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Thread: The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

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    The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

    To encourage migration to Windows Vista, Microsoft has created both labels to describe computers that can run Windows Vista properly. For starters, the logo "Windows Vista Capable" features a PC capable of running the operating system in a minimal way and carrying at least one processor 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, hard disk with a minimum capacity 20 GB and a graphics card supports DirectX 9.

    In this way, the Aero interface will not be used in most cases, management of the display being the default for Vista Basic, namely a 2D classic.

    The second logo, "Windows Vista Premium Ready", characterized him as the ideal hardware to use all the features offered by Windows Vista.

    From a material point of view, the PC will carry at least a 32 or 64-bit 1 GHz, a gigabyte of RAM, a DirectX 9 graphics card with 128 MB of memory and signed with WDDM drivers, d a hard disk with a minimum capacity of 40 GB with 15 GB of free space, a DVD-ROM, audio output and Internet access.

    To ensure optimal performance, Vista requires the use
    a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.

    Of course, these labels are only useful in the context of a new PC purchase. And they do not apply to users assemble their own machine by carefully selecting each component, and even less to those who already have a machine. In the latter case, it is fairly easy to gauge the necessary hardware configuration using the label "Windows Vista Premium Ready," this is not the same for the devices.

    Because if Microsoft has integrated more than 19 500 drivers with Windows Vista, not counting the drivers in the database update of Windows, all devices are not supported. Directs the user to check with manufacturers of the availability of drivers for Vista. And unfortunately, it is clear that all manufacturers do not play the game by focusing more of their latest models of devices.

    In the event of migration to Vista, make sure you have 1 GB of memory
    to ensure a minimum of comfort.

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    Re: The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

    Windows XP Pro 64 has attracted little interest among manufacturers,
    developers and users.

    With the flop of Windows XP Pro 64-bit, users ask more questions about Windows Vista. Because if many manufacturers believe that Windows Vista 64-bit is the future, availability too low 64-bit applications is an important consideration. As yet, a platform 64-bit Windows Vista is only useful if you plan to use your PC for "professional". Or even as a mere amateur or user to perform editing professional quality video, creating 3D (images, etc..), Subject to finding adequate and applications optimized for 64 bits.

    The installation of a hardware component or device that requires the use mandatory 64-bit drivers signed by Microsoft. Although it is still possible to use its usual applications pending an update or a new version optimized for 64 bits. Since Microsoft has developed 32-bit Windows on Windows 64 bit (WOW64), a sub-system in the x64 versions XP, 2003 x64 and Windows Vista x64 running at startup, and to run most of the 32-bit applications (16-bit applications are no longer supported) in a 64-bit.

    Provided that these applications do not install modules or core unsigned drivers. The Kernel Patch Protection technology found only in 64-bit versions of Windows, requiring the installation of 64-bit drivers signed by Microsoft.

    You should therefore make a very strict attention to the availability of 64-bit drivers for your components and peripherals.

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    Re: The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

    By integrating framework WDF and Kernel Patch Protection (or Patchguard), Microsoft provides a more stable system. But to achieve this, Microsoft had to lock the Vista kernel controlling drastically installation of device drivers. This has resulted in greatly complicate the task of application developers. Since some applications install drivers or modules within the kernel. Examples of software for system protection (firewall, antivirus, etc..), Integrating them for most of a real-time monitoring system (proactive) to monitor file system or network activity. This partly explains the large number of incompatible software (antivirus, antirootkit, antispyware, firewall, etc..) Held at the release of Windows Vista. Symantec only recently proposing that support Windows Vista with its range of software for protection. Other applications such as Norton Partition Image still inconsistent at the time of writing this article.

    Much appreciated by users of laptops,
    Notebook Hardware Control does Vista only recently.

    But other applications are still incompatible. We cite for example the software to identify the components of a PC, software monitoring and control as Notebook Hardware Control which is now compatible. But also the virtual drives, software optimization, maintenance (partitioning, defragmentation, etc..) Or the software for cleaning and repair system, like the registry.

    Prince of Persion third was the name of the game having caused problems
    Compatibility with Windows Vista.

    Some protection software also showed signs of inconsistency. This was the case with some versions of Securom or the controversial StarForce protection, whose operation requires the installation of a driver in the kernel. To resolve this problem, StarForce provides updates for older games, the latest games does pose any problem.

    GameJackal, software to bypass the protections to play games without inserting the DVD each time, and now owned by the company that publishes including Slysoft AnyDVD or CloneDVD, is also incompatible.
    But fortunately, most applications now offer updates offering support Vista, and incompatible applications are shrinking more and more.

    very convenient to avoid transporting its CD and DVD games, GameJackal is today
    always incompatible with Windows Vista. recently acquired by SlySoft,
    there is no doubt that next compatible version will emerge.

    However, if one of your applications do not officially support Vista, all is lost as far as any Windows XP, Vista offers a compatibility mode to emulate the environment in an old edition of Windows. Simply open the properties of the executable of the application in question, then the Compatibility tab and then set the mode of application execution. You can choose between Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000/2003 and XP SP2. It is also possible to adjust some settings such as resolution to use to launch the application, the deactivation of the officers, themes, visual or scaling of the display for high resolution.

    Other software will not be installed. it must turn to newer versions.

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    Re: The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

    To facilitate the migration to Windows Vista, Microsoft offers a free utility called Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. This task is to scan your PC configuration, depending on the edition of Windows Vista that you want to prepare a report for the year prior to the possible problem. Incompatible hardware (components, peripherals, etc..) And software for the most common.

    In proven cases of incompatibility, the software then provides a few tips such as replacing the card, adding memory or replacing or adding a hard drive offers a storage capacity more important.

    However, the work done by Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is still quite basic, but sufficient to enlighten novices. Most experts prefer us to check for themselves the availability of signed drivers and Vista compatible.

    Although Basic, Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor will make a first point
    on hardware and software compatibility of your PC.

    Note that signed drivers on Windows Vista 32-bit are not mandatory, even if they are strongly advised not to undermine the stability of system.
    Microsoft considers that nearly 85% of those crashes in Windows XP were due to the presence of unsigned device drivers. To disable the control of signatures of drivers in Windows Vista, just open the advanced boot options (F8 key just before the start of Vista) and select the disable control mandatory signatures drivers. Again, it is impossible to disable the control of signed drivers on Windows Vista 64 bits.

    Even when the installation successful, he is not sure the software works properly.

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    Re: The Hardware and Software Compatibility for Windows Vista

    Since that time we test Windows Vista, we can say that it is now easier to migrate to the new Microsoft OS. At least as regards the 32-bit and in the case of acquisition of a new PC.

    For those who do not wish to change the configuration PC, enough to check carefully the availability of signed drivers for your hardware and your peripherals. It is easy enough to upgrade its configuration if necessary, history meet the requirements imposed by Windows Vista. Particularly with regard to the graphics card or adding memory. The first models of graphics cards DirectX 9.0c trading around 30 euros.

    For 64-bit edition of Windows Vista on the other hand, we recommend that you wait to see really shows the 64-bit applications, still too few. With the exception of professional duties in the field of graphic design, video and audio. Not to mention the lack of signed 64-bit drivers.

    And in terms of application compatibility, things are improving significantly and quickly. So you do not normally encounter too many difficulties. But Windows Vista still has some system instabilities that may be annoying to the user, who then prefer to wait a few months before the move.

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