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Old 21-04-2009
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How to recover deleted data?

This is not because you delete data they disappear completely from your hard disk!

If you click "Remove" or even if you reformat your hard disk, your data is already in your PC. As long as you have enough space for on your disk partition, the system favors the space to store new data before overwriting those deleted files containing. It should be noted that regular defragmentation of your partitions greatly facilitates the retrieval of data through the contiguous sectors. As against if you just delete your data and you want to retrieve them, avoid them for the same reason, to make a defragmentation.
For prevention, it must have a software restore deleted data installed on your system partition. So if you lose data, you will not have to install such software which could overwrite the files you want to recover.

Here are some recovery software:

PC Inspector File Recovery:
  • Automatic file corrupted or deleted partitions and boot sectors (Does not work with NTFS!)

R-Undelete File Recovery Tools:
  • Allows you to retrieve files from the FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and Ext2FS or on any logical disk visible by the operating system. These files may have been deleted without sending in the Trash, following a virus attack or power outage.
  • Allows you to recover files encrypted and compressed.
  • The trial version does not recover files larger than 64KB.

Restoration (free):
Simple example: create a file. DOC (Word) with a maximum of text inside. Delete the file and then empty the Windows Recycle Bin.Double-click Restoration.exe. The window that is launched is the kind of spartan. The text box Drives you can select the drive to scan. The text box All or part of the file name allows you to specify certain file types. Check the boxes below and click the Search Deleted Files button. Once the file is located (Df1.doc), click the Restore by Copying and then Exit.
  • Runs on Windows 95 to XP with FAT16/32 and NTFS disks.
  • Does not require installation on your PC can be installed on a floppy (size: 221 KB)
  • Recovers files emptied from the trash
  • Recovers files deleted when we keep the Shift key. (No passage through the trash)
  • Simple to use,

R-Studio Data Recovery Software (Shareware)
  • Allows you to recover data damaged or have been removed. The files are restored and on physical or logical drives or on local units connected to network computers. Such operations can take place even if the partition structure was damaged or removed.
  • Retrieve files and partitions also as a result of the execution of FDISK, damage caused to the allocation table (FAT) or virus infections.
  • Recovering encrypted files, compressed archives and other tools.
  • Display contents of the disc or file with the hex editor.
  • The trial version does not recover files larger than 64 KB

EasyRecovery DataRecovery:
  • Allows you to recover data lost, inaccessible or deleted.
  • Includes repair functions for Microsoft ? Word and Zip
  • The recovery process has three stages: analysis and research support for lost data, selecting the folders and files to recover and copy folders and files to a safe location The software also repairs and restores corrupted files.

Easy Recovery Lite:
Compared with the DataRecovery, it can recover only 25 files per use! A limit of no consequence when trying to find some files deleted by mistake.
But patience to recover thousands of lost documents, after an unintentional formatting, for example!

Davory (Excellent and free for a file less than 200KB):
  • Recovers files on damaged or formatted drives and deleted files.
  • Incorporates two mechanisms independent and fully automated data recovery.
  • Supports specific file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS.
  • Recovers JPEG (JPG), PNG, GIF, BMP, MS Office (DOC, XLS), PostScript (EPS), Acrobat (PDF), Quicken (QDF), ZIP, RAR, RIFF (WAV, AVI), MPEG (MAG) and others.
  • Works not only on hard drives, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, but also on CompactFlash cards, SmartMedia cards, memory sticks and so on., It is also open to owners of digital cameras.

Digital VideoRescue Professional:
Recover lost files (AVI, MOV, MPEG, RM video) from your media
Supports USB, FireWire, Palm Pilots, Windows CE devices, Digital Cameras, Digital Camcorders ...

Run the program and choose your language. Close the wizard, click the Open icon player.
Select the logical drive (partition) to analyze and then click Scan options. Some parameters can be unchecked if you want to accelerate the time to research.The Scan filter tab lets you tweak your settings including extensions to files that interest you. Click the Full scan / find format and then click OK. In the window Select the range of sectors, click OK. Once the process is completed, close the window and then pull down the tree: Root / Deleted / RECYCLING / digital identifier. Right-click on your DOC file (in my case, Df1.doc).In the menu that appears, click View. If you would like a copy, click Save.
  • Allows recovery of files MP3 format
  • The demo version limits the size of files stored at 10 K.
  • FileRecovery The project began with the free software "Drive Rescue".

Ontrack Suite:
  • Run the program and then click Data Recovery / Data Recovery deleted / OK.
  • Select the drive in question and then in the text box type files, type *. DOC.On indicates where we will search all files with the extension.Click the Next button.Double-click My reader then the Recycler folder then the folder with the name of Digital ID. In the right pane, one or more files will be found. Select the file and then click bottom right button on the show file. The small icons at the top left allow you to choose the type of display (Display in DOS text, HEX mode. Etc.). You are asked where you want to save a copy of your file. Select a location different from the partition analysis.
  • The "data recovery" is to choose whether the file is not found using the classical way. Select your drive and click File Types. Check or uncheck the file extensions that you will start your search and click the Accept button. Click the Next button. It is certainly a bit longer.The principle is the same as before except that this file will be placed in a dedicated folder for all files with the DOC (or XLS if you opt for this filter, etc..). The options are identical.
  • For the rest, it is advisable to create a rescue disk (option is accessible through the data recovery module).

VirtualLab Data Recovery:
  • Get data and / or files lost as a result of formatting, the loss of a partition, a virus attack, the destruction of a directory, etc..
  • Find files after emptying the Trash.
  • Get a preview of the file to decide the merits of recovery before the operation itself is possible.
  • Supports file systems FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS.
  • Get the units that Windows is unable to see the RAID volumes (dynamic, logical and physical), diskettes and any other unit mounted or not, that Windows can assign a letter.
  • The restricted version does not allow backups.

RecoverMyFiles DataRecovery Software:
  • Recovers deleted files DOC, XLS, JPG, digital camera photos, ZIP, RAR, DBX, PST, email, MP3, MPEG and more.

ExcelRecovery, WordRecovery, RiteRecovery, OutlookRecovery:
  • Recover Excel, Word, System files and Outlook (PST) corrupt

Data Advisor
  • Efficient and simple tool to assess the state of a system.
  • Quickly assess the status of hard disk structures, files and computer memory
  • Indicates problems that may result in loss of data.
  • Version 5.0 of Data Advisor is available in free versions, with single and multi-license and is available in 5 different languages.

Drive Rescue
  • Restore files even if the partition table is corrupt.
  • Displays the disk aborescence green dye in the deleted files or directories.
  • Combines power and ergonomics.

CD Data rescue
  • Recovers files on CD-ROM damaged, scarred or defective
  • Recovers files on CD-ROM following error messages during playback.
  • Retrieves deleted files on CD-RW formatted by using the "quick format".
  • Do not recover corrupt files burned.
  • OS: Windows 2000/95/98/Me/NT/XP
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Old 03-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Re: How to recover deleted data?

  • Fetches the allocation table file system or NT file management.
  • Recovers your data if the partition table, Boot Record, the allocation table file / MFT or root directory are lost or damaged (by virus infection, formatting, fdisk, power outage ...)
  • Restores your data even if the disk is no longer recognized by the operating system.
  • Program read-only, which means no write access will never be done on the hard disk where data must be recovered.

Active Partition Recovery:
  • Assure the recovery partition and logical units erased.
  • Save the boot sector (MBR), boot sectors and partition table.
  • Restore the MBR if the partition structure was destroyed.
  • Creates an image of a disk partition.
  • The demo version disables the feature writing.

Symantec LiveState Recovery
  • Recover data deleted from servers and PCs
  • Improve protection of servers by creating compressed backup images of system and volumes of data server.
  • Create full and incremental backups without gene for users and applications.
  • Fast and reliable

Recover My Files
  • Allows you to retrieve documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher and Visio.
  • Can locate documents lost as a result of a malfunction of the computer, an accidental deletion, even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied.
  • Allows you to recover data after formatting the disc.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • The demo version does not save the documents recovered from unallocated disk space.
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Old 06-06-2011
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Re: How to recover deleted data?

Interesting stuff here

looking into it now.
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Old 07-06-2011
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Re: How to recover deleted data?

Thanks . looking into it now.
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Old 07-06-2011
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Re: How to recover deleted data?

& also more than one softwares are there ...
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Old 07-06-2011
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question Nokia 6600 with Insert SIM problem,how can I copy my phone contacts on it?

Pls folks, my phone Nokia 6600, is having insert sim problem and I have changed the sim IC and try other methods but didnt work, all i want to do now is to copy or recover all my contacts on it. The phone still powers very well but will not recognise sim. Pls, can anybody help me with any useful idea about how to do this, i just want to copy my contacts on the phone and dispose off. Thanks Samson T
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Old 07-06-2011
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 972
Re: How to recover deleted data?

As you have mentioned that your Nokia 6600 is not detecting the inserted SIM card, there can be two possibilities, either the SIM card is corrupt or your mobile phone have some hardware issue. So i would suggest you cross check, which one among your SIM card or your mobile is having an issue. Try detecting your SIM card in some another mobile to check whether it is having the issue or insert some other SIM card in your mobile and check whether your mobile is working fine or not. If the issue is with your SIM card then most probably it will be almost impossible to regain the contacts stored in it.
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Old 08-06-2011
Join Date: Jun 2011
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question Re: How to recover deleted data?

Thanks for you reply, my sim works fine on another phone that am using right now. The phone powers on very well but does not recognise any sim again.It is showing "Insert Sim Card". All I need now is to be able to copy my contact from the phone memory.

Thanks folks for your response and hope to get more idea from you ASAP.

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Old 09-06-2011
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Re: How to recover deleted data?

If the sim works in another phone then try to save all the contacts in another phones memory and then plug this phone in the computer and save all contacts, once all the contacts are saved, then connect the Nokia 6600 to the computer and then transfer all the contacts to the 6600 that you have saved in the pc.
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