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Thread: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

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    Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Divinity II: Ego Draconis is a role-play on PC Rivellon set in a magical world out of time shaken by the apocalyptic wars. You play as a Dragon Slayer, which may evolve Dragon Lord. It must make good use of every skill, potion or trick to overcome the formidable fantasy creatures he encounters. The year 2009 was marked by the release of many western RPGs. Besides the excellent Dragon Age: Origins and Sacred 2, fans of the genre have also been playing more hardcore titles, as well Risen who offered a rather original approach and presented some great ideas. Larian Studios, a small Belgian studio in also used to exit Divinity II: Ego Draconis, an app that has received virtually no media coverage but which may yet surprise many .

    Divinity II - Ego Draconis brings you back to Rivellon, a timeless world of awe and magic, torn and scarred by successions of apocalyptic wars. Ever since the Great War ended, the Order of the Dragon Slayers has had eyes only for their number one enemy: the Dragon Knights who killed their Divine hero. But all the while the true enemy ? the Black Ring ? still festers beneath the surface, ready for its next move, poised to strike. For their leader Damian tirelessly plots silent schemes with utterly malign intent.

    Then one day, an event takes place that will reshape the history of Rivellon: a dying Dragon Knight gives her powers to a member of the order that seeks to destroy her: you. Perhaps you, blessed as you are with the powers of the Dragon, will be able to stop the black tides that threaten to engulf Rivellon. Many adventures await you, many mysteries yearn to be unraveled and all the world awaits the outcome of your new destiny.

    Divinity II opens on a small level of introduction, a sort of academy of Draconis, who can get an idea on the choice of character development. Nothing very original, it's role play rather simple with only five basic characteristics - Vitality, Strength, Spirit, Intelligence, Dexterity - among which we will distribute four-point improvement in each passage level. There is also a skill tree divided roughly into three areas that are magic, melee and ranged combat.

    There are the classics of the genre, a fireball, hooking, invocation of creatures and tons of different attacks that are triggered as World of Warcraft with a shortcut keypad and generally have a cooldown result. Let's be straight, level of specialization of the character in Divinity II is fairly narrow. For example, even a magician can be the biggest armor and fight in melee swirling his mace. It is far, for example, the degree of customization that can offer personal Oblivion, with its much more detailed stats. It is also in the introductory level we can try all three fighting styles on the target drive and discover that everything is very simple battles "click-click" to the sword without even the possibility of achieving in combos or to counter the moves (this is done automatically depending on the level of dexterity of Me) and automatic lock on an opponent while holding down the Left Trigger, handy for the arrows of a Ranger or balls of fire a image.

    Game Features :

    1. Sequel to the award-winning Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity Role Playing Games. : Following the lineage of these two much-acclaimed RPGs, Divinity II: Ego Draconis has adapted many of the most famous elements that made these two original games classics. Divinity II: Ego Draconis makes use of the same classless system that was incorporated in Divine Divinity, which allows you to choose your own path as you become a Dragon Knight.

    2. Fight as both a human and a dragon. : Don't settle for taming and riding a dragon when you can be the Dragon! For the first time, an RPG unleashes the very power of the Dragon on you! Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you strategically use both your human and dragon forms to defeat Damian and become the ultimate Dragon Knight.

    3. Dynamically unfolding storyline depending on your choices and skills.: Divinity II : Ego Draconis gives you a wide range of moral choices when deciding on how to act on quest objectives. When you make these choices, the consequences of your actions appear throughout game play. Consequences such as up to 20 possible quest solutions, new quest chains, NPC reactions, vendor pricing and other experience-altering consequences make Divinity II: Ego Draconis very interesting and engaging.

    4. Use your powerful Battle Tower as base of operations.: Looming like a colossal stone claw over Sentinel Island, stands the Battle Tower, a vast citadel built many centuries ago by Maxos, the Dragon Mage. Become bound to the Battle Tower through a mystical relic known as the Dragon Stone. The Dragon Stone allows you to teleport to the Battle Tower at any moment so that you can utilize the powers within.

    5. Build your very own ultimate fighting creature.: Conjure the spirits to bring to life a creature made from body parts you have collected during your battles. This creature’s power is literally the sum of its body parts; the composition of various limbs determines its strengths and abilities. Once you are able to assemble this abomination, you may summon it to support you in combat.

    6. Action Oriented : The adventure really begins after half an hour with the primary mission of our young Draconis: find and bump a dragon spotted near a small quiet village in the region of Broken Vallon, under the orders of his supervisor . After the first quests among the inhabitants - the release of a pig farmer, find some off-the-law hid in the forest, bring a letter to a lady in a remote farm . You can start exploring a world that does not seem as open as that of Oblivion. A quick glance at the map of the world confirms this: there is a side corridor, the topography, with deep valleys and fjords that limit the axes of movement. The environments are quite successful, with lush vegetation and a nice use of HDR, but soon we notice that there is no day / night.

    By chaining the first quests in the game, be it missions "Fedex" where to go from point A to point B (with shrines of teleportation which fortunately avoid round trips clumsy) or fighting in series Outdoors and in dungeons, we note that Divinity II offers some extravagant compared to its competitors, sometimes welcome, sometimes poorly chosen. Thus, there is no automatic search indicator on the mini-map to guide the player, he must be careful and remember the locations visited for getting together. We also see with surprise the adventurer to fall from 50 meters without losing a single life point. There it is not possible to transfer the contents of the inventory to a safe open, and that guns do not deteriorate. And most importantly, great question that has often players of RPG, you soon realize, an ax by a level 12 Goblin Warrior crossed the corner of a bush, there is no automatic adjustment of difficulty (the famous self-leveling so maligned on Oblivion).

    Splintering is a Troll cons with two or three levels higher than the hero is quite common and is often where the battles are more fun because it must show some tactics. Found in Divinity II sticks, all the classic elements of a good RPG with action-oriented management tight mania and cooldown on spells, the crucial choice of ranged combat or melee depending on the type of enemy and especially the consumption of hectoliters of various potions. The further into the adventure and fighting gets hot, he must then play on the creatures to invoke - a beautiful system of necromancy can carve an undead tailor made to suit the style of player - and the enchantments of Weapons and armor will be more or less effective depending on the breed of the enemy.

    Managing aggro is paramount and is made with lots of polymorphisms (the enemies here are transformed into giant beetles), sorcery, panic, blindness. All this provides strong fighting, and sometimes quite nervous when tactics are found in front of five or six bandits can sway spells to cure their colleagues or to send their big arms to tanks to protect the archers that water distance. And so much better because these are well furious half of the game, the rest being devoted to the exploration decorated with a few not very difficult puzzles, often involving reading the minds of NPC with special competence of Draconis or crossing platform in which, moreover, the vagueness of the jump can be unnerving.

    The Game Story :

    Chapter 1: Back to Rivellon ---

    Divinity 2: Ego Draconis brings you back to Rivellon, a timeless world of awe and magic, torn and scarred by successions of apocalyptic wars. What the peace-loving people of the land did to deserve such terrible calamity, not even the gods can tell, but as any of their warlords will snidely say, the time to wonder and question quickly vanishes when the Lord of Chaos is slaughtering your kin, burning your cities and sowing the onetime fertile soil with salt. Twice this incarnation of evil burst forth from its hellish dimension to wade in valiant blood against the blackened sky, and twice Rivellon’s defenders would not back down despite appalling losses. Still, victory brought no relief, for they knew that someday, the Demon would be back.
    And back he’d be, sooner than anyone could have anticipated, because, as is so often the case, evil festered from within: humans, loyal to the Damned Hordes, sought not only to ensure the return of their dark master, but to give his Demonic form human semblance, so that rather than to destroy Rivellon, he would come to rule her. This group, known as the Black Ring, were close to achieving their goal and would doubtless have succeeded had it not been for both the tireless vigilance of the famed wizard Zandalor and the startling fate of an unsung adventurer named Lucian. This adventurer, guided as he was by the forces of good, exposed the Black Ring’s sinister schemes and when the time came willingly underwent a daring ritual that infused him with the powers of the gods. So the Divine was born.

    Leaving but grim corpses in his wake, the avatar of light followed the enemy to its stronghold, nestled deep beneath the desert wastes of Yuthul Gor, where he stalked and killed every Black Ring elder until finally he and their diabolic leader, the Demon of Lies, stood snout to face. The fiend smiled and told the Divine he was too late: the transfer was complete and the Lord of Chaos would walk again. Indeed, behind him, on a large altar lay a newborn infant, a shell of innocence wrapped around a soul of utter corruption. The Divine’s sword saw the Demon dead, but despite being able to put an end to the vast plague that had almost brought Rivellon to her knees, he could not bring himself to kill the child.

    Chapter 2: Damian - The Damned One ---

    He named him Damian and for years the Damned One, unaware of the terrible forces that brimmed beneath his boyish exterior, grew up under the Divine’s tutelage. Until he met Ygerna. Sent to seduce Damian by her father, the Black Ring necromancer Kalin, she befriended the young man, who was instantly infatuated with her. Not only did she return his affections, but also his long slumbering powers. They practiced innocent spells at first, but later on more sinister magic, rarer incantations, and, most dangerous of all, they unraveled forbidden knowledge. For some time, Damien’s Divine foster parent was blissfully oblivious of Ygerna’s ominous influence on his son, until evidence connected her to Kalin, whom he recently executed. When questioned she confessed that she supported his rotten stratagems, the most important of these being the renascence of Damian’s dark, dormant powers.

    After hearing such hideous testimony, Lucian had no choice but to execute Ygerna in turn: the Black Ring never enjoys clemency, whatever the circumstances. Under the eyes of the wise, but worry-plagued Zandalor, the Divine’s sword severed Ygerna’s head from her body. Yet, at that prophetic moment, while Ygerna’s blood was still claiming more territory on the floor, Damian entered and gave voice to a spell that utterly stunned even that mighty ensemble: the spell of Soul Forging. Before anyone could react, Damian turned back and seemingly disappeared. The Divine knew his son would from then on be his greatest foe and understood that Damian had already realized a great deal of his black potential: he who can Soul Forge, is a stupendous adversary indeed. The Damned One walked again.

    As Lucian and Damian gathered their armies, Zandalor contemplated the repercussions of Damian’s acts. A Soul Forge is an exceptional enough event in its own right; a Soul Forge with a soul as it dwells amidst the few fragments of time between life and death, was unprecedented. Uncertain of the consequences for either him or Damian, he entrusted Ygerna’s body to the care of embalmers, forgoing the usual ritual burning of Black Ring corpses.

    Chapter 3: Soul Forge, Battles, Ataraxis ---

    Within days, the Black Ring and Divine Paladins clashed. Damian though, had eyes for Lucian only: he would show him the same kindness he had shown Ygerna. What he did not know, was that the Divine was ready for him. He would lure his son to a Rift Temple and, if all went according to plan, banish him to another dimension. Blinded as he was by his all-consuming wrath, Damian did not realize he was being drawn into a trap and soon he was locked away in shadow haunted Nemesis. The Divine returned to Rivellon, glad that the threat his foster son posed was eliminated, yet strangely mournful because he realized that despite the evil that had taken hold of him, Damian’s spur-of-the-moment Soul Forge was essentially an act of love.

    The Damned One however, made the best of his situation in Nemesis. He bode his time, grew in stature and power, until he did what most thought could not be done: he broke free from his prison dimension and initially overran the surprised Rivellonian forces. His thoughts were still wholly focused on one thing: to destroy the Divine and so revenge Ygerna. The war changed the face of Rivellon: for years it raged and one catastrophic event followed the other. Where once there were mountains there are now flat scorched plains and picturesque farmlands have been pushed up and turned into jagged cliffs. Nevertheless mankind faced its infernal foes with remarkable courage and tenacity. A decisive reason for their stubborn optimism was the new forged alliance between the Divine and the rare, but immensely powerful Dragon Knights, the last and elusive proponents of Dragon magic in the Demon-swept realms.

    Throughout the climactic battle, the scales of victory could have tipped either way. But then the unthinkable happened: one of the Dragon Knights betrayed and slew the unsuspecting Divine. During the confusion that ensued, the Paladins started to fight Dragon and Demon alike. Luckily Zandalor was able to rally the troops and so narrowly avoid disaster. Damian, who had already lost much of his forces and had seen his revenge materialized, ordered his army to abandon the field. His dominion over Rivellon could wait. And besides, he had other things on his mind.

    After the bitter stalemate that resulted, both sides took the time to lick their wounds and mankind prepared for yet another war. When this war did not take place after a year and not even after a decade, the good people of Rivellon were convinced Damian no longer posed a significant threat, started to relax and rebuild their lives. Now more than half a century has passed and though the Damned One still has a more than frightful reputation, he is regarded as a distant threat at best.
    Whether this ataraxis is justified, remains to be see.

    Battle Tower :

    Looming like a colossal stone claw over Sentinel Island, stands the Battle Tower, a vast citadel built many centuries ago by Maxos, the Dragon Maze. It was his house, his palace, his workplace, his laboratory and thus the scene of countless experiments of the most fantastical kind. But what makes the tower a true hub of might and the envy of all who aspire to own it, is its Throne Room, where Maxos could ascend his most proven acolytes to the rank of Dragon Knight, an ability hitherto given only to the Ancient Race of Dragons.

    Long the tower and its ruler withstood the ages unchallenged until one day Maxos vanished and his fortress was locked by a seemingly impenetrable spell, which proved to be an insufficient deterrent for the vile necromancer Laiken, who, some two hundred years after Maxos’ disappearance, broke the spell and claimed the Battle Tower as his own. Should some adventurer challenge his dominion over this mighty structure though, he or she would gain access to its highly interesting features. The Battle Tower is a central structure to which you can teleport at all times (once it is yours, that is) using a mystical device called the Dragon Stone. More than that, the tower houses multiple rooms and terraces where different attendants provide a variety of services.

    The Platforms :

    1. The Necromancy Ring - On this platform, a pupil of the black arts will seek to build you the ultimate Creature. As you travel through Rivellon, you will be able to collect the limbs of the foes you have slain. The necromancer will then assemble these limbs to form the Creature, its powers depending on their composition. You can summon this Creature in combat to serve as an ally by using a unique item: the Crystal Skull.

    2. The Alchemy Garden : The Alchemy Garden is the domain of your alchemist. This character is in charge of the herbs and plants that grow in the tower, with which he brews his potions. But, of course, he will need you to provide him with ingredients and formulas should you want to expand his repertoire.

    3. The Enchanting Platform : The workshop is the platform of your inventor and enchanter. This specialist smith has been working on both sides of the divide: he has dabbled both in science and in magic. Convinced that in doing so he holds the key to ultimate powers, he has blurred the line between the two disciplines – attuning his machines so as to give magical qualities to your items.

    4. The Skill Trainer Arena : The skill trainer platform is an area where you will be able to discover and/or upgrade your skills under the supervision of an expert trainer who has mastered the arts of combat and magic alike.

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Characters in the Game :

    1. Dragon Elf - The Dragon Elves are a cross-breed, an artificially engineered race that combines the Dragons strength and cunning with the Elfs almost feline spryness. Designed to be the immovable guard of Sentinel Island – the Dragon Isle – these creatures did their masters proud by ensuring the safety of Rivellons greatest source of magic for centuries at a time. But when the wizard Maxos, who built the vast Battle Tower on the islands shores, disappeared one day and many years later the vile Necromancer Laiken took possession of the edifice, the once proud Dragon Elves sank into decay along with Sentinel Island itself, once lush now barren. Where once they were noble, they became ornery; where once they were valiant, they became base and savage. Today they are nothing more than ferocious beasts that remind one in semblance only of the two gallant races from which they sprung.

    2. Flying Demon - Where they fly, the skies darken, and hell follows in their wake. From the torturous depths of Tartarus they are summoned or travel freely to bring cruel havoc to the lands, for these are utterly twisted beings that live for torment and carnage only; souls so sinister they seem to be the come-to-live-nightmares of gentle gods and depraved deities’ dream desires incarnate. Where they strike, a swift death is the only absolution one can pray for, even though it shall be in vain, because none can stand against these most vicious of Demons, these pitiless from the Pitt... save, perhaps, the Dragon.

    3. Great Goblin Shaman - These giant leaders of goblin tribes tower above their subjects and may even take to the skies if an airborne challenge needs to be met. By themselves, they may lay waste to an entire village; joined by their armies, they may conquer and come to dominate whole regions, unless their advance is halted by their one perpetual enemy: man.
    Favored by their sacred totems, these brutal tribal commanders will see the whole of Rivellon firmly affixed under their razor-nailed thumbs should not the combined efforts of human military organizations keep the totem tides at bay.

    4. Abomination -This is the ultimate undead combatant, an amalgam of dead flesh and living steel that serves the single purpose of killing all it meets and does so with chilling efficiency. If one should glance over some early research notes written by the nefarious necromancer Laiken, one may easily comprehend why these creatures are such depraved and psychotic killers, devoid of reason and clemency: "It is highly interesting to note that healthy subjects exposed to intense physical pain, still reflect that anguish after the transformation into an undead entity. When the forearms are removed for instance, and replaced by blades - an intense process of sawing, jamming and stitching - I find that subjects who undergo this procedure alive and conscious make for fiercer and more merciless undead warriors. Needless to say, it is a process I shall regularly practice - perhaps even exclusively should other experiments secure the same rate of success."

    5. Flying Undead - These terrifying constructs expound like nothing else the true horror that is necromancy. Compounds of wyvern and corrupted Dragon parts, metal wires and jagged blades, they spread dread wherever the dry clapping of their frayed wings is heard and impart death, destruction and decay before leaving again in search of other lives to end and other beauty to pervert.

    6. Bandits -Bandits and brigands are like rats: plentiful, a nuisance, oft deadly and hard to exterminate. But unlike those sharp-snouted little critters, they serve no purpose whatsoever in the circle of life and only disrupt, dishevel and may-hap end the lives of traveling merchants, adventurers, patrolling soldiers and frankly all who tend to venture down Rivellon’s roads. The only good news is that they tend to fight amongst themselves as frequently as kennel-sharing rabid dogs, which provides a crude but useful exercise in natural selection.

    7. Wyvren -These grotesque animals reminiscent of eagle, vulture and darkling, look like they were gargoyles that, imbued by the breath of life, jumped off their cathedral tower perches and took wing. Wyverns usually hunt and travel in flocks centered around a queen who is responsible for that flock’s procreation. Aggressive, ever hungry and always deadly, wyverns are true menaces that have claimed the lives of entire herds of livestock and that of many an unfortunate traveler who ventured into their prowling grounds without proper protection or armored escort.

    8. Memory Eater -hey are the hunters of the Hall of Echoes and the souls of the deceased are their prey. For in the phantasmagorical abode that is the land of the dead, the memories of its inhabitants are devoured so that they may enter the true afterlife free of any remembrance of the imperfect and harsh life that is the existence on Rivellon. Memory Eaters furthermore function as the Hall’s custodians and will fiercely attack anything that dares desecrate their disconsolate domain with its living and thus forbidden presence.

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    9. Skeleton - The most elementary of necromantic creations, skeletons are basic warriors, almost always unblessed by sentience or willpower other than that which was given to them by their master, and which usually consists of little more than that ever cogent command: "if it moves, kill it". One should nevertheless not be tricked into underestimating these living skeletons, for they do the killing part exceedingly well.

    10. Ygerna -Young and beautiful, it would have required a keen mind to spot the looming darkness in her cat-like eyes. Like a twilight messenger she came to a young Damian to herald the conception of the Devil that grew within his soul. She awakened his wrath and his greed; his lust and his love, but their rapture was not to endure. Unmasked as a Black Ring envoy, Ygerna was arrested and executed. ’T was then that Damian cast the Soul Forge, as he be held for the last time the face that would launch a thousand Demons and burn the sumptuous cities of Rivellon.

    11. Lady Bug -The ladybird is a charming enough little creature, but in Divinity II it is much more than that: a symbol of almost arrogant victory, or embarrassing defeat. For when you use the polymorph spell you may turn your enemy into one of these benign creatures, thus rendering it entirely harmless. But should you be on this incantation’s receiving end, it is you who will have to endure your opponent’s mocking as you helplessly hover about.

    12. Ghost -The spirits of the dead form an elusive species caught between the physical plane where once they lived and the first land beyond death: the Hall of Echoes. When a soul still dwells the world, it does so through sheer force of will, determined not to move on until a matter of great importance, some unfinished business that was close to their once beating hearts, has been settled. In rare cases though, ghosts are doomed to haunt their former tenement by curse or condemnation. A famous example of this instance is Lord Lovis, a Dragon Knight whose ill-starred spectra stalks the decaying citadel tower that dominates Broken Valley’s skyline. Invisible to the naked eye, ghost can be seen only by those few whose eyes are dressed in silver: Dragon Slayers and Dragon Knights.

    13. Champions of Aleroth -The Champions are the sworn defenders of Aleroth - the Healer City - famed for its mages, doctors and herbalists, but especially for the mystical Source from whose fountainhead spouts forth water of such purity it heals even the most dire of wounds and pernicious of diseases. Despite its avid distinction and attraction however, Aleroth has been the scene of many calamities: she has been sacked by both Black Ring troops and brainwashed Paladins, only to be the victim of a mass slaughter during the Great War. After the last disaster a militia was formed from which grew the current army of Champions, an elite regiment in fortitude rivaled by the Dragon Slayers only.

    14. The New Order -
    Members of the New Order are called Seekers because they are on a life-long mission to perfect their ever imperfect embodiment of the great ideal they aspire to mimic to the best of their abilities: the Divine. Originating from the most devout circles within the now disbanded Divine Order, this ecclesiastical group of knights that has its home citadel in the city of Rivertown, profiles itself as a moral compass in a world adrift and ever at the brink of war. The New Order accepts recruits from all walks of life, which, though quite fair and idealistic, has some nefarious effects as the Order is sometimes associated with drunks and lay bouts that are in it just for the pay, especially among the lower ranks.

    15. Richard -The Champions of Aleroth are known for their daring and indefatigable spirit as well as their fearsome prowess on the field of battle. Richard of Aleroth is no different. But whereas most of the Healer City’s defenders uphold a rigorous rule of honor and duty, Richard tends to approach problems with a more machiavellic interpretation of the Champions’ otherwise strict standards. Get on his good side, and you’ll find yourself allied to a brash, but stalwart companion; get on his bad side, and you had better hope there are enough witnesses around. Not that that would stop him really.

    16. Dragon Knight -Favored by Dragons, the Dragon Knights are the Old Race’s human agents who have been blessed with the formidable ability to take the shape of their legendary masters. In less tumultuous days they ruled a Rivellon in relative peace: an image now as evanescent as the dominion of the Dragon Knights themselves. That they will become fully extinct is not a possibility, but a fact, because sooner or later the Dragon Slayers will find and kill all remaining Betrayers and so avenge the fallen Divine.

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    17. Rhode -No warrior is as relentless, uncompromising, diligent and furiously bloody-minded in the hunt for all things Dragon as is Rhode, Commander of the Order of the Dragon Slayers. Several Dragon Knights have had the distinct displeasure of having been tracked down by this famous Slayer, only to be erased utterly from this world, remembered solely as but another notch scratched into her favored blade.

    18. Talana - Once a famed Dragon Knight, Talana has been in hiding ever since the Great War ended and the great hunt begun. She has not been seen by human eyes for many years and rumor has it she might well be the last of her kind. Needless to say she is the target of a tireless pursuit by the Dragon Slayers, all of whom, veteran and recruit alike, hope to bring her head back to the Slayers’ home fortress, thus achieving undying fame.

    Skills :

    Humans & Dragons :

    As a Dragon Knight, you have been gifted (some would say cursed) with the ability to shape-shift between human and Dragon forms. Although being ground based, your human avatar still packs a mighty punch, and allows you to explore many areas that would simply be inaccessible to a monstrous creature. But shift to Dragon form and the whole sky suddenly opens up to you. Take flight and you can view the world from high among the clouds, and travel quickly from place to place. Some locations are difficult, if not impossible for humans to reach on foot, so switching between Dragon and human form allows you to explore both the highest peaks and the deepest dungeons of Rivellon. The world of Divinity II has been designed to feel deep and alive, and full 3d movement in the air adds a whole new dimension to exploration. Want to go check out those mountain peaks? Fly up there as a Dragon, and shift back to human form to touch down and investigate on foot!

    Dragon Form :

    As a Dragon Knight, you have been gifted (some would say cursed) with the ability to shape-shift between human and Dragon forms. Although being ground based, your human avatar still packs a mighty punch, and allows you to explore many areas that would simply be inaccessible to a monstrous creature. But shift to Dragon form and the whole sky suddenly opens up to you. Take flight and you can view the world from high among the clouds, and travel quickly from place to place.

    Some locations are difficult, if not impossible for humans to reach on foot, so switching between Dragon and human form allows you to explore both the highest peaks and the deepest dungeons of Rivellon. The world of Divinity II has been designed to feel deep and alive, and full 3d movement in the air adds a whole new dimension to exploration. Want to go check out those mountain peaks? Fly up there as a Dragon, and shift back to human form to touch down and investigate on foot!

    Dragon Combat :

    In the same way your human form will fight enemies on the ground, as a Dragon you will face deadly adversaries in the air. As such, you have to be much more aware of your surroundings as danger can come from any direction, including above and below. Your unique Dragon character will gain experience for taking down enemies, just like your human does, and multiple skills can be improved. Dragon combat involves the tactical use of ranged attacks, most typically fire based abilities, but you will also have access to a wide range of other useful skills, such as healing and shield abilities.

    Your methods of fighting will need to be adjusted as you play, as targets and enemies can include both mobile and static targets. Taking out enemy towers involves different evasive tactics to fighting other flying creatures, and you will have to learn how to react quickly to varying battle environments as the tide of combat turns, reinforcements arrive or the enemy deploys special powers. Defend yourself against a turret that is pumping out heavy firepower from one direction, as enemy Dragons circle around you, trying to find the chink in your armor.

    Tactical Dragon combat will bring a fantastic gameplay experience for RPG fans, with full 3d combat action, and the ability to explore the world of Rivellon from a unique vantage point. And after all, who hasn’t, at least one point in their lives, wanted to rain fiery Dragon death on their enemies?

    Human Combat :

    The world of Rivellon is a treacherous place, and those that would tread in the footsteps of heroes should be well prepared in body and spirit, as the challenges that face them on their epic journey will test the strength of mind and sword arm alike. Your human avatar shares its spirit with the mighty Dragon form that you can shape-shift into, but this by no means implies that your ground based form is any weaker by comparison. On the contrary, the human race in Rivellon has often proved itself to be the most adaptable and resilient life form on the planet.

    As you progress through the game, you will find you grow in experience, and that certain characteristics of your human form will gain in strength and power. Each of these will enhance other abilities, and allow you to fine-tune the disciplines that suit your playing style. Your main attributes are Vitality, Spirit, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. These define the core of your character and in turn benefit other modifiers such as Heightened Reflexes. But more about these later.

    You also have a customizable skill set that helps you to further expand and refine your game experience, the tactical use which will turn the tide of many a skirmish. What follows here is a first look at a series of skills that will be available to you as a player. We will reveal many more as we approach the launch of Divinity II, so consider this to be a welcome first taste.
    For example, let’s say you are an up close and personal style of player – you would get a lot of use out of this skill:

    Battle Rage :

    The Battle Rage skill does exactly what it describes: like a mad barbarian would seize upon a poorly protected convent, you launch yourself into the fray, heeding not the danger it leaves you in. Most likely any clear and present danger will soon be eliminated, but do remember that this rage detracts from your defensive prowess for its duration. Or perhaps you prefer to unleash some suppressive fire on your foes before laying the smack down?

    Explosive Arrows :

    The rarest of arrows are perhaps also the most powerful ones. Extremely dangerous in the hands of some bowstring-happy pyromaniac – and absolutely frightening in the hands of a skilled archer – these arrows explode upon impact: not only turning the original recipient into a bloody jigsaw puzzle, but also tearing apart anyone caught near the blast.

    Polymorph :

    Imagine, if you will, two fierce undead warriors sporting claws and jagged swords with your name on them. Facing two such savage adversaries at the same time might just be more than you can handle. Luckily, you have the polymorph spell at your disposal, which will briefly transform those on its receiving end into a harmless ladybird. This is sure to make your life easier and theirs briefer. Need back up? Bring it on with a spectral henchman that will devastate your opponents while you pelt them from afar…

    Summon Ghost :

    Ghosts are restless beings. Terrible in appearance they haunt us, instill us with numbing fear. So why, some Mage must once have thought, should we not call them to our aid in combat? And a wise thought it was, because ever since then many a wizard has treated his foes to one final nightmare from which they never woke. Even more fun than taking your opponents apart with your bare hands, is getting them to do your dirty work for you!

    Charm :

    Much like the polymorph spell, charming your opponents is aimed at lessening the number of hostiles that seek to plant their pointy ends into your skull. But the Charm spell does not merely immobilize them by turning them into ladybirds: it turns them against each other, so wounding or even killing your opposition before the effect wears off. Tactics not going the way they should? Perhaps it would be wise to back up a little to lick your wounds and use the always handy healing spell…

    Healing :

    When in combat, you will get hurt. But not to worry, for this simple healing spell will douse any wound like water would fire – leaving your dazed opponents wondering why their blades don’t seem to have had much effect. But why sully your hands with combat at all if you have the ability to sneak past your bigger enemies and avoid any unpleasantness altogether…

    Hide in Shadows :

    Swinging broad axes, donning heavy armor, casting sorceress as the arrows whiz around your head, trying to make that precision shot as a howling troll with murder in its eyes stampedes towards you … doing battle can be a grueling business. Which is why some prefer to give it a miss once in a while, as they become unified with the shadows, invisible to the naked eye. Because why would you go through the trouble of fighting, when you can simply bypass your oblivious opponents?

    So even with this handful of skills – chosen from among the dozens Divinity II boasts – you can readily see how your character can be carefully molded into becoming the avatar you want it to be, how your choice of abilities will directly govern your gameplay experience, and how you will decide what direction your individual story will take. Shall it be an epic tale of mighty sword swinging brutes, of devilishly devious masters of magic twisting the world to suit their own insidious ends… or could it even be a mix of these and many, many more

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    The Locations in the Game :

    1. Broken Valley Village - A haven for both the good and the wicked alike, the village in Broken Valley is a surprisingly peaceful place to visit, especially given its role in the ancient struggles between man and Dragon kind. Many travelling merchants call this place their home, and naturally that also attracts a good number of bandits, looking out for fresh, heavy purses to rob. Luckily, the local guards have a powerful reputation for their lack of tolerance with thieves in particular, and so despite having to still keep your eyes open for opportunistic trouble, Broken Valley Village is a relatively safe place to spend time.

    The local area is also a main spawning ground for the insidious race of goblins, a less than trustworthy species that constantly keeps the local guardsmen and militia on their toes. Upcoming and aspiring champions regularly travel here to seek the prized goblin hearts as trophies, and to sample the famous local ale. Often at the same time. Those with an interest in local lore and mythology will also be interested to hear that Lovis, one of the greatest Dragon Knights in the history of Rivellon, calls Broken Valley his home, and that alone brings its own wagon load of intrigue and adventure to the area. Both visitors and citizens alike talk in hushed voices about his mighty accomplishments and build on his legend with a mixture of fact and tall stories.

    2. Farglow - Farglow is a closely guarded secret, but one that is familiar to all Slayers. This is the place of their initiation into the sect, where the mightiest of warriors gather to share skills and knowledge, and train the next generations of heroes. Here there are countless characters, straight out of myth and legend, and from here new stories grow. Renowned by the civilians and adventurers of Rivellon alike, those that are said to have visited the legendary Farglow, or even those that know of someone who has, can often earn themselves a few tankards of ale by spinning a tale or two about the goings on in this mysterious place. Rich stories abound about masters of mysterious arts, granting their supernatural powers to those willing, and strong enough to learn them…powers to wield the deadliest weapons with skills beyond those of mortal men, or unearthly arcane knowledge that allows the initiate to direct the very elements themselves against their enemies.

    The most terrifying rumor of all is whispered in only the darkest taverns; that Slayers may even be granted the ability to see into the minds of others and read their private thoughts and desires – this is also used to scare children into behaving – if you are not good, the Slayers will read your mind, and they will come to take you away to their jail!

    3. Sentinel Island - A place rife with myth and awe, Sentinel island still, to this day, houses the greatest Battle Tower of all time….Once ruled by the legendary mage Maxos, the place has long been befouled since a dark necromancer called it their home, bringing with them all manner of dark creatures and artifacts, and the evil that is said to accompany such fascinations. A naturally magical place, the island itself is arcane in its very essence.

    Legends talk of winged leathery creatures that keep pace with even the fastest of carriages, darting in and out of peripheral vision, stuttering in flight a foul language of clicks and sighs, only to vanish from sight when direct light is shown in their direction. The Battle Tower of Sentinel Island is thrice cursed as being the spawning ground of such demonic monstrosities, and blame is laid here for all manner of ill luck and atrocities in the surrounding lands.

    3. Lovis Tower - Once a glorious Battle Tower, Lovis’ citadel tower is now a cacophony of ancient tricks, traps and puzzles, some obvious, some hidden from plain view. The tower is not the sort of place a night stalker should consider infiltrating, despite the draw of rumors about treasure rooms packed to the ceilings with priceless artifacts from a more opulent age.
    Not all of those that have fallen foul of Lovis’ collection of traps have remained in the world of spirits however, it is said some still walk the halls of the tower amid the darkness, with only the barest of flesh left on their bones, and vengeance the only motivation present in what’s left of their fragmented minds.

    4. Maxos Temple - The Maxos Temple will test both the endurance and wits of any who dare to trespass on her halls. This is a magnificent and ancient building, yet its atmosphere reeks of treachery and decay. A sorrowful feeling of long lost, yet awesome power flows through those that venture here, most strongly in the great library, a refuge for ancient and forbidden knowledge locked away in mighty tomes of power. It is said that those of a weak mind cannot linger long in the presence of such literature without yielding to shrieking madness. The Maxos Temple houses one last deadly trap, the Eternal Maze - a mighty labyrinth that has claimed the lives of many that have entered. Around every corner there is the chance of encountering the Temple’s current owner in his lair, the failed Dragon Knight Amdusias. As weak as he was when striving to become a hero, so strong he is now, driven by twisted emotions of regret and despair.

    5. Orobas Fjords - The Orobas fjords are a very important area for zeppelin trade across Rivellon, but this does not guarantee that it’s a safe place to be. A flourishing colony of flying goblins ensures that no traveler can remain safe for long outside strong protective walls or without powerful escorts, but it also means that the labyrinths of hidden dungeons and caves below the surface remain almost entirely undiscovered and unmapped. An enticing prize to many a naďve or inexperienced adventurer, many of which prove easy prey to the predators of the wilds.

    Drunken adventurers, spurred on by the sweet words of tavern courtiers and sweeter ales, are often known to swear vengeance on vague underground foes - promises of coin and fame can drive even the sanest human to foolhardy death in the catacombs, while the insidious quest givers themselves generously offer to keep safe any personal possessions while their new hireling tackles a fresh quest.

    6. Aleroth - The biggest city in Rivellon, Aleroth is both spoken of as a mighty bastion of hope and dreams, and also as the capital of treachery and corruption, depending on whom you speak to. As well as being the headquarters of the mighty Champions, here you will find the famous and legendary Source fountain, once renowned for its awesome powers, long since diminished. A sign, it is said of both the talk of refreshed power to come, and yet also of the disease that has rotted the core of the city in recent times. Aleroth must be visited to be experienced and you must leave alive to be able to recount your own stories and opinions of this impressive place. No one can prepare you enough.

    7. Broken Valley - If you ever come across a beautiful landscape painting in Rivellon, it is most likely of the Broken Valley. Despite its name, this is the most laid back and relaxed location in the land, and it is often said that here you “don’t do today, what you can put off and do tomorrow.” But be wary - those who underestimate the inhabitants of the Valley, or disrespect them - consider them lazy, are in for a shock. These people may be calm and lack any real sense of urgency in their daily lives , but once slighted, a Valley man is a mortal enemy for life, and you would not want to make anything but friends here if you truly value your life.

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    Walkthrough :

    It all starts when you are about to complete your initiation. Young soldier who passed through the trials of training Draconis Knight, you are ready to become a leading killer of dragons. The last few steps are just formalities and we welcome you to the village of Vallon Broken hopefully. A dragon, the last of his race without a doubt, flat in the vicinity and it is for you and your colleagues have the task of killing him. However, this dragon, which is nothing but a dragon knight can take the form of the mythical beast, you learned that you are similar. To you back memories of the extinct race of dragons. As the last representative in the world, you must restore the truth in the great war that has lasted for centuries.

    You'll have to face the infamous Damian, revenge, wants to annihilate the entire human race. For this he uses demons and founded the Alliance Darkover, composed of felons and murderers without pity. But first you must take the Tour of War knights dragon. A usurper squatting there illegally and will not be easy to dislodge! Very conventional in his script, do not expect to be surprised by the story of Divinity 2. However, this complex mess you discover a credible universe, its history over several millennia and a conflict that saw a proliferation of horrors and betrayals. Not easy to follow but not making much head, it is an excellent excuse for game systems and endless battles that mark our journey.

    If the fighting and action are at the heart of the gameplay of Divinity 2: Ego Draconis, there are also game systems inherited from RPG hardcore. Thus, numerous moral choices will be made available at meetings and discussions with various NPCs. If one of them is a merchant and you do not go his way, he takes a dislike to you and will increase its rates. If instead you are helping a task, it will make you a rebate each time you visit. Good idea, unfortunately, little used except in certain quests. As your choice of employees in the Tower of War. Once you've recovered this huge building, you will be asked to opt for an alchemist, a magician, a partner of combat training and a magician. Two candidates are in each branch and will have to choose wisely as he who left behind dies in earnest! To be sure you make the right choice, please use your anticipation. It can read the thoughts of all characters in the game but costs points of XP to be used. A good idea can also find hidden quests: if a person looks suspicious it suffices to probe his mind inevitably discover something unusual.

    We greatly appreciated having at its disposal its own team of researcher’s ingredients. Three men who go in search of plants, minerals and enchantments for you from the Tower of War. However, your application is more complex, requires heavy equipment to prevent mission failure. It will also treat them if things go wrong. Your alchemist is here for you in addition to concoct potions. The magician can add or remove an attribute magical weapons and armor adequate. The training partner you learn techniques to fight against money (we still looking for our purchases, perhaps a bug). And finally, the necromancer is there to sew pieces of corpses and so you create a companion. This creature has its attributes torso, arms, legs and head that you offer. Mage, warrior, thief, ranger, he may dispose of all classes of the game and become indispensable on the ground for hope to survive. Too bad no interface allows him to give orders, the servant would have been more effective.

    Because our hero was also the choice of his class. In the beginning of the game, he opted for the magic, melee or ranged attack. But nothing prevents him from spending skill points in magic arts, or archery and points of statistical attributes of a warrior or a wizard at the same time. Thus, one can mix the classes and afford some welcome side benefits to a particular enemy. The increase in levels is fluid and if you are having difficulties in a zone, change of venue to gain experience. The teleporters scattered around are there for that. Moreover, it seems that the side quests are necessary to advance the main storyline. Without them, we do not have enough experience or objects to move on. We also note with pleasure the idea of developers offering a reward of office for each search with a different choice. However, experience objects, the possibilities are numerous and vary randomly every time. As with the loot found on the dead or the decor.

    Now to the nerve center of Divinity 2: Ego Draconis: action. The skills are all in that they can do more damage and resist still more enemies. Invocations, AoE, posture of defense or attack, attack multiplied ... The list is long and the freedom of choice provides opportunities for customization very thorough. Besides, if you have the means, your training partner allows you to forget to relearn everything if your heart tells you. What a career change in the blink of an eye but for a large sum. It will in any case wait 10 to 15 hours before having access to these services in your home of despotic megalomaniac. For the long road between the promise of transforming into a dragon and when we fly on our own scales. Once you have in your possession the gem draconic you can leisurely take the form of a dragon spitting fire and go wreak havoc in the camps of the Alliance Darkover. The dragon has its own points of competence and tree lots. After a few points gleaned, you soon find yourself with lots of devastating area and immeasurable power between the claws. Phases of play but nice improvement, including the sighting system of the dragon. We must stick to the target to shoot him with hope for the base attack. A little heavy but it did.

    There are times it's still not very nice ... Deeply patch with the HD textures.

    Divinity 2: Ego Draconis has qualities that far from it. Hours before the game that big piece of the scenario are fairly repetitive. It goes on round trips in the starting area by alternating outdoor grotto and the only village modeled (small and sparsely populated). Fortunately, the graphics engine is good enough to keep us taped to the screen and you end up leaving those places later. Only a clipping delivered just spoil the whole and the textures sometimes lacking finesse. Still, the level of detail is satisfactory, animations as well (especially in combat) and all easy to digest whatever the type of environment or character. What irritates the most about Divinity 2 is its crashes. We cannot count the number of black screen or return to windows with error message at the beginning or end of a load time. Save often to avoid losing hours of game What you will also be used during battles inexplicably difficult when everything went well so far. Expect something to bite in case of inevitable struggle and apparently insurmountable. Often it comes at the end of AI in a blouse, not really smart and even less strategist. We also regret the absence of a day / night cycle and dynamic weather. Two points which have given credibility to the game for a little more RPG why not. For on this point, Larian Studios made some good inroads but never get to the bottom of things (they steal what you want from people, not real life for NPC ...). Finally, music is not very inspired and often bordered on dubbing the ridiculous. Fortunately, the dialogue funny enhance the level of this scenario seen and reviewed.

    Game Plot & More Information :

    It is known, often role play scenarios are arch-classic in which he was elected a question that goes from fighting evil and the reverse. Often coming from the working class hero progresses over time and is facing several setbacks to become the nemesis of his sworn enemy ... With 2 Divinity, Larian Studios offers us an entirely different narrative schema. It indeed starts the adventure in the skin of a warrior while he is more normal, neither poor nor rich, past a little uncertain, and is on the verge of passing his final examination to become Draconis . Especially if this order is composed of experienced warriors who render service to the people and the knights fighting dragons, fearsome fighters who have tamed these horrible creatures. The adventure begins so auspiciously, with character creation, the first step in the game world, the choice of the caste (warrior, mage or archer), until the examination is interrupted by a special event ... The hero is then taken against his will by his superiors in distant lands to meet the last dragon knight. This is where the real adventure begins as your talents will be put to good use in many trials, whether to fight the goblins, act as intermediary between villagers prove a crime or finding a lost object.

    Rivellon is a world ravaged by war. The worst Damian opposed the Damned at the head of the Alliance of Darkness, to Lucian, the Chosen Divine. At the time of knights dragons existed, able to transform at will into winged creatures fire-breathing. In the terrible conflict that ravaged Rivellon, knights, dragons fought on the side of light. Until one of them commit the irreparable killing the Chosen Divine! His defeated opponent, Damian retired to pursue other nefarious designs. Humanity dressed his wounds and put up the order of Draconis, elite soldiers charged with hunting down and eliminating the knights dragons, now regarded as traitors. Many years passed, blurring the memory of this painful period as prosperity settled. But the gaze of the damned door again Rivellon, ominous ... Only your action can prevent it from performing its plans

    The interesting feature of soft, is that since you Draconis, you're a little Almighty ... You can decide who is right and who is wrong in duels villagers who oppose you represent your own moral who has a real impact (not like Fable so) on the game world, and finally you are often respected by your peers. But be Draconis, not having respect, that also have a gift, that to read people's minds! This feature is very interesting to see what they think and sometimes respond adroitly. The possibilities are endless and this feature offers a soft single footprint. But the biggest blow in the game comes from the first chapter. While the scenario is in itself an interesting and very well led by developers, but the complete change of direction that occurs when something has to envy of a writer as Tolkien. Divinity 2 is indeed a fantastic title, "screenplay" speaking. It makes us think, offer different approaches and varied. The hero comes into contact with the last dragon knight who decides to give him the power to become himself a dragon knight (so he chased the enemy!) ... The world order is completely turned upside down and the player knows where to head. We are told that the truth is perhaps not what one believes, that the point of perception can see new opportunities.

    However, in the beginning, it's just if you can scare a young goblin slipped from his mother's skirts, if indeed the female goblins bring skirts, huge issue that certainly deserves further research. Anyway, you start in the skin of a young disciple Draconis about to complete his training. You can customize its appearance a bit by using a rudimentary editor: just is it possible to select sex and haircutting. This choice is not definitive, there will always be possible to change later without going through an expensive operation in Brazil through the services of an illusionist. After this phase, you are so ready to get your rank Draconis and powers that go with it, including telepathy, we shall return. The last step of initiation allows you to try the sword, bow and magic and asks you to choose one of three careers (warrior, ranger, sorcerer). But do not panic whatever you decide, you'll have time to dig into other skill trees. Like his ancestors, Divinity II promotes freedom in the development of your avatar. Fighting with swords in both hands and throw fireballs are not incompatible. It will still make sacrifices, because the rhythm of a single skill point per level, the extreme versatility is a dream.

    Once on scene, your first mission will not be long: one of the last knights dragon was spotted in the valley broke! However, as a neophyte, you are requested to remain quietly in the village while the main task is the big beast. C'mon ... Never mind, the inhabitants of that village have to have some work to propose to deal ... So you do your first quest, far from being vital to the survival of the kingdom, but no less interesting so far. Indeed, most quests are well written and offer something other than the perennial goals like "get me this" or "it will kill me." Many can be solved in several ways, not necessarily good or bad indeed, just different. This will sometimes help a man with multiple personalities, sometimes to help a poor fellow whose soul is linked to that of a chicken ... Despite its dark background, the game does not lack humor. To solve all these tasks, you have an ally: the ability to read minds NPCs! Far from being a simple gimmick, this feature is well integrated into gameplay and allows you to make many discoveries. A client of the hostel you feel uncomfortable? A small turn in his head will tell you that this is a deserter. You are free to blackmail, to denounce or even play it both ways!

    All quests are given by NPCs, some are released into the environment, it will then observe carefully. For example, if you find several amulets pacing of dark tunnels goblins, and a book telling you their story, you should understand how to use ... Generally, Divinity II gives pride to the exploration and reward players inquisitors always a small chest or a hidden volume containing valuable information on the history of Rivellon. Despite this wealth of tricks to discover, do not expect to go wherever you want. The areas open and close-in an order determined in the course of your progress in a linear unfolding scenario. In this, the game is closer to the leadership structure of The Witcher as the completely open world of Oblivion. You lose in freedom, but we gain in terms of narrative, very accomplished. It is no secret: you'll quickly become your worst enemy, a dragon knight! However, you still have many hours of play before have all the powers. You must face the horror that reigned for centuries on the Temple Maxos, take the tour of war at the hands of a necromancer, the perilous crossing fjords Orobas to go to Aleroth, the capital of Rivellon, etc.. The story is successful, always offering a reason to continue playing despite clock that displays one hours indecent .

    Very quickly, the scenario is complex and becoming more exciting, and this during 30 to 50 hours during which the adventure. Rarely a scenario had been worked in a video game. Rarely had we been able to attend as interesting dialogues and policy at a time. Those adoring the works of Heroic Fantasy undoubtedly fall in love with this title, especially since the possibilities in the gameplay are very impressive. Thus, we note at the outset that the software offers complete freedom in customizing the hero through a tree of comprehensive skills for creating the character of his dreams. Again, we are surprised that it is possible to combine several very different techniques, to wield the sword as well as the arc, while expanding opportunities. Each hero has created unique, both in his technique than in his appearance. At quests too, originality is required: first we follow the main quest, which already offers a serious challenge, and the other one is obliged to accept side quests, often scattered over our road and providing both a real interest in narrative but also interesting improvements of the character. Each victory brings in over a number of experience points, but also a choice between several objects you choose the 500 gold or a sword forged sublime? A beautiful armor or adding 500 points of XP? Once again, life is about choices, and Larian has understood.

    As you progress, there will always be enemies for putting a spoke in the wheel of synonyms baston! For Divinity is a series that focuses primarily on the action. Many towers are infested with large clusters of monsters to cut with an ax, to cleave to bow or burn in flames thanks to the various magic skills available. The battles are fairly but be careful not to rush headlong, the difficulty is quite relieved. The game does not have a self-leveling (as best), some areas will be prohibited so as you will not gain a few levels. Fortunately, Rivellon full of powerful items worthy of the best hack 'N slash. It just has to see their names fantastic to be convinced: "sunset light steel balanced shark destruction", "strap upper wells to the wishes of the athlete serpent gods" or " Vorpal sword balanced heavy eradication of hatred ", it throws (true)! It is unfortunate that one can not directly compare an object to win the team, but in fact just fly over to see immediate benefits and / or negative it will have on our features, practice. Each item can furthermore be improved by adding charms and enchantments. For this you need to get their hands on ... a magician, of course.
    Which brings us to the famous tower of war mentioned above. Once you have, it will allow you to host the labor necessary for your comfort. After all, a dragon knight will not stoop to do the dirty work in person ... You cannot just delegate the collection of plants, minerals and gems, but also making potions and spells. You will also have a coach to get the skills beyond 5 and you re-specialize. You will even have access to the powers of a necromancer, that shape a creature from parts harvested from corpses! This tour is therefore an ideal retreat, especially since he can teleport himself at any time through a stone. It also gives a twist to the gameplay, a little later Overlord not unpleasant. But the best idea of Divinity II is still the famous transformation into a dragon, which promises to fly in the air while spitting fireballs. So the challenge for developers is it managed? The experience is exhilarating indeed, the pure power and purchased the freedom of movement available.

    Yet the adventure in itself does not leave much choice but this: does not the soft one setting but many different universes, rather wide every time, but relatively linear, while offering multiple opportunities in the progression. It's a bit like visiting each time a different region, with its own climate (ice, spring, summer ...), its own rules (world destruction, world under control, wild world ...) and especially their own quests. Some will be so disappointed not to wander anywhere and follow their own path, but Divinity 2 is not that type of RPG. This is a game more interventionist role, also scripted better, but offers more choice and above all moving much more on action. The battles are many and you can understand in many different angles. You can join the faction of your choice, support those you prefer, or choose not to kill the creatures ... The possibilities are endless and very interesting. Facing you, you find many warriors, monsters and creatures ranging from small to gigantic dragon goblin, from mercenaries. Once again, diversity is essential. You will also discover many hidden items and can take part in quests ancient that nobody remembers, for example by searching old books abandoned.

    Divinity II is not blameless either. While most problems are minor, but it would be wrong to conclude this without mentioning them. Foremost among the defendants include collisions, sometimes bizarrely managed. When it's just an NPC that cannot properly raise his buttocks on a stool, so good. When capacity is projected forward who is on the loose because of the terrain or an enemy gets stuck in the scenery is already annoying. The game is also criticism on the graphic plane on the sets in particular, not always terrible. Some visual artifacts are deplorable, as well as delays on the Xbox 360. Loading times between outer and inner hatch growth, while not as painful as in The Witcher. As for the interface, not a model of ergonomics, including inventory. These considerations aside, we must admit that Larian Studios has done rather a good job, whether for modeling characters, writing or dubbing (with the notable exception of the hero, almost silent) . And anyway, menus concerns raised here or there does not weigh heavily against the great qualities of the track and shall in no case do you hesitate to try it. For Divinity II is primarily a good role play, which contains all the ingredients to satisfy fans of the genre.

    To all this must be added very interesting possibilities as necromancy, customizing objects, magic weapons, buying homes, transforming into a dragon and then flying and fighting in the air (relative interesting even if they are not precise enough), teleportation, the ability to create a huge tower and manage its staff (as Overlord 2), jumps and amazing a lot of opportunities as original as thrilling. You'll understand that Divinity 2 is both original and mastered, and offers a game experience literally unique in a world bluffing and visually very pleasing to the eye, despite some very dull scenery. The character design, the game world and the sets have all received special attention, which makes the soft unique and exciting. Therefore difficult to win this world, especially as interest remains present throughout the adventure (already very long, depending on the choice of occupations in the world), that scenario is catchy and that for should not diminish the pleasure, the French dubbing are excellent bill. In the final game of Larian itself as a great surprise when he finally does lack that little brush to perfection. The app is marred by some minor technical faults (a few slowdowns, an animation not to the point, fighting hand to hand that could be vibrant, colors sometimes dull), but nothing serious to report. We would however appreciate that the game is supported by more upbeat music in the vein of Oblivion for example.

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    The first third of the adventure is already enough to convince themselves that Divinity II is an RPG solid. Then, after ten hours of play, adventure enriched with new options. Without spoiling too much, players will inherit his own little Tour de Guerre with all modern comforts and a battalion of servants ready to him concoct potions and spells. There is even a dancer for private events and very suggestive of trackers that can survey the world to find special items, the luxury! And it is also from this time a new dimension of gameplay appears with the option of turning in anytime ... dragon. Yep, the good dragon with big spiky scales and flamethrower integrated series, which runs a beating of wings is a human foot, would have taken ten minutes to cover. These sequences are friendly, and can turn almost anywhere in a simple dragon key, but they do not fit perfectly, however the stream of classic game. In fact, impossible to clean a dungeon or attacking a camp of goblins draconic form (the term used in game): when the hero becomes a dragon, the NPC disappear into the background ... In practice, the fire-breathing beast will be used in certain passages clear field for that purpose, passages that are populated by large turrets anti-spitting dragon arrows and giant flying opponents types Wyverns. This gives rise to very arcade aerial combat, the shoot'em up a bit cheesy - even if the dragon also has a skill tree with special powers - but refreshing.

    Finally, Divinity II thus leaves a positive impression. While the adventure offered by Larian Studios suffers from a certain linearity and a world that is clearly not as open as this one has become accustomed to see in other RPGs. There is not, as in the invincible Oblivion, bows scriptwriting annexes which are spread over fifteen quests. But what Divinity II, he does it well. More action-oriented, it offers battles galore, sometimes difficult and tactics, history and bushy tidy, a little old school side not unpleasant, with its interface a bit haycocks and lack of self-leveling who forgives no errors in the progression of Me. We meet to chain quests and genocide of various enemies rather not see the time passing, amid environments are very pretty, if one disregards the side sometimes very pixilated shadows and vegetation, also displayed with fluidity entirely correct. The only regret is a fairly difficult to manipulate the gamepad - especially in the first third of the adventure, it is then possible to unload in a special box for it is less populated - and loading times sometimes a little long (six or seven seconds, which can break the rhythm) when a building lot and the game engine to load the external environments. Note also a French translation sometimes comical ( "Light Armor very strong champion of Hope"), but nothing that can really spoil the fun.

    Tips and Hints :

    • Dragon Knight : Finish the game
    • Sissy : Kill Caspar.
    • Taken by surprise : Take away the fortune teller.
    • Bounty Hunter : Help justice to catch all the criminals most sought Rivellon.
    • Open your eyes : Take care of blindness.
    • Pillar of strength : Expand the potential of all your platforms Tour of war.
    • On the road : Send one of your assistants mission.
    • Indiscretion : Read the thoughts of someone.
    • Release the clamp : Invoke your creature.
    • Gain power : Change level once.
    • Divinity : Reach an epic level.
    • Prince Charming : Run a spell on an object.
    • Enchanted : Enchant an object.
    • Specialist MSc decoctions : Create a potion.
    • Mater Studiorum : Have used the services of your coach.
    • Small shop : Do business with someone.
    • The shape of the dragon : Take the form of a dragon.
    • Mirror, mirror : Have used the services of an illusionist.
    • At a stone's throw Draconic : Use the stone Draconic.
    • Continue playing to unlock secret achievement
    • A Dragon Stone's Throw Away : Use the Dragon Stone.
    • Adrift : Find Michael's raft.
    • All Aboard! : Just Farglow. Happy hunting!
    • Bounty Hunter : Bring to justice the most wanted criminals Rivellon.
    • Bunny Bagger : Kill the rabbit murderer.
    • Castle Crasher : Destroy all the flying fortresses of Damian.
    • Cave In : Find the secret cave of Adah and Mahalath.
    • Chicken Out : Kill Casper.
    • Dim Lights, Dark City : Discover Aleroth.
    • Divinity : Reach level epic.
    • Dragon Ho! : Find a real dragon: the Patriarch.
    • Dragon Knight : Finish the game.
    • Enchanted : Love object.
    • Family Fortune : Lee's mind the three brothers Gremory.
    • Gaining Power : Level up once.
    • Hold the Key : Get the key to the temple MAXOS.
    • Lovis Lore-Master : Correctly answered all three questions about Lord Lovis.
    • Master Brewer : Creates a potion.
    • Mater Studiorum : Use your skill trainer.
    • Mirror, Mirror : Use the services of a magician.
    • Off the Leash : Invoke your child.
    • On the Run : Send one of your riders on a mission.
    • Past the Gates : Reach the Hall of Echoes.
    • Path of the Pious : MAXOS enters the temple.
    • Peeping Tom : Read the mind of a character.
    • Pillar of Strength : Upload all platforms Battle Tower to its full potential.
    • Prince Charming : Love object.
    • Saint or Satan : Lessons that may be good and bad in the cave of Bellegarde.
    • Shape of the Dragon : Transform into a dragon.
    • She Never Saw It Coming : It frightens the oracle.
    • Shielded : Find the shield will protect you in the Hall of Echoes.
    • Shop Till You Drop : Trade with someone.
    • Spell-Struck : Find the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes.
    • The Damned One : Meet Damian.
    • The Dragon Roars : Damian's army destroys and protects your Tower of Power.
    • The Feral Fjords : Discover the Fjords Orobas.
    • The Great Escape : Escape the MAXOS temple.
    • The MAXOS Baedeker : Find the book that will guide you to the Hall of Echoes.
    • The Sigil, the Seal : Find the label that will open the door of the Hall of Echoes.
    • Turn a Blind Eye : Cure blindness.

    Unlock all achievements. ---

    • Total Achievements: 41 - Gamerscore: 1000G
    • Achievements secrets: 22 - Gamerscore: 571G
    • The secret achievements could spoil the gaming experience and therefore have been classified separately, it is strongly recommended not to read them for maximum enjoyment of the game.


    5G :
    • In the race: He sends one of your assistants on a mission.
    • Curiosity: Read someone's mind.
    • Unleashed: Invoke your child.
    • Win power: Level up once.
    • Prince sorcerer Spells object.
    • Encantado: Encanta an object.
    • Master of dishes: Creates a potion.
    • Mater Studiorum: Use your skill trainer.
    • Shopping: Trade with somebody.
    • Dragon Form: Become a dragon.
    • Mirror, mirror: Use the services of a magician.
    • A stone's throw from dragon: Use the stone dragon.

    • Turning a blind eye: Cures blindness.

    • Outside shell: Kill Casper.
    • Never saw it coming: scared to guess.

    • Divinity epic reaches a level (level 30).

    • Dragon Knight: Successfully complete the game.

    • Bounty hunter: Take all Rivellon most wanted criminals to justice.
    • Pillar of Strength: Take all your platforms battle tower to its full potential.


    • Going to die, Chalie: Kill Charlie, the Goblin.

    • Fjords indomitable: Discover the fjords of Orobas.
    • The Cursed: Meet. with Damian.

    • Hold the key: Get the key MAXOS Temple.

    • The Great Escape: Get out of the Temple of MAXOS.
    • Guide MAXOS temple : Find the book that takes you to the Chamber of Echoes.
    • Saint or Devil: Prove that you are either all good or all evil in the cave of Bellegarde.

    • All aboard!: Complete Remote Albor.
    • The dragon roars: Destroy Damian army and succeed in protecting your Battle Tower
    • Bewitched: Find the spell that will reveal the Chamber of Echoes.
    • Master know about Lovis: Please answer all questions correctly on Lord Lovis.
    • Devotees Road: Get into the Temple of MAXOS.
    • Entering the cave: Find the secret cave of Adah and Mahalath.
    • Dragon Strike!: Find a real dragon: the Patriarch.
    • Dim lights, dark city: Discover Aleroth.
    • Protected: Get the shield that will protect you in the Hall of Echoes.
    • The Label: Find the seal that opens the door to the Chamber of Echoes.
    • The other side of the door: He comes to the Chamber of Echoes.

    • Fortuna family: Read the minds of three brothers Gremory.
    • Adrift: Find Michael's raft.
    • Mataconejos: Kill the rabbit murderer.

    • Visit the castle: Destroy all of Damian flying fortresses.

    Conclusions :

    "Unequal" is the first word that comes to mind to describe the graphics. The app is doing well in terms of modeling and animation characters, although you will not escape some clones. The monsters have also received great care, the design of ghosts and goblins is particularly successful. The balance on the sets is much more mixed, despite owls textures. The fault lies with management of light unconvincing and vegetation rather dated. Finally, some ugly visual artifacts are deplorable even with scrupulously updated drivers.
    Allow forty hours to see the end of the game, more if you take the time to explore every corner of Rivellon to discover the many things that are hiding there. The re playability is not as good as that in RPG called "open" because of the linearity of progression. However, it is always possible to begin to build another prototype and perform side quests otherwise.

    Positive Points :
    • Lots of quests, lots of weapons, lots of sticks,
    • No self-leveling or indicator fell for the quests!
    • Combat systems simple and efficient
    • Successful and diverse environments
    • An adult world too Manichean
    • We can transform into a dragon

    Negative Points :
    • But the air combat are basic
    • Specialization of personal rather limited
    • A fairly linear adventure
    • A hair less beautiful and smooth as on PC

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    Re: Divinity II Ego Draconis Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

    in the maxos temple at the end were do you find the die dragon scale.

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