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Thread: How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

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    How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

    Once you begin to install applications from the App Store on iPhone or iPad, you will be clear that you need more space on your desktop iPhone or iPad. Desktop on iPhone cannot contain more than 20 icons. So where to put icons for all installed applications. Not to worry, the iPhone solves this problem by simply adding new desktops. So you can easily locate all the icons of installed applications.

    You can also move icons from one desktop to another. To do this, enter into drag mode icons. In this mode includes by clicking on the icon and holding it for one second, then all the icons begin to shake, it means that you will need drag and drop icons. Now you can drag icons finger anywhere on your desktop. To exit the dragging of icons, click on the button Home Button
    To install the icon on the Dock (which is located below the display iPhone), you should first release on a location. To do so, drag and drop, drag the icon from the Dock to the desktop, and then to her place to drag its icon. If you need to create additional main menu, then simply drag the icon to the right side of the display iPhone until a new clean desktop. You can create up to nine desktops. To move between desktops just slide your finger across the display iPhone left or right, depending on what desktop you need.

    Unlike the phone, or MP3 players, Apple does not deal with the iPad to an existing market but rather to create new uses. Apple Tablet is in fact present as an electronic book reader, an MP3 player, Internet browser or an email client to name a few of the possibilities offered by iPad. After months of speculation, the iPad is there. The opportunity for us to take in hand a copy freshly repatriated from the United States and to present this tablet and its features.

    Level design, in fact, the iPad includes the famous Home button located under the screen of iPod Touch and iPhone. Found on the right side a volume knob, a button to lock the screen rotation, so that the iPad offers a top button start like the iPod and a headphone jack and a small opening that conceals the microphone. At the base of the device, we note the presence of the usual 30-pin connector for connecting the device to the USB port and a triple which is none other than the grid of speakers.

    The iPad is so far what could be termed a success. A few days after its release, this unit is already the mobile platform used by most readers Easy to handle, this unit has a few little secrets that make it easy to use. I propose you a few tricks that accelerate certain processes and facilitate navigation on the iPad. As it is the same platform as the iPhone , the majority of tricks described in this ticket are also applicable to the Apple smartphone.

    The icons are displayed on several pages. The pages are automatically created as soon as new icons must be stowed away and there are no free slot in the previous pages. You can place an icon where you want on the page and the other icons automatically fill the empty space from top to bottom.

    Arrange Icons of Apple iPad and Apple iPhone :

    The Home Screen on your iPad or iPhone mostly often show you the app installed. So it becomes necessary for you to know how you can arrange the icons if there is more number of apps installed on your device. It is also possible in both devices that you can move the same icon from one home screen to a different screen.

    Remember the restore settings :

    To restore the desktop settings, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Home Screen Layout (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset all settings). After reset the icons and grouped all the installed programs remain.

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    Re: How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

    First Method: Arranging icons between Home Screens.

    There is way by which you can move the icon on the home screen. For that press on an icon and keep holding it. Do not tap the same. The icon will start shaking. Then once you can see it shaking you can drag the icon to the current screen you have. Then you can move them to the place as you want and adjust the position as per preferences.

    You can also in the same way move the icon to different home screen. You can drag the icon to the another screen and simply leave the same on the screen. Then once done moving you can press the home button to stop the icon from shaking. So here there is no need to use any application and a simple drag and drop option works well. The same job becomes a bit tough when you have more applications.

    Drag the icon anywhere you want to place the others icons position themselves automatically to fill the page from top to bottom. To put the icon on another page, drag it while holding it to the edge of the page: you switch on a new page where you can drop the icon, otherwise, continue handling until the desired page is displayed and drop the icon. Use pages to group icons according to their priority, by frequency of use. Thus on page 1, place icons the most used, and switch the icons used less in the last pages.
    To create a new page: Go to the last page and flip an icon on the right side and placing it in a new page that will be all alone. To have quick access icons from the first page, press the Home button.

    Delete icon: remove an application

    By removing an icon, the associated application will be removed / uninstalled from your iPhone. To remove an application, press and hold any icon: your icons will start to tremble. Simply press the little X in the upper left to remove the application. Only the installed applications from App Store can be removed.

    Group Icons as per used:

    The dock is the bottom of your homepage where you can drop the 4 icons of the applications you use most. This allows easy access as the dock appears on all pages.
    • Press any icon on your home page: The icons will begin to tremble.
    • To place a new icon on the dock, you must move one of the icons on the dock to give way to another.
    • Drag an icon out of dock.
    • Drag the icon you want to place on the dock.

    Second Method: Arranging the icons via iTunes.

    This is the easiest way of arranging the icons by using iTunes. This is the best way of arranging the icons. For this you need iTunes on your system. Run iTunes and then click on the Device Category. In this select your device and you can see a summary screen now. You can then click on the Apps tab here and the tool will show you the list of apps installed on your iPad or iPhone.

    In the list of application you can choose the way you want to arrange or move your icons. You can see the list of all application installed. For that just click on the icon and move your move over the same. You have to click and select the same and do not leave the click. Move the same to the different location in iTunes and choose the place where want to put that. Remove the click. For arranging the icons an different screen you will need to first choose the icon on the home screen and then move the icon there.

    So this is just drag and drop work which will help you to rearrange your icons on the device. Once done you will need to click on apply button. The next time when you Sync your iPhone or iPad the settings will be applied on the device. Connecting your phone to iTunes will sync the settings and your icons will be placed on proper place.

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    Re: How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

    Manage the icons on the jailbroken iPhone:

    On a jailbroken iPhone, you have several free applications on Cydia that give you more maneuverability and opportunity as regards the management of your icons. By posting more icons on a page / dock, it reduces the number of times you must change the page to access the icon / application desired.
    • Launch Cydia. Press the bottom Sections> press Tweaks.
    • Select the application.
    • Five Dock Icon> to display 5 icons instead of 4 on your dock.
    • Five-Column Springboard> to display five icons on a row of SpringBoard.
    • Press Install then Confirm top right.
    • Press Return to Cydia / Restart SpringBoard after installation.

    Transparent Icons

    The transparent icons can be used to make visible the effects of certain themes Winterboard. You can also use them to make visible an image that you set as wallpaper. For that you will need to install SOS from Cydia.

    • Install SOS iPhone
    • Press down to Manage > Sources press > in the list Entered by User, select SOS iPhone Cydia.
    • You can choose the number of icons that you want transparent. To do this, select among applications Do4Nothing ones you want.
    • The number of icons displayed in the description of the application.
    • Press Install at the top right > click Confirm at the top right.
    • Press Return to Cydia after installation.

    To group the icons of your applications into folders, according to the category to which it belongs, use the Free Application Categories. You can then create folders to group your games, to group your audio applications, etc. Be careful when you use these applications (categories or stacks) are icons associated with applications, if applications crash, you may be losing access to your applications.

    Install Categories:

    • Launch Cydia and press Search at the bottom
    • Type Categories > Select Categories.
    • Press Install in the top right.
    • Press Confirm top right.
    • Wait for the setup and press Return to Cydia / Restart Springboard after installation
    • Press the Application Categories to launch the application. Press OK
    • At the top you have Edit to change the settings of files created
    • Click on Add to add new files. Press Add in the top right.
    • Enter the folder name and press Add and then please wait while loading icons.
    • You have a long list of icons you can select the one you want for the folder. Tap the desired.
    • You will be redirected to the homepage with the new folder created and the icon for the file.
    • You can press Edit to make changes if you want. Press the folder icon you want to edit > press Edit > several options will be offered. Click on Cancel and then click on Rename to rename the icon.
    • Tap Done in the upper left after the changes
    • To add applications in the folder > select the folder:
    • Press Add in the top right
    • You have a list of all applications on your iPhone. Select the application you want (once selected, the application icon will not appear in the list). You can also select multiple icons to be placed in the folder.
    • Tap done in the upper left after selecting icons / applications to be placed in the folder.
    • You will now have a list of all the icons / applications to be placed in this folder.
    • Tap done in the upper left to complete the modifications or Add if you want to add other icons / applications. You will be returned to the home page with the file created and the number of applications contained in the file.
    • Press the Home button to close the application
    • To access the applications in the folder created in the Categories.
    • Tap the folder icon on your SpringBoard / Homepage. You will notice that the folder title appears at the top to fill differentiate records. If you do not want to display the title of the file, press the icon in the lower right of the file:
    • Slide the bar Folder Title to deactivate and then press Done in the top right:
    • This file is now displayed without the title.


    MultiIconMover this is a new tweak on Cydia that allows you to move several icons Springboard same time. This is very handy for a little tidying up.

    • To do this simply.
    • Press a Springboard icon until icons start to move
    • Touch the icons you want to move
    • Go to the page where you want to move these icons
    • Press the Home button to paste them on the page

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    Re: How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

    Some More Tips for Customizing Apple iPad:

    1. Customize the Dock, adding icons to six -

    Unlike the iPhone Dock offers space for four icons, one of iPad you can add two more. Your dock can display a total of six icons. To add an icon on your Dock, select it and hold until your icons start to move. With your finger, drag the selected icon on the Dock of your iPad. You can also delete an icon from the Dock by using the same technique.

    2. Super Favorites in Safari -

    As on the browser of your computer, Safari also offers iPad Bookmarks bar. This is a quick way to access your favorite websites and blogs.

    • At first, you must activate the Bookmarks bar.
    • Go to the application Settings and select Safari.
    • On the right side of the window, select Always show bookmarks bar.
    • Open the Safari application and reach one of your favorite Web sites.
    • Press the + symbol and select Add Bookmark.
    • Personalize the site name that appears in the first field.
    • Make sure Bookmarks Toolbar appears below the URL.
    • Click Save.

    3. Disable the sound of your rapidly iPad -

    To mute your iPad, press about one second on the lower volume button.
    Spotlight customize the display order of search results. If you wish, you can customize the order in which search results appear. For example, you can edit the list to your contacts, calendar and mail appear first.

    • Go to the application Settings.
    • Select General > Main Button.
    • On the next window, click on Search Results.
    • Here you can change the display order of results.
    • To reposition an application. With your finger, select the symbol that appears on the right and move the application up and down.
    • You can also enable or disable certain research applications. Simply by pressing the name of the application. When the hook disappears, the application will not be indexed in the search engine.

    4. The cut and paste -

    To select a word to be copied, press one second on the word you wish to select, when the magnifying glass appears, release the pressure. Press the bubble copied. To copy several words, select and drag one of these bubbles on each side of the selected word. To paste your selection, press and hold one second to where you want to paste your text.

    5. Cancel Paste -
    • If you pasted the text by mistake, you can quickly delete this text by shaking your device. The command Undo Paste will appear on your screen.
    • Come back soon the top of any page or application
    • When you browse an application or a Web page, to return quickly to the top of the page, tap the status bar.

    6. Save an image from Safari or an email on your iPad -

    To save an image found on a Web page or attachment in an email on your iPad, hold pressure with your finger for a few seconds the picture you want to record. A menu calling Save Image will appear. Select it, and then you find your picture in the Photos application.

    7. Caps Lock, Shift automatic and automatic focus -

    There are three very useful shortcuts writing on the iPad. Caps Lock, the automatic capitalization at the beginning of phase and the AF after when you double-tap the spacebar. To enable these three shortcuts, go to application setting. Then select General then Keyboard. This is where you can enable and disable these shortcuts.

    8. Keyboard Shortcuts -

    Pressing the currency symbol, you will get other symbols of currency. In the mail application, when you enter the email address of a contact, press and hold a point. You'll get automatically. Com and various variants, such as. Ca. Com. Net or. Org

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    Re: How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

    Working tips on iPad while surfing, Ebooks and Typing -

    On the iPad, the Inbox emails appear to the left of the screen. The software shows you the title of the email, the name of the author and two-line preview of the content. It is possible to increase this setting to preview five lines. Thus, in one glance, one can give priority to urgent messages. Go to Settings, click on the Overview tab and choose 5 lines.

    1. 30,000 free books :

    The iPad is pleasant to use to read eBooks. But at $ 9.99 each, or more, the price can climb quickly. The virtual store offers some titles iBook royalty-free, but it is by visiting the website of Project Gutenberg can fulfill its iPad free books. Joyce, Twain, Thoreau, Churchill: there are over 30,000 public-domain titles. In your computer, download the books in EPUB format and drag the files onto the iTunes icon. Then just connect your computer to iPad in the books are synchronized. Also: do not forget to download the free application Amazon Kindle. The choice of e-books sold on Amazon is much larger than the Apple iBooks store.

    2. Select a paragraph:

    The selection of a passage of text can be laborious on the iPad. Type a word and it will be highlighted in blue. To insert a paragraph in full, the next move two small blue dots in order to expand the area highlighted. It is a frustrating exercise, but there is a solution. In the software for word processing pages, simply type the finger four times in the middle of a paragraph. It will automatically be highlighted.

    3. English Dictionary:

    Another advantage is not necessarily easy to discover the English dictionary included in the application iBooks. To build, place your finger on any word of a book, and a small menu will open. Simply select Dictionary to see a bubble containing the definition of the word.

    4. Show Virtual Keyboard:

    When you use an external Bluetooth keyboard (recommended for writing long documents), you probably will feel some frustration. For example, once the iPad recognizes the keyboard, there is still connected and you cannot use the virtual keyboard that appears usually on the screen. To display the virtual keyboard, tap the eject external keyboard.

    5. Six applications in the dock:

    Like the iPhone, it is possible to put in the dock (a kind of fixed menu at the bottom of the screen iPad) applications that are used most often. While the dock of the iPhone is limited to four applications, one of the iPad can hold six. To start shopping, keep your finger on an icon for a few seconds. The icons will then oscillate. You can move your finger and drag them into the dock.

    6. Send more photos:

    In iPhoto, you can select multiple photos to send in one email. The trick: first press the small arrow button in the upper right corner of the screen.

    7. Tips from the keyboard:

    The virtual keyboard of the iPad is quite pleasant to use, but some discomfort persists. To access the numbers or the apostrophe, you must click on the button. 123, which includes a secondary keyboard. To go faster, keep your finger on the button, and then drag it to the desired character. This trick also works for accents. Keep your finger on the (a), for example, and a choice of accents appear. Same thing with the key point, which gives the apostrophe. Double-click the space bar produces a dot and a space.

    8. Back to top of page:

    You read a long document and want to return to the top of the page quickly? Double-click the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

    9. Reload the iPad from a computer:

    If your computer is several years old, the iPad show probably "no charging in progress" when you plug it. Only the newer USB ports are powerful enough to recharge the iPad. Never mind, let the iPad connected (off screen), and it will charge it anyway. It's longer, but it helps out when you have not you taken the wall of the iPad.

    10. Quick management of music:

    It is possible to quickly change the songs we listen to music on the iPad without leaving the application you use. Just double-click on the home while a song is playing. This action will bring up a menu.


    It is simply an App Icon (e.g. Mail App) must hold. After about 3 seconds to catch the icons wiggle. Now you can program with your finger on the screen. Programs that are out of the AppStore have been summoned to the side an X sign. If you press on it, the programs will be deleted. The deletion does not work for standard system / apps.

    Pressing on any icon and press on for about 2-3 seconds. Now catch the icon to shake. Select the icon to move and keep it pressed. Now you can move the icon with your finger to the desired location. When you have reached the goal, let go of the icon. You can the icon to a new page in which your whole slide to the right edge walks over to the rickety icon.
    Perhaps it would be but still very helpful to time the user manual to look more closely. Would be unfortunate if one is a lot of money for a great device, and then it can only use a fraction of the features. But sometimes you just overlook the simple things. It is the Nokia and Motorola, users must get used to the same and then you can configure a mobile phone service in a few steps, without having to dive in a menu.

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