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    Tally Solutions

    Tally Solutions

    How to migrate data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, Tally 9
    How to implement VAT in Tally 6.2, Tally 7.2, Tally 9
    How to migrate data from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2
    How to hide/Protect your Company Data
    Tally 9 Payroll
    How to work in Tally without mouse
    How to copy paste entries from one company to another
    Tally Tutorials in Hindi
    How to continue accounting in New financial Year
    How to Synchronize Tally Data
    How to export data from Tally 9 to MS Excel
    How to configure Tally on Network
    How to Manage Post Dated Cheques in Tally
    Starting a new financial year : How to split a company

    How to migrate data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1, Tally 9

    The Process of Migrating data from Tally 7.2 to 8.2 is very simple. However it takes can take a lot of time if the existing company is having big data. Before converting data you should take backup of your existing data.

    • To start with first of all download tally from tally's site.
    • Run Install.exe in a separate folder tally8.1. Now activate the license of Tally 8.1. To Migrate data from 7.2 to 8.1 it is necessary to have an activated version of 8.1.
    • Go to Tally 8.1 folder and locate a file migration tool.
    • Start the tool by specifying the location of Tallt7.2 data which would be in c:\tally\data folder where your 7.2 version was installed.
    • Select a company and migrate. After whole process has ended it would make another fold in same location but with different name.
    • You can identify the folder easily as it would contain 4 numbers. e.g. Your existing folder would be 001 and new folder would be 0001.
    • Copy paste this newly created folder in c:\tally8.1\data and run tally.

    You would see the new converted data.

    If you face any problem then you can tell by posting in forum .

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    Getting Started in Tally

    How to implement VAT in Tally 6.2, Tally 7.2, Tally 9

    Tally 7.2 and Tally 8.1 are VAT compliant versions. You can generate state specific VAT returns. VAT sales and Purchase annextures can be printed automatically just by entering data in correct format and defining correct ledgers classes. If you have to prepare VAT returns through Tally then company configuration has to be changed.

    In case of Tally 7.2 just modify company details and select use for Indian VAT Yes.
    In case of Tally 8.1 go to F11 and alter statutory Features in F3. Select VAT to Yes.
    Keep in mind to select State from List in Address section. The statutory master would be selected for that state only.

    Make separate ledgers for sales and purchase for separate VAT rate. For example if you are dealing in 4% and 12% VAT rate items then you have to make ledgers for Sales 4% and Sales 12% under sales and Purchase 4% and purchase 12% under Purchase account. Correct VAT/Tax Class has to mentioned while creating those ledgers.

    Now make ledger for input and output VAT ledgers for collection of sales VAT and Purchase VAT. These should be separate for different VAT rate. i.e. input VAT 4% and input VAT 12% in the same way make ledgers for output VAT for purchase VAT. At this moment you have to assign proper VAT/Tax class for these ledger.

    Now make entries by entering vouchers of sales and purchase. and you would find proper figures are appearing in respective forms. You would also find proper VAT computation in VAT computation screen. You can check it by going to Gateway of Tally >Display> Statutory Reports>Vat Classification > VAT Computation

    If some forms are not shown then cross check the VAT class allocation for that ledger. Tally has tried to rectified all VAT related problems but still many states VAT returns are facing problems.

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    Data migration from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2

    Data migration from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2

    We all know that to convert tally data from 7.2 to 8.1 Tally is providing a data migration utility with Tally 8.1. You can get more details about migrating Data in my previous post How to migrate Data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1. or Get the FAQ's on data migration. But what if you have data in Tally 4.5 and you want to convert it to Tally 7.2 or 8.1. For this a free utility is available on Tally's Site which would convert data from Tally 4.5 to Tally 7.2 You can get this utility Here .

    Simply unzip the file. You would find three files. Copy these files to directory of Tally 4.5.

    Now run the utility and convert the companies one by one. After converting all companies you would see different folders are created . Copy these folders to the directory where your Tally 7.2 is installed. Open Tally and rewrite the companies you want to open in Tally7.2. Wollah !!! the process is complete.

    Before migrating data make sure to take backups of files. so that in case of data corruption you can recover it.

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    How to hide/protect your company data in Tally

    How to hide/protect your company data in Tally

    While working on Tally a need to protect your data is felt. There are several ways to protect your data from unwanted people. The technique you put in hiding or protecting your data depends on from whom you want to protect your data.
    Every body who works on your computer or share your computer should not have access to your sensitive data. A causal users who sits on your computer would get access to your financial information if it is not protected or hidden from general view.

    Protection from Layman

    To protect your data from layman or causal user you can put password in company you are working. While creating company put Use security control to Yes and enter the administrator's name and its password.

    This would offer you first Level of security in Tally.

    Protect from people within

    Some times you have to protect your company information from people who are into accounts but you want to restrict their access. For example the financial data should not be given to stores or production department, despite the fact all departments are using the same software. For this situation tally has a feature of granting user level access. Specified users can go to specific level only and not beyond that limit. Pres Alt+ F3 in Gateway of Tally and select Security Control.

    Then you can define the users and their passwords and their level of controls.

    Protection from outsiders
    Third and the most important people are the outsiders from whom you want to protect your data. These outsiders can be sales tax people or Income tax people or any govt. agency who want to access your data and you want to protect it. These type of people are very hard to avoid. For those tally has provided a facility with stealth security i.e. tally vault password. This facility would hide your company name from screen and data would be encrypted. This data cannot be opened without password. Even if the owner forgets his password then itself no data can be recovered.While in company creation screen just enter TallyVault password. The name of the company would be hidden in company selection screen.

    Other Common Sense Tricks
    Other then this few common sense techniques can be used to hide company data. These can be:-

    1. Don't save your data in computer, instead use USB pen drive. When computer would not have data then who would get access to it.
    2. Hide directories and files by giving them hidden attribute.
    3. Saving the files to any drive or directory other then Tally's own data directory would not show the company in company selection menu at default location.
    4. Some advance hiding techniques like hiding info in JPG formats etc. can be used.

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    Tally 9 Payroll : 4 easy steps to generate Payslip

    Tally 9 Payroll : 4 easy steps to generate Payslip

    For users of Tally 9 who want to use tally payroll i have prepared small slide show to give a brief idea on how to work on payroll. The slide show is prepared by using ZOHO show which is an online tool like power point presentation. The contents were provided to me by Mr. Kumar from Tally solution while evaluating Tally 9 beta version.
    Thanks Mr. Kumar I hope i have done justice to your documentation.

    The four steps include:

    1. Creating Pay heads
    2. Creating Employee Master
    3. Creating Salary details
    4. Process payroll and generating Payslips.
    5. Click on the slide show to view full illustrated process.

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    How to work on Tally without mouse : Keyboard commands for Tally and Windows

    How to work on Tally without mouse : Keyboard commands for Tally and Windows

    Have you ever imagined working on computer without mouse. Or what would you do when your mouse is dead. You would find it very difficult to finish your work. Fortunately this thing is not that much difficult in Tally. The reason being tally has all keyboard command for all its actions. More over it has a legacy from 4.5 which was a DOS based program the Keyboard commands are carried from that version and not yet changed (luckily good for us).

    If your mouse is not functioning then for reaching to tally you have to know few keyboard commands for windows and windows explorer. There are several ways but the quickest way is to press the windows flag key + R and type the address of tally folder e.g. c:\tally9\tally9.exe etc. Whenever you would press the first letter of the drive it would show all contents of that drive, just select the folder by pressing the down arrow key and reach the exact tally exe file and press enter. Alternatively you can select any item on desktop b repeatedly pressing the Tab key. When any folder on desktop is selected the you can move to tally shortcut icon by arrow keys.
    Alternatively you can reach through start menu also. You can find some windows shortcut keys on this page on Computer Hope.

    After reaching to to Tally you can find which command you have to give by looking around on Tally panel. Hot keys are defined in four different ways in Tally.
    1. They are in red color in menu items. By pressing them you would get the desired menu or screen. Pressing 'B' at Gateway of Tally would bring to balance sheet
    2. Another keyboard command are with function keys like F(n) in top panel or in buttons in side bar. these commands can be invoked by pressing the relevant function key. e.g. F12= Configuration

    3. Hot function key with Under line can be accessed by pressing Alt+F(n) keys. e.g. Alt+F12 = Range
    4. Hot function keys with Double Underline can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+ F(n) key. Ctrl+F12 = Value
    5. Except this there are certain shortcuts which are always applicable and of great use. e.g. Alt+C would create master

    Here is the list of interesting shortcuts about Tally

    Keys & Functions

    ALT + 2
    To Duplicate a voucher

    ALT + A
    To Add a voucher
    To Alter the column in columnar report

    ALT + C
    To create a master at a voucher screen (if it has not been already assigned a different function, as in reports like Balance Sheet, where it adds a new column to the report)

    To access Auto Value Calculator in the amount field during voucher entry

    ALT + D
    To delete a voucher
    To delete a master
    To delete a column in any columnar report

    ALT + E
    To export the report in ASCII, HTML OR XML format

    ALT + I
    To insert a voucher
    To toggle between Item and Accounting invoice

    ALT + N
    To view the report in automatic columns

    ALT + P
    To print the report

    ALT + R
    To remove a line in a report

    ALT + S
    To bring back a line you removed using ALT + R

    ALT + U
    To retrieve the last line which is deleted using Alt + R

    ALT + W
    To view the Tally Web browser.

    ALT + X
    To cancel a voucher in Day Book/List of Vouchers

    ALT + Y
    To Register Tally

    CTRL + A
    To accept a form wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is.

    CTRL + ALT + B
    To check the Company Statutory details

    CTRL + G
    To select the Group

    Ctrl + Alt + I
    To import statutory masters

    CTRL + Q
    To abandon a form wherever you use this key combination, it quits that screen without making any changes to it.

    CTRL + R
    To repeat narration in the same voucher type

    CTRL + Alt + R
    Rewrite data for a Company

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    Tally 9 Tutorials : How to Copy Paste Entries from One company to Another

    While maintaining accounts in tally we create more than one companies and put entries both companies accordingly. The most common reason for maintaining two companies is that one company has actual accounts as it happens and the another account is what we want to show for our returns etc. Another reason is when we have group company as well as single companies also. What ever is the reason for two companies we can reduce work load if there is a facility of copy paste of entries from one company to another just like what we have in MS Word or MS Excel etc.

    Although simple cut and paste facility is not available in tally but this activity can be performed by few simple steps. Lets view it.

    Tally has a feature of exporting data from any screen. Where ever you can see the export button just Alt+E can perform the trick. Lets assume we want to shift all sales entries for Dec 2006 from Company A to Company B. Take following steps :-

    Select the entries
    Select the entries you want to shift from Company A. You can do it but going to Display -> Daybook. Now filter the entries according to date by pressing Alt +F2 and giving period 1/12/2006 to 31/12/2007. Now you would get all entries for Dec month. Now filter according to sales vouchers by selecting voucher type as sales. Now all entries of sales voucher type for Dec 2006 would get selected.

    Export the entries
    At this moment select the Alt+E button and you would be prompted to select the file and the format of export. Select format as xml and remember the file name you have given by default it would be DayBook.xml. Press Y to accept the screen.

    Export the masters/Ledgers
    Next step is to export the ledgers masters. Masters which are presented in company A should be there in Company B also. For this select the multiple ledgers which are involved in dec sales transactions or all sundry debtors.
    Go to Accounts Info --> Ledgers --> AlTer in multiple Ledgers --> Sundry Debtors. You would see all your Sundry Debtors.
    Press F3 and select Company B. Accept the screen by pressing Ctrl+A. Your all sundry Debtors of Company A are in Company B.

    Import entries
    Select Company B go to Import of Data --> Vouchers and put the file name in the space provided. Accept the screen and all your sales entries are in company B.

    So isn't it like copy paste?

    Check the entries if all are transfered?. If not then there must be an error in shifting the masters. If tally doesn't find any ledger in target company then it halts the transfer of vouchers.

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    Tally Fever Catching On : More people coming forward for Help

    Tally Fever Catching On : More people coming forward for Help

    In the year 2006 Tally activities on internet were limited to few yahoo groups and few tally sites where which rarely updated. Only Tally's own site was main resource for any help on tally. Some of the sites were reviewed by me but they were not providing good contents regarding help of tally user. Searching for Tally would yield about buying Tally Printer or some thing like Tally Ho etc.

    Even questions in Yahoo answers regarding tally used to go unanswered. I have answered more than 100 questions about Tally but mostly have only one answer.
    But Now things have changed quite a lot. Many sites are coming up related to Tally. Even users have see google adsense regarding utilities related to tally (see the image below)

    So many Yahoo groups are there to help Tally Users. Some of the busiest groups about Tally are Tally_india, tallyusers, Tally_CA are having lot of activities.

    Adding more fuel to Tally fever is free Tally tutorials by epathshala . This is pure masti ki pathshala for tally users cos you need nothing just click and hear tally tutorials.

    We all Tally users eagerly wait for these project to mature and help users of Tally.

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    How to continue accounting for New Financial Year in Tally 9

    How to continue accounting for New Financial Year in Tally 9

    As new financial year has started tally users are busy finalizing their books.They are asking if they should start a new company for new financial year. Then they have query how to put last year's closing balance in new financial year.

    We face few questions while entering new year data like :-

    • How to put opening balances as closing balances for last year are not available at this moment?
    • What to do with those ledgers which are not going to be used in next year?
    • How to get rid of last years mistakes or errors?
    • How to include inventory in this year's books?

    There are many solutions to this problem but we have to choose the best. Creating a new company can be one solutions as you would get rid of all those ledgers which have zero balance. In this case you can continue entering vouchers as they come. You have to feed opening balances of each ledger manually when ever your last year balance sheet is finalized.

    Splitting the company

    Another better solutions is to continue entering data in existing company by changing the period in gateway of tally. When ever you have to make changes in previous period just enter the last year's period and record the entry.

    When ever you get you company balance sheet finalized after entering the closing transactions just split the company on 31 march.

    This way you would automatically get the opening balances of the all ledgers and there would be no difference in opening balances. But a word of caution here is that do this after finalizing the balance sheet, because once split you will not be able to make changes in last years company .

    What ever entries you would make would reflect only current company. Later on you can delete all those ledgers which are having zero balance or dead.

    This method has all the advantages.

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    Tally Synchronization : A great tool for people on the move

    Tally Synchronization : A great tool for people on the move

    Suppose you are a CEO of a company and moving out of office for business meeting for a week.

    You need access to your latest company financial data or inventory data. Here only way to get access to tally data is if somebody sends data via mail or sends backup of data. But isn't it a good idea if he can get the updated transactions with a press of few buttons. No need to send reports or take backup etc.

    Tally has a unique feature of Synchronize by which this thing is possible. With a few settings at his end he can update his tally from his company server and that also without having live ips.Lets see how tally synchronizations ca be achieved.

    You need at least two tally license out of which one should be multi user.
    You need internet connectivity at both ends. Broadband would be fine but you can do it on dialup also.

    The Process
    1. First of all setting in tally.ini files has to be done at server computer as well as client computer.

    For server add these two lines in ini file

    For client computer at this line

    2. After that server setting has to be done first in F12 configuration and then in synchronization option of import data
    you can restart tally and if the settings are right then at the start of tally it would get connected with tally link server and message would be displayed in calculator pane.
    3. After setting server client machine needs to be configured same as in F12 configuration and then in import data option.
    4. Client rules are needed to be set up in client machine and proper setting is needed.
    5. While Setting rules two things are needed the be specified correctly, One the tally link id and the exact name of the company.
    6. Synchronize from client machine and see the change in statistics.
    Click the link to see whole process in presentation format.

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    Trouble shooting Tally Multi User: How to make it work on Network

    Trouble shooting Tally Multi User: How to make it work on Network

    Many Tally users face difficulty in configuration of Tally over a network. The configuration settings to be done are described in great deal here.But still tally is educational on nodes and license is showing up on server then some trouble shooting is needed.

    Reason of Trouble
    If Tally license is showing at server and still nodes are at educational tally then two things are possible.

    • Nodes are not able to connect with the server.
    • License is not reaching the nodes.

    One of the great tool to check if nodes and server are communicating properly is Ping command. Before giving ping command you have to assign a particular IP to each machine. Normally it starts with for local Internal network for server. You can further assign next ips on nodes. They can be and so on. If you have confusion on how the ip should be given then this article on how to assign an IP would help you.

    Now after giving ip's you have to check if all computers are communicating with each other. It should be checked both ways. i.e. from server to nodes and from nodes to server. Give this command from each node would tell you if it is connected with server or not.

    ping -t
    Here is the ip of the server.
    Request Time out as a result of this command means absence of proper connectivity. Check for cables and connectors etc.
    Destination Host Unreachable means LAN card is disabled, check the LAN card status.
    Reply from means proper connectivity.

    If the first step is through then license is not reaching the nodes.

    Take following steps.
    Open internet explorer and write following command in browser

    It should show
    Tally9 server running

    If not then sit on server and reinstall license file.
    Go to Start-> Programs-> Tally9->TallyLicense Server

    If the Install button is not Highlighted then uninstall the license and Install it again.

    It would install the license again and now the license file would be available on nodes. Make sure that if there is any firewall software on server then it should allow Tally software and keep it unblocked.

    If still nodes are unable to get the license file then you should shut down all systems including server and first start the server and then all nodes.

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    Tally 9 Tutorial : How to Handle post dated cheques in Tally 9, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

    Tally 9 Tutorial : How to Handle post dated cheques in Tally 9, Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

    When we issue post dated cheques then we have to maintain the dates on which it is likely to be presented in bank. Regular post dated cheques can be easily tracked e.g. cheques issued for some regular installments etc. But if the quantity of post dated cheques is large and the payment schedule is not regular then keeping track of all PDC becomes more important.

    Tally can handle both PDC payments made by cheques and PDC cheques received by you. Tally has a facility to convert any voucher in post dated form. A post dated voucher is one which is going to be realized in future date. It would be reflected in books only on due date and not before this.

    While entering the PDC cheque you have received just press 'Ctrl+T' in reciept voucher type and enter the voucher on that specific date.

    In same way what ever post dated cheques issued by you can be entered in payment voucher by putting the voucher in post dated mode by pressing 'Ctrl+T'.

    Now comes the real problem, How to see the status of these cheques? How to see which cheques is going to be cleared and which cheque is coming for payment? To do this a particular period can be specified in
    Display -> Exception Reports-> Post Dated Vouchers
    Here you would see all the post dated vouchers. Select voucher type as receipt or payment by pressing 'F4' to see the status on a specified period. You can change the period by 'Alt+F2'.

    You can also see the total bills out standing amount with our without post dated vouchers.
    If we see
    Display-> Exception Reports->Overdue Receivables
    then normal screen would be like this

    But by pressing F12 and putting Include post dated transactions to Yes you can see the net pending amount also.

    See the figure below how PDC amount can be seen. A new extra column would be added to show the net PD Amount.
    The same thing can be achieved for Bills payable in
    Display-Exception Report->Overdue Payables

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    Starting a New Financial year: How to Split a Company

    Starting a New Financial year: How to Split a Company

    Don't go by the title Literally !! You need not to virtually split you company to start a new financial year. In fact you have to double your company in new financial year. And Tally would be your tool in this en devour. Please read the title as "How to split a Tally company to start a new financial year".

    This should be ideally your final step for closing your last year accounting transaction. Although by this time tally users have started transaction in new financial year but balance sheet for last year would be in final stages.

    The prerequisites
    Here are some pre requisite of splitting a company:

    • You should have posted all entries pertaining to last financial year like closing balances, adjustment entries, depreciation entries etc. Else Wait!
    • You should have adjusted all Forex Gaines/Losses. you can verify that no unadjusted forex gain/ loss is shown in balance sheet.
    • There should be no purchase bill or sales bill pending . Go to profit & Loss statement or go to inventory statements to see any purchase bill pending or sales bill pending. The path is :

    Gateway of Tally -> Display -> StatemEnts of Inventory

    Don't forget to take the backup of the data first.

    The Purpose
    Splitting a company data is helpful in easy of operation of company. As during the year company data goes on increasing it slows down the tally operation. Splitting makes company lightweight. A data for one year becomes safe and unwanted and accidental changes in previous year can be prevented by splitting the company.

    The Procedure
    The procedure is very simple. What you have to decide is which is the company you want to split and what is the date on which you want to split. The company data is on which you are working and the date is usually 1-April of the current year e.g 1-April-2008 for now. You can split the company on half yearly basis also on 1-Sep. if half yearly results are finalized.
    Open the company to split. From Gateway of Tally press Alt+F3. Select SPlit Company Data from menu option and Select the Company to split. You would find following screen.

    Just enter the date and its done!
    It would create two new companies based on your date. You have to continue working in the second company. It is worth noticing that your current company is still there. So you have three companies and you have to continue working in the company ending (From 1-Apr-2008). You would find all the openings are there for respective ledgers.

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    Export data from Tally 9 to Excel more effectively with rel 2.0

    Export data from Tally 9 to Excel more effectively with rel 2.0

    With introduction of Tally 9 rel 2.0 one more powerful features has been added in Tally. The feature which was very much required by people who has to regularly change the data for presentation. Most of us has faced this problem in Tally, that you cannot do calculation on data exported to excel from Tally. A great deal of skills are required in excel if you have to do your calculation on tally data. But this problem has been now taken care of.

    Export to Excel With new release now you would get one more options while exporting data. One added format option is Excel format.

    If you export in this format then file would be saved in xls format. More over if you put Excel formating option to Yes then tally would automatically format the data in presentable format. Tally would automatically bold the headlines and main fields for you and format data in a good way. Take a look at excel snapshot of balance sheet exported from Tally.

    The special thing here is that you can do the calculation on any amount figure or any row or column, which was earlier not possible. The only drawback which i could find was that amount figures are not right aligned which is must for numbers for easy calculation, although you can do it by selecting the amount figures and putting them right aligned.

    Faster then ever
    Few more features added in rel 2.0 are faster way to convert data from tally 7.2 to Tally 9.0 and faster and more efficient rewrite feature. Reports related to VAT and other statutory would not take more time now.

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    i have tally 5.4 and recently i changed my cpu, i had saved the data files onto a CD, however , when i transferred all my data files to my new computer, none of the old companies i created show on launch, the only option i have is create company, i did try and open some of the data files with tally , but i got a memory error

    Hi This Is Yohu..
    My 1st question.. What can be the harm in my balance sheet or profit and loss a/c if i am not doing adjustment entries?
    2nd question :- i am facing lot of hanging problem when switching from one company to another, pls. can u help me.
    3rd question :- what if we are not filling rate value and opening balance of stock, while creating a new inventory ledger?
    4th question:- how can i save my data directly in pen drive? and how can i keep my data in two drives?
    Please Help me...

    Matty Boy U r awesome with helping in tally.. u have so good knowledge.. Please guide me with these questions.

    i am having tally 9 software. I am new to tally but want to learn and use it in my business. help me to learn , can also sent free ebooks to learn it.

    i m unable to migrate data from 7.2 to 9.0 plz guide me

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