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Thread: Creating eyeOS Cloud computing server

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    Creating eyeOS Cloud computing server

    To know what is cloud computing refer : Cloud computing

    What is eyeOS?

    eyeOS is an open source web desktop following the Cloud computing concept, written in mainly PHP, XML, and JavaScript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the eyeOS Toolkit. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities. It is accessible by portable devices via its mobile front end.

    eyeOS is the Cloud Computing Operating System. Work online -personally or collaboratively- with your files, office, calendar, contacts and much more. Your data is safe and always available --eyeOS is Free Software!

    Why is eyeOS Free Software?

    The idea of eyeOS is to create a free, open source (AGPLv3) product easy to install on a web server so you will have your own cloud system under your control. You can also participate in a great community of users and developers, able to create your own apps. Welcome to the eyeOS project.

    And what if I just want to use eyeOS now?

    If you do not want to install eyeOS in your own server, you can create an account in our free public server and start using eyeOS right now. Just go to and discover the power of eyeOS.

    Features :

    File management

    Upload multiple files

    Easy visual file management

    Download entire folders as Zip

    Compress and uncompress Zip/Tar files

    Photo viewer and slideshow

    Personal Information Management

    Calendar with multiple views

    Contacts manager

    Export and Import vCards


    Packages Installer

    Repository based Ports System

    Control system for groups and users

    Multiple instances of the applications


    Word Processor



    Support for MS Office and OpenDocument files


    Internal Messaging System

    Bulletin Board

    Proxied FTP Client

    RSS Feeds Reader


    Third-party applications

    Auto-run desired apps



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    Re: Creating eyeOS Cloud computing server

    The motive of eyeOS

    eyeOS is all about centering work and entertainment in a single place. eyeOS is about removing compatibility issues between applications and operating systems and taking your life everywhere.

    The idea behind eyeOS is not to have an Operating System inside an Operating System, or a browser inside a browser. Instead, eyeOS is another step in the digital life era. The goals for eyeOS include:

    * Being able to work from everywhere, regardless of whether or not you are using a full-featured, modern computer, a mobile gadget, or a completely obsolete PC.
    * Sharing resources easily between different work centers at company, or working from different places and countries on the same projects.
    * Always enjoying the same applications with the same open formats, and forgetting the usual compatibility problems between office suites and traditional operating systems.
    * Being able to continue working if you have to leave your local computer or if it just crashes, without loosing data or time: Just log in to your eyeOS from another place and continue working.

    Have a look at some screenshot for creating an account on a Public Server and the appearance of eyeOS:

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    Re: Creating eyeOS Cloud computing server

    • All you need to install eyeOS on this system is a working Internet connection.
    • Note that eyeOS needs a Web Server to work. In this tutorial we have choosed and shown how to install AppServ, a great Open Source package that will install both the Apache Web Server, the PHP system and their connectors in a easy and automatic way. If you have already installed a web server, please go to Step 8.
    • We will use Mozilla Firefox as default browser for this tutorial. You may also use Internet Explorer 7 or higer (note that IE6 is no loger officially supported).

    How To eyeOS :

    Step 1

    Log in into your Windows account

    Step 2

    Open your browser and go to
    Once there, download the latest version available (the one which uses PHP 5.x. You can download it from the front page.

    Step 3

    Once the download finishes, double-click the installer and follow the instructions

    Step 4

    When you'll be promted what to install, feel free to install all the packages. However, to install eyeOS, you only need Apache and PHP, so you can just install that two packages.

    Step 5

    During the install you will have to provide a name for your server and admin e-mail. Note that the server name must be a single word (no spaces).

    Step 6

    When the installer finishes, it will ask you what to launch. Mark only Start Apache.

    Step 7

    Time to download eyeOS. Open your browser and navigate to Download the latest eyeOS version in it's .zip version (If you decide to download the .tar.gz version it will still work, but you'll need a third party extractor to extract the package).

    Step 8

    Uncompress the downloaded package so you will obtain a folder named eyeOS with 4 to 6 files and folders (depending on eyeOS version).

    Open the File Explorer and go to YOUR_DRIVE_LETTER:\\AppServ\\www.

    Step 9

    Move the eyeOS folder to YOUR_DRIVE_LETTER:\\AppServ\\www. Note that if the extractor has created another folder before the eyeOS folder, you will have to move that last one, the one which contains 4-6 files inside.

    Step 10

    Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost/eyeOS/ and fill the required information to finish the installation!

    From now, you can access your eyeOS server from http://localhost/eyeOS/ from your local computer, or from http://YOUR_IP/eyeOS/ from your private network or even from Internet (if you have your router configured to redirect the port 80 to your computer.

    Download eyeOS :

    Download - tar.gz

    Download - zip

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    Re: Creating eyeOS Cloud computing server

    hey its new technology which i also have heard.
    gud tutorial i can use it for my presentation thnks dude

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