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Thread: How to Uninstall Antivirus and Firewalls

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    How to Uninstall Antivirus and Firewalls

    This page aims to collect information on the various uninstall own security software. The aim in the longer term is to add the various links and tutorials on software that does not properly uninstall, if security whether or not.

    The antivirus

    To remove AntiVir, we must ensure that none of its two modules is active. To this end, in the Settings menu module with AntiVir, submenu Miscellaneous, uncheck Load Guard at the system start and then restart the computer. If the symbol of AntiVir is no longer next to the menu system (system tray), you can uninstall the program from the tool Add / Remove Programs, which is located in the Control Panel. There is also an uninstall utility that can be found on this page of Avira, a tool that should be useful if the computer has been the victim of an attack that struck AntiVir itself.

    Download and run this utility uninstall.

    AVG antivirus
    See the following FAQ at AVG. In case of problems, it is explained, reinstall the latest version of the software and then remove from the tool Add / Remove Programs, which is located in the Control Panel.

    Tutorial site of the publisher - Direct link to uninstall utility - BitDefender 10 Internet Security BETA uninstall methods.

    Comodo Antivirus
    The beta version has a small defect as a result of which requires its uninstall this uninstall utility.
    Otherwise, follow the instructions on this page editor.

    I have found this at the publisher, that these pages is on Version 3 and Version 6 of this virus.

    Follow the instructions found on this page.

    Uninstall utility (note that this tool may be useful to uninstall older versions and that many and other programs that have nothing to do). Of course, all are invited to participate.

    According to the publisher, "NOD32 can be removed directly from the Start menu - Programs (All Programs) - Eset - Uninstall, or via Start - Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs. If someone finds a link to uninstall a whole, it is welcome ...

    Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security
    Go to this page and download the appropriate version of the uninstall utility. Remove / Uninstall Norton Antivirus / Norton Internet Security

    Panda Antivirus 2007
    Download the uninstall utility. Run it and restart it when you are asked. This is the same procedure for Panda Internet security and Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007.

    PC-cillin Trend Micro
    Go into the folder of your antivirus find the file PCCTOOL.EXE (normally this is the folder C: \ Program Files \ Trend Micro \ Antivirus directory).Double-click and select Uninstall tab and the appropriate version (for the following versions, connections are PC-cillin 7 for PC-cillin 2000, PC-cillin 9 for PC-cillin 2002, PC-cillin 10 for PC - cillin 2003). Then restart. Link

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    The firewalls

    More AVG Firewall Edition
    Follow the instructions here:

    BitGuard Personal Firewall
    See the following link:

    See the following links (one should register to download Comodo

    Follow these instructions, to uninstall Jetico Personal Firewall v2. For version 1, is here.

    Kaspersky ® Internet Security
    2007 :
    2006 :
    2006 :

    Kerio Personal 4
    Press Start, then Run and type or paste services.msc in the box. In the window that opens, or seek Sunbelt Kerio and double-click. In the new window, a type mode, choose Off; closing services and uninstall via Add / Remove Programs. Restart. To remove the debris or in case of difficulties visit this beautiful site.

    Lavasoft Personal Firewall
    See this link :

    Look'n 'Stop
    Uninstall by Add/supression program. Consult this link to check that everything is erased.

    McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
    Follow the instructions on this page. A tool uninstaller is available right here.

    Agnitum OutPost Firewall Pro & Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro: Follow these instructions

    Panda Antivirus Firewall +
    Follow these instructions.

    Follow the instructions on the next page.

    Other softwares

    Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4
    Follow the instructions here : How to Uninstall properly Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4

    Trend Micro
    How to Remove or Reset Trend Micro OfficeScan Uninstall Password to Default
    Uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan Corporate Edition Client Manually
    Uninstall and Remove Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and (PC-Cillin) Internet Security 2005/2006/2007/2008 Manually

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    Hey jigu902003,
    This is very cool information! I was having some problems uninstalling Norton & this link helped me! Thanks!

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    Re: How to Uninstall Antivirus and Firewalls

    Couple of years ago, maybe more, I tried the Avira Premium Security Suite in one of my PCs, used it for about one week, uninstalled it and tried another security programs.

    When months ago I decided to install and keep the ESET Smart Security (ESS-5) in that same PC, I got a warning that Avira was installed there and I should uninstall it before continuing with ESS.

    I stopped ESS installation and started looking for Avira but couldn't find anything.

    So, I installed Avira Premium Security Suite again and uninstalled it using a program intended for that, but when back to install ESS, same warning. So I ignored it and continued the ESS installation.

    However, couple of days ago I was testing program SIW (System Info for Windows) and when entering its Security section I discovered it reported an Avira Firewall, installed and active, along with the ESS firewall.

    I have used all resources I know —even I entered registry and used the Avira Registry Cleaner and deleted all Avira mentions found there— but no way: that Avira Firewall keeps showing up as installed and active in my PC, according to SIW. It also shows the Windows firewall but inactive.

    Does anybody know how can find and delete that Avira Firewall, without having to format an reinstall my Windows XP Professional?

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    Re: How to Uninstall Antivirus and Firewalls

    Quote Originally Posted by Madgri View Post
    Does anybody know how can find and delete that Avira Firewall, without having to format an reinstall my Windows XP Professional?
    I never have been with Avira's any product but just to help you, you can try running the Avira Regcleaner. Search in Google and download it from anywhere. Once done, check out this article and follow the steps give. Hope you get helped.

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    Re: How to Uninstall Antivirus and Firewalls

    Thanks, Orlando. Before putting my message here I did what you recommend, but no way: Avira Firewall keops shpwing up in SIW.

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