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Thread: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

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    Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

    This guide will help you to use your graphics to decode HD movies (X.264 - 720p, 1080p). The advantage of this approach is that the CPU is not being used for decoding, and therefore could do other things while. The wizard will play media


    A graphics card that supports DXVA - These cards should be helpful:

    ATI card:
    Desktop Card: HD 38xx, 36xx HD, HD 34xx, HD 26xx and HD 24xx.
    Mobility cards: HD 36xx, 34xx HD, HD 26xx, 24xx HD, HD 23xx,
    Chip Sets: 780G - Only phenom, Radeon HD 4xxx HD

    nVidia cards:
    - All GeForce 9xxx cards - mobile and desktop.
    - All GeForce 8xxx cards - mobile and desktop (8800GTX and GTS with the G80 Core are excluded.)
    - All GeForce 2xx cards.

    Intel card:
    Intel G45 IGP - (Only on Windows Vista.)

    Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

    You will also require Haali Media Splitter: You can download it from the official site.

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    Re: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA


    Step 1:
    First, install Haali Media Splitter, if not already reserved.

    I would also recommend that you upgrade the graphics card drivers to the latest available:

    Step 2:
    • Install Media Player Classic - Home Cinema - from the link further up.
    • The program opens here later.

    Step 3:
    • Inside In MPCHC press O to enter options.
    • You should now be greeted by a window that looks like this:

    Inside In playback category, we must ensure that "Auto-load subtitles" is enabled.

    This prevent DirectVobSub to autoload as this can have a bad effect on performance.

    Step 5:
    Next class we will look at the "Output".
    What we have to choose here depends on what OS is being used:

    Windows XP:

    Select "VMR7 (windowed) or WMR9 (windowed).

    Windows Vista/Win7
    • Select "EVR Custom Press."
    • EVR buffers set to lowest possible value.

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    Re: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

    Step 6:
    The next step is to select "Internal Filters".
    • In the "Source Filters", ensure that "Matroska", "Ogg" and "MP4/MOV" is turned off.
    • In the "Transform Filters" make sure that "H264/AVC (DXVA)" and "H264/AVC (ffmpeg)" is on.

    Step 7:

    Finally we must ensure that there are some filters that prevent DXVA, in charge of decoding of the material.
    The most important make sure to turn off the "ffdshow Video Decoder".
    • To do this inside the "External Filters".
    • Here, press the "Add Filter".

    • In the new window is selected - "ffdshow Video Decoder" and press OK.
    • Back at the first window, select "Block".

    Step 8:

    Now would seem DXVA - test therefore an HD file.
    Note that not all HD movie clips can be played with DXVA decoding. However, I have had no problems with releases Scene.

    You should now playback of HD movies, could see a drastic reduction of CPU consumption.

    To make sure that DXVA is enabled, you can do this:
    • Open an HD video.
    • Right click on the video.
    • Select "Filter" and then "MPC Video Decoder".

    If it looks like the picture, you are running now with DXVA acceleration.

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    Re: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

    Image Improvement (Optional):

    Now we have our graphics card to play HD material, we can also get it to improve picture quality.

    This is done by adding a few pixel shaders.

    Step 1:
    Open a video, right click on the image.
    Here are selected "Shader" -> "Combine Shader".

    Step 2:
    In the new window is selected:
    • 16-235 -> 0-255
    • Sharpen complex
    • deinterlace (blend)

    Step 3:
    You should now see the difference right away.
    This will require a little tweak on your graphics card , its easy to deal with this.

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    Re: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

    you steps are so difficult.
    I know a free and esy-operate software WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. It can convert video to any format with very fast speed, I put “Night at The Museum” into my iPhone 3G with this amazing software. It only takes 18 minutes to finish the whole process.
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    15. Full copy the original audio track to keep the high quality at ease.

    You can also get a copy here

    But you can only get it free during Mar. 1--- Mar. 15.
    There also other free sofrware

    hope you can find a good one.

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    Re: Hardware acceleration of HD movies using DXVA

    I registered with the sole purpose of thanking you for letting me know that vobsub was what was causing the dxva version to be twice as slow as the regular or MT version. They should make that an automated change or something lol.

    Anyways. Thank you sir. And my media center thanks you.

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