for the pulse rifle. On the opposite side, there is a closet with a power node in it. Go up the stairs, before casting an eye to the open locker. In the corridor with the disturbing shadow, strip first to the left to get another power node and then back up the other side. Beware of rising from the ground. The child aspect of the room indicates that you are about to meet the new necromorphic child-like. His strength is not much, but always attack in groups and is quite fast. The gun line is really effective; it can reach several of them with every shot. Put yourself in a corner so they cannot surround you and be easier to achieve. When finished, stop by the store if you like and take the elevator.

    On the ground, in this kind of business district, find some money and a text log. If you poke, you'll see on the floor below the blue light flashes from a chip. Gold is a semiconductor, but the rail prevents capture the kinetic module: Break the glass on the railing to get it. Go to the other end, to the temple of the ancestor, and hack the elevator to gain entry. Rounding the first corner, appear necromorphic of all kinds. The good news is that the rear window can be broken to send all travel into space, the bad, if not quickly shoot the red triangle, you will go after them. Then comes another wave of kids who do have to charge you the conventional style. Now you can sneak through the vent.

    Watch the video of his friend and pray that his trick will serve only to him and up the hill to your left to reach a room with a save point and a bank of improvements. Activate the blue panel that says "OFF" and back the way you came. When you are in charge of four enemies, enter the door that is falling on the left side of the "compressor of waste that was previously closed. Here you can float and move freely by the grace of zero gravity. First go to the room on the left, where you'll find a couple of open lockers and a power node. Now go to the door on the other end and activate another blue panel to turn a huge fan. Go toward him through the tunnel and when you can get on the right, where is the door that leads to the "Infrastructure Cassini Towers."

    Go up the dark hallway, you eliminate the necromorphic exits left and spends a power node if you get a gold semiconductor, a first aid kit and enough pasta medium-to trample on the corpse of the room. When you have it, get the power cell kinetics of soil and insert into the hole in the wall. That will make the elevator work again. Comes and goes. Walk out, grab the power node to your left and continue until the sect with candles and small spider-shaped critters that you get on your back if you do not kill quickly. Try to throw everything you can to avoid wasting ammunition. Enter the room down the hall, where the tune comes to children. He goes ahead until you come to call Daina and see a ship through the windows. In the hall with candles and painted over another necromorphic assail you out of the wall, remove it and takes the elevator to leave you facing a terminal to save game.

    In the large room with several sculptures are bundled well. As always, kill first infects the small bodies. Take care after the other three enemies and then the other Infector that appears later. If you look behind the Effigies, where the window, find the diagram for the javelin. Enter the door and crosses the hall as fast as you can so you do not reach the fire.

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Chapter 4

    Go through the door on the left and up the stairs until you find the first door. Sure you and thank full inventory to sell and keep things in the store. The bank improved and saved the station can also come in handy. Keep climbing and you will find a text record, munitions and a power node. Also a religious infected will fall off the roof. Now returns to the room where you start the chapter and go to the other door. Go up the stairs to the library and kill the bug that is infecting the priest. If you do not arrive on time, which is normal this time, also Clear the field by the priest. Downstairs there is more and worse: two Infector with several dead will come after you if you do not hurry. In principle, the Puker is the last.

    Enter the door on the central pillar and use the elevator. Cross the bridge and into the next room open the door in front of you and takes you to a screening room full of chairs. Resist the temptation to make all go flying out the back window; it will be useful later, when the room is full of enemies. For that to happen, first go to the right room, start using the kinetics for the two plugs starting with the design of the magnet. Kinetics also used to grab the fuse that is sitting next to the body and insert it into the panel where it says "Center for observation." You have seen the door open. Go back there and, now, shoot the window to completely clean the room.
    The panel to recharge track stabilization is quite clear: use it with the door to open and close more slowly and Go through it.

    If you want, save the game. Above all, take the diagram to suit up on a shelf before sneak through the vent. Move the boxes with the kinetics if you cannot get well. At exit, press A or X rapidly again if not want to die at the hands of your own hallucination and grab the power node that glows in the table. If we now use the locator, tells you to go right to the "Basilica", but you might want to go before, if you have 20,000 credits to buy new clothes. To do this, shoot the fuse on the left and continues straight through the next hallway, to the mosaic that draws a face on the wall and break the fuse next to it. Indeed, had passed around: use the locator to get last store, while pressing the left stick, give him down on the D-Pad, which you've visited. Now yes, return to the "Basilica".

    Get ready to meet the Stalker. These are like little necromorphic and attack in a very clever, hiding and sticking your mortal head before they come running to her. Be patient; try to put you in a way that can come only in one direction, using the stabilization module if you need points to his legs. In this room there are four, an achievement or trophy unlocked and will instruct you've cleared them all.

    Hack the panel with the gears to return power to the other elevator and use it. No more climbing, a corpse on the left, beneath it there is a power node. On the other hand, is the door that leads "to the funeral?" For here we go. Down the hall there are more fuses if you the charges, will open the door that lets you right next to the store. But the focus is on the front door, that of the "Chapel of meeting", where you wait several necromorphic and a lot of spiders. If you have the pulse rifle you can load the spending an acceptable amount of ammunition. If not, just avoid them and you are more interested in point. Be careful, that behind the altar, facing the elevator that you upload, there is another enemy.

    Go straight to end the chapter.

    Chapter 5

    Save the game until you Enter the cryogenic room if you sound played the demo. Some of these containers will necromorphic crystal clear, but only from the fourth room. The six-count which makes the dead-end that is in the fifth freezer are the latest. In the next area, go to the elevator, but before using mechanical arms looks: blue light is a semiconductor gold can attract. Once down, grab the power node and the diagram of the saw mill before hacking the terminal, lest you forget. To get their hands on the cables, some media will be placed on the area of the center of the room. Drag with the kinetics, once you've used the stabilization of the sphere to rotate more slowly and can be left to crash. When you're done with the first two grips, descend another pair. Repeat twice more, up to six attachments, come, to restore the zero gravity.

    Before landing and re-enable the gravity generator, be sure to catch the mid kit plot out there suspended. You can download these chips in the shop behind the next door. Near improvements have a bank, and behind this, there is a departure terminal for storing a ventilation duct. Do not you see? Then move the metal structures that cover them with the kinetics. It crosses the canal, take the money and ammunition in the room and proceed through the only door there. When you do, look first to the right: hidden there is the plot line for ammunition. Precisely this is the best thing to use against the pair of Lurker of the next room. If you played the previous Dead Space remember these babies with tentacles that shoot projectiles. With the barrel line, as I said, you sever its three extensions of a single shot. He will die instantly and you will remove an achievement or trophy.

    Follow up, settled the other necromorphic and advances to the church where a mob attacks you enormous. As soon as you bring up the spotlight, put on yellow package is in what comes out of his mouth and shoot until it breaks it and you loose. So will a pile after pile of kids who need to carry you as you can, with the barrel linear or pulse rifle, for example. The corridors up each side are also full of enemies. Again, be especially careful with Exploders and try to take you several ahead with the outbreak of his coat. When finished, continue through the door at the top that let you open just how fast a stalker even without legs is. Let it also without arms and advanced to the elevator. Do not lower the gun during the trip, because you will slip an undesirable.

    Enjoying the view and collect the power node and the diagram to the fuse next to the save point game. Daina continues to meet with for a brief chat that ship chasing you decides to stop abruptly. Press X button to avoid being left as a sieve. Again, shoot your new friend the giant weakness highlighted in yellow. When you stay free, do not waste a second and moves the gate to the magnet using the kinetic and escapes there. If you do not succeed in a couple of attempts, use stabilization in the enemy to gain time. Enjoy what is probably the most spectacular scene of the game and put the icing on shooting any red bottles that have been floating around you, in half the space.

    Chapter 6

    Just after landing, turn around and go through the gap in the wall to grab a power node of those that we love. And save the game progresses in the next room. Although the blue trail suggests otherwise your pager, first go to the far door of the terminal is saved, because there is, on the right side of the gazebo, the diagram for the rifle form. Now you can follow the recommended path and examine the rooms for some money and ammunition to the point where Stross calling. For after the conversation, you should already be in front of the elevator to take.

    Again, you can save your game here. And it touches another skirmish slightly complicated, with the first couple of Pregnants. As in the previous title, if you shoot them in the belly release a lot of heavy chandeliers, and pointing it to the arms and legs. But the worst is yet to come: up to six Leapers, two by two, will attack in this area. Remember to cut her two front legs is the best way to remove them.Across the hall, playing the Esfigie, look first to your right and go through the store to download diagrams and buy what you need.

    In the next room, a broom timely teaches you not to get the Cyst: These nests launch explosive projectiles when you approach or when they die. They also have the habit of placing in poorly lit corners, so tune the ear because if you listen to your breathing difficulty is that you are around one. Kinetics used to throw objects or bodies, and that these "mines" die of its own explosions. If you let the next crawling necromorphic approaching a also jump into the air. Once the area is finally safe, use a power node to unlock the door of the store safe. “If you want, of course, because in this there is no big deal: money, a semiconductor of bronze and some bullets. When finished with the bank for improvement, through the door to return to feeling zero gravity.

    Have you ever heard that that there can be no combustion without oxygen? Implement it because it touches: look for the three "oxygen stations" that are in the room and scrape out the batteries, starting earlier, if necessary, the typical cap with the magnet. The first two stations are easily seen on both sides of the aisle and the last is hanging from the ceiling. Once the fire is out, you can replace a battery to suffocate and can not find it easy boxes blooming around you. Clear the field of the` two Lurker where once there were the flames and get a battery to the next room, to replace what is fried and so activate the elevator where he had been stuck a Puker. Kill him and go to the lower floors.

    In this rest area, open the closet, grab the power node from the wall, save the game and break the fuse to open the why you should continue. By the cries and the placement of the boxes, you should already know that here you will find Stalkers. If you bought before the trigger, use the mines that you're here. If not, repeat the strategy that works for you last time, notice that you have a filling station for stabilization. There will be about seven, but do not trust until you stop listening. Add the lockers and go to the door at the bottom right. You'll have to pirate first.

    Stross tells you something a few steps and then get close to the woman who defends the necromorphic behind bars in a store. It loads a few, but the Leaper leaves it to you. Before going to Ellie, look right: this highlight diagram of pulse loads in the ground. Take the elevator you just used it. Take a look at the store and save games, taking care not to step on any Cyst. Let him do, yes, the enemy that comes running and eliminates the Pregnant coming back. Grab the power node that is in the ground at the door of the clothing store for children. More or less when you're out there a couple of bugs appear again, one normal and one that spits. Then turn to visit the nursery. Cross the hallway and go through the door at the end. You just see what they can do Crawler, so very careful with these babies explosives. If you shoot at the yellow burst, but you can aim well to head the pulse rifle is the best thing to do, and then grab and throw with the kinetics. In the next room there are more. Get out and get into the next room where you can save game.

    When you touch off the monorail to see what the road blocks, break the boxes on both sides and moves. In the next room there is a power node on the left and a lot of cysts and stalking. Take it easy, watch your step, some enemy will not be as careful as you, and try to put you in points that allow you to see the attacks coming from afar. To make matters worse, also come out of the walls a couple of Exploders. The good news is that there are also plenty of boats to use to stabilize your favor, reserving one for the Guardian who is behind the boxes at the bottom right, so you can cut the tentacles out to give time for anything. Take the ruby semiconductor and take the elevator. Cross the hallway with care: Cysts are even on the ceiling and a hidden necromorphic. Sells semiconductors, save games, and tracking.

    Without doubt, these huge tentacles are responsible for blocking the road. Below it is more complicated. Do not rush to kill the Tormentor, because if you do come next. It is best to cut only one arm to keep it from bouncing and moving so fast, and keep him at bay with spears stabilization while five or six boats explosives nitrogen tank. When everything starts to blow, go whistling to the elevator marked with blue lights and go to the monorail. Getting off the wagon, go straight and use the two freight elevators to reach the last place you want to return.

    Take the ammunition stored in cabinets and game, because after the next door is a harsh confrontation against a Brute. Throw it stabilizes the container and uses your own to avoid his onslaught. You can try from both arms at once with the gun shooting straight or right-pulse rifle, or you can focus on one with the plasma cutter or rifle form. Are a few shots, anyway, if you choose the second option, keep your distance once the bug has to crawl on the floor, and uses the kinetic to return the balls coming your way. Once dead, come to take the ruby semiconductor. Search boxes and lockers to retrieve some ammo and exit the only door are not closed.

    In the next hallway, watching the blue lasers, toss them a corpse or a box with the kinetics, because otherwise they will detonate the mine as they passed. You end up finding a Guardian as Dead Space's first against the wall. You have to sever all its tentacles while avoiding the bullets of the young that throws you. You can pass him and quickly take the elevator next to it, but you might miss the gold semiconductor loose to die.

    Chapter 7

    Before you stand in the store or bank improvements, and take care of the Leaper Puker coming from the front. In this bank releases the handy option of redistributing power nodes, of course. Go ahead and enter the "maintenance of the lift platform" to learn how to operate the thrusters. Once attached to a surface, any blow or shot the lights turn red, dragging the object you have attached. Clear and junk that blocks your way and down using your ability to fly in zero gravity to download everything you can and, in the recess in the floor, finding a power node. Also out there, floating beside a corpse, is the diagram for saw blades. Stand on the bottom of the lift, at its base, and shoot the two engines that have stuck to return to your site.

    Return as you came, killing the queue was not sharp as before and enter the "Lift the solar panel." Turn it up and get ready for a trip very little quiet. Shoot the enemies arms are breaking the windows do not you try e cornered. Resists until they break. Once up, practice boat launch explosives into Cyst and look at the box office, in a canyon is a diagram of energy. Enter the only door there, but before that it kills the bug above. Sort your stuff in the store and grab the power node that is in the closet on the left. The target now is the grand entrance of the "Access to the main panel, but if you do not pass the DNA scanner does not open. Looking at the other side of the room, the body of Mr. Phillips and lift the bed with the kinetics. On the left of him is nothing but the scanner. But the AI is still adamant that we are not welcome and now calls for a verbal authorization cannot fake. Grab anything you see on the ground with the kinetic and throw against the lasers to get ahead. In the narrow hallway on the left there is a power node.

    Kill the next necromorphic dragged and progresses to be flanked by more lasers. An enemy's touch and cause an explosion that will break the window. Decompression avoids firing the red triangle and ends with explosives babies are out there. Then enters the "Hall of the grid" and hack the terminal. In doing so, it will run the forklift, but also attract a few more necromorphic. Note that some have protections in the legs, so it is much more effective to go after his arms. Go up the elevator and use the kinetic to attract the catwalk, as suggested by the bumper magnet. Return to throw something against the lasers to explode away from you right after and get closer to the box office, where another power node. Save your game and open the door. This time the AI will try to leave you with oxygen, so you should give a rush to kill the two Stalker is in the corridor and hack the panel.

    Start the vent cap. The panel next to it indicates which connects room. Let's start with the right, for example. Remove all plates that hide the panels with the Kinetic also use it to grab power cells with red lights and put them in the right panel, with four slots. Try different positions until the lights to become green. That will bring up a screen right next to that, obviously, you have to interact. Back to crawl through the pipe and hit the switch to turn and allows you to go left.

    This has to repeat the operation ... more or less. Back to catch the red-cell energy while a necromorphic may come from the dark, but put them first so that the light turns purple. This activates a panel next to the vent that allows turning in another direction, to your left again. Do it and go to reach a secret room with a large kit, pasta, a ruby semiconductor, a power node and the Peng treasure that will give you an achievement or trophy now and enough credits when you sell. Not bad. Go back where you were and, now, put energy cells so that their light is green. As before, the ground will you turn off a screen. Now the central computer protection was removed, but a couple of enemies have come to the room. Go there and turn off the IA breaking all the fuses from the mainframe. Necromorphic come a few more as you go.

    Finally, a free hand to reach the "Capsule solar panel control." Do not be distracted while Ellie speaks: in this hall there are three Cyst and three or four large chandeliers. After crossing it, it gets more serious with necromorphic: another dark, they start to be normal soon, and a pair of Leapers and up to three Lurkers. Toss them stabilization boats on the right to make your life easier. At the end of the corridor is one of those doors that open to a power node, if you decide to spend it, you'll be rewarded with ammunition, a gold semiconductor and the ray diagram for the contact. In the previous visit, hacks up the terminal and the lift to repair the solar panels.

    You will feel better if you first load to the nest that is constantly shoot, kills his three sacks oranges while dodging the bullets coming your way. Do not forget the ruby semiconductor die and release the oxygen recovered in the panels spread throughout the structure if you need. To return to face the solar panels, come to the screen next to them, press A or X to grab them and move them with the right stick. You do not have to put them facing the sun, but to the other solar panel in front of them, when well focused, clearly and Isaac is automatically loose panel. Do the same with the other, back to the elevator and get ready to fly, dodge the giant debris through the holes where necessary.

    Bring all the ammo you can, see if you need anything from the store and save the game, because it now is complicated: two waves of packs, two or three Leapers, as many necromorphic Pukers and normal with that, at least you'll have to Vertel as Ellie tries to open the door you have to escape in a hurry if you want to run out of oxygen. Hit the elevator button and get air.

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Chapter 8

    Save game and organize your things, as usual, before going out the door on the left. There, upon entering, grab the power node on the wall on the right. In the next room you'll see a Infector making mischief, but the other side of unbreakable glass, so you cannot do anything to stop him in time this time. There is already a hard necromorphic the drawing-room, if you load it before the adjournment, even better, "but will three more walls and ceilings, even if you flee to another room. Expect mine, use the launch kinetic harpoons out there or just be quick and points along with your weapon of choice. Unlock the "secure storage" because inside is fine thing: a ruby semiconductor, another power node and vintage costume plot. Back a couple of stays behind until the last store that you went to buy now and recover the life that you could lose now.

    Keep going where you left off. In the next room, which had seen through the glass, find a node of power when complete hallucination. Cross a couple of rooms where nothing and no one to return to meet with Ellie and Stross. After the talk, save game and continue. Look left to another room to see, along with a corpse, the diagram of the mine detonation. With four necromorphic more you'll see them here, after the scare that hit you to get the machines working. If you want to use the bank for improvements or if you just ammo, try out for legs. Toca zero gravity. Take a drive with the kinetics and paste it to the door ajar in front of you, not sets, just drop it when you're close enough. Shoot or throw him the corpse that floats on your side to start the engine and open the door.

    Avoid scrolling roller carefully and pressing RB and R2, as the tutorial to relocate perpendicular to the ground. Kill the lurker that waits ahead. Stabilization now uses the metal structure that moves up and down for you to tape for longer-rays and thus can cross propellers with LB or L2. Two more raiders, but has enough space to dodge their bullets. Reissues stabilizing the rotor blades to stop and look out for the last couple of tentacles. To open the next door, repeat the thruster, you have them on the wall opposite the door. Stop watching the nest with fire rings and re-do the thrusters to open the last gate is the last thing left to do before you set foot back. Just inside the hall with blue lights, a stalker with no legs will come to the right. On the left wall you'll find a power node and after the next door is Ellie and Stross. Pilla diagram big cabinet to the left, keep heading and follow right away with the kinetics tables.

    Chapter 9

    We started well, with three Leaper and an enemy of the typical climbing over the railing. Use stabilization if you think necessary. Use the elevator, you necromorphic Clear the field to the left out and take care after the babies crawlers. Remember that if you shoot the head you throw your body explosive siblings. After the next door have a Puker, you should kill first so you do not slow down, and two hanging from the ceiling marauders. If you have the gun line, remains the best remedy against their tentacles. Download the diagrams in the store and buy what you need. Against the next enemy, Divider, nothing like the flamethrower, especially for searing the small creatures that compose it, that attacks you separately when you destroy the large body. Take the elevator when they are all dead.

    Watch where you shoot here, because if you break the glass will have very little time left to prevent depressurization. If you do it with care, however, may be the best way to get rid of the two enemies in here. Grab the power node and continues. Grab the box and throw it out before you activated mine on the right to cause a detonation to reach the safe and sound recording and flammable fuel diagram hidden behind large boxes. Take the pot and throw explosives at the guard on the wall to break his tentacles quickly before it starts spitting out offspring. Gold recovers its semiconductor and hit the elevator button. Upon reaching the top floor you will find a bit of everything: Pregnant, Slasher and Exploder, careful with the latter, which can bring you much if you do not act quickly. In the room there is a save point, a bank of improvements and a puzzle: the kinetics used to lift the yellow cylinders and stabilization to come down more slowly and can take the discs inside. Place in the center column given its size.

    The third is a bit more to the right, on the ground. Beware when you wake up, because there one of these spiders with human heads below. With everything in place, you can activate the monorail on the panel that is behind you. Get in the car and put in place to meet up with Ellie and Stross.
    When you touch off the monorail to see what the road blocks, break the boxes on both sides and moves. In the next room there is a power node on the left and a lot of cysts and stalking. Take it easy, watch your step, some enemy will not be as careful as you, and try to put you in points that allow you to see the attacks coming from afar. To make matters worse, also come out of the walls a couple of Exploders. The good news is that there are also plenty of boats to use to stabilize your favor, reserving one for the Guardian who is behind the boxes at the bottom right, so you can cut the tentacles out to give time for anything. Take the ruby semiconductor and take the elevator.

    Cross the hallway with care: Cysts are even on the ceiling and a hidden necromorphic. Sells semiconductors, save games, and tracking. Without doubt, these huge tentacles are responsible for blocking the road. Below it is more complicated. Do not rush to kill the Tormentor, because if you do come next. It is best to cut only one arm to keep it from bouncing and moving so fast, and keep him at bay with spears stabilization while five or six boats explosives nitrogen tank. When everything starts to blow, go whistling to the elevator marked with blue lights and go to the monorail. Getting off the wagon, go straight and use the two freight elevators to reach the last place you want to return.

    Chapter 10

    Yes, again "on board" of the Ishimura. Cross the bridge and when you reach the first room a little big, which has saved the season, moving with the kinetic boxes blocking the door on the left. In the toilets there are a couple of records and a power node. Follow directions for further progress locator; quiet for the moment there are no enemies. You will pass a bank of improvements, a kind of communications room ... but nothing remarkable in this section. The encouraging thing again, when you reach a long hallway and the ceiling higher than the previous. For the Brute suddenly assail you, ideally, if you take over, the beam of contact: you get to rip off an arm of a single shot. If you have other weapons, give to the most powerful in your inventory and remember that once you are on the ground, you may end up returning their bullets killed him. The same for those coming in the distance, just after.

    When finished with the big two dozen ready for normal attacking from both sides. The corridor is long enough to kill a first to the band and to keep their distance from the rest. Grab the power node to the end of the corridor before the panel hack to fix the lift. Check out the store and keep the latest fighting game if you do succeed. After the lift down there in that room. Improve your equipment at the bank before entering the decontamination room. Upon exiting the other end, check the box office and opens the door with caution because there are a few enemies. If you left, you'll find a power node, but that will attract even more necromorphic, you can end up confronting a dozen quietly. You decide if you run more than offset to the right and try to dodge all you can until you reach the door, but keep in mind that in nothing will ever happen here.

    In the next room, move in zero gravity and find the four pieces with a blinking light near folta; you put in the cylinder that is the center so the yellow tube is continuous, is united in its entirety (when a piece is in place, also keep a green light, like the rest). When ready, return to the gateway through which you entered and interact with the blue panel to activate the centrifuge. Retrace your steps to the decontamination room. This time when we'll see several bugs when the sprinklers turn on, first a group of children and after four or five enemies Pukers basic, most obscure. Locator uses the right stick all the doors if you look the same, but very close to you a lift next to a necromorphic that played dead. You'll end up getting a couple or three enemies and several spiders then a new transportation will take you to medical coverage.

    In the hallway with fluorescent lighting that highlights the blood, roll CSI, will attack four others, including a lame Puker and a Marauder. What you've done before was far more complicated, so you should not have problems. In the next room, which may sound like the first Dead Space, grab the power node and get ready for a few more shots, now led to a pair of dark necromorphic and two other Exploders; stabilization uses all want, because you a panel to recharge here. Pirates door and get ready for two more waves. Save your game and go into the recording room with Nicole on the monitors. Grab the power node and register boxes and lockers, as always.

    The elevator goes up there next and away the dishes in front of you until you reach a room where you drag the structure to your left to make a bridge and you reach the other side. Back to attract the platform to continue down your path and, after killing the sharp tail-eye, which is also the dark, “the electrified area? Here you can find two or three more like you just met. Do not disconnect the battery yet, because someone who comes from the other end will be fried to come to you. Before crossing the party with electricity, enter the door on this side to get a power node. Now, when the area is clear, removes the battery and gets the ruby semiconductor is in the hole in the wall.

    It is not worth that you waste a node to open the door in here: there are only small and limited ammo kits. Spend it on the bench for improvements, then, and continues through the other door. Follow the road signs until you reach an area with zero gravity. You can pass them and enter the door to the next platform quickly. This room also sure brings memories. It is now inhabited by a group of necromorphic quite annoying: a Leaper, three Pukers, Stalker and many other spiders to annoy a few more. All dark, of course, will be mostly during the remainder of adventure, "so we give them with the best you have mines and beam contact, in my case. In the front of the ship there is a save terminal. Use it and falling thereafter. Active gravitational anchors in the blue panel by holding down the button, and get out with the capsule of salve.

    Chapter 11

    Open the two shutters until you reach a steep descent. Have to deal with a number of lurking here, I recommend running down, without looking back, until one of the spaces on either side: the spears and the right has the left, mine, but since both can be seen clearly, with time , the enemies running towards you. To some will even load it with the explosion of an upcoming baby. Hack the terminal in order to move forward, watching with cysts and grab the power node. Stock up at the store and save the game, because life in the mine has never been easy. Exploder Clear the field to catch you by surprise intended, it is likely that the outbreak was also carried forward to another enemy who was passing by. Go down the first ramp to the right, while you take care of all who come to necromorphic ahead and behind (especially eaters and the Marauders). Looking for a blue box next to a corner full of jars of stabilization, which can be opened to remove a battery, will serve to replace what is worn next, with red lights.

    When you do, some cables will illuminate to show you the door they should go ahead. Obviously, during that short trip will assail aberrations of all kinds. Treat them as to a moment ago, paying particular attention to Exploders, babies and two come from behind you when you cross the high catwalk.
    When we finally arrive at the "Access to room temperature scanner" check that things are not quite right between Ellie and Stross, but you have your own problems. Again in half the space, Clear the field-charging Nest oxygen when needed, and take the ruby semiconductor. Your way back is the cylinder in the center of the metal structure, but there are two groups of beams covering the input: thrusters moved with touches you'll find nearby, inside the capsules with red lights flashing. Put the drivers in the point of origin of lasers that stop you from going through where you want. On one drive there is already a hit, in fact, but on the other you must do what I just explained. When the entry is free, get into the tube and down dodging (or exploding) that cover Cysts inside.

    After talking to Ellie save the game and go to the elevator. The enemies will again be heavy in this part of the mine, but you can certainly use the explosive cans left on the bottom. Also note the purple light shining on a safety net: a node of energy that can and should appeal to the kinetics. After the next door, first go to the right and use a node to open the "safe store": here is the diagram for advanced suit and you can not ignore. Detonated mines blocking the other door with a box or a corpse and still around. Pirates "Access to the main mine" and press A or X repeatedly to solve this problem once. Trample him to take his sound recording. Follows the locator, you will go down the elevator and get to a door that was closed the last time you spent here. Kill necromorphic that will rise to your position and, before calling the elevator, all you can attract the other side of the hole: a sound recording, ammunition and a power node covered by the body.

    Activate the elevator and prepare for a classic video game: enemies fall there while driving up the miners is not as hard as you have been going lately, but some of these also fall. For the limited space, the linear barrel is a good option here. When you get up, mash the button again when the script tells you to start seeing things more clearly. Buy Advanced Costume, save game, and another chapter.

    Chapter 12

    Come to the excavator to talk to Ellie. Look to the right, at the end of the field of cysts, and you'll see a blue box: hence sucrose battery you need but not enough. The circuitry is fried and you need to find a replacement. Go up the ramp and when you can, turn left. On the wall you will see the light emitted from the semiconductor diamond. Take it, because you pay pasta for him. Keep Away to upload and activate the forklift. When you reach the other end, you'll see a couple of necromorphic start to climb right. Do not let you come. Once you've loaded the, peek over the railing, you'll see several lights on the floor, one of a power node.

    Put yourself now in front of the cylinder does not stop turning, remove the cover with the kinetic and pick up the circuit board. Go back and place it on the excavator, which also just insert the battery. If you want to stay playing with the kids, fine, but once you have turned the bulldozer Ellie and can put you on the platform to let it go. Once we get started, go up a small group of necromorphic. Take care of them quickly and pay attention to the right wall, attracting all the kits and explosive canisters you can to keep on hand, they will go very well for many Marauders throw to shoot you from both sides and the next enemy continue to rise. If you have improved the beam contact to get your special secondary fire, here comes a wonderful time.

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

    Chapter 13

    Go through the hallway, but when you get the door unlocked, pull the right first to grab a power node. Enter, now, by the orange door. After your good deed for the day, go to the store, has added new ammunition, and save the game. Lower the lift to discover that you are not the only one that goes to the Government District. Clear the field at all necromorphic, helping stabilize the boat and using weapons that have improved more. On the opposite side of where you go there is a power node. Enter the door and lower until the lights come on: get faster at the door on the right or you Tiedemann guards gunned down. In the bathroom, do not spend long in power node. You have no other to get into the vent and when you get out, walk up the stairs to the right to "control room operations," where you must disconnect the battery after the metal cover. This unlocks the safety latch for necromorphic take care of the guards. Enjoy the show and save the game.

    Obviously, several of the bugs that you have left now go become your problem. In this room are sufficient for combat have room without problems, and the help of a boat more stable. Go through the metal detector, cross the next door and repeat the trick you did several chapters back to fool the scanner: it raises the body with the kinetics to identify it. Go through the only door open and continues until you reach a lab with a blue light where it becomes a good liar: half a dozen enemies, no matter how fast you kill the Infector, you'll find here. Relax in the next room, box office records and tuning your favorite weapons in the bank for improvement. If you have not already, is a very good time to improve the length and power stabilization module. I do not know if it's worth spending a node to open the store: there is a ruby semiconductor, little ammunition and a first aid kit, and when you leave there you will find a Divider. You decide.

    Continue through the only door open to get to the room with typical and stalkers: if you are less afraid to contact Ray, but the tactics used so far work too. Grab the power node is in one of the walls and replace the battery by rotating fund that is hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. Save your game and go down the stairs. Watch with babies, with Puker also driven and, above all, with lasers that are building a replica of the effigy. This might not get anything to stabilization, so start running at the right time and go fast in the next room there is on your right. Get rid of the four necromorphic that you come and collect the power node before returning to sprint and hide. Do it again, again killing whatever you put in front to get an elevator and to stop the lasers. Right next to the panel where you do that, you'll like structures magnet drawing indicates that the kinetics can download to cross the other side.

    No loss, eliminating the two enemies that will try to surprise you, keep heading in the next room and get ready for more action. In the room with the red light coming from everywhere but only when exploring a bit. So you can place multiple mines calm before starting to arrive. End up being about ten regular enemies, and Pukers Exploder, "plus three or four. Kill three more than you leave in the next hallway (two fronts and one behind) and down to get to a room much like the previous one, also in a number of enemies referred. One floor down, you will face a dark Brute can be pretty tough. However, if you throw the pot of stabilization in the room and aim it at one shoulder with the contact beam, you'll explode with three shots, before you were able to approach you. Collect the ruby semiconductor and the gate pirates. Across the bridge straight out of the Death Star to get to a room that surely been waiting for: to his store, his bank improvements and to save game point. Go up the elevator to reach the beginning of the end.

    Chapter 14

    The necromorphic just out of the vent is immortal. Cut off all the limbs as often as you like, always grow back. So far, only arms and legs can seize upon to stay a while and I also use to gain stabilization long enough to hack the terminal in there and go through the next door. Grab the power node on the right and follow the hallway to a room you'll need to take a corpse to fool a scanner. The problem is that this time you are back, along with four other necromorphic quite hard, the immortal creature, again, get to stay in the soil to regenerate their limbs cut off and stabilization used to do what you owe. Keep going, keeping the heavy grates every time I get through.

    A couple of rooms later you turn the small hallway to your right, but if you continue straight first a little more, you'll see a node of energy - in which you cornered another pair of enemies. The special sub-shot contact beam returns to Santo hand here. Take the elevator to get to another room rather complicated. Start the lid and break the fuse to open the door before or after killing the two Infectors, as you see, "noting that the immortal again come from behind. As they have done before infectors, there are more enemies here or you can open the door with some comfort, to clear the gravity and to get away from there.

    Kill this giant species by the piston. You can go without spending stabilization, in any case. When you see the nest, approach in order to kill without having to worry about the rays are appearing in the first part of the room. In fact, if you prefer not to kill him land on the platform at the end and re-enable the control of gravity. You might miss ruby semiconductor, but also save some bullets. And finally, the door with the sign "Access to Effigy." First find store quite dispensable, with little money and less ammunition. Next door to the left, there is a energy retriever, and right, the last bank of improvements, the last shop and saved the penultimate point of the game.

    Chapter 15

    Needless to entertain you with these enemies, because Pukers spitting from afar will make things difficult for the account: runs down the hall, avoiding all the blades you can. Grab the ammo next room and eliminate the two necromorphic to come out with the walls. The other remains immortal so keep running. Crosses the other hall-yes, this chapter is to the point, and Clear the field to three enemies in order to move forward. Do the same with the tail and the Marauders hope you just open the door proceeds, killing more or less, up to a freight elevator that leaves you with a save point.A menu will then Hunter and I have tried to call it immortal, that's her name, and you have to slow down in order to break a couple of fuses and open up the two doors that lead you to your destination.

    Therein lies the effigy, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome. Tiedemann is easy: press the button repeatedly to rip javelins shoot and show you the next time you have to aim for the head. The final battle takes place in your mind, against Effigy taking the form of the ghost of Nicole. If she touches you, you will die instantly with a rather shocking scene. Shoot-no need to be in the limbs, for once, to reveal what appears to be the "heart" of the esfigie: there now directs your fire. When Nicole reappears, it will be accompanied by a lot of Pack, these children with claws, as well as shade. Dales cane them and your ex-secondary firing line gun is surely the best option here, and still firing at the heart each time it is displayed.

    Unlikely to be the most difficult boss you've loaded, but like everyone else, was the last. And you just have to dodge Effigy pieces that can hit you while flying toward the ship. Now enjoy the final credits sequence and start a New Game + mode or impossible if you have what it should be.

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    Dead Space 2 Cheats and Achievement Codes

    Dead Space 2 Cheats:

    • Freeze carnage (10) : Kill 50 Necromorphs under the effect of stasis (single player).
    • At the top (30) : Improve your RIG and stasis module maximum.
    • Self-flagellation (20) : Slashers to hang a surface using arm Slashers.
    • Well equipped (50) : Have improved more than four weapons simultaneously.
    • Boo! (20) : Kill the Stalker Rifle researcher in zoom mode.
    • Lumberjack (10) : Kill four enemies with a single blade cutter.
    • In the air (20) : Impale an enemy and let fly the 17 meters (it should stay against a surface).
    • Clear behind the ears (10) : Cut the three tentacles of a Ranger with a single master shooting Slicer (single player).
    • Dismemberment epic (50) : Dismember 2500 members Necromorphs (single player).
    • Tamer (10) : Kill a Brute without damage.
    • Electrician (10) : Find 10 semi-conductors.
    • ECT (10) : Impale an enemy spear-throwers and util. alt shot. to electrocute other 3 (single player).
    • Impossible (50) : Complete the game on Fanatic.
    • Engineer (10) : Find 10 technical drawings.
    • I said "keep quiet" (10) : Kill 25 enemies crawling crush (single player).
    • Lightspeed Milo (10) : Dismember the statue of the "Lightspeed Boy."
    • My favorite (30) : Improve more than one weapon.
    • Do more than (10) : Complete the game on any difficulty.
    • Necro Flamed (10) : Kill 50 enemies with flamethrowers.
    • Vacuum cleaner (30) : Depressurize 20 Necromorphs without making you suck.
    • Nanny (10) : Kill 30 Babies without exploding.
    • Lost in Space (15) : Impale an enemy in a window of relief to detonate.
    • Trap (20) : Kill 20 enemies using detonator mines deployed mode.
    • First Aid (10) : Use care ten times faster (single player).
    • Return to Sender (10) : Landmines Kill by sending back its mine.
    • Sadist (10) : Flip an enemy with the alternative of firing laser shock then kill the ground with the main fire.
    • Lifeless (50) : Complete the game mad.
    • Shamelessness (25) : Knock out 10 containers.
    • Use your Force (15) : Kill 30 Necromorphs with objects controlled by telekinesis.
    • Strike (20) : Kill six enemies at once with the alternative of shooting Slicer (single player).
    • All fans of Peng! (20) : Find Peng's treasure.
    • Behave (10) : Buy conducting advanced.
    • Pleasant change (20) : Kill Necromorph with every weapon in the game (single player).
    • Check members! (10) : Dismember 25 members of Necromorphs (single player).

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    Dead Space 2 Cheats and Achievement Codes

    Dead Space 2 Achievement Codes:

    • Secret Achievement (50) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (30) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (50) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (30) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

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    Dead space 2 save game download for pc

    Hey there i am unable to complete the game even with the help of the walkthrough also. I stuck in the Chapter 5 and unable to kill the boss. Is there any save game for chapter 5 is available. If there is any then please post here so that i can work with the same. A help much appreciated.

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    Re: Dead space 2 save game download for pc

    If you are looking for the save game for PC to play Dead Space 2 then i will advise you to check out the below given link which is having the save game for the Dead Space 2 that you can go through and work with your issue. I hope this will help you for same.

    Dead space 2 save game download for pc - 95% chapter completed

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