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Old 24-01-2011
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Best Tools for SEO

If you own a blog, or webmaster of a website, and you worry about your position in different search engines, you must have a reliable tool for measuring the position and changes in the time "ranking" of your various pages in the SERP (Search Engine Result Position). You imagine the burden of such work? Track the position of each page on multiple search engines is virtually impossible manually, hence the importance of positioning tracking software.

SEO is the art Internet and how to index a website, get relevant links pointing to it and place it on the keywords that characterize it. This article aims to give you some ideas to analyze SEO - SEO - your site and improve it. The more savvy of you SEO can spend their way in this article I speak of those whose benefit is not referencing the specialty and who wish to improve and advance our site. Whenever possible I will speak primarily of free tools that you can find online.

You can locate your position in the SERPs as often as you like, and even several times a day, but I strongly advise you to space out the pace of research, for example you can find your position 03 times a day by choosing depending on the time points (08H morning, noon and evening 12H 20H) but it depends on the theme of your site if your site deals with news it would be wise to monitor your positions in a fairly small, on the contrary, a site large enough and stable enough competitive positions you can simply search by day.

Top SEO Tools by Usage :

Often people will seek to analyze an existing site or start in terms of SEO.

The domain: Several tools exist, but some can help before choosing the domain (NOD) I would mention two NameBoy and NameCheap (search based on keywords) both provide a vision on the availability LoQs. To watch on names Domain TDNAM of Godaddy is excellent.

Site Analysis / Search Result: If you are not using Firefox, download it so there?s FF extension that are very useful for this type of analysis. These tools are SeoQuake and it is a SEO add on for FireFox . It comes with l SeoQuake toolbar on FireFox and ask for several parameters of the site visited, SEOforFireFox it improves results of SERP and can even highlight NoFollow links.

Traffic : Google Analytics is a must have, especially now that you would log in automatically, I myself use a tool as little known in France gives me a vision and guidance as to the source 80% of my incoming traffic keywords.

Social Media Web 2.O : All sites such Digg-like Scoopeo Wikio etc. This tools automates the sending of the digg-like but unfortunately he does not like the digg speaking, the tool is Social Poster (for use with moderation please).

Link Exchange : With the increasing power of your blog and requests for link exchanges, you will have various and varied demands will fall, I do not recommend exchanging links unless they are on the same theme and with sites own for this check with the tool CheckPageRanking .

SEO Analysis : It is important to analyze your page in terms of SEO, why use this site . Remember validate HTML and CSS .

Google Tools : Google is indispensable in terms of varied tools. Start with an Gmail account, Google for Webmasters who gives you a single account for all of your blogs / sites, Google Trends and Google Insights Search (discussed in detail in a recent post) to analyze search trends and geographical aspects as well. Google Adwords Keytool is an essential tool as it lets you see the keyword CPCs and especially since few see the monthly volumes of research (info passed relatively incognito).
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Old 24-01-2011
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Re: Best Tools for SEO

Top SEO Tools for Domains

SEO Elite

SEO Elite is a product that was created by Brad Callen Super Affiliate to use as an internal tool to help drive up the number 1 in search engines. In this review SEO Elite you will discover how the tool really works and what it can offer you and your websites. To begin, SEO Elite provides important information about your competitors, such as the number of backlinks they use and the origins of these links. In addition, SEO Elite can be the anchor text using your rivals, and the ranking of the site pages where the links originate.

More importantly, SEO Elite will teach you what you need to know to maintain a high rank, because winning the first place means nothing if you cannot focus on him. Ranking Checker SEO Elite an important tool that allows you to monitor the performance elements of your site is also included in the package. With this tool, you can watch the rankings of major search engines provided by each unique keyword on your website. This is one of the easiest ways to identify areas of your site that need attention.

You will realize the value of SEO Elite When you start to be ranked based on your best keywords that will bring much more traffic to your website. Hopefully, more traffic means more sales for you. SEO Elite is highly recommended by many internet marketing wizards, who are among the more than 50,000 users SEO Elite spread throughout the world. The only surprise is that more people have not heard of this program and tried remarkable, especially considering the scope and power of its many features.

Advanced Web Ranking

After installing and running the program, the software offers the start to choose or not a tutorial for getting started quickly, I strongly advise you to accept the choice and you will immediately familiarize yourself with the tool. It is also advisable to create multiple projects per category keyword and geographic location. its powerful keyword research tool Taking the example of a site that deals with computers and has three categories: software, programming, internet, in this case, it would be wise to create a project in category (software, programming and internet ) and place in each project your main keyword for the said category (e.g. for the software category you can track your page dealing with Microsoft Office, which deals with Windows Live Messenger and that which deals with the antivirus.

Once the project is implemented and keywords are configured, you can start looking for position, the search time depends on the number of search keywords and number of engines configured. Note that to avoid being blocked by Google, the software takes his time between research and it can take much more time here the advantage that you do not have to enter the URL of the page that contains your article to investigate the position: it is automatic: when the software finds a page of your site in search engine results it stops the search and passes the following keywords.


Web CEO helps maintain a website and optimize it for it is well located in the search engines. It measures and continually analyzes the traffic generated. It instantly finds key words that correspond to the optimization strategy with the search engine and makes recommendations on how we can improve the ranking. It automatically submits the best site to search engines and checks his rankings on more than one hundred engines. By using more than 160 reports of analysis, it also allows a better understanding of visitor behavior (their origin, their expectations, their motivation to buy, etc..).

To save time on updating the module website maintenance includes a transmission quality site, a page editor and an FTP upload utility. The software detects problems such as dead links, slow pages, pictures and other missing attributes (title, metatags, etc.).
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Old 24-01-2011
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 266
Re: Best Tools for SEO

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a software package with various tools for SEO, PPC, research and analysis. It features the most common functions that are used by professional search engine optimization companies. It included several video tutorials with instructions on how to program. The software, from helping the process of search terms for the project to filter out relevant, competitive analysis of the pages, etc. Even for users with little or no search engine optimization are not familiar, Traffic Travis holds a lot of tools available to make sense to use the. The Back Links to Site module shows where the links come back to your website and backlinks to the competition sites. The PPC tools analyze how profitable the keywords for use in marketing.

This could include the website optimization tool. This creates a side analysis, which reveals what is good or bad to the site and it assigns grades from A + to F. The ranking position provides an overview of the current rank, and ascend or descend on selected search engines for selected keyword. There is also a keyword finder to locate relevant keywords to categorize and sort. One can sites for relevant keywords can view and analyze the top. With the module Backlinks to Site Traffic Travis can be displayed, where the links to your site and the links to the competition or come on.

With the PPC tools can analyze in detail how profitable the keywords selected for use in search engine marketing (SEM), and as the competition is ordered killed. But testing is free and so is Traffic Travis really a download and trial use have worth, if you find useful SEO software is up.

SEO Studio

SEO Studio allows you to maximize the visibility of your website. That is to say, it helps you through various functions, to promote it. SEO Studio is a software suite allowing you to reference, precisely your site on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo for example. You can also get an analysis of combinations of keywords are most effective. The app has a function to Link Plus to establish a reciprocal link exchange with another website and thus increase its visibility on Google.

SEO Studio helps you create projects of search engine optimization quickly and easily. Provides the comprehensive features of a keyword analysis. Runs a detailed scan of all your web pages exactly as does a search engine. Analyzes all visible and invisible content of your webpages. Spy keyword will compare what combination of occurrences, density and keyword position against what your competition uses.

The report Spy keyword you give clear and concise advice on how to better improve your own pages. You can run automated submissions to search engines as a major time saving feature. In addition, you can also keep a record and keep your manual submissions. Measure your positioning on search engines and capture your rankings over time on an easy to understand the report using the ranking tool. Customize your reports with your own information and company logo using the browser profile.

Some Tips for Better SEO

Indexing : The first step is to verify that all your pages are indexed in search engines and in particular Google. Indeed, the more pages you have indexed, the more you open doors for your visitors to arrive.

Backlinks : Content is king. Indeed the more links pointing to your site, you get better positioning. But beware, you need quality links. Other tools allow you to deepen and learn more about these backlinks as including the link anchor.

Keywords : The choice of keywords is certainly the first essential step for an SEO strategy. If I do not talk about now is that here we are in the context of the analysis of a referral. By analyzing your competitors' sites, you will find great ideas for keywords and optimization opportunities.

Traffic: Any good SEO campaign flows logically from an increase in site traffic. It is therefore essential to have installed a statistical tool to assess the impact of SEO on a site. Google Analytics is needed here as the leader of the free statistical analysis on the web without visible marker and makes it possible to know almost everything about its visitors.

Of course there are tons of other tools with more or less the same features as those I mentioned in this article. I could be more comprehensive but I preferred to present the tools I use most often and I prefer to use.
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Old 24-01-2011
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wow that's really nice...You have shared something really useful..with details of all the important seo tools..

All the information about SEO best tools are important and it's most use full for every SEO users, to Easy ways to known deep in SEO link building.

Different Keyword tools are very useful for SEO. Other essential tools are different pagerank checker tools, search status, Alexa toolbar, penalty tools are available.
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