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Thread: Mobile internet connection:Apple Mac os x

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    Mobile internet connection:Apple Mac os x

    You have one or more addresses and email to check your email to receive or send emails to your correspondents? You also like to surf the web?

    This is not a problem at home, where you have a Mac connected to the Internet. But what do you do if you're on the road several days, or if you are away from your home during the day, but you must urgently receive or send an email, or consult a website?

    Sure, you can go in a "cafe" you connect to a WiFi hotspot, or even access to any computer connected to the Net (office or a friend) to consult and possibly send email, and surf on the web. But this is not always possible and not always pleasant either. What would you receive your email, send, browse the web from your laptop while lying quietly on the bed in your hotel room, where from any other place (car, home an individual, office etc ...)

    Of course, it must already have a laptop ( "iBook", "PowerBook", "MacBook" or "MacBook Pro"), which is not necessarily the case for everyone, but if you have a Mac laptop, this trick will no doubt be of interest at the highest point because you can surf the net from almost anywhere ... Wireless!

    here two solutions:

    a) A connection GPRS / Bluetooth using your phone as a modem:

    With the GPRS connection you can surf the Net from your laptop and using your mobile phone at a speed quite honorable of 40 kb / s (in theory at least), which is much more than just a GSM modem connection of 9.6 Mb / s

    b) The solution of the 3G + key:

    You can buy from your mobile preferred key 3G + that allows you to connect to the Internet using the network as "fast" available at your location (3G +, 3G, Edge, GPRS). If you are always on the go you can take out a subscription, or you can simply buy "pass login" to suit your needs.
    If you log in 3G +, you can surf at a rate equivalent to 512 kb / s, which is the level of ADSL!

    For me, having long used the first solution, I recently opted for a 3G + key that actually allows me to enjoy a connection speed not negligible, and an exceptional ease of use. This solution is quite reliable, even if the price is still high.

    Equipment needed:

    For the solution "a":

    • An Apple computer running OS X Leopard.
    • A Bluetooth USB Adapter "(unless your computer is already Bluetooth technology, as is the case with recent Apple laptops).
    • A GPRS compatible mobile phone / Bluetooth which will serve as a wireless modem.
    • A subscription to your mobile operator (here eg.Orange Telecoms) gives you access to GPRS .

    For the solution "b":

    • An Apple computer running OS X LEOPARD
    • A key 3G + (with or without subscription to a mobile operator).

    Note: For this , I used a Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz running OS X Leopard, the Sony-Ericsson W300i, and my subscription "Orange Pro" for a solution "a".I used a 3G + key ICON 225 Orange (subscription) for the solution "b".

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    Note: The configuration may vary slightly from one phone to another (check the "menu" of your phone).

    STEP 1:


    It will at first "pair" your computer and your mobile phone. This procedure is described step by step "iSync" (this is done only once at the beginning. You do not need to do this again).
    As described in the "iSync", you have also checked the "Access to the Internet via your phone connection" in the process of twinning. This is very important. If you have not done, then it is necessary to restart in order to activate this service.

    Well. Now that your phone is paired with your Mac, you must now set the scoreboard "Network".

    Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone.

    1. Run the scoreboard "Network" in "System Preferences."
    2. Select the port "Bluetooth" in the left column.
    3. In the menu "Settings", select "Add Configuration". Name the new configuration "GPRS" for example, then click "Create".

    Then set the window as follows:

    Enter this information as follows (valid for everyone):

    • Phone Number: orange
    • Account Name: orange
    • Password: orange

    Check "Show modem status in menu bar", which allows you to connect to GPRS directly from the menu bar of the Finder.
    Now click the Advanced button. A window will appear with 5 tabs.

    TAB "MODEM":

    LEOPARD runs natively connections. It is therefore no longer necessary (as was the case under Tiger) download GPRS scripts on the Internet. We will be pleased! But it is obviously necessary to use preferably a compatible phone (if your phone is compatible "iSync" then no problem!)

    Select the brand of your phone in the menu "Manufacturer".
    From the dropdown menu "Model" you "(GPRS GSM/3G).
    Leave the box "Access point name" empty.
    Menu "CID": here I advise you to test what CID will work for you. 1 works perfectly in my case, but perhaps you should use another one ....

    TAB "DNS"

    Enter the DNS tab and the research areas of your telephone operator.

    Research areas:

    TAB "WINS" AND "PROXY" Leave it as such.

    TAB "PPP":

    • Menu "Session":
      The default settings are satisfactory. However, you can modify to suit your personal preferences.

      Menu "Configuration":
    • Be sure to uncheck the boxes "Send PPP echo packets" and "Compression of TCP header.


    It is not enough to match the phone, enable Bluetooth on it and set his laptop to connect to the Net, but also set his mobile phone to create the too GPRS Internet configuration.

    But here is simple, just go either on the website of your telephone or on the website of the manufacturer of your mobile phone to make a "automatic setting" at a distance from your phone. An SMS will be sent to you.
    Note that if you buy your phone from your operator, it may be already pre-configured "and you have nothing to do or just a few changes to the configuration on your mobile.

    But if you're such a possessor Ericsson phone, you can go to "", then click "Help" / Phone Setup "for your mobile is fully configured (configuration program WAP, MMS and email): Select for each of these configurations first your country, your telephone, your WAP service provider, mail or MMS, and then finally enter your mobile number (international format) and press .You will then receive a text message and your phone is automatically set at a distance!

    (For other brands of phone, go to the websites of Motorola, Nokia ... etc)

    Once these configurations distance flown, then you just have to navigate menus on your mobile phone to select those configurations for GPRS data and WAP, because you can access WAP sites from your GPRS connection!
    (For example: Menu "Settings" / "", choose "Orange GPRS" menu and "WAP" / "Select Profile", choose also "Orange GPRS").

    Warning! Important Notice!

    The automatic settings mentioned above are sometimes not totally accurate or not complete! If you can not connect, check that your DATA is set as follows:

    For example, a Sony-Ericsson W300i (for other phones is roughly in the same tree menu), go to the "Menu / Settings / Connections / Comm. Data / Data Accounts" and select the list of accounts present, the GPRS (eg, "Orange GPRS").

    By choosing the menu "Edit" you have access to the content of this GPRS account, then check that the right information and all information are shown.
    If this is not the case, then fill in / modify as follows below, the information specified in the GPRS mobile to allow you to connect easily:

    User ID: orange
    Password: orange
    (Request password: Off)
    DNS address:

    APN: websfr
    User ID: none
    Password: none
    (Request password: Off)

    Often the DNS are not in the GPRS mobile, and this may prevent your phone to connect!


    It is sometimes easier to manually create a new account in this menu "Accounts data" from your phone. Name this account "GPRS" for example, then fill the different sections with the data .

    3rd STEP: LOG IN:

    1) Activate Bluetooth on your phone and make sure your Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the Mac (if necessary).

    2) Go to the Finder for a phone and select "Connect Bluetooth". Check here that your configuration "GPRS" is selected. Go through the same menu to disconnect.

    note: You can also log in from the dashboard "Network", but it is much less convenient.

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    Remember to send emails you need to set your e-mail accounts using the! (if you are in Orange). Make this setting in "Mail" ( "Accounts").

    The more you surf, download, the better your credit has already begun and it will cost.In order not to spend less, here is a good tip:
    In "Mail" in the "Preferences" / "Accounts", go to the Advanced tab for each of your accounts in order to ignore the messages larger than X KB / Enter a number for you (j 'I typed 20 kb, which seems a good compromise).

    So when checking your emails, all emails in less than 20 KB will be downloaded to your Mac normally. As for the others (those over 20 KB), opens a window giving you three options:

    1. Clicking on "Ignore" The email will be stored on the server of your ISP and will reappear whenever you retrieve mail.
    2. By clicking on "Delete", you delete this email, so without even reading it. You can not return thereafter. You can delete the emails or ads that you do not want to finally read it!
    3. By clicking on "Download", you get this email on your hard drive and the weight of this email will be deducted from your "credit".

    CAUTION: If you do not choose within 15 seconds, the email will be downloaded automatically!

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    SOLUTION B: Connecting via 3G + KEY

    For this demonstration, I used a 3G + key ICON 225 Orange (without subscription). If you use a different key and / or another mobile operator, installation and use are certainly different, but equally simple anyway.Make sure however that the 3G + key that you buy is compatible with OS X.

    This solution is ultimately the simplest, most efficient and one that will provide fastest connection speeds .

    Key 3G + is a USB stick with a SIM card, like your mobile phone. Your Key 3G + is accompanied by a mobile phone number of its own (but you can not call you on this issue. No need to insert the SIM card from your 3G + key on your mobile phone!), D ' a number of SIM card and IMEI number and even a PIN.

    Once you have purchased your 3G + key in your phone, insert the SIM card supplied with your key in the key 3G + and then connect to a USB port on your Mac laptop. Double-click on the package "Internet Everywhere" to install the "Internet Everywhere" on your Mac. The application will be installed in the Applications folder, but for convenience, I urge you to put in the "Dock".

    To connect to the Internet, follow these steps:

    1. Connect the 3G + key to a USB port on your Mac
    2. Launch the "Internet Everywhere.
    3. If the window below appears, click "Cancel":
    4. The software "Internet Everywhere" automatically detects the best available network
    5. Click "Connect". You access the Internet,(unless you purchased a subscription), you must now buy it. You have direct access to this web page

    If you have already purchased a pass and you have received (by email and SMS) your username and password, please indicate in the "Login" and click "Connect".
    If you have not yet bought Pass (or if your last Pass has expired or used up), then Buy your pass online. The connection time is charged to the second.

    Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase your pass (via credit card) and you will receive your login and your password by email and SMS (mobile phone). The ID and password changes with every purchase of pass.It only remains for you to connect to internet and enjoy high-speed network mobile.

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