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Thread: Apple MobileMe Services: Synchronization

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    Apple MobileMe Services: Synchronization

    This is one of the services "MobileMe" most popular and used because it allows you not only save data on your remote account "MobileMe", but it also gives you the ability to synchronize quickly and easily your different computers (Mac and PC), and post your iPod Touch and iPhone. It must for the first time to avoid any confusion between iSync and MobileMe Sync ", these are two different functions: "ISync" is available for everyone and allows your Mac to synchronize with external devices: mobile phones, and PDAs.

    "MobileMe sync" is reserved for account holders "MobileMe" and you can synchronize many elements present on your Mac with your server "MobileMe" and thus to synchronize in this way all your Macs them. Once your updates on the remote server (your "MobileMe"), your iPod Touch and iPhone will also be in line with this update (if these devices are configured accordingly).
    It should also be noted that "MobileMe Sync is also available in some applications, such as" Safari "or" Mail "for example, which further facilitates the functions of synchronization and access to services" MobileMe. "


    • Open the dashboard "MobileMe" in the "System Preferences." You will see 4 tabs:
    • The "In": This is where you enter your login and password for your account "MobileMe" (if you have not already done, do it!). You can also access your account information.
    • The "iDisk" Concerning your "iDisk"
    • The "Access to my Mac" is a new feature added in Leopard that allows account holders to "MobileMe" to remotely control other Mac OS X Leopard (see tip "Access to my Mac" on this site ).
    • And the tab "Synchronization" that concerns us here and to this function "MobileMe sync!

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    Re: Me Mobile Services: Synchronization

    What we see ?

    In the window on this tab you have a number of topics. Simply check (s) case (s) of the items you want to include in the synchronization:
    • "Bookmarks": All your collections "Bookmarks" in Safari "
    • Calendars: All calendars that you created in "iCal"
    • Contacts: All Contacts / cards (and groups) that you have in "Address Book"
    • "Dashboard Widgets": All your widgets "Dashboard"
    • "Elements of Dock": All the elements in your "Dock"
    • "Keychains": All the information contained in your "Keychain Access".
    • "Mail Accounts": All your created accounts in "Mail"
    • "Rules, signatures and BAL Intelligent Mail: All rules, signatures, and mailboxes inteligentes you set in" Mail ".
    • Notes: All notes created in your "Mail".
    • "Preferences": Your system preferences.

    Note that some third party applications, such as "Transmit" can add other entries in this panel of synchronization, such as your "Favorites Transmit. You understand, "MobileMe Sync lets you sync all this information and all these settings on your Mac with the remote server from your account" MobileMe. " And so you can synchronize all your other Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch with the same remote server so your whole "fleet" of Mac (and even your PC) have the same information!

    Also, if you go on a computer desktop, in a cafe, or a friend, you simply log into your account "MobileMe" and access to more information and stored on the remote server from your account "MobileMe "as the records of your" Address Book "or" Calendar. "

    Indeed, any account holder "MobileMe" will take the wise idea to backup / synchronize with "MobileMe Sync" his "Address Book" and its schedules "iCal" on the synchronization server "MobileMe," will also use all information of its "Address Book" and "Calendars" directly from the site by going to his account "MobileMe"! (By clicking either on the button "Address Book" or "Calendar").

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    Re: Me Mobile Services: Synchronization

    With this option, you can retrieve your information from any Mac or PC anywhere in the world! (See tip "webmail" for more information on this subject). In addition, you find all this information on your iPod Touch and iPhone. And even if you have a single computer (not iPhone nor iPod Touch), this function is most interesting because it gives you the ability to save in some way on this important information your server "MobileMe" and to update them regularly, and also to be able to recover if you reformat your hard drive or change computers!
    Admittedly, there are already the "Backup" which allows you to save this information, but "Backup" to backup your iDisk ", while" sychronisation MobileMe "save on server sync! Two precautions are better than one ... And "MobileMe Sync" is much faster: A little click in the bar of the Finder and it rolls!

    Indeed, to enable synchronization through "MobileMe", do not forget to check the "Synchronize with MobileMe" and you can choose when the synchronization must take place manually or automatically at times more or less spaced. Also check the "Show status in menu bar" in order to access the sync tab faster. The "Advanced" button at the bottom right of the window provides access to the list of phones on your account "MobileMe" and are therefore affected by the synchronization operations. You can remove the window in the registration of the device or initiate data synchronization.
    PS: To add / save a new computer, just perform a first sync from it and it will automatically be added to this list.


    1. It is essential to set the tab "Synchronization" exactly the same way on your Mac if you want ALL the details are exactly the same on all your Mac (this seems obvious, but by saying it's even better ).
    2. Sometimes when you synchronize data from your computer with the server "MobileMe" may appear several different copies of the same data on the server, your computer or one of your peripherals. This may be the case when you change eg a contact card on your phone or you change the name of the person on your computer in "Address Book".

    Another example: if you change the phone number of a contact on one of the computers in sync with "MobileMe" and you enter a different phone number for the same contact from another computer. In this case, "MobileMe Sync" will show the "Conflict Resolver" asking you to determine which version you want to keep and a list of conflicting changes is available for each entry. You can choose to review the conflict immediately or later. Choose the version you want to keep, then click "Done" or "Next" if more than one conflict to resolve.

    If you choose to spend the conflicts review later, you can access the "Conflict Resolver" through the synchronization status in the menu bar. The icon showing the status of synchronization services becomes a specific icon for reporting conflicts. When you click the number of entries currently displayed in conflict with the ability to launch the "Conflict Resolver" and proceed to their resolution.

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