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Old 16-01-2009
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How do I delete a file permanently

Delete a file permanently
Even if our hard drives are now capable of containing a number of files, they are more voluminous (including multimedia content) and sometimes a mix is required. Simply delete a file using the methods that Windows puts forward is not enough, because the files are sent to the trash and continue to occupy the space that was dedicated. Here are some tips to permanently delete your files.

An obvious: empty the trash!

The first solution may seem obvious, but remember it all the same: we must empty your trash! Indeed, when you simply delete a file in Windows (using the context menu or through the Delete key on your keyboard), it is then transferred to the Trash. In fact, it is no longer in its original folder but is still present on the hard disk. Therefore it is possible to restore it from the trash. Therefore: no free space is on your storage unit if you delete a file in this manner.

To really see the place and remove unwanted files, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and choose the "Empty Trash".

The keyboard shortcut that eliminates any files

Rather than go through a classic then by removing the step outlined above, namely, empty the trash, be aware that it is possible to make the two operations into one. Indeed, press the Shift and Delete keys on your keyboard, you can delete all your files and folders you want to get rid of it without going through the trash box.

However, distrust about this, because it can be very dangerous. Indeed, once the validation of your work, you have no way to retrieve your file or folder, unless you go through recovery tools that can be difficult and ... ineffective, if you do not use them quickly and intelligently. Do not hesitate to get more information, consult our fact sheet on how to recover a deleted file.

Your file will not fade

Who has never been confronted with the painful message Windows error: "Unable to remove ... This resource is used by another person or another program? For reasons that escape you, you can not delete a file avi recalcitrant for example, and you nervous. Some restart their computer, others use the Safe Mode of Windows, but there is a simpler solution: Unlocker. This software allows you to release a file or process that uses it for the user to regain control over. Let's see how it works.


1. Download free Unlocker Software.
2. Start the installation.
3. Check only the first two options.

The first of these will allow you, as its name suggests, to check if the software does not exist in a newer version. The second is more interesting, since you can add to the context menu of Windows Explorer an entry for Unlocker. The assistant and the other shortcuts do qu'alourdir software and commercial relationship is obviously to avoid. Finally, note that the software starts by default when Windows starts up and an icon in the notification area.

Unleash your file

Now that Unlocker is installed on your computer, you can easily get rid of files or folders.

1. Right-click on the file or folder that you want.
2. Select the "Unlocker".
3. Click the drop-down menu and select "Delete."

You have then to be validated. If the object is actually used by another process, Unlocker displays a message confirming the deletion of the file. Note the ability to move or rename a file blocked by another process.

A warning to finish, with options such withdrawal, it becomes possible to delete a file system that Windows needs to function. Take great care before using and make sure the file you intend to destroy is not essential to your system.

A small additional tip for Mac
Deleting a file from the Apple OS is somewhat different from what happens under Windows. In fact, if you press the Delete key after selecting one (or several) file, nothing happens. To remove an item, you must drag it to the Recycle Bin on the desktop. You can also use the menu to perform this operation.

But there are, like the Microsoft operating system, keyboard shortcuts very practices that avoid cumbersome manipulations. To place an item in the trash, select it and press Command (Apple) and Back (Backspace). Note that this action does not require confirmation from you. Similarly, if you want to empty the trash quickly, perform the same combination by adding the SHIFT key. A confirmation of your order will be applied here. Finally, if a file is locked in the trash, you can force removal by adding to the last combination the ALT key.
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