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Old 15-01-2009
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Printer Buying Guide

An important mail, invoice, the photo of a loved one ... so many documents that are part of our daily lives and we often feel the need to print. However, it is inappropriate for all these personal and what is more to the unit, relying on a photo lab. Thus, despite the initial investment and despite the temptation to print it rather than reason, personal printers remain essential. Once that was done this, has yet to specify its requirements: What suits me is it a simple printer for the needs of all days, machine versatile enough to replace my scanner and I use fax, or a printer solely dedicated to the picture of me lost in the jungle labs and formats?

This guide presents a selection of photo printers, and multifunction A4 respects cutting entry / mid / high-end that allows everyone to navigate quickly from its budget. However, if the differences in range as always play at the level of prices, they are less visible than other types of aircraft. Here, 70 or even 50 euros are enough to move from a printer entry level (which we will be tempted to substitute a new one soon empty cartridges) to a more qualitative and possibly already oriented image.

It is worth noting that the guide focuses on the type of printer ink jet. Why? Because the laser models - with some exceptions - still very expensive and primarily designed for business needs (speed printing multiple bins to facilitate network printing, emphasis on monochrome printing and drying Quick, etc.).. We also excluded from this guide A3 printers and over, even if the lovers are increasingly likely to be tempted, remain models for professionals.

To establish our selection, we consider the various suggestions from our readers, advice found in our price comparison and other shopping sites online, son of discussion in several forums, tests of the press and Finally, those made by us and you can find in our columns.

Photo printer, or A4 multifunction printer?

It brings together under the term "printer", three types of very different products, whose only common denominator is the photo printing in 10 x 15 cm. What are the benefits of each of these devices that are in accordance with its needs, we will choose one rather than the other?

Photo Printers 10 x 15

These self-directed photo printers for users who wish to print at home, quickly and simply, without bother with the traditional issues of printing - what resolution? What paper size? What settings?, Etc.. On photo paper 10 x 15 cm (with some exceptions to the extent that today some open formats 10 x 30 x 18 or 10). Simple and focused on a specific task, they have another peculiarity of being relatively compact that allows them to take away or events, especially the models with a handle and those which may be fed through a battery.

And more:
  • Verso postcard for some paper manufacturers.
  • Battery sometimes offered as an option to make them truly independent.
  • Cost control through the consumables sold in kits cartridge / paper for a given number of impressions.
  • Printing without delay at home.
  • Print pictures in 10 x 15 cm which is the traditional albums.
  • Often some editing features.
  • With the card reader, compatible with printing ... without the computer.
  • Cost per page to roughly equivalent to the labs, where we do not take into account prices compared to the volume.

The least:
  • No choice of paper. It will print on glossy or satin provided by the manufacturer and that's all.
  • They can print the photos.
  • When printing large volumes, the cost per page is higher than the labs that offer price tapering.
  • Format 10 x 15 cm (3:2 ratio) on which they print does not match the ratio of compact digital (4:3) whose photos should be printed on paper format 11 x 15 cm. To avoid cropping wild printer must be manually crop images before printing
  • Screen too small to judge the quality of a photo.
  • Prohibitive cost of accessories (batteries, pack, Bluetooth adapter ...)
  • The fact that the prints are "prepaid" that will directly bear the cost of missed impressions. This is not the case when you entrust your photos to a lab.
  • The quality is lower than might be expected from a lab pro.

Cost per page to roughly equivalent to the labs, but we must also take into account the initial investment (between 150 and 250 depending on the model chosen).
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Old 15-01-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 20
re: Printer Buying Guide

Printers A4

Printers have long proved their worth by allowing individuals to print from their homes. Even if they have suffered the brunt of competition from multifunction, they most versatile, the A4 still interesting for those who already have a scanner (or did not use) and seek a more focused or office photo.

And more
  • Suitable for photo and office.
  • More and more models print on CD / DVD.
  • There are models for all budgets and all needs.

The Least
  • Despite their "single-function", most printers A4 (particularly photo-oriented models) are quite cumbersome.

Multifunction printers

This time, printer type 3 or 4-in-1 which, in the same chassis, the modules include a printer, scanner or fax. The combination of the first two functions (printing and scanning) is used to transform these printers into a photocopier which will make many services when it comes to providing double the official paper, copy a recipe, etc. . without delay and without having to await the opening of the press office.

And more
  • Very versatile (print, copy, scan or fax).
  • Allow to have a copy at home.
  • Take up less room on the ground that a printer and a scanner (which is a fax) separated.
  • Generally have a lower price than a couple scanner and printer.

The least
  • Often incredibly large (with the Brother models which in general remain relatively compact)
  • This solidarity functions that if the scanner module fails it is the product that leaves the service.
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