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Old 16-03-2009
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Canara Bank Exam Papers

Hi friends

I am searching Canara Bank Exam sample Papers. Can anyone have idea where i will get that ?

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Old 16-03-2009
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Re: Canara Bank Exam Papers

Model Questions Bank 2009 Paper Canara Bank PO South Indian Bank GK

1. India test-fired Agni III on?
(A) May 15, 2008
(B) May 17, 2008
(C) May 20, 2008
(D) May 7, 2008

2. Which one of the following countries is not included in the elite club which India joined after its successful test firing of Agni III?
(A) Russia
(B) U.S.A.
(C) U.K.
(D) France

3. M. Natrajan is?
(A) Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister
(B) Chief Controller and Programme Director of Agni Missile System
(C) Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister
(D) None of the above

4. Currently which one of the following organizations is celebrating its golden jubilee (year) ?

5. India and Malaysia held their joint naval exercise at?
(A) Andman island
(B) Nicobar island
(C) Lumut
(D) Kualalampur

6. SERB stands for?
(A) Social Enlightenment and Research Board
(B) Scientific And Engineering Research Board
(C) Scientists? and Engineers? Research Board
(D) Science and Engineering Research Board

7. CEP (Circular Error Probability) is associated with?
(A) Prithvi II
(B) Chandryan I
(C) Narco Analysis test conducted on Aarushis? alleged murderer
(D) The finalization of Indo-US Nuclear deal

8. The country which recently announced to have its own version of Star Wars?
(A) France
(B) Japan
(C) China
(D) North Korea

9. The Indian state which, in May 2008, launched Food Security Scheme?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Chhattisgarh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Jammu & Kashmir

10. The most coveted award at the 61st Cannes Film Festival was received by?
(A) ?Hunger?
(B) Line of Passage
(C) ?The Class?
(D) Three Monkeys

11. The Winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest is?
(A) Ravi Kumar
(B) Sameer Mishra
(C) Kuljit Singh
(D) None of these

12. ?Travelling Through Conflict? is a book written by?
(A) Hamid Ansari
(B) Cherie Blair
(C) Balraj Krishna
(D) Salman Rushdie

13. According to the Global Peace Index released in May 2008, the most peaceful country on the earth is?
(A) New Zealand
(B) Norway
(C) Denmark
(D) Iceland

14. Which of the following was recently granted Navratna status to ?
(D) All the above

15. In terms of billionnaire population. Mumbai ranks?? at world level ?
(A) Sixth
(B) Fifth
(C) Fourth
(D) Seventh

16. According to a report, the number of Indians who have a problem of loud snoring during sleep is?
(A) 35 million
(B) 36 million
(C) 40 million
(D) 45 million

17. The government has planned to establish ???? universities of global standards across the country ?
(A) 10
(B) 14
(C) 20
(D) 16

18. The government has increased Minimum Support Price of?
(A) Wheat
(B) Paddy
(C) Cane
(D) None of these

19. India recently refused to accept the offer of funds/loans from World Bank for? (A) Disaster management
(B) North-East projects
(C) Tiger protection
(D) None of the above

20. Yves Saint Laurent recently died. He was a?
(A) U.S.A. film director
(B) First man to go to Mars mission
(C) Renowned fashion designer
(D) An internationally renowned financial expert


1. (D) 2. (C) 3. (A) 4. (C) 5. (C) 6. (D) 7. (A) 8. (B) 9. (B) 10. (C) 11. (B) 12. (A) 13. (D) 14. (D) 15. (D) 16. (B) 17. (D) 18. (B) 19. (C) 20 (C)
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Old 11-09-2009
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Re: Canara Bank Exam Papers

Find all Bank Exam papers at studentguide co in
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