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Thread: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

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    How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    The 2009 edition of Norton Internet Security (NIS alias) is the fast, compact and economical resources. It is also full of new ideas and innovations. Discover the new Norton Internet Security 2009 and learn to master his new protections through 12 very useful steps.

    Step 1: Maximum Speed, Minimum Occupation

    Based on a complete makeover and more than 300 optimizations on the foundations of its protection, Norton Internet Security 2009 has a very low impact on the performance of the PC. Occupying only 10 MB on the hard drive and about 6 MB memory, it is undoubtedly a result of the lightest security market.

    Norton Internet Security is so proud of this impact minimalist it does not hesitate to openly display its occupancy rate and provides the user with very interesting statistics.

    From the home screen software, a small pad on the left shows the current CPU occupation of the system and part of Norton 2009 in it. By clicking on CPU usage, the software displays more comprehensive statistics, showing including memory and the history of Norton 2009 (what was called, when and if these actions have worked or not).

    Tip: The display of CPU usage can also specify the period of inactivity. Norton benefits from the time of not using the machine to trigger updates and scans. One can specify the length of time from which Norton will consider that the machine is really unused. By default, this period is 10 minutes. But it may be useful to extend to 20 or 30 minutes.

    Step 2: Norton Insight

    This is the main innovation of Norton 2009. Its technology "Insight" opens a new approach scan. We know, with over one million variants per year, the suites have to invent new concepts of protection. Norton Insight enables NIS / NAV 2009 to identify known files ( "malware" as "goodware") without having to compare to the millions of signatures. The result is an astonishing speed scanning, and a lesser impact on the system. This function is both used to speed up disk scans and to monitor the work in progress and draw your attention to any codes unknown and potentially dangerous.

    • On the home screen, click on the link "Norton Insight"
    • The program started when an analysis of tasks running on the machine
    • The system queries the online community to learn more about the application that has not already classified as healthy.
    • The program then displays a list of active tasks. Those are colorful Green certified healthy.
    • The level of approval column indicates whether the file is certified healthy by "Norton" or certified healthy by the "community of users."
    • When a file is not colored green, it is not known to the network Norton Insight. Therefore it will be systematically re-analyzed and monitored closely by the software.

    Tip: You must pay special attention to these tasks active non-colored green. They are potentially suspicious. Look at what the publisher, and above all, what is its star rating. This note is attributed by technology pro-active SONAR Norton studying the code and behavior of a file to define its dangerousness. A file that gets a score of 5 stars is a priori safe. However, a file that gets less than 3 stars is particularly suspect.

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    Protect Computers With New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Step 3: Pulse Update

    How to resist the avalanche of new threats when it was born more than a thousand per day? One of the tracks is regularly send signatures to users. Under Norton 2009, these updates are sent to users every 5 to 15 minutes (usually) by a mechanism called "Pulse Update". Most of the time, Norton 2009 awaits a time of inactivity to retrieve updates driven by servers.

    • On the homepage in the computer section, note the presence of the link "Update definitions"
    • It shows 2009 when Norton received its last update signatures
    • Click for details

    Tip: If for any reason, your Norton has missed an impetus for updating, you can force the update of signatures by clicking on the link "Run Live Update" on the home screen.

    Step 4: Analysis Network

    The standard license Norton 2009 covers a three posts! So you can not only protect computers from the home with your CD Norton, but also from your PC monitor activity and the safety of other positions.

    More surprising still, especially useful when using mobile and connecting to open WiFi points, Norton 2009 provides a "map" of the network on which you are connected and so graphically identify machines that are connected and to indicate their level of access to your machine.

    Tip: To force a maximum security:

    • On the home screen, click View home network
    • Click OK
    • In "Details of the network," click Edit.
    • Click Edit
    • Select Restricted and click OK

    All machines are as having limited access to your PC. But you can change this setting general for one or more devices on the network by selecting it and clicking Edit.

    Step 5: Fashion Players

    There are times when we prefer that the virus is carried as discreet as possible, and in particular it does not interfere with what we do, or slow down the machine at the least appropriate time. This is especially true when you play a game or watch that movie. Norton 2009 automatically detects when the "full screen" is used, and then passes automatically "silent".

    • Click on Settings in the Computer
    • Open the Settings Divers
    • Locate the subsection Settings Silent
    • Make sure the switch "Detection full screen" is set to Enabled

    Tip: You can switch Norton 2009 silent during a given period, even if not using applications in full screen. If you make an important task that does no notification, interruption or slowdown, proceed as follows:

    • In the Home screen, click Using the UC
    • Locate the switch "silent mode" and pass the position ON
    • Select a time
    • During the specified time, Norton remain silent and disable this mode once the deadline expired.

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    Scan And Protect With New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Step 6: Programming Scans

    Under normal circumstances, it is totally unnecessary to seek a scan disk or to schedule a scan disk in Norton 2009. The software actually uses the idle time of the system to automatically achieve a full scan. It is advisable therefore to ensure that the full scan is done on a weekly basis.

    To do this:

    • In the Computer section, click Settings
    • Deploy the "Computer settings"
    • In sub-section Analysis of the Computer, choose from the menu Weekly "Analysis period of inactivity."

    If you prefer to return to a more conventional analysis that is made in a day and date, follow these steps:

    • In the Computer section, click Settings
    • Deploy the "Computer settings"
    • Manage In the analysis, click Setup +
    • Click on Planning, then click Yes
    • Can specify the information programming task analysis.

    Tip: To run a full scan manually return to the home screen, click Analyze Now and then click on "Make a complete system scan."

    Step 7: Consultation of historical

    2009 Norton works pretty much silent. By default, it allows the user when action is required, or if something serious happened. Its firewall, in particular, is very intrusive with an excellent knowledge of the most popular.

    But advanced users retain control and a complete view of what happens via the advanced settings and particularly via the historical powerful events.

    • In the home screen, click History.
    • Use the Pop-up View menu to specify the items you wish to consult
    • Click on the column headers to sort the history as you want
    • If you're looking for a particular event, do not hesitate to use the search box

    Tip: Remember to go regularly in the background, select the display mode "Complete History" then click on the column level of risk to display first events at risk "high". Study these events to check that your machine is not the target of repeated attacks and machinery and identify sites that pose the most danger.

    For each one, select the event and click More Info to get a very detailed description of the risk ...

    Step 8: Setting advanced protections

    The more advanced users will find Norton in 2009 many settings to adjust the level of protection as their continued their use of the Internet and the risks they face.

    To access these multiple settings, just click on Settings in the computer.

    Tip: To increase the security of the suite, be sure to:

    • Enable Auto Protect -> Loading Anticipated "
    • Enable the "Automatic Analysis Microsoft Office"
    • Position "Protection Advanced Heuristic" Aggressive mode (it may increase the rate of false positive, so this option is intended only for advanced users).

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    Control Intrusions Using Norton Internet Security 2009

    Step 9: Autoblock Intrusion

    Norton Internet Security 2009 provides a mechanism for intrusion detection that includes when someone tries to attack your machine. The software then automatically configures the firewall so that any communication is impossible with this machine attacking during a period defined as you wish.

    Tip: You can check the list of machines that are banned by going to Settings, and then deploying the "Internet Settings" and selecting Set + at Autoblocker intrusion. The bottom of the list window shows you the machines currently prohibited communication.

    Step 10: Advanced Control Program

    If the firewall Norton Internet Security 2009 is minimally invasive and disruptive for a genuine two-way firewall is mainly because it only takes decisions by blocking and opening depending on what he hears applications and their use of the Internet.

    However, users can have a very specific codes and programs to communicate through the firewall and adjust the behavior of firewall against them. In addition, this list has the advantage of being a comprehensive inventory executables communicating your system, and nothing as such, it deserves to be consulted regularly to ensure that spyware is lagging behind not recognized :

    • Click Settings
    • Deploy the Internet settings
    • Locate the subsection Firewall intelligent
    • Click the option Set Program Control
    • Study the list of programs that have requested Internet access
    • Put on the Block pop-up menu of the applications you want to prohibit access to the Internet.

    Tip: Expert users can finely control the flow of communication of each application by selecting the menu Pop-Up Personalize option. The settings are very numerous and go beyond this step by step. But the online help of Norton IS 2009 is very well done and effectively help you in creating custom application rules.

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    Control Firewall And Select A Theme In Norton Internet Security 2009

    Step 11: Control of intelligent firewall

    The two-way firewall Norton Internet Security 2009 also offers classic settings to control communications not at the level of software but at the same protocols and TCP / UDP ports.

    To access the advanced settings of the firewall, follow these steps:

    • Click Settings
    • Deploy the Internet settings
    • Locate the subsection Firewall intelligent
    • Click the Configure advanced settings
    • For the experts, it is possible to disable the automatic control programs and then activate the control of events advanced.

    Tip: It is advisable to regularly reset the firewall to its default settings to avoid indefinitely retain settings obsolete. Takes place in resetting this way:

    • Click Settings
    • Deploy the Internet settings
    • Locate the subsection Firewall intelligent
    • Click the Configure advanced settings
    • Click Reset

    Step 12: A New Look

    It can adapt to its liking the look of the user interface:

    • Click Settings
    • Deploy the Settings Divers
    • Locate the sub-section Changing the background
    • Select a theme in the pop-up menu ...

    Tip: To cancel all settings made manually and find a Norton Internet Security 2009 configured as the first day, do the following:

    • Click Settings
    • At the bottom of the window on the left, click Defaults then click Apply.

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Since I have installed Norton Internet Security 2009 I am having broadband connectivity problems with my ISP which is DSL from Airtel and have tried all possible options including complaining to the service provider but with no recourse. It seems that the issue is due to Norton Internet Security software.
    The basic issue is that I get an intermittent 'Request Timed out' to the ISP provider as long as the Norton Internet security is on. The same is also not at fixed intervals but it is really annoying as I get intermittent page breaks and at times it recovers and works fine.
    If anyone knows why this could be happening or what are the possible ways to fix this issue ? Prior to installing this version of Norton Security 2009 I had fault free DSL connection for the last 18months.
    Thanks for the help..


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    May be some ports are blocked in Norton Internet Security 2009. Check it and open them. Other than that may be you are viewing a site which is potentially unsafe according to Norton Internet Security 2009 and it might be done for safety purpose.

    Thanks for the response. Can you suggest where to locate the ports and open them within Norton Internet Security ?

    Hope this will help you.

    NOTE: If you choose to create a rule and open specific ports, just be careful. If you inadvertently open other ports, you may expose your computer to attacks from the Internet.

    I think I may have what they call "gay fetish sex Virus."

    May be some ports are blocked in Norton Internet Security 2009.

    I am having an issue with this product. I installed it and now none of my CD/DVD games will run. I put the disc in and it just blinks. Can anyone tell me why? When I untinstalled Internet Security 2009 the games started working again so I know the issue is Nortons.

    May be your CD/DVD's was affected by some viruses, worms, spyware, bots and it is the feature of Norton Internet Security 2009 to STOP/BLOCK such drives. Just check your CD/DVD on your different computer. Or also try to use some different CD/DVD's on your system with Norton Internet Security 2009 installed.

    If that was the case, when I installed Nortons 360 back on the machine it worked fine. Also when I had 2009 on the machine I ran a scan, no hits.

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    I had just purchased Norton Internet Security 2009 along with Norton Anti-bot on Dec. 29, 2008. the program worked fine, up until 4 days later when it would no longer update.

    Strangely I tried to go and the browser can not find it. I went around looking for self help forums and general advice, they are not being found either. So I got a thought. I went to the Mcaffee website, which I don't have, and it can not be found either. But I can still browse the internet, and find everything else, as long as it doesn't involve fixing this problem.

    Did I acquire some sort of Virus that blocks Anti-virus software websites, or key words/phrases? Or is it my firewall?

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Did you received any error message while updating or doing so? Other than that try out the below thing:

    Unregister and then re-register "Navlucbk.dll".

    To do so, click start > run.

    Now type "regsvr32 /u C:\Program Files\Norton Antivirus\Navlucbk.dll" (without quotes) and click ok. This will unregister the dll.

    To re-register it type "regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Norton Antivirus\Navlucbk.dll" (again without quotes), click ok.

    You should see a message saying it was successful. Reboot your system and try live update again.

    You might want to first check that the Navlucbk.dll file path is correct. It should be in that folder location.

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    I never did receive an error, and in the two days I had it, it worked fine.

    I don't have a folder for Norton Anti-virus. What I found in the program files was...

    C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton Internet Security

    Folder: Branding
    Folder: Engine
    Folder: MUI
    Isolate - Configuration Settings

    also separate folders for...

    And a folder titled Symantec, that has Anti-Bot

    I'm not able to go to,,, and other forums or antispware websites that may help with the answer. I'm surprised that I'm allowed here. Is this what they call a browser hijacker?

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by iajones View Post
    I think I may have what they call "gay fetish sex Virus."
    in safe mode F8 run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware,and what they find you
    delete it manually. then run ccleaner to cleand your pc, and mvregclean, to clean registry.
    what mvregclean find you remove because the key is there but not the file ,folder or program.
    even you reformat and it finds anything remove dont be afraid.

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    After posting, I went looking for more information and came across this site and took their advice...

    Like I've said before I was barely able to access any site or forum that would have any information on this matter.

    One of the posters offered multiple links to an anti-malware program. It was because of the multiple links that I was able to download a possible solution. The first link was blocked, while the second link went through. From there on, I was able to follow the rest of the instructions.

    Thank you to everyone for your responses.

    Should I purchase these items as supplements to Norton Internet Security and Anti-bot, or would they conflict?

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    Norton Internet Security 2009 System Requirement

    Norton Internet Security 2009 System Requirement

    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and later Home/Professional/ Media Center Edition

    • 300 MHz or faster processor
    • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB RAM required for the Recovery Tool)
    • 200 MB of available hard disk space
    • Standard Web browser

    Email scanning supported for POP3- and SMTP-compatible email clients.

    Support for AntiSpam feature
    • Microsoft Outlook 97 or later
    • Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 or later

    Supported instant messaging clients
    • AOL
    • Yahoo!
    • Microsoft
    • Trillian

    Browser support for Browser Defense and Phishing Protection features
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (32-bit only) and later
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and later

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Is there a way to schedule pulse updates? If one is on a slow dialup, one wants to update perhaps once a day rather than every few minutes.

    My friend with dialup claims that NIS2009 is slowing his systems to a crawl. I am thinking that might be the problem.

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    Re: How To Master New Norton Internet Security 2009

    Turn on Automatic LiveUpdate and Pulse Updates
    1. Start your Norton 2009 program.
    2. In the Computer pane, click Settings.
    3. Under Updates, if the Automatic LiveUpdate shows Off, click the status indicator to turn it On.
    4. If the Pulse Updates shows Off, click the status indicator to turn it On
    5. Click OK.

    But I doubt whether it will be running on daily basis (i.e. once a day).

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