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Old 18-08-2010
Join Date: May 2009
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Windows live Movie Maker Tutorial

To create video slideshows from your photos, you do not need to invest in expensive software. Indeed, with the free video editing software Windows Live Movie Maker, you can perform such activities.

If the software was originally intended to film editing, you can completely import images to make the frame of your video. You can choose the order of appearance of images and the display time of each. Effects and transitions, you will then bind to these elements smoothly.

Add a little music, sound effects, titles and then you'll just save the final result in the format you prefer, to share on the Internet for playback with a DVD player or simply on your computer.

Download and install Movie Maker:

Movie Maker is part of the Windows Live suite, which includes 17 free services, including the MSN Messenger. You can download the Windows Live setup from the attachment.
  • Once the download is complete, click the Run button and confirm the launch.

  • The multi-screen installation of Windows Live applications appears. Check the boxes next to the applications you want, Movie Maker in our case.

  • Click Install.

  • Uncheck the Set your home page and define your search engine.

  • Click Continue and then click Close.

  • Movie Maker is then added to the Start menu.
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Old 18-08-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: Windows live Movie Maker Tutorial

Prepare the sequence of pictures:

Movie Maker lets you select photos that will be your movie. You can easily choose their order, their duration of display, etc..
  • Launch Windows Live Movie Maker by clicking its shortcut in the Start menu.

  • Click Add videos and photos.

  • Select your hard drive to add photos to the slideshow and click Open.

  • The pictures are automatically added to the current video. The list of photos is displayed in the right pane as thumbnails.

  • You can preview the video in the left pane.

  • Add more photos to your slideshow video of the same way. You can change the order of appearance of photos by clicking on the thumbnails and moving in the right place.

  • To change the orientation of a photo, click it and click Rotate Left or Rotate 90 ? clockwise 90 ? with the direction of your photo.

  • By default, each image is displayed five seconds. To change the time for a view, select it. Open the Edit tab and choose the new value in the Duration list.
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Old 18-08-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: Windows live Movie Maker Tutorial

Add transitions and effects:

To give life to your show, you can add effects and transitions between each image.
  • Open the Animations tab.

  • Click on a photo and choose a transition effect to be played to the appearance of the picture, for example Pixelate.

  • To apply an effect to a picture, like a zoom effect, click it and choose an effect from the list Pan and zoom.

  • At any time, you see the result of your transitions and effects in the preview window.

Add Music:

Now that your video slideshow is almost finished, you can add background music, commentary or sound effects corresponding to the images.
  • Open the Home tab and click Add music.

  • Select your hard drive music file (an MP3 for example) to add to the slideshow and click Open.

  • The soundtrack is visually represented above the thumbnails. You can add another to the following if you wish, change the order, etc..

  • Note that you can add a fade to the appearance and disappearance of music in the Options tab.

  • Click the Volume button to adjust the music volume.
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Old 18-08-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: Windows live Movie Maker Tutorial

Insert text:

To give information to people who will view your slideshow, you can add titles, create a generic and add captions to your photos.
  • Click on the photo caption and click the Legend button on the Home tab.

  • Enter your caption and place it where you want on the image.

  • Repeat for other pictures to caption.

  • Use the options to change the tape formatting text, choose display time and how it will appear.

  • To add a title between two files, select the second photo and click Title.

  • Enter your title.

  • Update if you want the background color and text style options in the ribbon.

  • Set in the same way if you want a generic at the end of your slideshow by clicking the Home tab Generic.

Save and distribute their video:

Now that your slideshow is ready, you will be able to publish it as a video.
  • In the Share box, click the More button.

  • Choose the settings of your video recording if you want to distribute on YouTube on TV in high definition, put on a DVD ... The quality and size of the video will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Enter a name for your video file and click Save.

  • Your film is then prepared. If you chose to burn the slideshow onto a DVD, insert a blank disc.

  • Once completed, you can play your video slideshow on your computer, copy it onto a hard disk or USB drive, share it with your friends, etc..
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