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Thread: New Free ZBrush 3.5 R3 Tutorial

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    New Free ZBrush 3.5 R3 Tutorial


    ZBrush 3.5 AIMS to bring you creative freedom and an end to Technical constraints. The origin of the name comes from its software technology start, or rather the pixol 2.5D (the second dimension and a half). The pixol is proprietary technology Pixologic, it is the advanced form of pixels found in an image. It contains color information and position, but also the material, light and depth, hence the name which means ZBrush's brush depth (Z axis represents the depth of 2.5D and 3D). The exception of 2.5D is that you can turn around pixol, it is pixol running. With new features like ZSpheres II, ZSketch, Quick Sketch, Surface Noise, Planar Other brushes and many new enhancements, REACH will your art a whole new level. With this new version, we Have Refined and added to ZBrush's Already exceptional toolset, Improving the traditional natural half ZBrush That feel is famous for. I am trying to make it Easier than ever for you to create organic characters, mechanical objects, environments or product designs. If you are an illustrator, video game or VFX artist, product designer or just a Hobbyist Passionate about 3D, ZBrush is for you.

    Sketch your mind -
    With ZBrush 3.5, create at the speed of light with sketching new features :
    The software does not limit itself to create textures simulating the reliefs , it helps create textures, it affects each side with a color model (called "Polypainting" = painting polygon). Since the number of faces is very dense, we can paint a very easy way to small details. You can also create texture modifying the brightness of certain parts (Diffuse Map) or texture simulating the shading (ambient occlusion baking). Quick Sketch Allows you to draw your thoughts and ideas in 2D in a simple and elegant way to rough them out so That You Can Quickly find the best approach and move forward. ZSketch, Combined with The Improv ZSpheres II, adds the Ability to directly create Freely in 3D space, sculpting shapes and forms That You Could Previously only dreamt of. In Addition, your editing is ZSketch as easy as manipulating a simple skeleton. The variation of poses, forms, and deformations is endless.

    Discover a new world with Hard Sculpting -
    Already popular for organic ITS Capabilities, ZBrush is now opening the door to mechanical sculpting. Create Weapons and armor, vehicles or robots, jewelry, product designs ... Can you imagine if it, There are tools to help you create it!

    With features like the new Set of brushes (Including Trim, Polish and Planar), combined with the option to create new Remesh Boolean-like objects, new Auto Masking Functions based on polygroups, Lazy Mouse with Improved Backtrack feature, you will be Able to Accurate planar surfaces make on your models. But These Are Also free form, Following the curves of your imagination.

    The combination of These new features Enables you to build a near infinite array of brushes, Which Will Perfectly suit all your sculpting needs. To help you get going faster Even in your new mechanical world, ZBrush Provides Several new-dedicated hard-surface brushes by default, or to load at will!
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    Re: New Free ZBrush 3.5 R3 Tutorial

    Surface Noise -
    Surface Noise With the new feature, You Can Apply to procedural noise to your creations, driven by simple curves and parameters for easy customization. By default, this is Noise Applied Globally to your object in a non-destructive way, Allowing you to change it at Any Time or Even remove it. With a single click, You Can Apply it to your model as geometry That Can be sculpted. It Can Also be a mix of Different noises, blended together with the help of ZBrush's powerful masks.

    Noise is Also available as a brush setting, Which Means That You Will Be Able to add this noise to Any of your ZBrush sculpting brushes! To make your work Even Easier, Several new brushes Have Been Noise added as presets, mixing traditional brush settings with the new Noise functions.

    Improve Your Sculpting with Brushes and Settings New -

    With this new update, ZBrush Gives you more in your sculpting Flexibility Through Several new brushes: ClayFinish, Crumple, Flakes, FormBrush, FormSoft, SoftClay, SoftConcrete, Move2, MoveRing, Slide, Spherical - in Addition to all the new Noise, Polish, Trim and Planar Brushes.

    Beyond Simply Adding new brushes, Have Been Several new settings created, Such as Embed Brush, Brush Depth, Angle masking, Stabilization, Tilting and more. These will let you change the shape of the brush Itself from a sphere, Letting You flatten the top, bottom, or both. With the help of an interactive widget, You Can These dynamically change settings and Flexibility to add more power to your sculpting.

    Add some noise, change the Lazy Mouse mode, load an alpha, change the brush Depth ... Just Imagine the Possibilities That With These features make it Easier than ever to add eye-popping detail to your creations.
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    Re: New Free ZBrush 3.5 R3 Tutorial

    As the training progress, basic concepts are Covered in detail over here, and eventually advanced solutions are discussed on a number of techniques including the new features in ZBrush 3.5. For some time it keeps going through my head, I decided to materialize the idea of a workshop ZBrush. I also really wanted to change the image that people of a product like ZBrush, which is often inherited from version 2, version 3, while much has changed in the approach to 3D. Then, approach the sculpture is different from traditional modeling and often requires changing old habits ingrained. In short, I'd like more people are discovering the virtual sculpture, and therefore ZBrush. I would like to discuss first about the workshops.
    • These workshops will be more or less regular, modulo my hectic schedule must admit. Exceptionally, it may be canceled, or maybe twice
    • The duration is approximately one to two hours, probably a little more. This is stated in the presentation of each workshop.
    • A topic / direction will be proposed, see discussion in advance. The goal is that they are relevant to more people.
    • Each session is limited to 100 registered maximum. Sometimes 15.
    • The workshops are mainly focused around ZBrush, and that revolves around. A session may well be dedicated to rendering in other software Displacement maps for example. However, the workshops can focus on other software, although the current priority is ZBrush.
    • These workshops are not intended to walk one way, anyone can share his knowledge, the software can allow the control to anyone.
    • Some sessions will be extended depending on demand.
    • Regarding the software, it works for Mac and PC (Java recommended). A headset is required. No speaker with a microphone. If you want to have an exchange, the microphone is strongly recommended.
    • Each session is recorded and available subsequently for everyone.

    Once your registration is confirmed by return email from me, you will have access to a private page of the blog that shows the link to launch the screen sharing system. Click on it 5 minutes before the start of the session and accept what is requested. The software installed will run on Mac and PC. You will be asked for a name and email. Enter your name as the name of the forum. The email, whatever. You can configure the software in the Audio source: phone or VOIP (voice over IP).

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    Re: New Free ZBrush 3.5 R3 Tutorial

    This was really very helpful guide.
    I Have Used on and off ZBrush since version 2.0 and while much of the Beginning was a refresh, much of the training was very useful as a headstart on my ventures into the new version of this awesome tool. I would really like to see you guys do a short concise series of training geared specifically toward getting the details out of ZBrush into other 3d programs. Some of the features ZBrush 3.5 are as follows :
    • Multiple texture, normal and displacement maps by SubTool, with improved options normals and displacement maps such as exports of 32-bit.
    • High definition normals and displacement maps from the HD geometry.
    • Improved perspective with a grid system.
    • Reorganization of the tool sub-palettes to coordinate with some SubTools.
    • The possibility of merging all SubTools visible, and any welds.
    • The new mapping method PUVTiles, which represents a more efficient use of space radiation.
    • The PolyPainting and masking were strengthened in 16 bit (formerly 8 bit).
    • New navigation to work with virtually unlimited zoom.
    • Right click navigation.
    • New cursors added to all projects, providing more control over your results.
    • Improvements to memory management that gives you the ability to subdivide your models with more polygons than before.
    • New mask ambient occlusion can create texture AO for use in other applications.
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