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Old 30-09-2010
Join Date: May 2008
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How to Step By Step Sync with Mac

What is synchronization? When you make a backup copy your files from the disk where you work to another disk. This disc is used as an archive copy only the files in it are changed only when they change in the workbook. The backup is an exact copy of the working directory, it is in charge. When you use two different computers often have a different need for example, suppose you have two computers a laptop and a desktop and two rows A and B we are working on. The next day work on the desktop in the office and edit both. The night before I go home I copy them on the laptop. In the evening I edit the file A.

I have to remember in the morning when I copy it to the office desktop. the next day office work on the file B. If you want to work in the evening at home I have to remember to copy it on my laptop. Synchronization software that automates this process can become very complex as the number of files, computers on which it works and users that use the file. So the task of synchronization software is to make sure that both computers there is the updated version by replacing the older copy with the latest version. If I want to sync the My Documents folder on two Mac software will build its own My Documents folder as at the time of synchronization, which contains the updated version of all files regardless of from their location and then replicate this imaginary folder on both computers, leaving unchanged the latest files on each and replacing those that have been updated on the other. Synchronize is also making a backup, but it is not true.

In this case there is a computer that controls but the software must be assessed case by case basis, following the chronological order. Synchronization software as opposed to a backup software must be able to manage a conflict. Typically there is a conflict when a file is changed on both computers. This is the file synchronization, which is the most widespread. The same reasoning can be done on individual files. A file is a collection of information, if I can split the single file into smaller pieces and I can instruct the software to synchronize their meaning can change even within the same file. In this way we have to synchronize in a file that is what you do when you sync your Mac with an external device like a cell phone or PDA. The synchronization of data within a file is usually possible thanks to XML. The application you are using iSync.

Mac is data synchronization, can synchronize Address Book, Calendar, Favorites, Apple Mail settings and password in the keychain contained different between multiple Macs. And in my experience works very well. The combination of. Mac and iSync (for mobile devices) makes little effort to always have the updated information.

New versions of iCal and Address Book with Snow Leopard delivered easy synchronization with Web services from Google and Yahoo. You can quickly set up a system that will synchronize your contacts and calendars between your desktop and the Web. Before Snow Leopard, the easiest way to sync Google Calendar with iCal passed by using an application like BusySync . The new version of iCal, Google Calendar supports not only, but Yahoo Calendar. The same features are also available on Address Book.


ISync application is available free from Apple that allows Mac OS X, to synchronize the information in your Address Book (these are all your cards contacts) and iCal (your Calendars and tasks) between multiple devices :
  • between your Mac and a mobile phone via a connection Bluetooth
  • between your Mac and a diary / PDA Digital Palm or PocketPC.
Using ISNYC on PC
  • Launch application iSync
  • A windows appears and it is completely blank for now. You'll have to add devices (Mobile or Palm PDA). Once these devices are added, they appear in this window.
  • Suffice it then click on Sync Devices to launch > configure synchronization operations.
  • For that iSync communicates with your equipment, so they should be add to the window. If the logo of your appliances is properly seen on the window then iSync is working. ISync can perfectly synchronize your computer with your cameras.
  • I also advise you to go away in the preferences of iSync and check Show status in menu bar. It is not mandatory, but it handy to have the access directly from the finder bar.
  • In the same Preferences window, make sure also that the Enable syncing on this computer is checked, this is obvious.
  • Well, now discover how to add and synchronize a Bluetooth mobile phone.

Using ISYNC with Mobile

Thanks to iSync and a connection of Bluetooth can help you to synchronize your Mac with your mobile phone, with respect of course all information contained in your Address Book like Name, tel., fax, mobile, email etc. and calendars with iCal. At any time with one click in the window iSync you can simply synchronize your PC and mobile, it should first verify that your Mac is already equipped with Bluetooth. If your Mac does not has Bluetooth then you need to equip yourself with a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Tuning Mac and mobile phone:
  • Initially you will need to pair your Mac and your mobile phone as follows (when this setting is made, you will not have to do it again later):
  • Bring your system to your mobile phone, go to menu Bluetooth on your phone and select Bluetooth.
  • If necessary, plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into a USB port on your Mac (or a USB hub).
  • Launch System Preferences launch the dashboard Bluetooth (This module is active and appears only if you are equipped with Bluetooth).
  • Then in the new windows check out the box Active and Detectable is ticked. Also choose Show Bluetooth status in menu bar.
  • Then click the middle button Configure a new device. Bluetooth Setup Assistant will launch and automatically searches for Bluetooth devices nearby.
  • After a few seconds, your phone must be detected and then displayed in the window.
  • Note: It may be that your Mac does not detect your phone on the first try, but do not panic, repeat this operation if necessary, until it detects.
  • Select your mobile phone from the list of devices found and click Continue.
  • A new window will appear and it will display a login screen type the code into your phone (a window on the screen of your mobile you request).
  • Once done, click Continue in the window of Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
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Old 30-09-2010
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 432
Re: How to Step By Step Sync with Mac

Requests for permissions may appear on the screen of your mobile phone to use internet connection, or use as a remote control. Answer Yes to all these applications on your laptop to be sure to use at the appropriate time if necessary, your mobile for these functions. The icon for your mobile phone must appear on the window of iSync.

Sync PC to Mobile via iSync
  • Run iSync and click on the logo cell phone must now appear in the window of iSync.
  • Set in the window that takes place in iSync what you want to sync or not between the computer and mobile phone
  • Start the synchronization by clicking on Sync Devices at the top right.

How to Sync iCal and Address Book with Google and Yahoo

See how to configure iCal to synchronize your data with Yahoo Calendar and Google Calendar. Note that you must upgrade to the beta version of Yahoo Calendar to get the sync feature (CalDAV). To add the information necessary for synchronization of iCal:
  • Open iCal and click the menu Ical > Preference.
  • In the Preferences window, select Accounts.
  • Press the + button at the bottom of the window.
  • In Account Type select Yahoo or Google
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Press Create
  • It is done, your iCal calendars appear on Preferences > Accounts, you can choose when to synchronize your calendars.
You can also add, edit or delete on Yahoo and Google Calendars from iCal. To add a calendar, press the File Menu > New Calendar >. Select the service you wish to add an agenda. This change will affect automatically to Yahoo Calendar or Google Calendar.

Here's how to configure the Address Book application with Yahoo or Google
  • Open Address Book and click the menu item Address Book > Preferences
  • In the Preferences window, select Accounts.
  • heck Google or Yahoo and type in your name email address and password.
  • It is done, the synchronization will occur automatically.
With Microsoft Exchange, this feature is probably one of the best new Mac OSX Snow Leopard. It is also possible to synchronize your data wirelessly Yahoo and Google with a mobile phone that supports CalDAV or Microsoft Exchange.


MobileMe is the most popular service used because it not only allows you to save critical data on your remote account MobileMe but it also gives you the ability to synchronize quickly and easily your different computers (Mac and PC) and a posteriori your iPod Touch and iPhone.
  • Account holders MobileMe also have another synchronization tool located in the dashboard MobileMe located in System Preferences.
  • This is the tool you need to use to synchronize data and settings of iCal, Mai", the sheets of the Address Book, the bookmarks of Safari, etc. between multiple Macs.
  • The tab Synchronization dashboard MobileMe can also synchronize more easily and more details yet.
  • There is no connection with your account MobileMe with iSync
  • It should initially avoid any confusion between "iSync" and "Sync MobileMe, they are two different functions:
  • ISync is available for everyone and can synchronize your Mac with external devices: mobile phones, and PDAs.
  • MobileMe Sync is reserved only for account holders MobileMe can synchronize and many items on your Mac with your server MobileMe and then synchronize with your Mac through this together. Once your data updates on the remote server (your account MobileMe), your iPod Touch and iPhone will also be in line with this update (if these devices are configured accordingly).

Note that MobileMe Sync is also available for certain applications, such as Safari or Mail for example, which further facilitates the synchronization and access to services MobileMe.

Setup :
Open the dashboard MobileMe located in System Preferences. You will find four tabs here :
1. The Account tab: This is where you enter your login and password for your account MobileMe. You can also access your account information.
2. The tab iDisk on your iDisk
3. The tab Back to My Mac is a feature of Leopard and Snow Leopard, which allows account holders to MobileMe to remotely control other Macs running OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard.
4. And the tab Synchronization which concerns us here and for this function MobileMe sync
In the window on this tab you have a number of headings. Just check case of the items you want to include in the synchronization:
  • Bookmarks : All your collections Bookmarks in Safari
  • Calendars : All the calendars that you created in iCal
  • Contacts : All contacts / pins (and groups) that you have in Address Book
  • Dashboard Widgets : All your widgets Dashboard
  • Dock Items : All items listed in your dock
  • Mail Accounts : All accounts created in your Mail
  • Rules, signatures and smart mailboxes in Mail : All rules, signatures, etc lies in the mailboxes that you set in Mail.
Notes : All your notes are created in Mail.

Preferences : System Preferences.

Note that some third party applications, such as Transmit can add other fields in this panel synchronization, such as your Favorites Transmit. You have understood, MobileMe Sync allows you to sync all this information and all these settings on your Mac with the remote server to your account MobileMe. And so you can synchronize all your other Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch with the same remote server so that all your fleet of Mac (and even your PC) have the same information.

Also, if you go to a computer desktop, in a cybercafe or a friend's house, you simply log into your account MobileMe and access to different information stored on the remote server and your account MobileMe such as records of your Address Book or your Calendar . Indeed, any account holder MobileMe to be the wise idea to backup / synchronize with MobileMe Sync" his Address Book and its schedules iCal on the synchronization server MobileMe, will also use all information of its Address Book and Calendars directly from the me.com site by going to his account MobileMe.

With this option, you can retrieve your information from any Mac or PC anywhere in the world. In addition, you also find this information on your iPod Touch and iPhone. And even if you only have a single computer (not iPhone nor iPod Touch), this function is most interesting because it gives you the ability to save somehow this important information on your server MobileMe and so update regularly, and also be able to recover if you reformat your hard drive or change computers. Certainly, there are already implementing Backup that allows you to save this information, but Backup to backup to your iDisk, while MobileMe syncing on the backup server sync. Better safe than and MobileMe Sync is much faster: A little click in the finder bar and rolling.

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Old 30-09-2010
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 432
Re: How to Step By Step Sync with Mac

Indeed, to allow synchronization via MobileMe, remember to check the Synchronize with MobileMe and you can choose when these synchronizations should take place: either manually or automatically at longer or shorter intervals. Also check Show status in menu bar in order to access the Sync tab faster. The Advanced button at the bottom right corner of the window provides access to the list of devices registered to your account MobileMe and are therefore concerned with synchronization operations. In this window you can delete the registration of a device or initialize data synchronization.

PS: To add / save a new computer, just run it once a sync from it and it will automatically be added to this list. You can also determine when the alert window (the percentage change data) should appear during a synchronization process.

Recommendations :

t is essential to set the tab Synchronization in exactly the same way on your Mac if you want ALL the details are exactly the same on your Mac (this seems obvious, but by saying it is still better ).

Sometimes when you synchronize data from your computer with the server MobileMe which can appear several different copies of the same data on the server, your computer or one of your devices.

This may be the case when you change e.g. a contact card on your cell phone or you change the name of that person on your computer in Address Book.

Another example: If you change the phone number of a contact on one of the computers synced with MobileMe, then you enter a different phone number for the same contact from another computer.

In this case, MobileMe Sync will show the Conflict Resolver asking you to determine which version you want to keep and a list of conflicting changes is offered for each entry. You can choose to review the conflict immediately or later. Choose the version you want to keep, then click "Done" or "Next" if more than one conflict to resolve.

If you choose to spend the conflicts review later, you can access the "Conflict Resolver" via the synchronization state this in the menu bar. The icon showing the status of synchronization services becomes a specific icon for reporting conflicts. When clicked, the number of entries currently displayed in conflict with the possibility to launch the Conflict Resolver and proceed with their resolution.

Note : Synchronization with iPods and the iPhone is in iTunes and not iSync

Sync Mac with Sony Aino via ISync

If you want to synchronize your contacts with the AIN MAC to PC you must install the iSync plugin that can be downloaded from the following link:

Sony Aino iSync

After downloading the file. dmg - install the disk image by clicking twice on it. When you do this, you will open a new Finder window that contains the device installation and software manual. To continue, double-click the icon for the device installation. After completing the installation of the plug-in - connect the phone via bluetooth. The phone must be turned off the power saving mode in the Bluetooth settings. Now open iSync and choose Devices / Add Device - Double click on the phone in the Add Device window to add it to iSync. Without this, the Aino is ready to sync with iSync.

How to sync contact photos with Facebook

There are many applications and many ways to synchronize the images of the book, in particular I would like to submit a Mac and a couple 's iPhone . Starting from the one for the Mac we mark AddressBookSync that in my opinion it works perfectly allowing you to choose whether to sync contacts and implementing an advanced method for conflict resolution (so you can link contacts to each other with different names).

'S iPhone , the argument is more controversial. E 'to point out immediately that if we want to synchronize your contacts as soon as "embellished" by the Mac there will be a nasty surprise when they contact us because we call the small photo on your phone screen (photo icon), this is because only photos entered directly by ' iPhone are full screen.

The first application that we can assist is the origin of Facebook , which allows us, going to friends, to synchronize the contact list even if we are advised that with this method we are going to send data synchronization for contacts on Facebook itself. There are also third-party applications that let you download only the image of the contacts without sending information outside of our iPhone .

Among the many applications for iOS4 having a very high performance, because even free, is AB Pics for Facebook that allows the synchronization and provides excellent resolution of conflicts. The only drawback is that the photos are always an icon. New developments and the arrival of new applications in the APA-store lead me to edit this article to provide a fitting conclusion to the story.

The two new applications have sprung from a few days fPIC Sync (freeware) but leave much time that is given that pictures are always synchronized to each icon and restart the application are lost all the links made between the names (which must be done by hand). The other new application, and more promising, is Facebook contact sync that (finally) syncs the phone to full screen. The flaw of this app is in resolving conflicts is confusing and anything but intuitive. Hopefully, since the 1.0.0 release things will improve in the future.

The application now works better SmartSync, which has a very intuitive interface, a simple conflict resolution and allows you to choose whether to sync the photos you want full screen or icon. Of course there are other functions (see list birthdays), but since this article we focused mainly on the photos I keep this as a yardstick for comparison.

Sync with Windows Mobile

Synchronization is possible both on cable and on Wi-Fi. When connecting to the utility first thing suggests to install on your client device, without this nothing will happen. After successful installation, configure the direction of synchronization (unify data, or replace them with one of the devices). Also available are sharing not only data and organizer, but also music, videos etc. And music can be synchronized simply by folders, but you can with playlists iTunes. Timing is also supported by video from iTunes, which is usually already be displayed on any device. But if you're not used to store video in iTunes - the utility is able to what is called on the fly to convert video to the right format.

The default settings there quite unpretentious, but if your device supports the H.264 codec and has a high resolution display - can be converted quite a decent video. In theory, all very cool, in practice it is better not mess with. As to synchronize the device is connected is not in the mode of USB Mass Storage, as well as a modem roughly speaking. And the sync speed is so low that even a playlist of 30 songs rewritten about 10 minutes. What will happen to the video on the 1.34 GB? In general, the good old Mass Storage to help you.

Sync with Google

It's simple, enter your account at Google, we choose the direction of synchronization and forth. The first time the process takes time, at least in my two thousand contacts in total. To backup contacts you need to create a profile SyncMate. Introduce ID (a valid e-mail), a password by e-mail you send code, enter it, and the process went. I did not sync because I've had enough of what Google has all my personal data.

iSync Alternatives

As for the data synchronization software is a good-Sync My (currently in beta but quite stable), which allows you to synchronize your Mac on a local network. The synchronized data are the same. To synchronize the files I'm trying the free utility (command line) Unison.

There are many alternatives with graphical interface, two worth mentioning:
  • ChronoSync
  • Synchronize! X Plus
Overall I must say that the timing is what makes it really useful. Mac and I hoped that future improvements that Apple will bring the service in this direction. The technology chosen, after much experimentation, based on two aspects:
  • mounting a network drive, secure, simple, and accessible network of the Institute, as well as the entire Internet
  • Flexible timing, and with a graphical interface, and the ability to choose the direction of this synchronization, including file by file.
  • MacFuse uses a simple ssh to build your home on your Mac. You need to install MacFuse, then the application sshfs.
  • Unison allows you, for it offers profiles, sync parts of your tree.
  • You can download the software on their official websites.
Avoid synchronization of many data if you're away, or slow networks, this will take a long time and the next thing I will point is limit the use of these tools to really important data, because the disk space on the homes is not unlimited.


There are lots of other tools which help you in this. To synchronize your Macs with multiple devices is now possible thanks SyncMate. You can synchronize all devices simultaneously. With SyncMate allows data from your Macs with other Macs, and even with PC computers. You do not have other methods of data transmission are looking for. All you need is SyncMate. SyncMate syncs your Mac with USB flash drives or the Sony PSP. With SyncMate you can back up the data of PSP, USB flash drive or the Mac, and create a data on demand with just a few clicks to recover them.

SyncMate is probably the only tool that allows you to simultaneously synchronize your Macs with multiple devices. We must not buy more synchronization programs to the Mac to sync with any device. Download SyncMate down, and all supported devices can be synchronized only by an application.

SyncMate can store a backup of your data easily and reliably online, so that you will access this data from anywhere in the world. It is possible to encrypt your data and protect with a password. To the data you store online, your contacts, calendar entries, Firefox and Safari bookmarks, tasks, notes, Entourage, Mail notes, etc. are SyncMate FREE allows synchronization of important data! Synchronize your contacts and calendars between the Mac and from all supported devices. In this way you do not miss any deadlines and lose any contacts.

The synchronization of Google Calendar & contacts in the Free Edition is also available. Sync with iTunes Expert Edition & Video, iPhoto, bookmarks, folders, mail, notes, etc. supported by all devices. All features of the free version in the Expert version also available. In the Expert Edition you can write SMS messages directly on the Mac, send or delete without touching the phone.


ToMacs is the application for OS X have been waiting for: to keep in sync their data - calendars, contacts, Keychain, Mail, etc.. On your entire Mac with one click, all through the local network, USB stick or CD. This small software has a simple, elegant interface, and is the solution for those with multiple Macs you'll certainly happened to be on the road and save the bookmarks in Safari on the MacBook but then also want them to find the drive home. Or, after adding the new songs in iTunes on the laptop, then you would be able to enjoy it through the Mac Mini that acts as a media center without having to manually copy the new files or your entire library. ToMacs is free and uses SSH to establish a connection with remote computers.

Problems with Synchronization

If you use the iMac for Apple to work from home or office, but you have a MacBook you use when you do not work at your desk, you'll find several times with the need to bring with you some important files. The fastest way to bring back the file copying is certainly on a USB stick, especially because today are very cheap. But it is always enough to have a few rows behind? Do not you ever having to do a search on all of your stuff? To me it is. Not to mention e-mail. For my work e-mail is essential and keep all posts for years now as a repository / registry, since my memory sometimes misfires.

There is also another problem: if the laptop while I am away with work on some files and make changes when I return to my desk I have to remember which files had changed to recopy the iMac, which I consider my main workstation. Forgetting is the agenda and a distraction can be enough to overwrite a modified file with an older one. Experience teaches me that this is the cause of countless accidents, loss means changes, and then hours of work.
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