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Thread: CPU for PCSX2 emulator & Installation

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    CPU for PCSX2 emulator & Installation

    PCSX2 emulator is free and open source software that plays well on PC titles for the PlayStation 2. Its operation is far from perfect yet, but with a little 'tweaking' you can already enjoy colossal as the two chapters of God of War, Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 5 directly under Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. The second PlayStation was a truly historic commercial success for Sony, a toy library consists of nearly 2,000 titles compatible million copies sold worldwide and as many fans more than satisfied, for a console that continues to sell strongly, giving a hard time even the heir PlayStation 3. It is natural that the fans have decided to embark on a project whose ultimate goal of emulation is to recreate the same experience on PCs: he was born so PCSX2 , free software and open source capable of running games designed for PlayStation 2 also on PC.

    Today PCXS2 is the biggest and most reliable assembly today, emulator Play Station 2 on the PC. Through this program you can run and play games on a PC. It is very convenient program if you want to play in either game, and money to buy consoles no.
    • 9 Builds an executable file, including informal.
    • More than 10 bios.
    • More than 60 plug-ins, most of whom-graphics.

    Intel Core 2 Extreme 1900

    I had chosen Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 processor for this. This is the best on I found and I will recommend you the same to run the games. The X9100 is the new high-end processor Mobile Intel. It has a frequency of 3.06 GHz, 0.45 nm is etched, has a 1066 MHz bus and 6MB of cache. It is therefore the most powerful processor currently available for laptops. Moreover, because of its name Extreme, its multiplier is unlocked, it is possible to overclock. After integration of the Clevo M570TU which we'll talk soon, we went through the BIOS to see what it offered in terms of overclocking. It turns out that he is in any way comparable to the previous Clevo M570RU-U that we had formed the basis of tests for the Core 2 Extreme X9000. Once selected, we embarked on a rapid bench Super Pi to see what this processor could well be in the belly. The multiplier drops from 11 (baseline) to 13 which provides an operating frequency of 3.53 GHz.

    If you like it extremely, which is right in this test. Because with the M570TU X9100 Notebook Guru of the most powerful mobile processor we send through our test Parkour - Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 (3.06 GHz - 3.6 GHz). Intel dominates the mobile processor market. Especially in high-end, there is no alternative to Intel's Core 2 Extreme CPUs. With the X9100 is Intel Centrino 2 launch to go one better. So far, the fastest mobile processor X9000 outclassed in the test in February, the computing competition significantly. Now, the X9100 will provide new benchmarks. The extreme calculator comes on the same Extreme Edition chassis M570 from Clevo. Compared with the normal M570 chassis is larger in the Extreme Edition, heat pipe or vents have been added.

    The Clevo chassis of the Guru M570TU still makes a good figure. High quality materials ensure a respectable appearance. Certainly an ASUS or DELL XPS M1730 G70 are much more playful and striking. The transfer must, however, do not hide behind these gaming cars, because with the Nvidia GeForce 8800M GTX graphics card is one well equipped for Games. Extreme processors feature of the overclocking. So does the Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 processor by a overclocking feature in the BIOS from the standard clock at 3.06 GHz to 3.6 GHz overclock. All of us have been testing a clock speed of 3.6 GHz carried out.

    Due to its extremely high speed and computing power, it is used primarily in high-end gamer laptops. In addition, it is suitable for various CPU-intensive tasks. These include the conversion of videos, or the full-disk encryption. For the latest games, the Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 is even at the highest detail, provided a fast video card is inserted. The clock is the processor at 3.06 GHz, while the 1,066 MHz front side bus fleet fast. The L2 cache that uses the CPU to cache frequently used data. The high performance of Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 will be paid with an equally high power consumption. Up to 44 watts required by the processor. He is absolutely not suitable for notebooks, will allow long battery life.

    PCSX2 emulator setup and recommended games :

    Download and first install tool. Download the new version of PCSX2 . You will need PCSX2 + Bios + Plugins for that. For people who have my DL file, you can skip to Step II after extracting the files. Be aware that the download will be available a week or two, that's why if the link is outdated you should proceed as follows:
    • First download PCSX2 0.9.4 from the official website
    • Executables are placed in the root directory of PCSX2.
    • PCSX2 is now installed. That said, we will have to download extra plugins as those provided in the package from version 0.9.4 are not the most successful. You will also need a BIOS.

    Note that all these plugins are unzipped in the directory pcsx2 \ plugins, while the BIOS is to unpack the directory pcsx2 \ bios.

    Plugins needed for that :
    • Bios PAL
    • NTSC bios

    How to Configure :

    In the installation folder, there are 4 executables. PCSX2.exe PCSX2t.exe + + + PCSX2svn377.exe PCSX2tsvn377.exe. The first two correspond to version 0.9.4 and the last two to version 0.9.5. So the last two that we will use. This is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of PCSX2 root. From here you can change the settings or plugins used by PCSX2 as you wish. Go to Config > Configure to start configuring PCX2. At the very first run, it will probably log out to free up memory.

    The executable is pcsx2tsvn377.exe when with him there, if the first does little to start, even when it is not recommended because performance is largely a revised downwards.

    Then go to Menu > config > set

    In the graphics tab, select the most recent plugin or 0.1.8 or 0.1.9 gsdx (SSE2 for simple hearts, double hearts for SSE3, and SSE4 for the Core2Duo and Core2Quad Penrynn E7xxx and E8xxx)

    First, use the Select Folder Plugin and Select Folder Bios to change the directory where PCSX2 loads the plugins and the bios. If you are not using the default directories (/ plugins and / bios) you can use these buttons to change them. The button configuration, testing and information that you see under each plugin have chosen to configure the plugin, to prove that the plugin works correctly (rather obsolete since if it is shown means it works) and to check some information about the selected plugin . Now we talk about the configuration of the different Plugin.

    Then configure it as follows by clicking the button Configure.

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    Re: CPU for PCSX2 emulator & Installation


    First check the information of your processor, which was automatically found by PCSX2:
    • CPU Vendor: Shows the brand of your processor (AMD or Intel)
    • Family: The family that understands your CPU
    • CPU Speed: The real CPU speed of your processor
    • Features: Here are displayed the characteristics of the processor. This is very important because it is used by PCSX2 to increase speed. Now, a description of the features you can find. You can only select one of the items that you will find in this window.


    Interpreter: It 's described in the GUI and is the most lentra but more compatible. Has not requested any specific feature of your processor, and therefore works with any processor. Try this if any game does not start.
    Recompiler VUrecs +: Faster than recompiler, but only for 3D. In this mode, you will have a speed of PCSX2 in the best 3D rendering. This is not compatible as it can cause system crashes and corrupt graphics. Please note this mode requires SSE and SSE2. The only processors that support these features are Athlon64/FX and the Pentium 4. If you do not have this type of processor, you cannot use the Recompiler.

    Screen :

    Choose the screen resolution. This will not affect performance because it is another parameter that will manage the resolution in game. To get started you can try using GSsoft v0.9 plugin, Plugins basic software (which uses the graphics card) but that is slow but very consistent. GSdx9, a DirectX 9 based plugin by Gabest created is highly recommended for graphics cards that support DirectX 9. The speed is better than the GSsoft and compatibility with a usually better than GSsoft and then to try. To test GSdx9 can download v0.6 here. In the new v0.8 plugin is already included in the package previously downloaded PCSX v0.8.1. Other plugins like GStaris GSmax and do not appear in the list of graphical plugins because their characteristics are technologically past and there is no intention to update them.

    Then, in the Renderer tab, if you do not have a DX10 card or simply that you are running XP, select DX9 mode (hardware) but know that the Persians were down about 30% over the DX10 solution.
    Pixel Shader tab, choose the Shaders 2.0, less greedy in terms of resources.

    Leave Interlacing Mode to None yet.

    In Aspect Ratio, choose 4 / 3 or 16 / 9 depending on your screen.
    In D3D Res, click to begin on Native. That means the game will start with the original resolution of the PS2 (usually 512x512). If after a few successful tests you feel that your machine can run the game in higher resolution, nothing prevents you uncheck this box and return a native resolution of about 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 etc.)
    Finally, check NPLOOK Wait Vsync + + + Texture Filtering BAF


    Under Full-screen resolution and Windowed resolution you can select which resolution you want to start the plugin, if you've selected in the list, respectively, full-screen or Windowed. Under Options, you can check / uncheck Display FPS Count to enable / disable the percentage of FPS (Frames Per Second), the rate at which your plugin, you are running the emulator. Check / Uncheck Use frameskip to enable / disable frameskipping a method to increase the speed ignoring some frames (you will see a small increase in speed with this option enabled). Check / Uncheck Use Fullscreen to use GSsofts Fullscreen or window mode (windowed). In the filtering screen (filtering of the screen), you can only select Scale2x that will allow better graphics, but reducing the speed.
    Under Recording you can enable / disable Enable Recording (Allow registration) to enable or disable the ability to register. This option you can record a movie, which is saved in the PCSX2 root folder (where the file pcsx2.exe). The file name of the film will always call gssoft.mpg so be careful to create a backup archive created previously before recording a new one. From this you can see a pop-up menu where you can select which codec to use to record the film. For now you can only use MPEG1.

    Last thing Texture Caching cannot be activated because it is just an experiment for now and might cause problems. Press Ok to save the changes, Delete to get back on the configuration page without saving or save options enabled / disabled. Log can be used only for programmers.


    In his tab, select the SPU Plugin 0.4.6 click Setup and check the option Scaling Time. For GSdx9 to start you will find SPU2null v0.4 which is an empty plugin with no sound (because there is no configuration) and the plugin PEOPS SPU2. This plugin is under construction but in some cases reproduces sounds and the occasional music. Besides, this process will help some games when using the shell functions SPU2.
    Highly recommended to be used however you will notice a loss of 1-2 FPS if you use it. Be careful what you use to find your download of PCSX2 and not to Pete's site because it does not work. Pete has saved me a lot of effort to include detailed descriptions of each setting in his plugin in a text file included, use it to configure it the best.

    Plugin GSdx9

    First of all GSdx9 was released in two versions, one normal and SSE2, be used only if your processor supports SSE2 (Pentium 4 or Athlon64/FX). Using the SSE2 version will give more speed to the program. Moreover, if by sending the normal version of PCSX2 plugin will not appear on the list. Attention plugin SSE2 GSdx9 v0.8 is included in the version PCSX2 SSE2 while the regular version is packaged in the normal PCSX2. GSdx9 v0.8 has a bug (problem) in both Fixed Pipeline and Pixel Shaders option 1.1 that causes the corruption of the colors. Not use this option, or if you must use version 0.6.

    This pop-up menu you can select Windowed if you want to run GSdx9 in windowed mode, or choose the resolution / frequency you want to view in full screen. In the Renderer you can choose how the graphics should be created. Direct3D GSdx9 uses the capabilities of your graphics card, significantly accelerating the speed of the emulator. The compatibility of this mode, however, 'is good, and then recommend their use.

    By selecting Software (fixed) or Software (float) GSdx9 will be used to generate the graphics software in a manner that does not use the graphics card but the capabilities of your processor. In this way the emulation speed is greatly reduced but you get maximum compatibility. Recommended if you have any problems with Direct3D graphics. Beware the Software (float) is an exact copy of Software (fixed) but slower, so if you want to use the graphics generation through Software Use only Software (fixed).

    Selecting Do not render the plugin does not generate anything and then there will be no graphics output. Use it if you want, for example, listening to music, so there will be a high speed increase.

    Shader: Here you can choose between 5 options:
    If your graphics card does not support either of these modes, they will not be displayed in pop-up window
    • Fixed Pipeline: Do not Pixel Shader technology is used. Not recommended for v0.8, since the colors are broken
    • Pixel Shader 1.1: Will use Pixel Shaders v1.1, increasing graphics. Not recommended for v0.8, since the colors are broken
    • Pixel Shader 1.4: Will use Pixel Shaders v1.4, increasing graphics
    • Pixel Shader 2.0: Will use Pixel Shaders v2.0, increasing graphics
    • Pixel Shader 3.0: Will use Pixel Shaders v3.0, increasing graphics.

    Recommended for graphics cards that have the 3 Pixel Shaders. Fast and compatible.

    • Enable palatalized textures (D3D PS v2.0 +, slow): A note, you must have a graphics card that supports Pixel Shaders 2 or better and use Direct3D to use this option at best. Enable / disable this option to enable / disable the use of palatalized textures. This mode can give a speed boost when a game uses textures with many different palettes. In most cases this will make the emulator slower.
    • Linear texture filtering: Check / uncheck to enable / disable Linear texture filtering. With this option selected, the texture pixels are filtered, giving a block.
    • Enable TV-out: Toggle this option to enable / disable TV-out. If your video card has a TV output, the plugin will display the emulator on your TV.
    • State Record: When this option is selected, GSdx9 records all outgoing frame in a selected folder when you exit PCSX2. This file created will be very large but can be very compressed. Only recommended for programmers, since it is necessary to solve the bug.
    • Movie Capture: This is a hidden skill. Click on the Insert button on the keypad when you are starting with PCSX2 GSdx9 a message. In the first field you should see where the plugin will save the captured image, and name of the file .. In the second field you can select a codec like DivX or Uncompressed (uncompressed) that do not perform video compression.

    If you select a video compression you can change the settings by clicking on the config). Caution Only the codec’s already installed on your PC will be displayed. Press the Insert key on your keyboard again to stop capturing video. The video will be automatically accelerated by 100% for your vision. Delete key: Pressing the Delete key, you can see the information in a bar (like in GSsoft) and listed as the first pressing the Delete key Press OK to save your changes or Cancel to go back to the configuration page.

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    Re: CPU for PCSX2 emulator & Installation

    Game Pad :

    Choose here SSSPSXPad 1.6.0, and then click Configure to assign your keyboard keys or buttons on your gamepad. You arrive at this image. The first controller / the second controller . The other plugin can be selected here PadwinKeyb v.0.9. The second controller field is totally independent, so you can configure both plugins from PadwinKeyb Pad v0.9 by selecting the first page of the second controller in the Configuration.

    Now hit Configure to start configuring your first and second controller. It is self-explanatory, I hope, then you can click on each button and decide which button to assign. The button you chose appear in the second field below the button you pressed. Press PAD1/PAD2 to configure the first or the second controller. When everything is configured press OK to save the changes. In version 0.7 has added support for the analog stick (L3/R3 keys), this was not mentioned anywhere.

    The analog movements but cannot be configured and you can only use the default keys:
    • To move the left analog: Press and HOLD the left button and move the mouse left as if the analog controller
    • To move the right analog: Press and should be pushed the right button and move the mouse like its analog controller. Please note these keys are for both players and then the analog will move simultaneously (same moves for both players)
    • Then use the left mouse button to L3 and the right mouse button to R3
    • To emulate the Dualshock 2 press the left mouse button while moving the mouse in a circle. You can try playing with this method to games like Ace Combat 5 or Euro Rally Champion.
    • Check / uncheck Enable Logging to enable / disable pad. used only by programmers
    • Please note there is a problem with the PAD plugin and the use of pads. It is recommended not only not to use pad, But also to break away from the PC to allow you to configure your keyboard properly.

    Tab Cdvdrom 2 choices available:
    • Either you play games with your PS2 original, in this case it selects the plugin PEOp.S. CDVD
    • You click on setup and adjusted the 2 following options:
    • Operating System – Windows XP
    • Either you can have an ISO of your game (and I will not deny that this is much faster for loading times) and in this case it selects ISO Linuzapps CDVD
    • Here you can select which plugin will be responsible for reading CDs / DVDs or images (ISO). By default, PCSX2 includes Linuzappz ISO CDVD CDVDnull v0.5 and v0.6.
    • CDVDbin Select Configure and press to enter the configuration screen plugin.
    • Here click on Choose a CD / DVD or iso image bin to select the image you want the emulator is part. If you want this you can start the image using File > Open > RUN while CD > EXECUTE. EXECUTE makes you 'see the start of the bios (like in your ps2), while file-open => RUN-RUN CD will skip the introduction of the bios to go directly to the game.
    • Check / Uncheck Debug messages to enable / disable debug messages (can be used only by developers).
    • Select / Deselect "Force detection failure on Audio CD" to enable / disable a special attachment (not for 99% of the time).
    • Click Close to close the configuration window by saving the changes.

    Select Linuzappz CDVD Iso v0.5 and press configure :

    This plugin contains extra skill compression of your images saved on your disk to save space and the latter to start the emulator. Click Select to select the ISO image of the game you want to start / compress. Once you select the image you can close the configuration window to turn it in the same way CDVDbin Compress Iso, or press to compress the image. If the image is already compressed and can only select to decompress Decompress Iso. Under Compression Method you can select. Z - compress faster that allows you to compress your image faster but require more space, orBZ - compress better that compresses the image more slowly, but creating it smaller.

    Under options you can check / uncheck Enable Block Dump = block.dump. When you enable this option creates a block dump in the root folder of PCSX (this is after pcsx2.exe) of the game you want to start. It 's a small iso file, used mainly for debugging. This stores the fields to be read during the execution of the game to start, after which you can load the file (using select ISO plugin Linuzappz CDVD Iso) and start the game without the image / cd / dvd. Beware if the game tries to load areas are not in the file, the emulator will stop without answering.

    Press OK to save changes

    CDVDnull v0.6 is a plugin such as Vacuum SPU2null, produces absolutely nothing. You must use this plugin if you want to start demo (via File => Open ELF file) or if you just want to start the BIOS (Run => Execute-RUN). This plugin has a configuration dialog for obvious reasons.
    Outside the plugin by default there are 2 other plugins CDVD download and use with PCSX2 0.8. These 2 plugins are different from the others because instead of reading the image of the game, have the ability to read the game directly from the CD / DVD. Of course, reading the image is faster but this way you can quickly test the efficiency of your game. These 2 plugins are PEOPS CDVD v1.2 plugin created by Pete and CDVDraft v0.64 created by Xeven. For information on how to configure these plugins, you can inspect the documents included in the description of the plugin options.


    Dev9: This plugin permeated the emulation of a HDD (hard disk drive). Only Dev9null v0.3 is included in the package you downloaded and anyone wishing to use v0.1 Dev9linuz must compile it yourself by downloading the source files from the Home Site Attention Dev9linuz plugin is far from it’s complete and can be used only by developers. There is no plugin Dev9 operating or under development.
    Dev9null Empty plugin v0.3 is another just like everyone else.


    This plugin instead emulates the USB (Universal Serial Bus). The only plugin package is included in the USB Null v0.4 and anyone who wants to try using USB v0.4 Linuz plugin if you have to compile it 'by downloading the source files directly from the Home Site Please note: the USB plug Linuz is far from complete and may be used only by developers. USB Null v0.4 is another blank and press Configure plugin you can only select / deselect Enable Logging to enable / disable usb logging. Suitable only for developers.


    This plugin allows you to emulate the Firewire port of the PS2. The only plugin FWnull v0.4 is included in the package you downloaded. For those who want to try FWlinuz v0.1 plugin should compile it if 'downloading the source files from the Home Site The plugin FWlinuz is far from realization. It is used only by staff members. There are no other Firewire plugins working or under development. FWnull v0.4 plugin is another vacuum, but you can configure by pressing select if you want to enable / disable log firewire. Used only by staff members.

    BIOS (Basic Input Output System): In this pop-up menu you can find your BIOS image, if you have one and you have placed in the folder selected by the BIOS. Please note the only legal way to get the BIOS to recover it from the Playstation 2 OWN .. Do not ask where to get the BIOS PCSX2 forum since it is prohibited by the rules. This happens because the ps2 BIOS is copyrighted material from Sony and has been for 'contributing to the lawlessness. This could create problems if NGemu was discovered that people illegally obtain this file. Refer to this section of the FAQ to find out if your BIOS is valid or not.

    Attention: After v0.7 is recommended to have a BIOS newer than the SCPH-10000.bin. It 'still possible to boot the bios or the game even without these files but this may cause incompatibilities. These files are rom1.bin, rom2.bin, erom.bin and SCPH-XXXXX.nvm file where XXXXX is the version of your BIOS (e.g. SCPH-34004.nvm). This last file can only be created from PCSX2 after you configure the BIOS (set the time, language, etc.) but it is best if you restore these files from your Playstation 2. Once again, DO NOT ASK where to get these files, as they too are part of the BIOS.

    • Bottom right, select the BIOS you want (PAL or NTSC)
    • Quit the configuration menu by clicking OK. Now to the CPU settings:
    • If you own a dual core (or more)
    • Menu > Config > CPU
    • Here we check all options and is limited to 60 FPS img / sec.
    • Finally, the last parameter to do: go to Config > Speed Hacks
    • And select Disable Forced ABS + EE / IOP

    Starting a game

    It'll just start a game, To do this, click on File -> Read CD / DVDs. Choose your. Iso and the game will run on its own. Well, I hope I was clear enough. Know that if a game encounter glitches, you must be patient and try other settings (I mean the change plugins videos, options to change CPU, Speed Hacks for check or remove etc .)

    Last thing: if a game bounces on the screen, remember to use the F5 key several times. This button changes the mode of interlacing video plugins that I asked you not to touch. There are 7 modes by interlacing video plugin.

    Compatibility List

    Well, it looks very cool my all this I look forward to reading your tutorial on this emulator because when there's necessarily DBZ I must test but take your time worry is not fire I pity that nothing on my record for 360 if I would have done a very good DBZ burst limit with which visually but a good slap in the eyes.

    From the Internal HLE versions 0.7 in the bios was removed because he was very used to start the demo but not many people were interested in playing with the demo. For maximum compatibility it is recommended that you use a BIOS image which is different from SCPH10000.BIN old. This is because with this BIOS there are problems with the emulation of the memory card and other areas.

    Pcsx2 on Ubuntu

    This emulator allows you to play original games on the Play Station2 Ubuntu. PCSX2 requires bios Play Station 2. This bios can be downloaded legally from your PS2 and insert it in the ~ / pcsx2/bin/bios. For more information on how to do this refer to any of the links listed in Additional Resources . Only the OGL plugin graphic works on GNU / Linux. PCSX2 requires very powerful computers for playing games in 3D. Disable Compiz is recommended to have a satisfying gaming experience.

    Install the necessary dependencies

    Before you proceed to build the emulator from svn , you need to install some dependencies. Install the following packages:
    • subversion
    • libsdl1.2-dev
    • libjpeg62-dev
    • build-essential
    • libgtk2.0-dev
    • libxxf86vm-dev
    • XF86VidMode-dev x11proto-
    • automake1.9
    • libbz2-dev
    • libasound-dev
    • nvidia-cg-toolkit
    • libglu1-mesa-dev
    • libglew1.4-dev

    Building from source code
    Use the following commands to create the pcsx2 folder and download the source code to compile:
    cd ~ /;
    mkdir pcsx2;
    svn co https: / / pcsx2
    After the download, make sure you have permission to do the compiling and terminal inserengo the following commands:
    cd pcsx2;
    chmod + x;
    sh all
    Create startup script: By default the compiler creates the executable in the emulator folder ~ / pcsx2/bin, changing this folder will also change the following code to use the terminal in an appropriate manner:
    cd bin;
    echo \ # \! '/ bin / bash'>; echo 'cd ~ / pcsx2/bin'>>; \
    echo 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH ="./" ./pcsx2'>>;
    chmod + x
    To start the emulator pcsx2 should be created in a pitcher who has command. /, or run the same command from the terminal. The first time you run the emulator, you will be asked to proceed with the configuration.
    Update Emulator

    To update the emulator repeat step 1 and 2 of the installation.
    PCSX2-All-in-One is the most complete to date collection of the emulator for the PS2. This allows you to run all the parts and play so many games. This is especially useful to those who really wants to play in either game and the money to buy a console there. The biggest negative is his fastidiousness. Emulator, perfectly tuned for a certain game on a particular computer, cannot work on another computer. Usually the problem is solved by replacing those components emulator and fine tuning.

    So, I set out to collect as many modules emulator in order to create a set that allows you to play anything (from the compatibility list) on any hardware.

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