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Thread: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

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    Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    Inspired by the world of Dante, the hero, a Catholic priest, evolves into a scenario where he must fight for the hello. After the explosion of a bus of children Wild Bill is trapped between Heaven and Hell and must confront them both! Wild Bill will he save the child and his soul?

    So What's New in Resurrection? A new hero at first. We begin the adventure in the skin of one William Sherman, a CIA assassin who dies early in the game to quickly find a place stuck between Heaven and Hell. The slaughter begins. First major innovation (for the series is), the action will take place over a long corridor, but in open environments. In total there were four areas of play "immense" in the words of the developer, to be explored thoroughly to move a little deeper into the scenario. Some areas are also inaccessible until the player has not reached certain goals. However, do not believe that Resurrection will be the pride of exploration and platform, the enemy should always be as numerous and aggressive. Homegrown listing more than 50 enemies designed from old episodes of a dozen of which will be totally new. We have not seen many of these new beasties, but among them, still include some kind of troll more than two meters with enormous arms that can bring down a life bar quickly. A version of "boss" of the creature measuring several meters high will be in the game. It finally ended with the arsenal, which, once is not usually should not disorient fans: spear-stakes, rocket launchers, electro-shuriken, and two or three new weapons that we have not seen one which molotov the launcher.

    More than this new single player campaign, developers have long insisted on the work done on the graphics engine given to the style of the day: normal mapping, dynamic lighting effects, work with shadows and adding the physics engine Havok are some examples of this consolidation graphic technique, which we promised we, should hardly affect the performance of the beast. Finally, the multiplayer was treated with a cooperative mode that can accommodate four players. An effort has also been provided on how deathmatch with integration in Resurrection multiplayer maps most popular of the community who made the game's success in e-sports competitions.

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    Decidedly unsinkable, the venerable Painkiller returns to life with the Resurrection, yet another result which, far from the expected window-dressing, is actually a collection of additional chapters. Six levels to be completed in as many hours, except for those who wish to scour every square inch although it was unclear what would justify such a punishment. Shamelessly recycling assets of the series, Resurrection is a first level design with missing cards certainly enormous but mostly confused objectives absolutely clear, messy tangles riddled with bugs.

    The stupidity of monsters - in fact almost always the same despite the wealth of the bestiary - is another bad surprise with pathfinding and AI nonexistent. The game has lost all the qualities of his ancestor to blow dirt rocket launcher is certainly always funny, but the fun is non-existent as the game is devoid of any creativity and merely to show at two meters from the player clusters monsters, as if by magic. Even generosity, alas, in the case of bugs, crashes and violent corruptions backup.

    Finally, the mode coop promised is playable at the cost of certain operations, and hardly to rise to the occasion. To save the furniture, we say that the leg Painkiller is still there and some settings are correct despite the advanced age of the engine. For the rest, Resurrection is a disappointment that his game status "made by the fans" can not excuse.

    Game Play:

    William Sherman has a problem: he is dead. Pulverized by his own explosive charge that was intended to eliminate a drug lord in South America. It also caused the deaths of many innocent and Hell will not be looking to claim his soul. Bill is now in purgatory and has attracted the attention of the warriors of heaven.

    Painkiller Resurrection has been developed by Homegrown Games with developers and modders Painkillers previous games, in collaboration with Med-Art Studio and with the advice of a Catholic priest. Painkiller Resurrection combines pure action and intrigue takes a thrilling enriched by specific historical details. In a strange world influenced by the medieval conception of hell and purgatory and inspired by Dante's Inferno, the clever mix of simple levels and exploration areas populated by gigantic garbage worst that hell can accommodate, offers a unique gaming experience.

    The legendary Painkiller becomes a whole new way. The game speaks to the stories of William Sherman (William Sherman), a CIA agent. Why became the hero of the Brotherhood?

    Just because one of the operations that had to clean the area of drugs, Willie saved civilians and innocent people. For that mistake, for such crimes after the death of our hero goes to hell, but refuse to have to endure that fate. He escapes to do what makes best in the world, or was born to do, take revenge!

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    Upon introduction, the game feels effect amateurism full nose. The story is told as a comic, so Max Payne, a talent for writing and sense of staging and less. Not to mention the gross misspelling present from the first screen, the relatively shaky narrative seems to have suffered in translation. Or perhaps is it the original dialogues that lack of punch and clarity. After all, it hardly matters because the scenario is an excuse for butchering monsters in the chain. It details the adventures of William Sherman, a hitman who died in an explosion he himself has caused. Wild Bill has not only caused his own death and that of the band of gangsters it was, but he also wiped out dozens of innocent people who had the misfortune to take the wrong bus at the wrong time.

    The killer with a big heart has done everything to protect the innocent, but in vain. This last gesture of kindness gives him still a chance to redeem himself. Somewhere between Heaven and Hell, he must kill hundreds of creatures to be aggressive right to the absolute ultimate. We are far from Moliere or Shakespeare, but after all, no matter how long that bottle gets drunk! The game takes advantage and the legacy of Painkiller, beginning with certain weapons whose effectiveness has been proven. Ca installment, it burns, it pierces, it explodes ... From this perspective, the contract is properly completed. With polygons clean, the graphics engine clearly acknowledges his age, but simply to let off steam. In the field of FPS nag, the fluidity of the action takes precedence over aesthetics. The nostalgic Quake will be happy to move rapidly in all directions and make "rocket jumps" impressive. From time to time, the frantic waves of enemies even generate some adrenaline worthy of a Serious Sam. But some of these qualities are not enough to offset the long list of defects.

    If we close our eyes to the magical appearance of enemies, very useful for developers lack imagination, they hardly excuse their artificial stupidity. Quite simply, all the monsters seem to obey a single routine behavior: driving straight on the player. Really straight and all cirsconstances! Understand by this that it is not uncommon to see the monsters trapped by a decorative element placed between them and you. They then huddled against the barrier and do not even think to go around. Sometimes the firing of those at the back and hit just downright slaughter their colleagues at the front. It's pretty funny to see, especially when one has not paid the game at least. Those who have emptied their wallet to get it may do frown face such a spectacle.

    Even some bosses suffer from this problem, except for one detail: because of their large size, they tend to partially cross barriers, which adds to the ridiculous. These bugs come complete a collection already provided elsewhere. Thus, it also happens the player to get stuck in scenery, in spite of himself. In this case, the only solution is to reload a game. The game is sometimes even more radical initiatives and we balance bluntly Windows (message "Fatal Error" and whatnot). To these technical concerns are added a few more conceptual problems. We think of the clumsy architecture levels. Clearly anxious to avoid a row, the developers have put together maps without head or tail, where it sometimes gets lost and multiply obstacles inappropriate. Support ten times the key to jump before successfully climb a rock or see the enemies stumble miserably on any element of decor a little low was frankly nothing agreeable.

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough


    Worse, developers and publishers are outright promises of politicians to players. The back of the jacket shows indeed that can browse the cooperative game. A glimmer of hope in a night of bugs! But in reality it is nothing. The option is not altogether in-game and the manual does absolutely not how to enjoy. Only a message on this forum English game informs us of the manipulation performed. Based on moving files and creating dedicated server using a tool Annex, it is not really within the reach of ordinary mortals ... We can still hope for the upcoming release of a patch to fix the problem. The game also boasts a system of automatic update rather clever message impossible to miss displayed superimposed on the screen of the game if you do not have the latest version.

    Painkiller, one of the most violent games that never existed is back. Pending Release October 27, Dreamcatcher Interactive provides us with this demo of 1, 3 Giga, available at Gamer's Hell, Worth downloading or, a German site. With the anti-sling Killerspiele raging there, we savored the irony ...

    The small addition to this demo? It has a coop mode playable multi, which is also present in the final game. However, you will not upload a setup, but an ISO file. With you to burn a DVD or use a virtual drive to extract the contents.

    JoWooD has released today a version playable demo of Painkiller: Resurrection, the new episode of this popular first person shooter that has come some way to redefine a genre that was dominated by Quake and Doom.

    Painkiller: Resurrection puts players in command of Wild Bill Sherman, a murderer of CIA fight to save the world. The Painkiller weapon remains the star of the game, and with her "Wild Bill" will face their enemies.

    Those familiar with the series know that Wild Bill fell right in the middle of purgatory, the realm between heaven and hell where souls remain pending trial. Each game in the series to put the player in a war against the forces of Hell, and Painkiller: Resurrection is no exception in this regard.

    The big difference here is that the player will move forward and backward, as part of the great war between the forces of heaven and hell ... This war will only end when Wild Bill has before him a pile of corpses.

    The gameplay is only half the good things that Painkiller: Resurrection offers. The multiplayer mode will for the first time in the series in a fully cooperative campaign. So the players can make your way through purgatory with a friend to help them.

    The game is being developed with an enhanced version of Painkiller game engine, enhanced with new features such as motion blur and dynamic lighting.

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    Painkiller Resurrection Cheat Codes

    The following codes can be activated only mode "reverie" or "Insomnia". During the course of the game, open console with square and enter the following codes:

    • Maximum health and ammunition : pkpower

    • Maximum ammunition : pkammo

    • Max Health : pkhealth

    • God Mode : pkgod

    Minimum Requirements for Painkiller Resurrection:

    • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
    • AMD / Intel CPU 2.4 GHz / Core
    • Ram: 1.5 GB
    • 3D video adapter with 256 MB, 6800 onwards
    • DirectX 9.0
    • Keyboard, Mouse

    Recommended Requirements for Painkiller Resurrection:
    • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
    • AMD / Intel CPU 2.9 GHz / Dual Core
    • 3 GB
    • 3D-video adapter with 512 MB, G Force8800 Gt
    • DirectX 9.0 or 10 (Tested 11)
    • Keyboard and mouse

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    Positive Points:

    • The few moments that remind Painkiller
    • Some designs not ugly
    • The system update
    • The few moments of fun
    • The trendy music metal

    Negative Points:

    • Level design completely missed
    • Pathfinding and AI atrocious
    • Choppy game full of bugs
    • Coop impractical
    • Soulless and uninspired
    • Levels not at all for action
    • Enemies totally stupid
    • Returns Windows and other bugs
    • Failure to incorporate coop mode

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    Painkiller Resurrection is painfully full of bugs, poor character quality, ancient graphics engine and poor follow through. Other than those things its a good game!

    I do have to say the Gamer-boy is pretty through and has done a fairly good job in his assessment of Painkiller Resurrection. The game was made in a hurry with a tired graphics engine and no cares about gaming experience or quality. Really a shame, it could have been a very good game.

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    Re: Painkiller Resurrection Walkthrough

    There is very little evolution since the first Painkiller. With its monotonous and linear textures, Painkiller: Resurrection is pretty ugly. As for the character animations, the developers did not hesitate to copy / paste the original game. The fans will think so playing the first episode of the series. A nostalgia that risks turning into a terrible frustration after a few minutes of play. While new developments lacks but the concept still works as well. Totally nag, Painkiller: Resurrection prevents you even think about leaving only your animal instinct guide you level after level. Unfortunately, the lack of innovation and inspiration considerably reduces the pleasure of play only our curiosity drives us to want to discover the following levels.

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