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Thread: How to Install / Uninstall Tally 9

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    How to Install / Uninstall Tally 9


    To install Tally in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/XP SP2 Workstation:
    1. You need to have administrator/all rights (to create, write, update, modify and delete) on the Application, Data, Configuration and Language directory.

    2. Ensure that the Operating System you use supports Tally 9 for Multilingual support.

    Installing Tally

    Method 1:
    1. Click INSTALL.EXE from the CD

    Method 2:
    1. Click START from Windows
    2. Select RUN
    3. TYPE <CD drive>:\INSTALL
    4. Press ENTER

    The Tally 9 Setup Wizard is displayed.

    Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install Tally.

    1. Click Next to continue

    2. The Installation wizard displays the License Agreement

    3. Read the license agreement before you proceed. Click I Agree to continue. Click I Decline to stop the set-up or click Back to go to the previous screen

    4. In the Installation screen, you may accept the suggested directories. Else, click Change Application Directory or Change Data Directory or Change Configuration Directory or Change Language Directory to change the respective directory paths. Use Tab or the mouse to change the path in any of the directories
    Application Directory

    The Tally program files reside in this directory.

    Data Directory

    The Tally data resides in this directory.

    The default directory where data is stored is C:\Tally\Data. To change click on Change Data Directory button and enter the new directory.

    When Tally is installed in a directory with an earlier version, it detects and retains the data configuration path of the previous installation.

    Configuration Directory

    Tally configuration files reside in this directory.

    You can specify the path of the directory where the configuration files should be saved. It is usually the same path as the Application Directory.

    Language Directory

    Tally Language files (.dct) reside in this directory.

    You can specify the path of the directory where the Language files will be maintained. It is usually the same path as that of the Application Directory.


    Note: If you are a Multi-License User, select the Run Tally License Server at Windows Startup check box
    5. Click Install Operating System Language Support to enable Language Support

    6. Select your Country name in Country Selection

    7. Select the Initial Startup Language from the list. When you start Tally for the first time, Tally will appear in the language selected as the Initial Startup Language

    8. Click Install

    The installation progress status is displayed as shown below.

    9. Insert Windows CD to install language or Browse for the i386 folder in your system
    Note: You will be prompted to install the i386 language support folder only if it is not available in your system
    10. Click OK to install Language Support

    11. Click Finish to complete Setup

    You are now ready to use Tally. You can click the Tally program icon on the desktop.

    Enjoy the Power!

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    Uninstalling Tally 9

    Uninstalling Tally

    1. Click Uninstall Tally 9 from Start > Tally 9.

    2. Click on Uninstall to uninstall Tally 9

    Note: You need to have administrator rights to uninstall Tally 9


    Note: If any of the Tally 9 files are running then a message is displayed ‘Couldn’t Delete Some of the files. Exiting Uninstallation…’ Click OK. To uninstall, close the file/s and start the uninstall procedure again

    3. Click Finish to complete uninstalling.

    Uninstalling removes all the files created during Installation except for the Data folder which remains as it is.

    On uninstallation, a Backup folder containing a Restore folder with the date and time of uninstallation suffixed appears in the Tally folder.

    The Restore_date_time folder contains the Lang folder which has the dct files and the stat.900 file as they do not get deleted on uninstallation.

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    Yogesh Guest
    Tally uses the latest technology to provide features in a simplified manner. It is a robust system that is easy to use. See the outstanding Features of Tally 9.

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    Re: How to Install / Uninstall Tally 9

    Tally 9 ERP

    When i click Tally icon in desktop,

    windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.

    Can you help in this issue.


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    Re: How to Install / Uninstall Tally 9

    Hi Vinwin,

    First of all, can you please tell us which Operating System are you using? Usually, the error code that you are getting is because the tally 7 software which was installed in your pc has been either moved or might have corrupted. You can try to do the following:

    • Firts right-click on the file you want to open.
    • Click Properties.
    • Under the General tab, at the end of the window you should be able to see a security option like this: Security : This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.
    • Click the button Unblock.
    • Click Apply.

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