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Thread: How to record TV on PC

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    How to record TV on PC

    You want to equip a satellite facility to ensure you save a digital video stream. Here are some extension that will allow you to help you in your project.

    1. Equipment,

    2. Software,

    3. Setting the TV software,

    4. The TV recording,

    5. Treatment of video recorded

    6. Burning.

    Phase One - Physical.

    • Having a satellite facility.

    • Buy a TV card, preferably digital and PCI slot. Examples of Hauppauge WinTV Nexus, but for a range of choices more important, it is better to post it in "material purchases". To pay special attention to the output connectors, including the presence of SVHS. Today some cards bear digital terrestrial television (DTT) and High Definition (HD). I advise also installing a TV card with decompression in "Hard" because the "Soft" requires a solicitation processor especially important when recording.
    • So far more about the card you wish to acquire, the price also depends on it.

    • Before buying, check the compatibility of TV card and chipset of the motherboard by visiting the site of the manufacturer or looking on the net.

    • To receive a subscription packages requiring two possibilities

    1. Installing a system of map reading PCMIA connected by water on the TV card. The Hauppauge manufacturer offers a plug-CI (Common Interface) for its WinTV-Nexus.

    2. Install a camera interface Infinity USB Phoenix that allows playback of passes.

    Second phase - Software.

    • Once the card installed and recognized by the system must load a TV software in general it is on the installation CD card drivers and therefore free, consult the documentation. There are many other such MyTheatre.

    • A setting of the graphics card may be necessary depending on the type of TV card

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    Re: How to record TV on PC

    Phase Three - Setting the TV software.

    It totally depends on the software installed. However certain parameters are common

    • Setting connectors DiseqC which depends on the number of LNB. (MiniDiseq, Diseq 2, Diseq 4 ...)

    • The identification of satellites, such as Astra and Hotbird.

    • The updated by scanning transponders.

    • The edition and ranking of channels.

    Phase Four - The TV recording.

    The recording settings dependent software installed. Besides recording formats, we must mention the fact that some TV software have "Shedulers" that allow the programming of channels depending on the time of distribution.

    Fifth stage - Treatment of video recorded.

    According to the TV software, several satellite recording formats are available.

    • The satellite feed videos are the most common format PVA and MPEG2. While recording in MPEG2 format allows a direct reading on most readers DIVX trade, it appears that the PVA format is one that provides a better quality video. Not whether a larger, but that treatment during the conversion to MPEG2 PVA can remove many defects such as freezes or blockades images. This treatment can be achieved with a shareware software such as "PVA Strumento."

    • The MPEG2 video file so constituted can be transformed into "DVD" ie extension files IFO and VOB to be played on players. Many software Authoring allow this treatment, eg TMPEGEnc of DVD Author.

    Sixth stage - Burning.

    • In the case of burning an MPEG2 file, it can be burned as it is.

    • For files "DVD", 2 cases in general are "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS". These two issues must be engraved on the media. In cases where the "AUDIO_TS" is empty, the only thing "VIDEO_TS" is sufficient for burning.

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