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Thread: PDA phone / iPhone / smartphone: To Choose

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    PDA phone / iPhone / smartphone: To Choose

    There are three types of phone multimedia functionality complementary: the PDAphone, the smartphone, the iPhone.

    The PDAphone generally has the potential of communication (telephone, Internet navigation), but it is more suited to the organization of daily tasks (management appointments, contacts, expenses ...)
    The Smartphone is a multimedia tool primarily dedicated to communication (telephone, mail, high-speed Internet, wireless connection) and leisure: games, videos, music.

    Smartphones have different operating systems, the most common being Windows Mobile and Symbian.

    The i-Phone is a specific category of Smartphone created by Apple. It shares many characteristics with other Smartphones but stands out for its ergonomics and design. Other brands touch screen smartphones are mostly HTC, but Samsung and LG.

    Pricing: A smartphone costs Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 depending on the features it offers. The price of Apple iphone 3G is between Rs 30,000 to Rs 36,000 with a subscription of airtel and vodafone : the purchase, these prices can fluctuate depending on the model of the iPhone and type of subscription you subscribe. The HTC range between Rs 19,000 to Rs 30,000 Beyond the price, the type of your device which is a decisive factor.

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    PDAphone: Organization of personal / work

    PDAphone: Organization of personal / work


    Choose a PDAphone if you want mainly use your office phone. Make sure it includes, in addition to traditional features (calendar, notepad, voice recorder, task management, spending and Finance), a wizard of work: word processing and spreadsheet (reading and writing), reading PowerPoint and PDF documents ...

    Screen / Egonomie / memory

    Ergonomics (to use) is important because you need to enter data and to consult regularly. It must be comfortable with the virtual keyboard, present on most PDAs. A screen big enough (minimum 160x160 mm) is essential. Choose a memory of 64 MB minimum for demanding applications (GPS) and a data storage capacity large enough (with the possibility to add memory cards)


    For office use, Bluetooth technology is useful on a PDA: it avoids the cable connection to the computer during synchronization of data.

    Inbox mail / Instant Messenger

    Important option in connection with work.

    Communication / Internet / Entertainment / GPS

    Many PDAphone (that integrate telephony service) are equipped with GPS receivers and wireless phone in addition to the classic. It is not the priority functions on the type. For a more interactive uses, the smartphone and the iPhone offer more conclusive results.

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    iPhone smartphone and the match

    iPhone smartphone and the match

    • Frequency: Aspect decisive if you are a traveler or a great traveler. The so-called tri-phones can be used anywhere in Europe, the USA and Asia. The mobile quad-band can be used in over 200 countries and on all existing GSM networks. The quad-bands are present on the iPhone 3G and some smartphones.
    • -SMS / MMS: Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone does not support sending multimedia messages. It must go through the mail to send picture or sound.

    Surf / Internet
    • 3G/3G + telephony standards that provide broadband on mobiles. IPhone on 3G and a majority of smartphones. Main feature: high speed information transfer (about 300 Kbps to 3 Mbps). Important if you are a nomadic surfers. Download email and Internet browsing faster (near ADSL). Fluid viewing online video and best video. On 3G iPhone and Windows Mobile smartphones: Viewer Word files, Excel, PowerPoint.
    • WiFi: Wireless Internet possible iPhone and almost all smartphones.
    • Inbox mails / Push mail: Check this option if you want nothing to lose your emails. The push direct mail warns of new e-mails. Present on the latest 3G iPhone and some smartphones.
    • Download: iTunes, you can listen to the radio around the world streaming, podcasts, and organize audio playlists very easily. The AppStore present on the iPhone to download the free utilities often.


    • Bluetooth: Function Group on iPhone (connecting to a stereo headset and data exchange impossible). The exchange between electronic devices is available on most smartphones.
    • RAM / storage: RAM (2x512 M0) and storage (8 or 16GB) impact on the iPhone. For other smartphones, 64 MB memory (RAM) is a minimum. Counting 256 MB to run demanding applications (GPS). Check the ability to add memory cards (mini or micro SD) to your device to store your personal data. Some smartphones are equipped with hard drives.


    • The screen: On the iPhone 3G, large touch screen and ergonomic. Very intuitive interface. Other smartphones: ergonomics variable. Check that the screen is the standard TFT for better display quality. A screen of 65,000 colors is enough to display video image. Its resolution is variable, the most common is 240 x 320 pixels. Choose a screen large enough for comfort of use.
    • Housing: The size and weight of the phone to consider if you move with it. The phone weighs 135g and other smartphones range between 100 and 160 g.
    • Copy and paste: absent on the iPhone, but present on all Windows Mobile smartphones.

    photo / video

    • Sound: equivalent performance between the iPhone and other smartphones.
    • Photos: adjustment possibilities limited iPhone and photo resolution to 2 megapixels. Up to 3.2 Megapixels with auto focus on some smartphones.
    • Video: The camera of the iPhone can not record video, a feature found on most smartphones.

    Other criteria

    • Battery life: Highly usage of the smartphone and the iPhone: The wifi is very energy if it is remote access point. The different standards of communication (GPRS, 3G) also affect consumption, as well as GPS or Bluetooth. On the iPhone, the battery is nonremovable this problem in case of default on the device.
    • GPS: present on the iPhone 3G and a majority of smartphones.
    • Design: Particularly successful and sober on the iPhone 3 G: black plastic shell for the 8 GB model, black or white for the 16GB model design more or less elegant on other smartphones.
    • Compatibility: the iPhone is compatible with all headsets and hands-free trade. No problem for exchanging files with computers running Windows operating system.

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