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Marvel Super Hero Squad Walkthrough & Cheats

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Old 29-01-2010
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Marvel Super Hero Squad Walkthrough & Cheats

Tired of Smash Bros. and Lego, while Marvel Super Hero Squad for the PS2 is a game that should please you! Inspired by the eponymous series Marvel Super Hero Squad puts you in the shoes of super nice or super-villains to save / destroy the city Super Hero City in single player. A battle mode up to 4 players is available where you can play as many as 20 characters from X-Men, the Fantastic 4, the Avengers and many others.

If the game full of muscular guys in briefs are legion, Marvel Super Hero Squad THQ tries a slightly different approach in proposing that we embody our favorite supermen, but version "kid", at least in appearance. So in the skin of young heroes that the player will obviously save the universe with a nice team: Iron Man, Falcon, Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer and Wolverine. There are many villains to give the reply with Sabertooth, Magneto, MODOK, Mole Man, Dr. Doom and the Scourge. The scene set, which consists mainly of cleaning at a little empty, but rich enemies BAFF. The gameplay is kind of beat 'em all, but alas it is fast enough disappointing. The number of shots available and is too feeble to make the gaming experience to prove itself over time, with heroes who are almost all in the same way a camera that makes you want to tear their hair, and wicked cloned en masse outside the boss.

A generic aspect that few shots Wiimote to give to finish this or that combo will not forget, even if the presence of a two-player mode or hero / Vilana unlock additional softens a little balance. The game will also rely on its sweet price (30 €) to capture an audience of young players or beginners not too demanding on baston. A target that partly explains the contents of Light Marvel Super Hero Squad, but that does not excuse everything. On a different note, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 seems more suitable to meet the expectations of fans of super heroes on Wii.

Walkthrough :

Marvel Super Hero Squad - animated action game. This game I thought it was hilarious when I tried it because the drawings are designed properly. The object is to save the city from the evil Legion of Dr. Doom.

The main characters with which you can play are: Iron-Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, The Fantastic Four, and many more. This game sack me many laughs and many hours of fun. What I can stress is that each playable character has unique abilities and characteristics which are well designed and you are like a glove. I say if this game deserves download, so What do you expect

The most powerful object in the universe, the INFINITY SWORD, has been shattered (oops!) in a battle between IRON MAN and DR. DOOM. But Doom doesn’t give up easily; he’ll leave no stone unturned until he recovers every last shard. “Not so fast, Dr. Doofus!” Iron Man snags the best heroes around to beat Doom at his own game: WOLVERINE, HULK, THOR, the SILVER SURFER and a hotshot flyer named THE FALCON.

The fact that these big guns are also loose cannons that may not play well together is not the sort of thing that occurs to a gearhead… er…a shellhead like Iron Man. Nor does he see any problem in cramming a grouchy loner, a gamma-green tantrum machine, a bombastic thunder god, a na?ve alien and a prank-pulling speedster in their flying HELICARRIER headquarters. But with friends like CAPTAIN AMERICA and MS. MARVEL, and with tons of other heroes helping out, Iron Man can lead the Super Hero Squad to victory!

It was the first attempt, but not the last. At the end of last year was known publicly that THQ was preparing a new license based on Marvel heroes. Shortly after the news were revealed new information: it would be a simple adaptation to use but to the general public would most childish of various consoles. So Wii, PS2, NDS and PSP instantly prepared to receive what denomin?bamos blockbuster a few years ago, a must-have or as the reader prefers to consider today. The announcement came from the hand with a surprise that did not please everyone equally, and this time is that the characters would be caricatured, not a 1:1 copy of the heroes we've seen before on the desktop of the next -gen.

This introduction should have been enough for the reader to understand that the main dynamics of this Marvel Super Hero Squad has nothing to do with Marvel Ultimate Alliance (which, incidentally, was also a launch platform). The substance that oozes the game is traditionally associate with a beat 'em up to use. A very brief summary but no doubt perfectly defines the haunts of this title being developed by a different company in each of the consoles in which he has seen the light, with Blue Tongue Entertainment in charge of editing Wii . Some people may know the name, not in vain are responsible for the remarkable de Blob, the rumor is still a possible continuation.

Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Ironman, Thor, Hulk and Hawk are welcome we just start playing. We can only choose two of them, the first under our control, the second is provided by a second player or, alternatively, the Artificial Intelligence that is showing the game. From the main menu we have access to the two ways that give life to the game. The adventure center is comprised of six scenarios (extendable to two for successfully completing the chapters and the prologue) in which we have to meet certain goals to advance to the next screen and thus repeat the above argument . The mechanics are very simple, since it is based on absolutely knock down or knock down all enemies that cross our path using a simple control system that, broadly speaking, allows us to jump, hitting a punch or kick and carry out an attack varies special hero we are handling.
Each makes use of their special abilities. Silver Surfer is able to fly using his surfboard, as happens with the almighty Thor.

Wolverine on the other hand is a formidable hunter wounds which use gradually over time, the Hulk's strength makes it possible to save time when opening a door or having to battle with several enemies at once, subtracting agility to his movements . The most comprehensive of all is Spiderman, who combines power with speed lethal property, but also using the web to affect the level of mobility of rivals. Throughout the missions we go collecting emblems and Super Quick Time Events, which incidentally are the only ones that use the motion sensor.

This squad of heroes seems reluctant to use the possibilities of Wii in for good measure, something that we see from the graphical appearance to the gameplay itself, it begins to fail when the player is required to do more than kick back and give tow by the four sides. No one forgets that this is a beat 'em up by traditional definition allows us to explore scenarios in three dimensions, even when the true feelings have nothing to envy to the classical 2D. Specify the space and time of the jump in demanding challenges is a nightmare, and despite being a secondary element in the gameplay, you can not accept this level of quality to a title that bears the stamp of Blue Tongue. Neither Marvel, of course.

Prevents destruction

The most interesting point lies Adventure mode vignettes that tell the poor argument, designed to capture the attention of the younger members of the house. Not otherwise explain the simplicity of the script that assails the TV shortly after starting to play, which basically have to stop Dr. Doom get your desired Fuser Infinity with which he intends to dominate the world. To achieve this coveted desire, you must first ensure that their useless assistants capable of performing the job they are ordered, something that seems too easy under the first results that show the cartoons of yore.

The poor have also shift part of its role not only in the main quest, but also in Battle mode, that other key point that will complement the supply of game footage. In him we have the possibility of a clash between Super Smash Bros. style four players, using heroes or villains. Obviously we need to finish the Adventure mode to ensure all materials have unlockable available, ensuring a good time with friends enjoying the adventure. The chance to play with any partner and to dispute about fighting seems ideal for the genre, but the result is not what we expected.
It is not what we expected for the number of elements that hinder the action. We are not talking now of the Battle mode, which we believe represents a small percentage in the actual game material, but the main adventure.

We accept that the story is not developed everything it should, but not the problems that we suffer when playing with a partner in the cooperative mode. The approach pursued only one of the players, so we had better be careful not to disappear from the screen to avoid dying so ridiculous in the most unexpected moment. As curious as it may sound, the enemies have a special attachment catch us when the camera does not indicate where we are on the map.

There's no sign of any side that is provided online, although a considerable amount of extra material, as just discussed, which gives us the ability to unlock new characters, scenes, chapters, and so on. We should not expect the quintessence of the genre in this regard, but the less you have to appreciate the inclusion of this point to improve the overall experience. The fans will find a reason to end the affair, in essence quite affordable, while inexperienced players in this field will appreciate (especially the younger members of the house) the staging has been done with the story mode though to the shortcomings noted above.


HEROES :------


He's a living legend, but he's far from just a symbol. "Cap" is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best agent, both adviser and ally to the squad. Cap is the most experienced tactician in Super Hero City, and while not the strongest hero, he's at the peak of human potential -- and that's fairly superhuman. He's been present at several major events in the last century and will tell you about them in great detail unless you keep moving.

Falcon flies with wings made of "hard light" (a solid hologram). He's upgraded them with Stark-built "feathers" that shoot out as projectiles. Falcon communicates telepathically with birds, particularly his pet falcon Redwing. He can even "see" through their eyes, which comes in handy when the team needs recon. The original adrenaline junkie, Falcon loves anything that moves fast, flies high or causes severe motion sickness. Passionate and optimistic at 17, he's a born hot-dogger who's finally made it to the big leagues. Beneath his jokester persona, he's got a lot to prove.

Hulk's a monster first, lovable second, and childlike never. He's the strongest Squadder -- and the simplest -- with major anger issues. When something sets him off, he becomes a tower of rage, ready to smash anything in sight. He's handy in a battle, but less helpful when it's his turn to do the dishes. In such cases, it can take every Squad member to calm him: "Hulk! Remember, focus on your happy place!" His rages on the Helicarrier frequently end with a hole in the ship's hull and an angry green figure plummeting to the ground before bounding back. He may be a monster, but Hulk understands who's on his side -- about two-thirds of the time.

The leader of the Super Hero Squad, Tony Stark is known to the public as both an inventor and a hero. He's an eager, straight-arrow, can-do leader who's totally obsessed with technology -- certain that there's a gadget to solve every problem and a suit of armor for every occasion. He has a tendency to concoct overly complicated gizmos, like a photon-activated laser incision matrix for metallic container penetration (a.k.a. can opener). In his eagerness, he often deploys his gadgets before fully testing them, resulting in many explosions and an occasional armored glove shooting off into space. But when the stakes are high, his gadgets come through.

As the Squad's resident alien, the Surfer is a fish-out-of-water, constantly puzzled and amazed at the strange customs and culture of Earthlings. Like, say, eating. The Surfer, for all his innocence, is in hiding. Even as he learns more about this pleasant oasis called Earth, taking in its rivers, mountains and beaches (where he'll be a sensation among the surfer dudes) he's worried that his presence may draw his former master, that world-devouring barrel of laughs called Galactus, into the fray. The Surfer stays on Earth because he finds a sense of belonging and higher moral purpose with the team. We will see him adjusting to life on Earth and confronting his fear and shame over the awesome evil he escaped from.

6. THOR:
The thunder god is big, hearty and operatic, with a booming laugh and a slap on the back that can send you sailing across the room. With his HAMMER, Thor can summon storms -- and even go a few rounds with Hulk, if necessary. He loves nothing better than a good battle, a good party or a good tankard of ginger ale. As a god, Thor sometimes forgets that not everyone can hurl thunderbolts or walk through fire, and that most people have to obey the basic laws of physics.

He's the tough guy with the pointy claws and bad attitude. No one better get in his way, whether it's Dr. Doom's minions, or Falcon hogging the remote control. He often taxes his healing abilities to the max, getting blown up and pounded by whatever the baddies can throw at him, and then coming back for more. Not without his own grim sense of humor, Wolverine may slice and dice a bad guy's costume and hair into interesting topiary shapes. Wolverine brings tenacity to the team, but he has a lot to learn about teamwork. As many times as he tries to go it alone, he'll eventually have to realize that coordinated efforts are the only way to win.

She's a super-powered, tough-as-nails commander of the world-famous spy agency, S.H.I.E.L.D., and she's leader of the Super Hero City resistance effort. Brusque and overworked, Ms. Marvel can absorb and project solar energy, fly, and crush coal into cubic zirconium with her bare hands. The Super Hero Squad operates out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, with Ms. M's reluctant approval.

He's young, opinionated, and he brings extra firepower to the team with his Dino Powers. He's able to summon a vast array of Dino-abilities by shouting out the dinosaur attribute he needs, for example "Velociraptor Legs!" "Pterodactyl Wings!" or "Brachiosaurus Muscle!" Captain America leveraged Reptil into a reluctant Wolverine's care. Now Wolverine is teaching Reptil to handle his powers, and -- just as importantly -- how to be a hero. He feels very competitive with the Falcon, who shrugs it off, but not without some worry. Reptil wears an elemental totem, the Sunstone, on a sturdy choker around his neck.

The best of Marvel superheroes have formed a squad capable of stopping the evil Dr. Doom's new plan. Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America are the members of this powerful group, who combine their powers to confront all the malefactors who plan to conquer Earth. The game is divided into 2 different modes, mode of history and the battle. In history two players take the role of heroes, as they move through scenes filled with dangerous traps and obstacles. Meanwhile, the battle introduces a melee, where he is standing or throw enemies off stage wins.

Among the characters that appear in the series are the Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Captain America and the Falcon, which used to take the battle cry Hero Up!, Which appears in the promotion, all living Super Hero City. Among the bad guys that live in Villianville stresses Dr. Doom, who meet several allies to pick up the pieces of the Sword of Infinity in the first story that has already been developed.

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Old 29-01-2010
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Re: Marvel Super Hero Squad Walkthrough & Cheats


He's huge, mean and disgusting, with strength approaching the Hulk's and an IQ to match. Usually partnered with Modok (who considers him a revolting idiot), Abomination is extraordinarily powerful and threatening, but just as easily duped by the Squaddies as by his Lethal Legion bosses.

He's not, as Falcon posits, the second line of the song "Frere Jacques." That would be "Dormez-vous?" and this is the dread Dormammu. His unlimited mystic power, his command of an entire DARK DIMENSION, and his ability to disintegrate matter with the EVIL EYE OF AVALON, all make him one of the Lethal Legion's most serious contenders. Doom has magical protection to keep this fiery individual at bay, but that may not be enough.

3. DR. DOOM :
Doom is a very real threat -- dark, menacing, extremely dangerous, intense and humorless. However, his villainous underlings -- all of whom try very hard not to get on his bad side -- bring the funny! A megalomaniac with a towering intellect and total mastery of the sciences, Doom's sinister plans for world domination start with the conquest of Super Hero City and the elimination of the Super Hero Squad. He is the unquestioned ruler of VillainVille, and thus has access to some of the vilest villains in the Marvel Universe. But those he employs are always very aware that Dr. Doom is in complete control. And those who try to cross him usually don't survive to tell the tale.

Unstoppable lummox. A bit smarter than the Hulk. Nothing else to say but "look out!"

5. LOKI :
He's a wild-eyed trickster god who's allied himself with Doom only to torque off his brother, Thor. His refrain, "Odin always liked you best," is the only whiny thing about him. This spurned brother is as nutty as a pecan pie and Asgardian-powerful.

A little cave-dweller, Mole Man commands evil technology second only to Doom, as well as an array of subterranean LAVA MONSTERS from deep within the Earth's mantle -- AND an army of MOLE-PEOPLE. He's blown the doors off of many a hideout with his near-continuous breaking of wind, which has turned hero and villain alike from his company. Mole Man has apparently spent so much time among untapped, abundant natural gas deposits that he's become one.

As a "living computer," MODOK is basically a giant flying head with tiny limbs. He has a superhuman intellect and psionic abilities. He's also cranky, has a massive ego, and is full of schemes for usurping Doom's power and achieving world domination. Doom is aware that MODOK plots against him, but doesn't seem the least bit worried, which infuriates MODOK. He moves about on a flying hover-chair outfitted with a variety of weapons, which runs on a miniature nuclear reactor and a pair of AA batteries.

This Asgardian sorceress prefers to enslave her foes through (duh) enchantment, but she also has the ability to transform people and objects, and she packs a walloping MYSTICAL FORCE. She has a massive crush on Thor, who remains noble and oblivious.

Beginners Tips for the Wii, PSP and PS2
  1. Experiment with different combat move combinations- after 3 in a row, shake the Wii Remote to perform a Finisher.
  2. Try out all of the different heroes and villains - they have different powers, attacks, and Takedown moves.
  3. The Evade move (Tap "away" on the thumbstick while jumping) can be used as part of a 3-move combo.
  4. Breaking things will reward you with Microshards - collect as many as you can.
  5. In Adventure mode, finish chapters with different buddy heroes to unlock new characters and arenas for Battle mode.
  6. Look for the hidden collector token in each of the six Squaddie's feature stories - collect all six to unlock a bonus hero.
  7. Throwing something at an opponent can interrupt almost every other kind of attack.
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Re: Marvel Super Hero Squad Walkthrough & Cheats

For the DS
  1. Play through the single player campaign to unlock more characters, then hit the single player battles to unlock costumes for all your Heroes and Villains.
  2. Be sure to charge up your charge attacks as much as you can. The longer you charge them, the more damage you will do, and the further you will send your enemies flying.
  3. Don't forget to block! Blocking at the right time can leave your opponent open for a quick counter attack.
  4. Pick the best time to use your super attack. Wait till you have got your enemy backed into a corner, so they have nowhere to run.
  5. Decisions. Grabbing beats blocking, blocking beats attacking, but attacking beats grabbing! Pick your move wisely.
  6. Stuck in a sticky situation? Super defend will help you get out of a tight spot when you need it most.
  7. Grab those Item Fractals! Item fractals often contain what you need to turn the battle on its head, and gain the upper hand.
  8. Pick your Super Heroes and Villains wisely. Every character has a distinct advantage and disadvantage. Smash people into the sky with Abomination, but be careful, he isn't the quickest pick of the bunch. Use your speed, agility and web slinging to hit and run as Spider-Man, however look out if you do get hit, it's going to hurt!
  9. Play multiplayer duels and unlock new battle arenas.

All codes
Enter the following codes in the code section of the menu option. These codes must be entered in the section of cheats in the Options menu.
  1. Mode locking : 888888
  2. Super setback : 777777
  3. Unlock the falcon and bonus costumes : 666666
  4. Unlock Dr. Doom and bonus costumes : 999999
  5. Unlock Hulk costumes and bonus : 222222
  6. Unlock Iron Man costumes and bonus : 111111
  7. Unlock the Silver Surfer and bonus costumes : 555555
  8. Thor and unlock bonus costumes : 444444
  9. Unlock Wolverine costumes and bonus : 333333

Costumes Cheat List :
  1. 111111 Iron Man Costume
  2. 222222 Hulk Costume
  3. 246246 Costume Agent AIM
  4. 333333 Wolverine Costume
  5. 444444 Thor Costume
  6. 555555 Costume silver surfer
  7. 666666 Costume Falcon
  8. 925627 Captain America Costume
  9. 925678 Costume Spider-Man
  10. 999999 Dr. Doom Costume
  11. 777777 Code of cheat: Super knockback
  12. 888888 Code of cheat: No Blocking

Some More Hints :

Marvel Super Hero Squad gathers all the most popular Marvel heroes in a game that promised high expectations and we can all see the score delivered his poll. In this game you will have the opportunity to play with a lot of diverse characters, as would be Iron Man, Wolverine or Lobenzo, Hulk, among others. This game gives us a certain amount of tricks, unfortunately none of these tricks is in effect for the Nintendo DS, and not just the tricks that I express them, but there are no tricks to this console, which clearly is a huge point against.

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad revealed, all their tricks to Wii, PS2, PC, and PSP, while DS is not Supported in.
  • In order to properly operate these tricks need to put in the cheat menu.
  • Unlock ka War Machine and Iron Man: The code for these two characters is "111,111" or "1 (x6)"
  • Hulk make three:
  • With this trick the Hulk released in different colors, the Classic, the Red and the Gray, and Guiamania here we tell you that the code is "222,222" or "2 (x6)
  • Enable the agent AIM:
  • To enable it you have to put the code "246,246".
  • To use a Feral Wolverine and Wolverine:
  • The code for these two characters is "333333", or "3 (x6)
  • Unlock the three Thor:
  • With this trick you can free Loki Thor, Thor with his armor made of chains and the classic Thor, the trick is "444,444" or "4 (x6)
  • Make three Surfer:
  • All three are Silver Surfer Surfer, Gold Anti Surfer and Surfer, the code is "555,555" or "5 (x6)
  • Getting Falcon
  • Actually get to Falcon and his state of Ultimate, the code is "666666", namely (x6)
  • Activate the Super treacherous blow:
  • This strike is a very powerful technique to attack your opponent from behind, the code is "777,777" or "7 (x6)
  • Block Preventing attacks:
  • To avoid being blocked in combat attacks press "888888" or "8 (x6)
  • Free three Doom:
  • The three Doom, Doom are basically Professor, Doctor Doom and Ultimate Doom, the code is "999999" or "9 (x6)
  • U.S. Agent and make Captain America:
  • This trick is only efficient at Wal-Mart version of the game and the code is "925,627"
  • Getting the two Spiderman:
  • The two are the classic Spiderman and Symbiote Spiderman, this trick is also unique to Wal-Mart version.

How to Install in PSP :[/b]

  1. Connect your PSP to your computer or from your Memory Stick
  2. Paste file .ISO / .CSO at the following address:?: \ ISO on your Memory Stick (4 Gbs recommended)
  3. Insert back into the Memory Stick or USB Disconnect
  4. Go to the Games menu on Memory Stick

Hero Up! Assemble your squad, and fight your way to victory to save the citizens of Super Hero City from the evil schemes of Dr. Doom and the Lethal Legion in this multi-player adventure game inspired by the action-packed animated Marvel series, Super Hero Squad! Fight through campaigns full of adventure or wage an all-out battle in the streets of a dynamic environment as you mix and match Super Heroes and Villains with their own unique powers and abilities. Pick your battle - fight for good, fight for evil or just fight for fun.

Taking advantage of the broadcast of the animated series started in the U.S., Marvel Super Hero Squad is our squat machines. Sort of reboot of the Marvel Universe for the younger, super-heroes and their counterparts from the shadow we are entitled under the guise of adventure aspirations happier but equally ambitious. Ready to dive into a world where the brains are not

The Game goes on as usual: the quality is not expected in the first instance, sales did not accompany them. We do not know what the outcome of this new adventure from THQ in the market, but it is clear that we have missed a golden opportunity to create a license that hit hard among fans this Christmas apart from Marvel Ultimate Alliance, whose mechanical repeat, has nothing to do with the Marvel Super Hero Squad. In what may be this is a beat 'em up that does not provide traditional absolutely nothing new, but who knows how to capture the attention of children from home or from a public that just want to spend time entertaining without demanding too much from a technical / playable.

As is well said in advance that this magazine published at the time, Marvel has confirmed that THQ plans to launch with an annual version of the franchise so as to ensure that a new vein to exploit. Once again can only wish to Blue Tongue in the future have time enough to develop a game that looked like it would be but ultimately was not. It's funny because, as far as it goes, the title looked no longer an original proposal that has its peculiar sense of humor.

The quality of play at the technical level is flush with the I commented on the gameplay. Not just pleasing, but neither stands out above most of the mediocre products of the console. The caricature of the heroes is remarkable. The characters, resultones more than ever, know move swiftly on stages, avoid delays and save themselves from almost all the setbacks of weight we tend to criticize in this paragraph but not so with the scenarios, which have a very mixed quality . If the first levels that walk through our TV show just a few vehicles and enemies, the latter are much more developed in this direction, with a remarkable use of light effects.

Needless to say that the quality of which we speak can not compete with the heavyweights of the console. In none of the ways. Blue Tongue's work is well below that took place at the time with deBlob despite the good intentions that transmits the game at all times: no longer fun walk with your favorite superhero, following a history that can be enjoyed for hours without scold, but the gameplay offers too much trouble to sustain the same level of quality every time. A sound level should be noted the original dubbing (only the subtitles come in Castilian), since the melodies are totally bland and lacking in strength.

Good Points :
  1. Good small boiled heroes
  2. The light atmosphere
  3. The battle mode, simple but entertaining among several friends.
  4. The comics that tell the storyline.
  5. Fun in cooperative (if we support the camera).
  6. The caricature of the characters, the most interesting point of the game.

Bad Points :
  • Limited gameplay
  • So fast repetitive
  • Camera clumsy
  • The main mode is too short.
  • Some scenarios, too loose the graphics.
  • The camera, the worst enemy of our superheroes.
  • None use the motion sensor
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