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Thread: What is MCA qualification?

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    What is MCA qualification?

    I know this might look like a silly question but please do not misunderstand the title. I am not here to know the full form or just a one liner definition of MCA. I wanted to know many more things about this qualification. To be frank, I am not well aware of those big courses like MCA, MBA and others. If I know something about certain course then it is bound to happen that I donít other important things about the same course.

    Right I have completed my BSc I.T and now I am planning to go for my further post graduation course. Some suggest me to go for MCA whereas others stop me from doing it. I am really confused. Each individual person guides me about this course with his own opinion and thoughts, which in turns develops into multiple suggestions for the same thing and then confuses me. Please friends help me out. I need your help. Just let me know the exactly proper information of this course.

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    Re: What is MCA qualification?

    MCA is a post graduation course that is generally done only after the completion of degree. The full form of MCA is Master of Computer Application. This course of is three years with six semesters which is never changed. The course is overall allotted for all the students of India with some minimum criteria that they should fulfill. Criteria like minimum percentage in degree course, then age limit and so on. Mostly in all of the states the criteria for the minimum percentage is 60% and above. No students below 60% are allowed to apply for the entrance exam of MCA. Forget to tell you, there is also an entrance exam that is conducted every year in all states of India and in all universities.

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    Re: What is MCA qualification?

    I am extremely sorry my friends for not providing you with a suitable help. Actually I am also sailing on the same of yours. MCA seems to be my future course but I guess due to the misguidance that is being given to me I am going to lose the admission. I donít want to know the complete information about MCA as I have researched quite enough about it. But some important things are confusing me very much.

    • Firstly I wanted to know whether which degree is actually required to get an admission in MCA.
    • Second question is do I need to give an entrance exam in order to get a seat for this course in Maharashtra
    • Last question is, how long the course goes once taken an admission and also let me know the subjects involved in all the semesters.

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    Re: What is MCA qualification?

    Those are quite interesting questions I must say. Answering all your questions sequentially:

    Mostly BCA is the degree course that you must attend and achieve successfully, this degree has the best value for getting an admission in MCA. Then following degrees have equal values, B.Tech, BBA and degree in science is also applicable. Overall if you are graduated from an I.T field then you might get an added advantage for getting admission in MCA. One more thing if you are from science background then make sure that you must have passed out your 12th with mathematics as one of the subject in it.

    Yes, there are entrance exam conducted for MCA seats in all parts of the country. Every year students are shortlisted for the MCA admission on the basis of entrance result.

    The course of three years with exact 6 semesters in all. There are about 2 semesters conducted each year.

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    Re: What is MCA qualification?

    Without an entrance exam you wonít be able to get a seat for this course. People mostly get confused with this thing. Some feel that the entrance exams are not necessary as there are some of the other post course that do not require entrance exams or anything for the admission.
    Now here you can give the entrance exam as per your necessity. If you need to get admission in your own city like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc you will have to give the entrance exam of that university and if you need to get a seat in Indiaís any of the Top MCA colleges then you should appear for the all india entrance exam for MCA. However here are the top colleges for MCA in India:

    • Banaras Hindu University
    • Indira Gandhi National Open University
    • Delhi University
    • Birla Institute of Technology and Science
    • M.N National Institute of Technology
    • Jawaharlal Nehru University
    • Vellore Institute of Technology

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    Re: What is MCA qualification?

    About the subjects you might find around subjects in each semester and as said above there will be two semesters in a year which makes six semesters in the entire three years course. Subjects like C++, JAVA, DMS,DBMS and other programming languages are added as one of the subject in your three years of course. In the final year of the course you can be specialize with the following subjects:

    1. Application Software
    2. Development
    3. Engineering
    4. Hardware Technology
    5. Internet
    6. Software Development Networking
    7. System Management
    8. TroubleShooting

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