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Thread: Working with Android : Part 1 -Installation and Configuration

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    Working with Android : Part 1 -Installation and Configuration

    One of the top most contenders in the mobile OS division is Google’s Android,and its gaining popularity because of its open source nature.
    Now there are many ways by which a user can develop an application for Android OS, the method mentioned below is on of the easiest..The IDE used here is Eclipse.
    Task 1: Downloading the IDE
    Task 2: Installing the Android SDK starter package
    Task 3: Installing the ADT (Android Development Tool) Plugin for Eclipse.
    Task 4: ADT Plugin configuration

    For more info visit :

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    Re: Working with Android : Part 1 -Installation and Configuration

    Yes that's trues, It is considered as the future for the mobile technology as this is growing bigger and faster. The latest android gingerboard is having most of the new feature that facilitate user with the advance feature and this is revolution in Mobile technology. I love to go with the Android phone as compared to the Windows phone.

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