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Thread: Scope of management studies in government job

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    Scope of management studies in government job

    Hey guys I am planning to do an MBA in finance in the coming year. So I am thinking what is the scope of government job in management studies? As soon as I complete the MBA I will be switching to a government job. Like suzlon or bsnl? Which are big firms so I just want to know will my management skills be applied over there irrespective of what position I join there? I know itís a bit tricky question but I only want you all guys to give an answer for the same. I have asked many of my friends about this and they did not have any knowledge about it. like me even they were a fresh graduates so thatís why thought of asking this with you all. Hope thatís fine for you.

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    Re: Scope of management studies in government job

    Yes is the answer for you thatís what I can say. Now why I am saying that is because In every company there is a reserved space for the management and there are separate mbaís to decide about the management skills for the company thatís why in every company be it a mnc or a government job there is a MBA and yes your management studies would be very useful for you when you switch to a manager position or anything above that. MBA would be very necessary for you. Thatís why I am saying go with the MBA donít think as a useless degree very essential in big firms especially bsnl and suzlon which you have mentioned in the above post. I hope I have given an answer for your question is there anything else that you need to ask then please do feel free to ask here. I will answer it out for you. Feel free to speak out.

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    Re: Scope of management studies in government job

    Can you please tell me as if which position can we expect once we enter a government company after completing the MBA? Do you all have any idea about that. I will be finishing the MBA this year itself and my parents want me to get into a government job only. Thatís why I want you all to tell me as if which position I can expect in any firm and also what is the salary that I should demand from them, what do you all have to say about this, can you all tell me something. That would be better for me. Do reply on the same I am waiting for the response from your side.

    Also one more thing that I forgot to mention over here is that I am currently studying MBA from NMIMS though the campus has in house placements but none of the government companies are coming there for the recruitment. Only mnc and top companies are coming and I donít want to go against my parentís wish thatís why I am asking you all about it.

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    Dude for that you will have to apply for the interview in good companies check out the sites in which you are interested take for an example if you want to work with a particular bank then open up the official site of the bank and check out for the vacancies out there. You can apply for the job and also send your resume as well. Since you are currently pursuing MBA from such a good institute then I think you should wait more and more companies come in for the recruitment process and you may never know you will get selected by a government company itself. Many good government companies like SBI, ONGC, RBI, BSNL look for good management students they might hire you. Now after that what position do they give you it depends on how you clear up the interview and how you manage to impress the interviewers. So thatís how it is done. Anyways all the best for your future.

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    Re: Scope of management studies in government job

    Your management skills are tested everywhere be it a company or your own life. Management studies do hold a good scope in government sectors as well. You havenít specified which field have you specialized in MBA? Do let me know about it. You can also check some good forums like ChetnaS forums you will get all the information about the job vacancies out there.

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