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Old 09-03-2009
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How to control the quality of ADSL line?

Practical Information: Checking the quality of ADSL line

Every country has more and more users accessing the Web via a DSL line. But for various reasons, sometimes this connection is not fully satisfactory. How to diagnose the line and check for example the speed you get? Some tracks.

An ADSL line has a capacity of reception and emission depends on many parameters: distance to the node connection, line quality (oxidation of copper may deteriorate), the number of users connected to the DSLAM. While some of these parameters are not available, others can be improved by you. But before getting involved in disassembly of your phone for example, it is appropriate to establish a diagnosis as accurate as possible. Let's see what are the different ways to achieve this.

Step 1: Estimate the speed of connection
The attenuation of a line represents the loss of signal and is measured in decibels (dB). This value is more important, the lower the quality of your line. To estimate quite precisely the speed that you should receive at home, nothing beats real action provided by the site speedtest.net. With a small software house, this site draws a relatively accurate portrait of what he calls the "weather of the Net."

In other words, users of the software in question to send regular test results flow up and down. Simply search for measures of people living near you to get an idea of the rate at which you should be eligible. Choose from the right hand column your Internet service provider and offers when you subscribed. If the indication for your average city has no real interest, just look for a user connected to your DSLAM (when people specify this information) to improve the accuracy of the estimate.

Step 2: Monitoring software, Netmeter
One difference between the flow and hope that actually can be seen from several reasons. One of these is the bandwidth use by a program if you do not control the operation. This can be a quite harmless, but the cause of your problems may also originate from malicious software.

Monitoring as a whole is the act of monitoring the vital parameters of a system. The control of bandwidth in and out of your computer is part of it. Netmeter as a software allows you to perform this monitoring.

1. Get Netmeter software.
2. Run the software installation.
3. Check your bandwidth: DL means download, the downstream, while the upload is UL, or the upstream. When you do not surf and no application using the network is launched, you should see the DL and UL values drop to 0. If this is not the case, you must continue our investigations.

Step 3: The use of bandwidth
We now know what applications are using your connection. TCPView is a software that allows you to check this at a glance. Download it in our software. No need to install, you can run the software directly after first unpacked the archive in which it is located. If you are unsure of an application that appears in the list, focus your efforts on this one.

Step 5: Some other tracks
If the list provided by TCPView do you provide any information, and if Netmeter reported nothing abnormal about your bandwidth, because of the difference between the expected flow and the flow may have found other sources. Here are a few:

1. Check your firewall: repeat tests debit disabling to see if it is not the cause of your problems.
2. The length of your Ethernet cable or telephone may be exaggerated; sure not to use excessively long cables. Similarly, a wireless connection like Wi-Fi may be limiting and restrict your speed.
3. The presence of a capacitor on your phone can cause a slow or unstable connection. You will find on the net many tutorials on the withdrawal of capacitors.
4. Other concerns related to the phone jack can intervene. Take care, for example, to put filters on each of your home equity. Similarly, check that your box is plugged in on the first filter, and not behind other devices.
5. It is also possible that several people use your connection when you do the tests. If they belong to your family, the problem is simple to adjust your speed is just shared. If this is not the case, especially if you use a Wi-Fi, you should consider to enhance the security of your wireless network.
6. For many ADSL boxes, a disconnect and reconnect of the power outlet or a simple reset whenever possible to resolve many problems! Similarly, power supplies are a known weak point of the ADSL packages. Try to verify that yours is working properly.
7. Finally, the problem may be between the dispatcher of Telecom and taking your phone away from home. In this case, a phone call to your service operator and a good dose of patience are needed.
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