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Old 19-02-2009
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HOSTS Manager

HOSTS Manager is a program developed by Kimberly of BISS (Bluetack Internet Security Solutions) to handle your HOSTS file.
It aims to increase the security of your computer when you surf on the Internet by prohibiting access to potentially dangerous sites.

You can download HOSTS Manager from the download page.
  • Run the newly downloaded file
  • Setup like to Welcome you, click the Next button to move to the next step
  • You must then accept the license to use, click the button - I accept the terms in the license agreement
  • Click the Next button to move to the next step

You are then asked for which user the program will be installed.
By checking:

  • Anyone who uses this computer (all users), this means that all users of the computer can use HOSTS Manager
  • Only for me means that only the user mentioned in brackets may use this program.
  • You must then choose the type of installation, I recommend you select Complete
  • Click the Next button to move to the next step
  • Click the Install button to start the installation
  • Copying files is done ..
  • Once the copy is complete, click Finish to complete the installation.

HOSTS Switch
HOSTS Switch is a floating window that allows you to:
  • Enable / Disable Hosts: Enable (Enable) / Disable (Disable) the HOSTS file, for example in the case where you want to temporarily access a website blocked
  • Read only / Writable: Enable (Writable) or not (Read Only) writing in the HOSTS file to protect it from changes by malicious programs

By right-clicking on the floating window, you can:
  • Always on top: allow or not the window that is constantly in front of others
  • Transparency: Make the window transparentr
  • Style: Change the appearance of windows from predefined style
  • Start with Windows: You can start with Windows HOSTS Switch
  • IE Add Toolbutton: Adds a toolbar HOSTS Switch to Internet Explorer
  • Add Hosts Entry: Add an entry in the HOSTS file
  • Hosts Launch Manager: Launch Manager Hosts

HOSTS Manager
The host management interface looks like:
  • With buttons to the left
  • Up with an option Search Options & Tools
  • In the central part with the list of entries in your HOSTS file

The buttons on the left side
The Download button to download a list of blocked sites maintained by the site BISS.
The download and installation of the list is automatiquent. At the end of the download, you are asked if you want:
Open Folder: Open the folder where the file is HOSTS.Zip
Replace: replaces your current HOSTS file downloaded by the
Append: combines the HOSTS file downloaded to your computer.

The buttons above left to perform the actions previously described.
You can at any time replace your HOSTS file from another file that you downloaded for example from internet.

Saves the changes made in your HOSTS file.

From the buttons:
  • Add / Insert you can add entries in your file for that key entry to add in the fields at the bottom of the window Hostname
  • Edit: allows you to edit the selected entry from the list. The Update button updates the changes made since the Hostname field.
  • Delete: Allows you to delete the selected entry in the list.

These buttons allow you to perform the same actions as allowed HOSTS Switch to enable or disable the writing to the HOSTS file.
Enable or disable the HOSTS file.

Can convert the address to (or reverse).
Blocked addresses become available and vice versa.

Restore the Hosts file to its origin as it is when you installed Windows.
All entries contained in it will be lost.

Empty the contents of the HOSTS file.
All entries contained in it will be lost.

Back-Up Hosts File can record your HOSTS file in order to restore them later or transfer to a third machine.
Back-up Restore to restore the content of a HOSTS file that was saved from the button Back-Up Hosts File.

The options in the upper part
You can access the Search option by clicking the double arrow in the upper part of the window.
Enter your keyword and then click Next to find the next occurrence in the list or Previous to find the previous occurrence in the list.

Options & Tools allows you to perform various operations on the file HOSTS.
  • Disable DNS service allows you to disable the DNS service and therefore the HOSTS file.
  • Refresh Listed Hosts File allows you to refresh the list
  • Move Up and Move Down lets you move up or down in the list.
  • Sorted Hosts can sort by alphabetical list
  • Show IP's move on top entries with IP addresses first in the list
  • Check My Hosts File can check the integrity of the HOSTS file to find invalid entries.
  • Use Among Disabled List: Displays the entries that have been disabled
  • Always Use Among Include List: Displays the entries whose addresses are in the Inclusion List
  • Always Use Among Exclude List: Affche entries where the addresses are in the exclusion list

By right-clicking in the list you can:
  • Add entry to the disabled list from the button Disable / Enable Hostnamed using #
  • Add entry Hostnames Included in the list from the button Always include
  • Add the entry in the list Excluded Hostnames Always Exclude

By disabling the part of the list, it will no longer be blocked.
Always ensure that you include the item will remain in your HOSTS file and it will not be deleted.
Finally Always Exclude to exclude sites from the list, it allows you to protect the sites of publishers of security / antivirus. Indeed, malware tend to add these sites in the HOSTS file to prevent users from accessing it.
By clicking on the button at the top right Lists Manager Personal Options & Tools, you can see the elements of each list.
By checking the item and clicking the Delete Checked button, this removes the element of the list.
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