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Thread: How to enable Facebook Push Notifications on your KIN and other Mobile Phones

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    How to enable Facebook Push Notifications on your KIN and other Mobile Phones

    Facebook is continued to be used more extensively for social networking. Perhaps , You will not know that somebody responded to something you have posted Or most likely if you want to be directly notified whether someone responded to your post.

    In this article we will be talking about the procedures to enable the facebook Notifications either by E-Mail or by SMS on your cell phone. The best part is yet to come, I meant to say that you can respond to that notifications by simply replying to the emails and text messages that you have received on your cell phone. Your mobile phone skills will be enhanced by enabling these facebook capabilities.

    For enabling the push notifications on some of the cell phones you will have to go to your Facebook account on the desktop for setting this up. You will receive a E-mail or a text message as soon as someone comments or post anything on your wall remember you will be charged accordingly by the Network service provider.

    Steps for Enabling Facebook Push Notifications on your KIN and other Mobile Phones

    • Go to the FaceBook Login Page

    • Enter the user name and password correctly.

    • Click on Account and select Account Settings on the right top of your screen you.

    • You will see a new page which will show the options which are shown below there Click on the Notification tab which is highlighted in the below image.

    • On this page You can notice that your email is readily listed and you can check on the list of preferences of different types of notifications according to your wish if you like to receive a notification by email the simply click the check box adjacent to the activity which you like to know when someone does it you can see that there are two check boxes the first is to get the email notification and the next for a notification by text message.

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    Re: How to enable Facebook Push Notifications on your KIN and other Mobile Phones

    Add these steps below to enable push notification via SMS Text Messages

    • In this next step we will make active your cell phone number for receiving the push notification instantly by SMS Text messages. For activating your cell number Click on “Send notifications to my phone via SMS” link.

    • A new popup windows will open instantly.

    Note: Before you can receive notifications via SMS, you must activate your phone for Facebook Mobile.

    Open a new browser and go to ->scroll down and select Mobile “Settings” and choose “Enabled” and save your settings. Some of you probably have it enabled already.

    • In this new small popup window you will be prompted to select your country then wait for few seconds so that it collects the subscriber for your country and then choose the carriers on the next box before proceeding to next step.

    • Now you need to send an SMS Text message which contains the letter “f” (without quotes) to 32665 (FBOOK).

    • You will receive a new SMS Text Message which is the confirmation code which you have received click next and it will ask you for the verification code.

    • Simply enter the verification code and click next and check if you want this number listed under your profile for others to see. Now Select “confirm“.

    • Now your facebook account settings will by default open the My Account – Mobile page. You can select the Notifications which you will need to know about on your cell phone. You can also select the notifications about your friends status updates if you want for specific friends. Go through all the settings on this page and select all the notifications which you like to receive via SMS text message on your cell phone and finally save the preferences.

    • You can respond to those status updates via a Text Message as soon as you receive a notification about your friends

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    Re: How to enable Facebook Push Notifications on your KIN and other Mobile Phones

    iPhone and iPod Touch

    • If you are using an iPod Touch or an iPhone it is relatively far more easier to activate the facebook push notification within the Facebook application.

    • For this you need to simply go to the settings and select the Facebook , click Push Notifications and then finally turn on all the notifications which you like and go back to your home screen.

    • You might want to use the option above for other phones as well, since you will be able to reply back directly to your notification using the email and/or SMS Text Message.

    Final Note

    This may seem somewhat tedious but after you have made this settings you will receive SMS Text Message or an email instantly as soon as someone pushes something in your account. Hope you will find this Tip interesting as well as helpful.

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