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Thread: How to install Huawei EC325

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    How to install Huawei EC325


    The installation process differs slightly in different operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 2000. During the actual installation, if any step differs from what is described here, please follow the specific installation instructions. Here, we take the Windows XP operating system as an example.

    Please make sure that the EC305/325/355 Manager has been installed before the EC305/325/355 Data Modem is connected to the computer.

    Installing the EC305/325/355 Manager

    1. Put the EC305/325/355 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. The setup program will start automatically, and the EC305/325/355 installation screen will appear later.
      If the auto-run program does not start, go to the drive path, find the Setup.exe file and double click on it, and then the program is running.
    3. The Choose Language dialog box appears. Select the installation language correspondingly and click <OK>.
    4. Follow the instructions of the program.
    5. Once the installation completes, the shortcut icon for the EC305/325/355 Manager appears on the desktop.

    Installing the EC305/325/355 Hardware Driver

    1. Connect the USB Modem to the computer with a compatible USB cable.
    2. The system will find the new hardware and start the New Hardware Installation Wizard automatically.
    3. If a prompt such as "The software failed to pass the Windows logo test" appears, click <Continue Anyway> to continue.
    4. When the system prompts you that the installation is finished, click <Finish> to finish the installation of the EC305/325/355 driver.

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    Re: How to install Huawei EC325

    Computer Configuration Requirements

    • To use the EC305/325/355, the following are required for your computer:
    • USB1.1 interface or above
    • A Pentium 100 processor or above
    • 32MB RAM or above
    • Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system
    • Display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or above; that of 1024 x 768 pixels is recommended.

    Preparing the EC305/325/355

    Whether a UIM card needs to be installed in your EC305/325/355, please consult your network operator.
    1. Take out the EC305/325/355 from the protective cover.
    2. Take out the UIM card slot from the EC305/325/355, and then place the UIM card into the slot. And make sure that the UIM card is fully in place.

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