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Thread: MOBILEME: iDisk

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    MOBILEME: iDisk

    A iDisk is a disk space on Apple servers reserved for apple user. If you have MobileMe By default this disk space of 20 GB (20,480 MB ) is shared between your iDisk and your mailbox according to your setting configuration. For example, 18gb for iDisk and 2gB is for your email box. You can change this by configuring your account on the web page of MobileMe .

    A iDisk works like an extra partition. You just have to mount your iDisk on your desktop that will become new partition.You can easily use this space by your way, you can download required application simply by drag and drop software onto your desktop.

    A iDisk can be very useful, specially with the folder Public in your space. The data placed in the Public can be viewed and downloaded by people whom you have given your Login so shearing is easy. You increase 20gb space with your annual subscription to MobileMe,you can customize the size depending on your needs.

    On MAC OS X, it is possible to use iDisk as local disk offline as it is possible to make a copy of iDisk on your desktop and when you start Internet mac automatically synchronize the changes you can do that manually also .

    it is possible to use a feature for sharing files on the Internet, directly from your account MobileMe via site

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    how to access and use iDisk:

    how to access and use iDisk:

    You have two ways to access the data in your iDisk, but at first configure your system to access

    1) Open the Control Panel MobileMe in System Preferences.
    2) Open the tab Account and enter your login and password (your MobileMe account).You do not have to do this every time.

    Mount the iDisk on the desktop:

    simply refer to the Go in the bar of the Finder, select iDisk or My iDisk or click on iDisk in the top section devices in the sidebar of Finder windows . next an icon displaying a purple cloud appears and your iDisk mounts on the desktop .Use it as a partition on your hard disk and it is on Apple's servers syncs according to settings.

    Start with iDisk:

    Click on this icon on your desktop to open your iDisk. Then you can see the following folders:

    1. documents,
    2. Movies (Video),
    3. Music ,
    4. Pictures
    5. Sites

    You can store whatever you want according to your iDisk size limit.
    Elements of web pages created are on the Sites and Pictures .Drag the in to trash simple to delete .

    The folder Software is the folder where Apple provides a number of software. Drag and drop those of your choice on the desktop to start the download.You can not edit the contents of this folder, run by Apple.

    The folder Library is for system operation of Mobileme . The folder Backup is the folder where you can store your backups

    The file Groups is the folder that hosts all the data on Groups that you created with your old account.

    The folder Web is accommodate sites designed with iWeb or the albums made with iPhoto or with the Gallery to MobileMe.

    The folder Public is a folder where you can store the files you want to share with others to respective computers. This can be very useful to sharing files, for more you can decide access to that file or folder.only the folder Public can be share with can create multiple folders in public.To delete your iDisk just drag its icon in the trash and it will get delete

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    Accessing iDisk via your MobileMe

    Accessing iDisk via your MobileMe

    This allows you to access the contents of your iDisk directly from your account MobileMe on site so you can access your iDisk from any computer.

    In your account MobileMe includes the Home in which Public allows access to the folder Public.There is the Shared Files which allows sharing via internet files on your iDisk

    This feature is only accessible for the web interface, so you need to login from MobileMe , iDisk form desktop wont work.Use the menu form this window to share, You can customize to store your files and backups

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    Re: MOBILE ME: iDisk

    The File Sharing

    This feature allows you to easily share files on internet. From MobileMe choose a file to share from your iDisk. then Click File Sharing. A window appears on the screen:

    You can specify the name ,location , e-mail contacts for share file.If you are without email address, you can share your files to your URL of sharing.yo can customize time to set the duration , validity of the shares and also can attached password.

    • Click the Share.
    • file is now shared.
    • Click on Shared Files in your main account MobileMe heading iDisk
    • then select the shared file in the Summary of shared files

    You can find that a URL which is shares listed in blue in the right column. Simply submit this URL to the person with you want to share file.The Sharing options displays a new window that allows you to configure parameters for sharing.

    assess PUBLIC from another user

    • go to the Finder menu "Go" / "iDisk" / "Public Folder of another user
    • type the member login name .
    • folder Public for this user appears on your desktop.
    • If file in Public is password protected you should also know the password

    • Go to folder Public from the iDisk to another user with your browser
    • Directly from your browser Just know the http address of this file.
    • This address is pointed in the iDisk dashboard MobileMe for each account holder.

    With fire Mac you could also access the folder Public if that person had made a website for sharing files called filesharing. This web page file sharing created by using the Homepage.

    ACCESS iDisk of user

    You can also access the entire iDisk another user via the Finder menu Go / iDisk .To access the entire iDisk from another user, you need the Login and Password.

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